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January 1 to 5, 2001
Morgan begged to see her newborn son until a sorrowful doctor gently told her he had died. Confused and angry, Taylor asked Ridge to leave. Stephanie tried to offer Morgan her condolences, but Morgan refused to hear them. Brooke and Thorne broke the news to Eric that they were engaged again. Caroline's ghost tried to console a mournful and distraught Ridge.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Worried that Taylor might throw in the towel on her marriage too quickly, Taylor's father, Jack, paid her a visit. After promising each other a new life of total honesty, Ridge and Taylor made plans to return to St. Thomas to renew their wedding vows. Brooke pleaded with Stephanie to call a truce over the feud between them and bless her wedding to Thorne. Rick, Amber, and Nathan, the Forrester family lawyer, made another attempt at getting Little Eric away from Deacon.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Bridget tried to convince Stephanie that she should go to Brooke's wedding -- if not for Thorne or Brooke's sake, then for hers. The Forresters and the Logans reunited to celebrate the marriage of Thorne and Brooke. Minutes before the wedding, Ridge and Stephanie decided to put aside their differences with the marriage and participate in the ceremony. Clarke and Darla tried to comfort Sally after reading the wedding announcement. Taylor was delayed in getting to the plane to meet her family when she was locked in Ridge's office with Morgan. Deacon revealed, to Amber, the real reason why he didn't want to give Little Eric back.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Reminiscent of their first trip to St. Thomas, Ridge sent Taylor on a treasure hunt. Feeling threatened by Amber's presence around Deacon, Carmen took Little Eric up to the roof in hopes of solving all of her problems. Eric fired Morgan. Worried that Kimberly was grieving for the loss of her sister alone, Sally invited Kimberly to move in with her and C.J. In an attempt to push Amber off the roof, Carmen tripped and fell off the roof.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Amber persuaded Deacon to let her take Little Eric home with her for the night. Rick was overjoyed when they arrived at the house. Seeing for herself that Morgan was leaving Los Angeles and her family, Stephanie watched as Morgan boarded her plane. Deacon's father, Daryl, showed up at the club, needing a place to crash for the night. Ridge and Taylor renewed their wedding vows, then an anxious Ridge insisted on taking his family to the island where he had first proposed to Taylor.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Deacon handed Amber custody papers that stated that she could have full custody of Little Eric on the condition that he and Amber raised his son together for four months. Morgan arrived back at Forrester Creations, threatening to sue the Forresters for breach of contract if they refused to give her back her job. The paradise cruise Ridge, Taylor, and the children were on went horribly wrong when Steffy disappeared. A search party for her later found a torn-up life jacket and red shirt belonging to the little girl, floating in the water.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Taylor blamed Steffy's death on Ridge's failure to check on the child before the ferry accident. Meanwhile, Morgan took Steffy to her home, dyed her hair red, and changed her name to Stacey. Morgan asked the girl to call her "mama" and hired a nanny for her who spoke little English.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Ridge broke the news to a distraught and mournful Taylor that Morgan was back in town and working at Forrester Creations again. After she saw a picture of Ridge sitting on Morgan's mantel, Stephanie was furious with Brooke for giving Morgan her job back at Forrester Creations. Overhearing the conversation between Morgan and Stephanie, Norita, the nanny, became suspicious and worried about who "Stacey" really was. In an attempt to begin to find some closure, Ridge suggested that they go back to St. Thomas, but Taylor desperately yelled out that she was not ready to find any closure for Steffy yet.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
In an effort to become closer and resolve their differences, Brooke asked Stephanie to see a counselor with her. Ridge confided in his baby brother that he thought his marriage might be over. Taylor found Steffy calling out for her in Morgan's bedroom. Panic-stricken, not knowing what to do, Morgan locked Taylor in a secret room in her basement. As the counselor suggested, Stephanie begrudgingly went up to her cabin with Brooke for a girls' weekend.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
