The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on B&B

Ridge and Taylor returned to St. Thomas and relived their last trip there. Eric fired Morgan from Forrester. The jealous Carmen fell over the ledge when she tried to push Amber off the roof.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, January 22, 2001

The show starts with Rick and Bridget discussing Thorne and Brooke's wedding. Bridget is elated that Stephanie decided to attend. She says that it was a wonderful day and that she would never forget it. Rick said that he wished that Little Eric could have attended. He is also worried about Amber since she was at Deacon's place. Bridget tells him that he should ask their father for help. He said that he had already tried it , but Deacon doesn't seem to want the money anymore because he seems to want Amber. Bridget hopes that Deacon doesn't try to force himself on Amber since he is such a sleaze. Rick said that he would kill Deacon if he even thought that he put his hands on Amber.

At Deacon's place, he and Amber are kissing, while Carmen watches from afar. She has a very angry expression on her face. Amber breaks the kiss and wants to take her baby home. Deacon tells her that she didn't really seem to be into the kiss. They kiss again and Amber is the first one to end this one also. Deacon tells her that he knows that she can do better than that and she kisses him for the third and final time. He feels the passion in this kiss and tells her that he knows that she feels it also. He tells her that he can't give away his son just because she kissed him. She starts throwing things around the room and Deacon seems to be impressed by her anger. He grabs her and she starts crying. Meanwhile, Carmen is talking to the bartender and is very upset with what is going on between Deacon and Amber. He tells her that Deacon is her man and he would never dream of dumping her for some white trash. Carmen says that she is more concerned with Amber, but she has a plan. Deacon leaves the room and Amber is alone wondering what is going to happen. Carmen enters the room and takes the baby and Amber doesn't seem to notice.

Ridge, Taylor, The babysitter, and the kids are on their way to St. Thomas. They tell the children that they are going to remarry and they were very happy. The babysitter interrupts and takes the kids with her and they put on a fashion show for Taylor and Ridge on the plane.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

What a horrifying turn of events! Deacon's girl gets plastered at the bar after seeing Amber and Deacon kissing. While Amber's back is turned, she sneaks in and grabs Little Eric, heads up to the roof and drunkenly plans to throw him off to get rid of her problems. "Everything was fine till you showed up!" she tells Little Eric. Meanwhile, Amber and Deacon searches for Little Eric, and finally finds the crazed scene on the rooftop. Amber screams and makes an attempt to run toward him, but is told to back away by the drunkenness abductor.

Stephanie and Eric talks about Morgan and hopes that she has left, only to see her standing at the doorway of the office listening to every word. Eric tells Morgan to pack her things and get out...NOW! Ridge and Taylor are honeymooning away on a tropical island with all of the pluses. They both realize how important family is, and say a very touching prayer over their kids and their joy. Ridge surprises Taylor with a hidden treasure which she finds under a pile of pillows.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Rick and Bridget discussed the volatile situation with Deacon. Rick continued to express his concerns about Amber and Little Eric being in an unsafe environment. Bridget asked Rick if he thought it was possible that Deacon was actually beginning to bond with the baby. Rick assured her that with Deacon it was all about getting the money and now getting his hands on Amber. Rick lamented over the fact that he was the one that brought Deacon into their lives. Bridget reminded him that if he hadn't done that, Amber and C.J. would be married now. Rick admitted to his sister that at least Little Eric would have been safe and assured her that if it meant he had to put his love for Amber aside in exchange for the safety of the baby, he would do it. Bridget reminded Rick that she would always be here for him and that things would eventually work out.

Over at Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Eric gave Morgan her walking papers. She fiercely reminded them that she had a contract with Brooke and that they didn't have the right to fire her. Stephanie told Morgan that there was no way that they were going to allow her to continue working there after what she did to Ridge and Taylor. Eric told her that if she didn't leave peacefully, he would have her forcibly removed. Morgan began to rant and rave saying that they didn't care about the child she lost and how this job was all she had and that the Forresters, namely Stephanie and Taylor had taken everything from her. She reminded Stephanie how she murdered her first baby and accused Taylor of pushing her over the balcony, killing her second. Stephanie stated that this was all about Morgan's obsession with Ridge and that if she didn't knock it off she would be committed to an institution. Morgan then told Eric and Stephanie that they only way she would leave was if they were to drag her out kicking and screaming, which Stephanie said they would do if it came to that. After seeing that Morgan wasn't going to leave of her own volition, Eric phoned security and explained that Morgan had been fired and that he wanted her removed from the premises. Morgan told Eric that he was making a big mistake and reminded him that she had designed the best collection that Forrester has ever seen. Eric scoffed and told Morgan that although she was good, she wasn't "that good." Security came to remove a ranting Morgan as she vowed to Stephanie that this wasn't over.

Deacon and Amber pleaded with Carmen to return the baby unharmed. Every time Amber tried to speak, Carmen took an extra step towards the ledge and throwing Little Eric off. Carmen cried over how Deacon never loved her and only used her for all of these years. She admitted that she saw Deacon coming onto Amber and that is what drove her to this. Amber tried taking blame for what happened between her and Deacon but Carmen said she knew what she saw. Deacon apologized for treating Carmen the way that he had been and asked her forgiveness. He told her that they could make things right between them again if only she'd return the baby. Carmen would hear none of it, stating that she knew Deacon wanted Amber. Carmen angrily told Amber that she had taken Deacon from her and that now she was going to take the baby from Amber as payback. Amber's pleas fell on deaf ears. Carmen asked Deacon why he didn't take the money in exchange for the kid. She reminded him that the plan had been for them to take the money and go away to a tropical island. Deacon continued to try to reason with Carmen but she wouldn't listen. He then promised her that if she returned the baby safely, he would give the kid back to Amber and she and the baby would be out of their lives. Carmen said she didn't believe him and hung the baby off the roof's ledge. Deacon screamed at her to stop, got down on his hands and knees and said that if she killed his son he would jump off the ledge after him. Carmen couldn't believe he actually cared about the baby. Deacon explained that at first it was only about the money but now he actually cared about Little Eric because he was his flesh and blood. When Deacon said he would do anything, Carmen finally relented and returned the baby to Deacon. She then instructed him to take the baby downstairs. After Deacon left, Amber got in Carmen's face and warned her that if she ever went near Little Eric again, she would kill her. When Amber turned to leave, Carmen grabbed her and told her that she wasn't going anywhere.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

