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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Darla came to the Forrester guesthouse to visit Rick. She informed him that Amber was with C.J. and that Rick needed to back off and leave them alone. Then Darla saw that Rick had the place decked out for an evening of romance. When Darla questioned what was going on, Rick admitted he had a date. Darla mistakenly believed that Rick had already moved on and had finally given up on Amber. When she asked who his date was, Rick had no choice to admit that it was with Amber. Darla began to get upset, telling Rick that Amber and C.J. were in love and would soon be getting married. She told Rick that he needed to let Amber go. Rick told Darla that she was wrong. Amber had made her choice to be with Rick. He then told her that if she wanted to do something productive, then she should be there for C.J., as he would be in need of a supportive friend.

Morgan asked the nurse to see her baby. The nurse said that she didn't know anything about her baby but would get the doctor for Morgan, who would answer all of Morgan's questions. After the nurse left, Morgan apologized again to Taylor for hurting her. She urged Taylor not to be upset with her and to put her feelings of animosity aside for the sake of Morgan and Ridge's child. Ridge said that they needed to figure out where to go from here. Taylor agreed that decisions would have to be made. Morgan said that she had the child she always wanted and she couldn't be happier. She expressed to them that this child would bring them all closer together. Just then the doctor came in and asked Morgan how she was feeling. Morgan said she was fine but that she was anxious to see her baby. The doctor put Morgan off by saying that they first had to discuss her.

Over at the Insomnia in a private dining room, C.J. toasted Amber and the family that they would soon be. Amber said she needed to talk to him about Rick. C.J. got upset, saying that this was their night and he didn't even want to think about Rick. Amber pressed on saying that she had to tell him how she felt. At first, C.J thought that Amber was going to give him the speech again to cut Rick some slack. C.J. promised he would lay off Rick. When Amber said that after she left C.J. tonight, she was going over to Rick's, C.J. was confused. Amber admitted that she had made the decision to move back in with Rick. C.J. was stunned. He told Amber that she didn't have to make this decision because of the baby, because Rick was not going to get custody. Amber assured him that it wasn't about the baby, it was about her and how she felt. She admitted that she was in love with Rick and had never stopped loving him. C.J. didn't want to believe it. He reminded Amber that only a month ago, she was all set to marry him. Amber replied that she had reservations even then and wasn't being honest with herself about it. She told C.J. that she cared for him and would always appreciate the way that he was there for her and Little Eric after Becky died, but that her life was with Rick. She took off the engagement ring that C.J. had given her and returned it to him. She said she was sorry and tried to reach out to him but C.J. asked her to go. After Amber left, C.J. sadly looked down at the ring and shed a few tears.

Amber arrived back at the Forrester guest house and announced to Rick that she was "home." After asking her how she was doing, Rick gently took Amber in his arms and the two walked towards the bedroom. Amber and Rick lied down on the bed and began to kiss as rose petals fell around them.

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Megan phoned Stephanie to inform her of Morgan's fall at Ridge and Taylor's house. She told Stephanie that Taylor took Morgan to the hospital and that Ridge followed.

Morgan demanded that the doctor tell her what was wrong. The doctor explained that Morgan had some hemorrhaging caused by her fall. Morgan worried that there was something wrong with her or that she might not be able to have any more children. The doctor assured her that she was fine and would be able to have more kids. Then Morgan asked to see her baby. The doctor said it wouldn't be possible because her baby didn't make it. Morgan, Ridge and Taylor were all stunned to hear this news. The doctor went on to explain that the baby didn't survive the fall and there was nothing the doctors could do to save him. Morgan went ballistic. She didn't want to accept the news about her baby being gone. The doctor went to get a sedative. Taylor attempted to comfort Morgan, which only made matters worse. Morgan blamed Taylor for her fall, claiming that Taylor couldn't handle the fact that she was pregnant with Ridge's child and that's why she pushed her. Taylor tried to defend herself, saying that Morgan fell and it was an accident, which Taylor was not responsible for. Ridge attempted to step in and calm Morgan down. When that didn't work, he went to find the doctor with the sedative. Morgan cried to Taylor that her baby was gone and she never got a chance to hold him. She said that Stephanie took her first child away from her and now Taylor had taken this baby from her. Morgan told Taylor that this baby was her entire life and that a part of herself had died with her baby. Ridge came back in with the doctor, who administered the sedative to Morgan and suggested that Ridge and Taylor leave.