After hearing Rick's news of making the college tennis team, Amber wondered whether Rick would really be happy being tied down to her and Little Eric during his college years. In an effort to stop him from finding the source of the noise in her basement, Morgan boldly seduced Tim on the couch. Brooke returned home from Big Bear and told Thorne that she wanted to protect her son from Amber just the way Stephanie had always protected her own sons. Taylor, out of her binds, tried unsuccessfully to attack Morgan and escape with Steffy.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Deacon tricked Amber into going to Café Russe with him. Sitting at a table across from Deacon and Amber, and believing they were on a date, Eric gave Brooke his blessing to split up Amber and their son. Deacon decided that the time was right to tell Amber that he loved her and that she belonged with him, not the "college boy" Rick. Eric informed Rick that Amber was on a date with Deacon. Brooke enlisted the help of Rick's teammate, Charlie, in her plan to split Rick and Amber up for good.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Though Morgan had seduced Tim into loyalty, Tim took pity on Taylor and let her see Steffy. Tim later convinced Morgan that Taylor might have mercy if Morgan let Taylor spend time with Steffy upstairs. Taylor opposed being ankle-chained in the living room, and Tim warned her about the guard dogs around the house. Brooke showed Amber pictures of Rick kissing Amanda, and Deacon professed his love for Amber. Rick walked in on Deacon and Amber kissing, and he later called off their wedding.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Rick couldn't tell Amber that he had broken their engagement because he saw Deacon kissing her. Deacon, meanwhile, was determined that Amber wouldn't go crawling back to Rick. Later, Deacon and Bridget shared a kiss after he helped her get past a club bouncer. Tim was moved by Taylor's pleas, but he wasn't able to go against Morgan's orders. Ridge continued to resist Morgan's advances. Morgan was prepared to leave work when she received a call from Steffy.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
Deacon's arrival stopped Rick from telling Amber how he really felt about her and why he had broken off their engagement. Bridget later urged Rick to call Amber, but Deacon had already whisked her off to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, Amber hit the jackpot. Morgan scolded Tim for letting Steffy use the phone to try to reach Ridge. Ridge found Steffy's drawing in Morgan's purse.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Ridge, knowing Morgan had lied to him about where she had gotten the drawing, decided to get close to her to find out what she knew about Taylor. Rick found out Deacon and Amber had left town, and hired a P.I. to find them. He located them in Vegas and went after her. Deacon and Amber got closer. Amber got a broken heart tattoo, and Deacon got one, too. Back at the motel, Deacon was sweet-talking Amber, finally convincing her she was over Rick and that he was who she needed. Before clothes flew, Rick was knocking at the door. Deacon wouldn't let him in, so Rick punched his nose. They both tried to win Amber. Ridge had a romantic dinner with Morgan, and Taylor worked on Dr. Tim, saying Morgan might dump him or even kill them all when she got Ridge.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Ridge and Morgan left the Café Russe. He was headed to her house. Taylor saw them approaching and threw a statue through the window. Dr. Tim covered well and kept the dogs from "eating" Ridge. Ridge went home, only to realize that the dogs in the picture Steffy had drawn were Dr. Tim's. He went back to Morgan's, and actually drove through the front of the house, where he found Morgan with a gun on Taylor. He talked her out of the gun and took Taylor and Steffy home to a heartwarming family reunion. Morgan and Dr. Tim eluded the police and argued over what to do next. Amber decided she still loved Rick and left Las Vegas with him. Sally was at the Insomnia, and so were Brooke and Bridget. Sally got mad that Brooke was there, yelled at her, and kicked her out. Meanwhile, Bridget had left and ran into a sad Deacon. She gave him her phone number, and he discovered she was a Forrester.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Taylor and Ridge had a blissful reunion. Rick and his lawyer looked for a way out of Amber's contract with Deacon, but the lawyer suggested that Rick just ride out the final month of the agreement. Amber gave Deacon a contract that would give her freedom in exchange for visitation rights with Little Eric. Deacon implored Amber to give him the final month to convince her of their feelings for each other. Amber, however, warned him that he'd lose custody of his son forever, and he finally signed the document.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
En masse, the Forresters went to Deacon and told him to stay away from Amber. They told him that he would be able to see Little Eric after the wedding. That made Deacon mad, and he vowed to make them pay. He remembered Bridget giving him her phone number and called her. She invited him to her birthday party. The family threw Bridget a big 18th birthday party. Deacon did show up, but didn't make his presence known. They also threw a party for the little kids the next day and hired a clown; they didn't know the clown was Morgan. Dr. Tim tried to talk her out of it, but she told him she needed closure -- which looked more like revenge.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Morgan made herself known to Stephanie, and they seemed to bond. As Morgan left, though, Stephanie called the police. Morgan caught her, and they fought. Morgan fell into the pool, and Stephanie left her to drown. Meanwhile, Ridge and Taylor discovered the other clown was Dr. Tim and raced back to the main house. When they arrived, Stephanie told them what had happened. The police showed up, and Ridge lied and told them Morgan had fallen into the pool. However, when they went to the pool, there was no sign of Morgan. They heard the van leave and chased it, but Morgan was still at the house and attacked Stephanie. Eric rescued Stephanie. Deacon wined and dined Bridget and told her who he was. He was going to make the Forresters choose between Amber and Bridget.