On the roof of the Lair, Carmen grabbed Amber and told her it was time for payback. Meanwhile, inside the Lair, Deacon was oblivious to what was happening between Carmen and Amber who were still on the roof. He was still mortified by Carmen's threat to throw Little Eric off of the roof. Deacon ordered a glass of water from the bartender. The bartender asked Deacon if he was sure about the order for water. Deacon then snapped at the bartender for lighting a cigarette in front of Eric. The bartender was taken aback by Deacon's sudden change.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Carmen raged at Amber and accused her of trying to steal Deacon from her. Amber set the record straight and told her she was staying at Deacon's apartment for the sole reason of taking care of Eric. Amber promised her she has no interest in Deacon. Carmen wouldn't accept Amber's word and was still enraged. Carmen mocked Amber and told her that she is Eric's new mother. She told Amber she could not leave the roof by the stairs, that she was going to have to fly. Amber told Carmen that she was going to tell Deacon to order her out of his apartment due to her threats to hurt Eric. Carmen picked up a long piece of wood and tried to hit Amber with it. Amber managed to avoid being hit and ran up another small flight of stairs. Carmen followed her up the stairs and continued the attack. While Amber lay prone on the roof, Carmen suddenly lost her balance and fell backwards off of the roof. Deacon arrived just in time to see Carmen fall. He was too far away from her to prevent her from falling. Deacon watched in horror and screamed out Carmen's name as she fell.

At her beach house, Kimberly looked at photos of Macy and listened to her singing on the CD's she had made. She thought about the fact that she hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to Macy and how much she missed her. Kimberly began to cry. Sally arrived and saw how upset Kimberly was. Sally was very supportive to Kimberly. Sally reminded Kimberly that she's not alone in her grief over Macy. Sally told her that Clarke, C.J., Darla and herself all miss Macy. Sally invited Kimberly to come and live with her and C.J.. Sally felt that Kimberly shouldn't be living alone in such grief. Kimberly graciously turned down Sally's offer. After Sally left, there was another knock at the door. Kimberly was shocked by who appeared at her door.

Over at Rick's apartment, he and Stephanie discussed the situation in which Amber is staying at Deacon's apartment in order to take care of Eric. Rick told Stephanie he can't comprehend why Deacon refused one million dollars to relinquish custody of Eric to he and Amber. Stephanie explained that it wasn't the money. It was a control issue with Deacon. Stephanie further explained she thinks that Carmen could be just as much trouble as Deacon because she probably views Amber as a problem

Friday, January 26, 2001

Clarke came into Sally's office and told him that the snake marketing campaign has been a very successful one. She told him that her mind wasn't on business now because she was worried about Kimberly's well being. Sally informed Clarke of her visit with the distraught Kimberly and explained that losing Thorne to Brooke opened the wounds of losing her sister again. Clarke sympathized but didn't think there was anything anybody could do expect for Macy, who was dead and her father, who was on the run.

Kimberly opened the door of her beach front home and found her father standing there. She was elated to see him. He explained that he wished he could have come sooner, knowing the pain and suffering she has experienced since losing her sister and then Thorne's affection. Kimberly was pleasantly surprised to see him and asked if it was safe for him to be there. She told him that she has felt so empty and alone since her father left and her sister died. Adam explained to his daughter that he had come back to take her with him and that everything would be all right for them again. Kimberly questioned whether or not it was feasible for her to go with him, considering the fact that he was on the run. Adam cryptically stated that they would all be happy and would be starting their lives over. When Kimberly questioned him about what he meant when he said "we all," Adam's only reply was that it was something so miraculous. With tears in their eyes, father and daughter embraced and said good bye to LA.

A horrified Amber and Deacon looked down at Carmen's lifeless body. The two ran down to see if she was alive. Deacon went to Carmen and tried to revive her. The bartender came out and Deacon told him to call an ambulance. Carmen opened her eyes as Deacon explained how sorry he was for everything and vowed that if she lived through this, he would make it all up to her. Amber stood in the background and listened to Deacon trying to get Carmen to fight for her life. He promised Carmen that if she pulled through this he would take the money and they would go away, anywhere she wanted and that he would give her all the things he once promised her he would. He thanked her for always being there for him and begged her not to leave him. Carmen appeared to be listening, although she said nothing. Then Carmen's eyes closed. The paramedics arrived and began to work on Carmen while Amber expressed her sorrow to Deacon, who didn't want to hear it. She tried to get Deacon to understand that she wasn't responsible for what happened to Carmen. Deacon told her to shut up and leave him alone. The paramedics said that Carmen was gone. Then the police arrived and began to question Amber. They asked her if she knew what happened and could explain why she was covered with bruises and scratches like she had been in a scuffle. Amber was nervously evasive. The police then asked Deacon what his relationship to both women was. Once the police found out that Amber was a convicted felon and out on parol, the started handcuffed her, read her rights and began to take her away. Amber yelled at Deacon to help her and to explain to the police that she wasn't guilty, but he said nothing.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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