The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on B&B

Deacon informed the Spectras and the Forresters that he'd raise his own son. Thorne implored Brooke not to make him go on a photo shoot with Kimberly. A ceiling lamp in the showroom dropped on Brooke's head. Bridget decided not to stand in the way of her mother's happiness.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Due to CBS News coverage of the Supreme Court hearings, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. Today's episode will air in its entirety on Tuesday so that no episodes will be lost.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Taylor tried to make sense of what Clarke was saying. She asked him if what he was trying to tell her was that Morgan was dangerous and that Ridge was somehow involved. Clarke saw that Morgan was standing behind Taylor with a scarf pulled tightly in her hands. He shifted his eyes and tried to say "Morgan" to warn Taylor. Taylor turned around and found Morgan there and asked her what she was doing. Morgan apologized for startling Taylor and then she asked her what Clarke was trying to say. Taylor explained that Clarke said that she was dangerous. Morgan pretended to get upset by this, claiming that Clarke was delusional and has been accusing everyone, including Sally and the nurses of trying to kill him. Taylor tried to comfort Clarke but he was so worked up that the alarm went off, causing the nurse to come in and ask Taylor leave. When Taylor turned around to see what had happened to Morgan, she was no longer there.

In the Forrester Creations photo studio, Eric, Brooke, Thorne, Kimberly and Giovanni discussed Kimberly's recent photo shoot. While admitting that Kimberly looked lovely, they realized that the fake beach back drop simply wasn't convincing. Giovanni suggested doing the shoot at a private island owned by some friends of his. Everyone approved of the idea and Giovanni said they should keep the crew small, but insisted that Thorne be there to supervise the shoot. Thorne resisted the idea of being virtually alone on a deserted island with Kimberly but Giovanni insisted that Kimberly did her best work with Thorne around. When Brooke agreed and told Thorne he should be there, Thorne acquiesced. Everyone left the room, allowing Thorne and Brooke some time alone together. He asked her to deny that she didn't still long to be with him and that she was no longer in love with him. When Brooke couldn't deny it, the two kissed. Thorne asked her to reconsider their relationship but Brooke told him that her decision was made. As Thorne turned to walk out, Brooke asked him for one last kiss. Immediately after Thorne kissed Brooke and left the studio, a heavy overhead light came crashing down on Brooke's head, knocking her unconscious.

At the office, Stephanie and Ridge continued their discussion of Morgan being a desperate, dangerous woman. Ridge still refused to believe that Morgan was any threat to him, Taylor or anyone else for that matter, but Stephanie wouldn't give up. She told Ridge that he must find a way to protect Taylor from Morgan, especially after Ridge tells Taylor the truth about Morgan's baby. Just then, Eric walked in and asked to know what was going on. Stephanie informed him of her suspicions involving Morgan and how she thought Morgan was responsible for Clarke's accident. Eric didn't believe it either and told Stephanie that Morgan was an asset to Forrester Creations.

Stephanie called Taylor and said that she needed to talk to her but Taylor said she was busy trying to find Morgan and would have to call her later. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Morgan snuck back into Clarke's room where she continued her threats. This time Morgan took it a little further and turned off the alarm to the nurse as well as Clarke's oxygen. As Clarke started to gasp and have difficulty breathing, Morgan turned the system back on and warned Clarke that she would do anything to protect her baby boy and his future.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Deacon told Carmen to put on her nicest outfit because they were going to meet with the Forresters. Carmen questioned what decision Deacon had made about the baby, but he wouldn't divulge anything. He have her a set of papers and asked her to keep them in her purse until he instructed her to get them out. The couple then headed for the Forresters.

Sally, C.J. and Connor discussed the implications of Deacon Sharpe's claim to the baby and how the Forresters were trying to pay him off in exchange for custody. C.J. insisted that they go over to the Forresters right away and put a stop to their manipulations.

Over in the Forrester photo lab, Thorne came in looking for Giovanni but instead found an unconscious Brooke lying on the floor. Just then Megan came in as well and Thorne instructed her to call the Forrester nurse. As Megan prepared to do that, another light fell from the ceiling but Thorne managed to remove himself and Brooke from harms way. The nurse arrived and told Brooke that she appeared to be unharmed but suggested that Brooke not be left alone. Thorne offered to stay with Brooke and take her home. Brooke thanked him but turned down his offer to take her home for fear that Bridget would see the two of them together and get upset.

In one of the Forrester offices, Kimberly filled Bridget in on her upcoming photo shoot in which Thorne would supervise. Kimberly explained to Bridget that Thorne was reluctant to go a long with it and that it was Brooke who convinced him. The girls deduced that perhaps Brooke and Thorne were finally accepting that their relationship was over and moving on with their lives separately. Just then Megan came in and informed Bridget that her mom had been hurt and that she was in the photo studio now. Bridget rushed to be with her mother and when she walked into the studio, she found Brooke and Thorne together.

Amber talked with Little Eric about how lucky he was to have two men who loved him as much as C.J. and Rick did. She then told the baby that Rick was extra special because he was her first love and someday Little Eric would understand what that meant. Unbeknownst to Amber; Eric, Stephanie and Rick overheard her conversation and they soon made their presence known. Stephanie and Eric took the baby into the other room so that Rick and Amber could have some time alone. Rick asked Amber when she was going to have a talk with C.J. about her true feelings. When Amber asked Rick how he knew what her true feelings were, he told her that he was certain that she loved and wanted to be with him. Rick explained that Amber and C.J. became close only after Becky died and that they were both trying to fill a void left in their lives. He told her that the feelings she had for C.J. would never compare to the love and attraction she felt for him. Finally Amber admitted that he was right. She happily told Rick that she loved him and that she has never stopped loving him. The two kissed as Stephanie, Eric and the baby looked on. Amber joyfully informed them as well as Little Eric that they were going to be a family again.