May 14 to 18, 2001
The Forresters got ready for the wedding of Rick and Amber. Brooke was less than thrilled as the matron of honor. Deacon decided he'd get Amber back by forcing the Forresters to choose between Amber and Bridget. Bridget invited him to the wedding. The wedding began, and they exchanged vows. Deacon and Bridget showed up, and Eric stopped the wedding. He tried to kick Deacon out, but Bridget defended Deacon.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Deacon stopped the wedding and told the Forresters they had to choose between Amber and Bridget. He was kicked out, and the wedding continued. Bridget looked for Deacon and found him in his car. The pair then headed to Vegas. Amber and Rick got married -- but so did Deacon and Bridget. Deacon and Bridget returned to the Lair, and the Forresters went gunning for Deacon. As Sally reminisced, she decided she couldn't keep the doors to Spectra open.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Sally Spectra had decided to close Spectra Fashion when she happened to catch an interview with Antonio Dominguez, a new designer with a Latin flair. She decided to hire him and save the business. Amber went to talk Deacon out of his plan, but she refused to leave Rick. Rick called Deacon and put him on speakerphone with "Mom and Dad" there. While they argued, Bridget walked in, ready for the honeymoon to get started. Deacon put the earpiece of the phone in water so "Mom, Dad, and brother" could hear what was going on, but no one could hear them. They listened to the "consummation" of the marriage, all the while, screaming at them to stop. The next morning, Deacon was at the coffee shop, and Eric was determined to stop Deacon. When Deacon stepped outside, Eric was there and ran Deacon down.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Deacon was admitted to the hospital after Eric hit him with a car. For Bridget's sake, Deacon agreed not to press charges against Eric. Amber visited Deacon, and Deacon promised not to give up on her. Ridge and Eric took Deacon on a threatening ride before delivering him to Bridget at the beach house. Stephanie tried to mend her relationship with Kristen, to no avail. To keep Kristen in town, Eric assigned her to get Antonio to leave Spectra for Forrester.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Amber found herself fantasizing about Deacon during a massage. Antonio asked Kristen out to dinner, though Kristen later downplayed the date. During the meeting, Antonio asked about the advantages of joining Forrester instead of Spectra. Antonio rebuffed Sally's request not to associate with the Forresters. A festive press event marked the relaunch of Spectra.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Tony was shocked to learn that Ellen, a former lover, had died of a drug overdose and her death had been ruled a suicide. After he made plans to attend the funeral, Kristen invited him to dinner to meet her family. Clarke warned Tony that the Forresters wouldn't accept a Spectra designer into the family. Brooke sparred with Deacon over his mistreatment of her daughter, and while Deacon was turning a special home-cooked dinner into an excoriating event for Bridget, Brooke convinced Stephanie to tape-record Deacon's true feelings about Bridget. Stephanie succeeded in the endeavor; however, Deacon discovered her plan and set the recording on fire. As he pleaded with Stephanie to help him get Amber back, Bridget interrupted, and Stephanie asserted that Deacon was using Bridget until he got Amber back. Bridget became insecure about Deacon, but he placated her with sweetness and lies. To a friend, Amber admitted her vulnerability to Deacon, and the friend suggested that Amber give in to him. During Deacon's scheduled visit with his son, Amber appeared to succumb to his passionate advances.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Bridget set up a dinner party to examine Deacon and Amber's attraction. Bridget overheard Deacon telling Amber that he'd married Bridget to stick it Eric. Bridget blasted Deacon, took off in her car, and had an accident. The Forresters held a dinner party to meet Tony, and Kristen announced that she was staying in town. Tony invited Kristen to Miami for the funeral. After Ellen's funeral, Chad instructed Tony to speak to Ellen's doctor.