The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on B&B

Deacon took Little Eric home with him, but Rick vowed to Amber that he'd get the child back. Ridge finally confessed to Taylor about the conception of Morgan's baby, and Taylor asked him to leave their home. Brooke and Thorne got engaged, and Brooke welcomed Amber back into the family.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, December 18, 2000

At the Forrester Mansion, Deacon and Carmen have come to pick up Little Eric. Amber tells them that they can't have the baby. Rick and C.J. tell Deacon that he would get the baby over their dead bodies. Deacon asks Eric if he would fight to keep his children, he said that he already knew that Stephanie would fight. Sally and Stephanie both threaten Deacon, but he tells them that he has legal custody of his son. Conner tells them that legally Deacon could take the baby if he wanted to. Amber asks to talk with Deacon alone and they go into the study. He tries to tell her how much alike they are, but she nixes the idea by saying that she is much smarter than him. She tells him that he had a chance to be rich by getting 1 million dollars, but that now all he has is a son that he doesn't even want. She asks him to do the right thing by giving the baby to her and Rick.

Kimberly is at the beach house looking at a picture of her and Thorne. The doorbell rings and it's Thorne. He wonders what is wrong when he sees tears in her eyes. He has come over to discuss the photo shoot. She tells him that the photo shoot was very important to her because she thought that it would be a time for them. He tries to explain to her yet again that he doesn't feel that way about her. He also regrets that he took advantage of her. She explains to him that he didn't take advantage of her. She tells him that they didn't make love. He wants to know why she lied to him. She explains that she wanted it to be true, but that he had passed out before anything happened. He wanted to know why she was telling him the truth now. She explains that Bridget had come over earlier and talked with her about the situation. She told him that Bridget had decided not to come between Thorne and Brooke because she realized how much they loved each other after Brooke's accident.

At home, Brooke is in bed pretending to read a book, but is distracted by looking at a picture of Thorne. Bridget enters the room and wonders why her Mom is crying. She tells Brooke that she doesn't have to give up her life for her anymore because she was older. Brooke said that she had not given up her life and that she was happy. Bridget tells her that she is not insecure about her love anymore and she knew that Brooke loved her unconditionally. She tells her that she can now accept her relationship with Thorne, although it would be hard. She tells her that she realized how much they loved each other after seeing how Thorne took care of Brooke after the accident. She said that she would no longer stand in their way. She tells Brooke to get dressed because they had someone that they needed to see. They arrive at Kimberly's house just as Thorne is trying to make a phone call. Thorne asks Bridget if it was true and she shakes her head yes. Thorne and Brooke lock eyes and smile at each other.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Bridget gave Thorne and Brooke her blessing. Kimberly and Bridget left the room so that Thorne and Brooke could have a moment alone together. The girls went on the patio of Kimberly's beach house and agreed that they had done the right thing. Bridget apologized for having to hurt Kimberly this way but Kimberly said that she knew now that Brooke and Thorne belonged together. Back inside the beach house, Thorne and Brooke tearfully embraced. Thorne told Brooke that Kimberly confessed that he never slept with her. Brooke was overjoyed. She apologized to Thorne for all that she had put him through. The happy couple left Kimberly's and went over to Thorne's where they could have some privacy. Thorne and Brooke sat out on Thorne's patio and reminisced about how they first fell in love. They agreed that the worst was over and from now on, nothing was going to stand in their way of a long, happy life together.

Amber continued to try to convince Deacon to do the right thing by giving custody of the baby to her and Rick. She tried to persuade him that she knew where he was coming from and that she used to be a lot like him but that she had changed. She assured Deacon that he could change too. Deacon would hear none of it, saying that he wanted to punish the Forrester's for trying to trick him. Amber realized that Deacon was out for revenge and she tried using reverse psychology on him. She told him that everyone thought he was evil but he could prove otherwise by giving up the baby. When that didn't work, Amber begged and pleaded with Deacon not to take the child she has raised since he was born. She told Deacon that Little Eric was her entire life and she couldn't bear to lose him. Deacon told Amber that his mind was made up and that he was taking his son.