Thorne and Brooke continued to bask in the glow of their rekindled romance. Thorne suggested that they take a trip but Brooke wanted to get married first. Thorne suggested a Justice of the Peace but Brooke explained that she wanted a big wedding. Thorne wasn't sure who would come, which prompted Brooke to say that they needed to talk to his family and gain their acceptance. Brooke and Thorne walked into Eric's office, hand in hand. Eric didn't want to hear what they had to say, stating that they needed to let go of their obsession with one another. Thorne told his father that he and Brooke were going ahead with their plans to marry. Eric refused to give his blessing. Thorne told his father that they didn't need his blessing but hoped that he would at least attend the ceremony.

Stephanie found a distraught Ridge and Taylor in the hospital waiting room. She guessed that Morgan lost the baby. Stephanie expressed her concern for Morgan and her loss but mentioned that for the sake of Ridge and Taylor's marriage, it was for the best. Taylor was furious when she figured out that Stephanie knew about the paternity of Morgan's child, when she herself was kept in the dark. Stephanie assured Taylor that she was the one who encouraged Ridge to keep it from his wife to see how the situation played out. Just then the doctor came out and told them that Morgan was resting but that she continued to blame Taylor for her fall and subsequent loss of her child. Taylor and Ridge offered to go back in and sit with Morgan but the doctor advised against it, considering the circumstances. Stephanie offered to go in and sit with Morgan. She then told Ridge and Taylor to go home and try to work things out in their marriage.

Stephanie went to sit at the bedside of a groggy Morgan. Stephanie leaned over Morgan and told her that everything was going to be fine and this was for the best. She the told Morgan that she would see her through this ordeal. Morgan saw a fuzzy Stephanie and began to have flashbacks of the day when Stephanie took her to the clinic to abort her and Ridge's first child. Morgan started to panic, saying that this couldn't be happening to her again.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

When Ridge and Taylor arrived home from the hospital, Taylor told Ridge he better leave. Ridge wanted to talk to Taylor about the situation. Taylor refused to discuss the situation. She told Ridge I can't talk to you because I can't even look at you. After saying goodbye to the children, Ridge left his house at Taylor's demand.

Eric told Brooke and Thorne that he won't stand in the way of their wedding. Eric said he was impressed that their relationship hadn't crumbled because they had been through so much. Eric felt this makes him believe that perhaps Brooke and Thorne really do have something special.

Stephanie took Morgan home from the hospital. A traumatized and emotionally distressed Morgan told Stephanie that her baby's death is the abortion that Stephanie wanted her to have initially. Morgan said that her baby's death was a sick "De JA Vue" of when Stephanie forced her to have an abortion years ago when she was pregnant with Ridge's child the first time. Stephanie taunted Morgan by saying its hard to feel sympathy for you now because you tricked Ridge, the baby's father, and betrayed your best friend, Taylor in order to get pregnant. Stephanie warned Morgan that she has burned her bridges with Taylor, Ridge and herself and to stay away from them. Stephanie was happy to make it clear to Morgan, that Ridge has no interest in her. After Stephanie left her house, Morgan was totally distraught. Morgan swallowed some pills, then fell to the floor.

Friday, January 5, 2001

Taylor sat alone in her bedroom crying over Ridge's betrayal while Ridge lamented about how he screwed up with Morgan, putting his marriage in jeopardy. Ridge sat by the pool recalling Morgan's trickery and Taylor's reaction when he told her the truth. Then Ridge began to recall his last days with his first wife, Caroline, before she died. Caroline appeared in a vision and began talking to Ridge. She told him that he had a wonderful family. Ridge told her how he really blew it and because of his mistake, his marriage and family were at risk. Caroline assured him that his relationship with Taylor would heal in time and not to lose faith. Before disappearing, she told Ridge that she would always be with him.

Thomas came into his mother's bedroom because he couldn't sleep. Taylor offered to tell him a bed time story. She told him about Humpty Dumpty falling and how no one could put him back together again. She then hugged her son and said that she understood how he must miss his daddy.

Ridge called just to hear Taylor's voice and once again apologized for for what he did. He told a sobbing Taylor how sorry he was for hurting her and that he would do whatever it took to repair their marriage. He then told her how much he loved her and their family.

Rick told Amber how happy he was to have her back with him. Amber said things would be perfect if only they had Little Eric back with them again. The couple decided to go visit Little Eric at the Deacon's. When they came into Deacon's bar, they found Deacon flirting with a woman and drinking shots. The baby was sitting on the bar as people were smoking all around him. Amber flipped out and grabbed the baby away from Deacon, chastising him for bringing the baby into a smoke filled bar. When Little Eric saw Amber, he called out "Mommy." Rick and Deacon began to argue until Deacon had him thrown out of the bar. Rick didn't want to leave without Amber, but she told him that she wanted to stay with the baby. Amber told Deacon that she was taking the baby out of the bar and back up to his apartment. As she walked away with the baby, Deacon watched her with a smile on his face.

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