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Tensions exploded at the hospital as Bridget fought to survive her injuries. Eric brawled with Deacon, and Brooke grilled Amber about what could have set Bridget off on the car ride. Amber warned Deacon to stay away from Bridget, but he sneaked into her room to convince her that he'd developed real feelings for her. He claimed that he'd been wrong to hurt her in his effort to be in his son's life. Interrupting, Amber entered and insisted that Bridget couldn't believe a word Deacon said. He persisted in trying to get Bridget to see that he honestly wanted to make things up to her and be her husband. In Miami, Tony met with Ellen's doctor and learned that she'd had AIDS. The doctor wanted to test Tony, but Tony declined because he felt fine. The doctor insisted that Tony get tested for Kristen's sake. Tony flew home, and he and Kristen spent an intimate July Fourth together. Though they professed love for each other, Tony's mood was darkened by the news he'd received in Miami. He panicked when Kristen asked him to make love to her, and Kristen left upset. Chad suggested that Tony talk to Dr. Nunez, a therapist. Unbeknownst to Tony, Taylor had just started substituting for the doctor.
July 9 to 13, 2001
During his meeting with Taylor, Antonio asked for complete anonymity; he would not give his last name. Tony told her about his ex-girlfriend having had AIDS. Taylor tried to impress upon Tony that he needed to get tested so as not to put his current girlfriend as risk. Brooke and Eric were disappointed when Amber and Deacon revealed that they were staying in their respective relationships with Rick and Bridget.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Tony told Kristen that he wanted to see more of her. Bridget gave Deacon another chance. Rick and Bridget continued to secretly work together. Thorne overheard Brooke tell Deacon that she and Ridge were soul mates. Thorne later confronted Brooke about her feelings.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Tony panicked when he and Kristen ended up at the same restaurant as Taylor and Ridge. Taylor was worried about Tony choosing not to get an AIDS test and hinted that she might eventually tell Kristen of the possible danger. Tony ultimately agreed to take the HIV test. Brooke tried to convince Thorne that he had misunderstood what she'd said about Ridge.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Thorne turned a cold shoulder to Brooke's attempt to seduce him. He then told Brooke that their marriage was finished. Stephanie gloated at Brooke's troubles, telling her that she would never again hurt the Forrester family. Taylor warned Brooke that she would not have Ridge as a post-Thorne option. Thorne saw a vision of Macy at Macy's gravesite and begged her for a chance to be with her again. Antonio learned that he was HIV-positive.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
Sofia was tested and was found to be HIV-negative. Clarke overheard Sofia talking on the telephone about Tony being HIV-positive. Dr. Craig tried to convince Tony to begin his HIV treatment regimen. Amber was amused to find Deacon dressed up for Bridget and told him that she liked her tattoo. Brooke told Ridge that they were meant to be together. Ridge tried to convince Brooke that all they shared was memories and insisted that he would not leave Taylor and the children. Brooke tried to taunt Ridge by revealing a two-piece bathing suit that she planned to add to her Brooke's Bedroom line, and he left the room when she refused to put her clothes back on. Brooke planned a trip to Paris. Thorne told Bridget to be supportive of her mother. At the Forrester pool party, Tony professed his love for Kristen and attempted to tell her about his health status. Stephanie told Kristen that she approved of Tony, announced Thorne and Brooke's separation, and told everyone that she was going on a cruise with her sister, Pam.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Tony told Kristen that he was HIV-positive. Eric forbade any future contact between Tony and Kristen. Kristen tested HIV-negative. Sally misunderstood a remark Tony made about death and fired him. Clarke then told Sally that Tony was HIV-positive. Ridge and Taylor argued when he learned that she had known about Tony's condition all along. Rick realized how much Little Eric enjoyed Deacon's company.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Brooke signed annulment papers, asked Ridge to marry her, and tried to score points with his children. Taylor warned Ridge and Brooke that she would not be responsible for her actions if Brooke did not stop chasing Ridge. Thorne told Sally about his annulment, which infuriated her. Eric was upset to learn that an unsavory friend of Stephanie's had plans to relocate to Beverly Hills.