The Forresters door bell rang and in walked C.J., Sally and Connor. C.J. told Rick that he and Amber weren't going to put up with his games any longer and that soon they would marry and raise Little Eric. When C.J. asked Amber to lay it on the line with Rick, Rick chimed in and asked Amber to tell C.J. the decision that she has made about whom she wants to be with. Before she could say anything, in waltzed Deacon and Carmen. Everyone was surprised to see them. Deacon told the Forresters and the Spectras that he has made a decision regarding who is going to raise his boy.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Deacon arrived at the Forrester's home while Sally, C.J. and Connor were there. The Forresters and the Spectras were bickering over the fact that the Forresters offered deacon one million dollars for the custody of his Eric. Deacon announced that he had made a decision about the custody of Eric, but kept avoiding telling them what he had decided.

Deacon stood in the middle of the Forrester living room and made a mockery of the offers that both the Forresters and the Spectras made to him. This enraged everyone.

Deacon told them that he feels he deserves to live in a castle for giving up Eric, and that one million dollars wouldn't buy a home as nice as the Forresters have. Amber told Deacon that he was mean and demonic. Eric came out and asked Deacon what did he want, if it wasn't the money for Eric? Deacon looked at Amber and Little Eric and told everyone that what he wants is "a whole lot more than just money."

Kimberly was concerned when Giovanni told her that Brooke had been hit by a falling photo light and was knocked unconscious. She told Giovanni that she has feelings for Thorne but she doesn't hate Brooke. She enlisted Giovanni's help in her getting some time alone with Thorne during the photo shoot on the island.

Bridget went to her mother's side when she heard she had been injured. She tried to convince Brooke to let she and Thorne take her to the hospital for an x-ray, but Brooke refused to go. Thorne promised Bridget that he would watch out for her. After Bridget left the room, she stood near the door and listened to Brooke and Thorne's conversation. Bridget witnessed Brooke and Thorne proclaiming their desire to be together and the fact they never will be together because Bridget doesn't understand and they don't want to see her hurt. Bridget also heard Thorne say that he doesn't want to see Brooke unhappy and he prefers that she find someone else rather than be alone and unhappy. Brooke told him she wants him to be happy and that he'll always have Kimberly. Thorne immediately protested and said, " I won't have Kimberly because I don't want Kimberly."

Bridget went directly over to Kimberly's house after listening to Thorne and Brooke's conversation. She told Kimberly " I can't do it. I can't keep them apart any longer. Thorne and mom are in love and I can't come between them any longer."

Friday, December 15, 2000

Deacon continued to tease and taunt the Forrester and Spectra families. After the way he was looking at Amber, his girlfriend, Carmen asked for a moment alone with him. She encouraged him to take the money that was offered so that they could get on with their lives. Deacon told her to keep her mouth shut and do what he says. Carmen explained to Deacon that she was uncomfortable with the way he was looking at Amber. Deacon reminded her that this was just business and she would be wise not to interfere with his plans. Deacon and Carmen rejoined the rest of the group and Deacon proceeded to make his announcement. He declared that he wanted his son and had every intention on leaving with him today. Both the Forresters and Spectras believed that Deacon was merely trying to hold his power over them to show them that he was in control. They continued to say that there was no way Deacon really wanted to raise a little baby. Deacon showed Connor the legal document that he brought with him. It stated that Deacon was given full custody of Little Eric by a judge, considering that he was the only living biological parent of the child. Deacon then instructed Carmen to get the baby so that they could get out of there. When Carmen approached Amber, who was holding Little Eric, she yelled at Carmen to stay away. Amber then told Carmen that the only way any one was going to take her baby away was over her dead body.

Brooke rested in her bedroom when there was a knock at the door. It was Thorne checking to see how Brooke was feeling since her accident earlier that afternoon. They rehashed how unfortunate it was that they couldn't be together. Thorne reminded Brooke that he didn't want to be with Kimberly and had no intention of pursuing a relationship with her regardless of whether Brooke was in his life. Brooke appeared surprised that Thorne wasn't interested in Kimberly. Thorne told Brooke that he could never be with someone that has hurt her the way that Kimberly did.

Over at Kimberly's beach house, Bridget confirmed to Kimberly that the jig was up. Kimberly was crushed at the thought of losing Thorne. Bridget reminded her friend that she never really had Thorne in the first place and that deep down she must know that Thorne will never love her as anything more than a "sister." Kimberly begged Bridget to reconsider but Bridget told her that she couldn't continue to hurt her mother this way. She said she knew how much her mother loved Thorne and how difficult it was not having him in her life. Kimberly tried to tell Bridget that if Thorne was back in her mom's life that Brooke would ignore her daughter. Bridget didn't agree. She said she was secure in her mother's love and devotion to her and that she could no longer be responsible for keeping Thorne and her mom apart. Kimberly asked if Bridget would refrain from telling Brooke the truth; that Thorne didn't actually sleep with Kimberly. Bridget told Kimberly that she couldn't promise that. She feels the need to come clean with her mother completely, explained Bridget. Kimberly wished that Bridget would at least wait until after the photo shoot on the private island but Bridget said she wouldn't make her mom suffer for even one more day. Kimberly cried in Bridget's arms saying how much she loved Thorne and how she feared that Thorne would hate her and shut her out of his life. Bridget hugged her friend and told her that she would help her get through this.

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