With Deacon and Amber in the other room and the Forrester and Spectra families conversing amongst themselves, Carmen placed a call to the local police. She told them there was a disturbance and that they needed to get to the Forrester mansion right away. When Deacon came out of the den with Amber, he told Carmen to get the kid because they were leaving. The Forresters and Spectras continued to put up a fight. Just then the door bell ran. It was the police checking out the report of a disturbance. Deacon thanked Carmen for calling the cops and explained to the officers that his son was being illegally detained. Deacon proceeded to show the officers his court order which verified that he was the baby's father and had sole custody of the child. The officers confirmed Deacon's claim and ordered the Forresters to turn over the baby to Deacon. Rick reluctantly gave the baby to Carmen. Everyone said their good-byes to Little Eric, telling him to be brave. Amber asked to hold him and she and the baby said a heartbreaking good-bye. When it was time to let go of the baby, Amber once again pleaded with Deacon not to take him, but it was to no avail. Deacon and Carmen left with Little Eric, leaving a hysterical, sobbing Amber behind.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Brooke and Thorne basked in the after glow of their lovemaking. Once again, Brooke apologized to Thorne for everything she had put him through. He told her that there was no need to apologize and would do it all over again as long as they ended up together. Brooke reminisced about how Thorne defied his family and the Spectra's in order to be with her and said she was grateful for his love and commitment. The couple walked out onto the patio where Brooke asked Thorne to look out at the beautiful beach and feel the warm sun on them. She asked Thorne never to forget this day, as this was the first day of the rest of their lives together. Brooke then asked Thorne to marry her. He happily accepted.

At the hospital the doctor gave Clarke the good news about the continued progress he was showing. He is still paralyzed but is now able to speak. Sally as well as the snake trainer were at Clarke's bedside and they pressed him for answers as to how his accident happened. The snake trainer apologized profusely, saying that the snake had never escaped his cage before. Clarke said it wasn't his fault but that he knew how it happened. Morgan was listening at the door and she came into Clarke's room and asked to hear how the accident happened as well. Once Clarke saw her, he clammed up and claimed that he was responsible for the snake getting out of it's cage. He said he tried to move the cage and must of unlatched the lock, explained Clarke. Then Clarke asked to be alone to get some rest. Sally told Clarke to hurry up and get well because he was needed back at Spectra. Then Morgan asked for some time alone with Clarke. She threatened him to keep his mouth shut or else.

Ridge discussed with Stephanie the fact that he planned to tell Taylor the truth today. She wished him luck. Taylor and the kids came home from their walk in the park. Stephanie said her good-bye's and left Ridge and Taylor alone. Ridge told Taylor that he had something he had to tell her. She noticed how serious he was and feared that he was sick. Ridge assured her that he wasn't sick but that what he what he had to tell her would cause her to hate him. Ridge then proceeded to admit to Taylor that he had done something very stupid. "I slept with Morgan," Ridge confessed to a shocked Taylor.