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Amber decided at the last minute that making love to Deacon was not the best thing to do. Sally talked Antonio into returning to work at Spectra. Kristen adamantly told Tony that she would not stop loving him -- even as he decided that he should no longer see her. Taylor learned that Brooke intended to go after Ridge again. Meanwhile, Brooke admitted that she wanted to break up Taylor and Ridge. Stephanie was determined not to let Brooke interfere in her family life again.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Massimo and Stephanie discussed their time together at Northwestern University and how she had decided to marry Eric when she discovered she was pregnant. Eric overheard Massimo blaming him for all the problems with Brooke and punched him. Massimo told Stephanie that he would help her rid the family of Brooke permanently. While Brooke eavesdropped, Taylor gave Ridge an ultimatum. Rick suggested that he and Amber try to become pregnant, and later Deacon tried to talk her out of it.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Massimo promised to pay five million dollars to Stephen Logan if Stephen could convince Brooke to relocate to Paris. Eric remained skeptical about Massimo's true motives. Taylor objected to Massimo's scheme but later convinced Brooke to join her father in Paris. Stephanie and Massimo reminisced about their secret last night together years before. Rick and Amber were trying to have a child together.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Rick was delighted to learn that Amber was pregnant. Deacon was devastated and rushed home, intent on making Bridget pregnant. After Clarke told Eric that Kristen and Tony were together, Eric rushed off to find them. Kristen and Tony shared an intimate evening but insisted that they had not had sex, after Eric crashed in through the doors. Beth reluctantly agreed to go along with Massimo's plan. Brooke arrived in Paris. Ridge wondered about the business card he had found, and Brooke later realized that the phone number on the card was the same number her father had written on a notepad. Taylor felt guilty for playing along with Massimo's plan.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Kristen and Tony decided to continue their relationship. Beth fumed to Stephen, and Eric fumed to Stephanie for taking part in Massimo's plans. After a 15-foot fall from the Eiffel Tower, Brooke was hospitalized for observation. After reaching to the conclusion that Massimo was behind Brooke's accident and warning him, Ridge rushed to her bedside. Bridget and Deacon decided to postpone their plans for starting a family. Rick witnessed Amber kissing Deacon and telling him she loved him.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Stephen and Beth admitted to Ridge and Brooke that Stephen had been lying about his health and was being paid by Massimo -- and that Stephanie and Taylor were involved. Brooke insisted that she wanted nothing more to do with her father and returned to Los Angeles with Ridge. Enraged, Ridge confronted Taylor, Massimo, and Stephanie about their deception. Brooke confided in Megan that she was sure Ridge would leave Taylor. Rick confided in Thorne about Amber's feelings for Deacon.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Ridge told Brooke that there was no future for them and apologized to Taylor for everything he had put her through. Brooke took Stephanie's advice about concentrating on her children and demanded that Deacon leave Bridget. Thorne tried to convince Rick to confront Amber about her feelings for Deacon. Kristen proposed to Tony. Eric asked Sally to inform him of Kristen's visits to Spectra.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Sally refused to help Eric thwart Tony and Kristen's relationship. Tony arranged for Arturo Sandoval to serenade Kristen but hesitated answering her marriage proposal. Clarke told Eric that Kristen had proposed to Tony. Deacon refused Brooke's demands that he divorce Bridget. Brooke was unhappy to learn of Amber's pregnancy; Stephanie was delighted. Rick confronted Amber about her feelings for Deacon and told her that he regretted their marriage and her pregnancy.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Tony accepted Kristen's proposal and gave her an engagement ring. Kristen's devotion to Tony remained unchanged after watching a videotape of a man in the last stages of AIDS. Sally told Massimo about Tony's diagnosis. Amber confided her fears about her marriage to a supportive Stephanie. After discussing divorcing Bridget, Deacon and Brooke gave in to their desire for each other.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Brooke and Deacon continued their affair. Brooke offered to tell Bridget that Deacon planned to divorce her and admitted to Taylor that she was seeing a new, non-Forrester man. Rick agreed to give Amber one more chance because she was carrying his child. Ridge insisted that Massimo leave town, vandalized his office, and was injured by a falling object that resulted in severe loss of blood. At the hospital, Stephanie was surprised to learn that Eric could not possibly be Ridge's father.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Stephanie grew distraught at the realization that Massimo was Ridge's father. Sally and Massimo tried to figure out why Stephanie was upset. Rick and Amber were surprised to learn that Deacon and Brooke had developed a mutual respect for each other. At Big Bear, Deacon asked Bridget for a divorce and admitted to her that he had been unfaithful, but not with Amber. Tony's parents learned of his HIV status and later welcomed Kristen into the family.
November 19 to 23, 2001
Bridget convinced a grateful Deacon to give their marriage another chance. Brooke confided her affair with Deacon to Megan and was later floored when Bridget and Deacon announced their intention to stay married. Stephanie told Massimo that he was Ridge's biological father but insisted that no one could ever find out. Massimo tried to convince Stephanie that he could be a positive influence in Ridge's life but was saddened when he realized that would never happen because of Ridge's animosity toward him. Eric refused to participate in Sally's plans to get between Massimo and Stephanie.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Eric and Sally agreed to stand up for Tony and Kristen at their wedding. Deacon insisted that he was committed to Bridget. Brooke insisted to Megan that she didn't want Deacon. Massimo agreed to wait until after Tony and Kristen's wedding to discuss Ridge with Stephanie.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Kristen and Tony were married and left for their honeymoon in Africa. Bridget and Deacon renewed their wedding vows. Brooke was shocked to learn that she was pregnant with Deacon's child. Massimo told Stephanie that he intended to train Ridge to take over his empire. Sally vowed to learn Massimo and Stephanie's secret. While visiting their baby's grave in Furnace Creek, Amber began to have severe abdominal pains.
December 10 to 14, 2001
At Bridget's suggestion, Amber, Rick, and Little Eric moved in with Brooke so that Amber could recover from an inflamed kidney. Brooke rejected the idea of having an abortion. Sally confronted Massimo about Ridge's paternity, and he offered to begin a relationship with her instead of her revealing the truth. Massimo told Stephanie that he must have either her or Ridge in his life. Tony and Kristen bonded with the children at the AIDS orphanage in Africa.
December 17 to 21, 2001
Massimo, Stephanie, and Ridge were furious when they learned that Ridge would inherit only 9.8% of Forrester Creations, and Rick and Bridget would inherit 51%. Rick decided not to follow Brooke's suggestion that he give some of his shares to Ridge. Ridge considered starting his own fashion house. Bridget dreamed about becoming a designer for Forrester Creations. Tony and Kristen made plans to return to Africa and adopt Zende.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Tony and Kristen returned to Africa and adopted Zende. Eric decided not to leave any of his Forrester shares to Rick or Bridget. Stephanie overheard Brooke blaming Deacon for her problems. Brooke left town to gain some perspective and appointed Ridge CEO in her absence. Ridge made plans to change the focus at Forrester. Rick grew livid when he overheard Stephanie and Taylor "dissing" his mother.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Ridge made plans to change the focus at Forrester Creations and cancelled Brooke's Bedroom line, which infuriated Rick but led to a surge in haute couture orders. Brooke confided in a psychologist at the spa but continued to have daydreams about Deacon. Bridget visited Brooke and told Deacon that her mother was deeply ashamed of something she had done. Deacon phoned Brooke at the spa.
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