Over at Morgan's beach house, Stephanie barged in unannounced. Morgan ordered her to leave and Stephanie again brought up her suspicions that Morgan was responsible for Clarke's so-called accident. Stephanie told Morgan that she and Ridge knew that she was dangerous and that is why Ridge is telling Taylor the truth right now. Morgan didn't believe Stephanie and said that Ridge would never risk his family. Stephanie continued to impress upon Morgan that what she was saying was true and soon Ridge and Taylor would despise and never speak to her again. Morgan got so upset that she picked up a vase and almost smashed it over Stephanie's head, but instead smashed it on the floor.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Taylor can't believe it as she listens to Ridge confess that he slept with Morgan. He tries to explain the entire story but finds her too angry to listen. Ridge forces her to stay and listen for the sake of their family. He then reveals that when she was with her ill father, he received an email message supposedly from her giving him the go-ahead to sleep with Morgan so she could become pregnant. Taylor denies sending any such letter but does admit she left a voicemail urging him to help Morgan. As she denies wanting him to help her this way, Taylor realizes that Morgan was responsible for the email. Ridge then warns that Morgan is carrying his baby. Rick tries to convince a devastated Amber that Deacon will be back with Little Eric in only a day or two, if not that night simply because he's unable to care for a child. She mentions her apprehension about telling C.J. and the rest at Spectra about the baby which causes Rick to worry aloud that she no longer wants to be with him. Amber assures Rick that she loves him and the two fall into a kiss. Stephanie boasts to Morgan that she thinks that once Taylor understands what happened, she will forgive Ridge for his night with Morgan. Morgan claims she never wanted to hurt Taylor but Stephanie vows to make her pay if anyone is harmed.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Brooke and Thorne continued to celebrate the fact that they were free to be together. The couple embraced in Brooke's office. Rick walked in while they were kissing and angrily asked what Thorne was doing with his mother. Thorne and Brooke informed Rick that Bridget had given them her blessing and that she supported her mother's relationship with Thorne as long as it made her happy. Rick couldn't believe it at first but when he saw how happy his mom was, he too, gave his blessing to the grateful couple. As Rick and his mother hugged, Amber walked in and assumed that Rick had told Brooke their good news. When Brooke asked what news Amber was referring to, Rick explained that he and Amber had something important to tell them. Brooke mistakenly assumed that Rick had got custody of the baby but Rick told his mom that Deacon still had claim to Little Eric. Brooke was speechless when Rick and Amber told her that Deacon had taken the baby home with him, but Rick assured his mother that they were going to get the baby back very soon. Then Rick and Amber made their announcement. They happily told Brooke and Thorne that they were back together and even suggested a double wedding for the four of them. Rick asked for his mother's blessing and after a bit of hesitation and reluctance, Brooke gave them her support.

Stephanie went to Eric's office to fill him in on what had transpired of late. She warned him that there would be trouble ahead in the marriage of Ridge and Taylor. She then proceeded to remind Eric how dangerous Morgan was. Before Eric could protest, Stephanie told him that Morgan was pregnant with Ridge's baby. Eric was stunned. He questioned whether Ridge and Morgan were having an affair. Stephanie told him that was not the case and that she would explain everything. Right now she wanted to impress upon him that poor Taylor would need their support, because she was finding out the truth at this moment.

Taylor still couldn't believe that Ridge actually slept with Morgan and that she was pregnant with his child. She asked Ridge how long he knew about Morgan's pregnancy and was appalled to find out that he's known the entire time. Taylor berated Ridge for keeping this secret from her for the past seven months. Ridge claimed that he was so upset, confused and angry with Morgan that he didn't know how to break the news to his wife. Taylor was shocked that her so-called best friend would betray her this way and that her husband would be stupid enough to fall for Morgan's trick. Ridge begged for Taylor's forgiveness and asked where they went from here. Taylor asked her husband if he planned to leave her and be a father to Morgan's child the same way he left Brooke to be a father to Thomas. Ridge told Taylor that he had no feelings for Morgan and had no intention of leaving Taylor or their children. He did tell her that they would have to discuss what they were going to do about Morgan's baby, since he felt responsible for the child. This was too much for Taylor to handle at that moment. She ordered Ridge out of the house so that she could think. After he left, Taylor kicked and screamed and broke a few bulbs on the Christmas tree. She scolded herself for being so foolish to have trusted Morgan and what's more for trying to help and befriend her. She sadly looked at a picture of her family and said that Morgan's trick had ruined her marriage. Just then the door opened and in walked Morgan. She told Taylor how sorry she was. Taylor looked at her with sheer hatred in her eyes, tears streaming down her face.

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