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Deacon allowed Amber and Rick to have Little Eric for a night, and Deacon's father showed up at his home, looking for a place to crash. After Taylor and Ridge renewed their wedding vows, Ridge insisted upon taking his family to the island where he'd proposed to Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Amber and Deacon were on top of the roof of the building with the police. Amber was in handcuffs, and the police were getting ready to arrest her for Carmen's murder. Deacon decided to tell them what had really happened, while Amber looked on, flabbergasted. Deacon said that Carmen had been his girlfriend and that she had been jealous of Amber. He went on to say that Carmen had caught him in an intimate position with Amber and had started a fight with Amber. He said that the fight had happened in the apartment.

The police decided that they needed to take a look at the apartment, but Deacon asked for a warrant. The policeman said that he could easily get a warrant, but he would have to arrest Amber in the meantime. Deacon decided let them have a look at the apartment, which was in shambles. He described the fight and then said that Carmen had gone to the roof to think as she usually did. He said that she had been drunk and had probably fallen off.

The police asked Amber if things had really happened that way, and she finally concurred with Deacon's story. The police talked to the bartender, who confirmed that Carmen had been drinking and had been very jealous of Amber. The officers uncuffed Amber but told her and Deacon that if they found out that anything had happened differently, both Deacon and Amber would be in a lot of trouble. Amber thanked Deacon for what he had done for her, and he immediately told her that he had done it for his son because a child needed its mother. He told Amber that he really had loved Carmen, and Amber comforted him.

Brooke and Thorne were on their way home from their honeymoon when Thorne called Eric and told him that they would be stopping by. Eric told Stephanie, and she didn't seem too happy about it. He thought that she had accepted Brooke, since she had shown up at the wedding and even walked Brooke down the aisle. Stephanie didn't know how she would deal with Brooke because so much had happened. Thorne and Brooke arrived at the house. Brooke hugged Stephanie and called her "Mom Forrester." Stephanie said not to get carried away.

Brooke asked to speak with Stephanie alone, but Stephanie said that she didn't have anything more to say. Brooke said that she would do the talking. Brooke apologized to Stephanie for all the hurt that she had caused Stephanie over the years. She said that a lot of her behavior had had to do with not having a father while she had been growing up. Brooke said that she intended to make up to Stephanie for what she had done. Brooke said that she loved Stephanie and hoped that one day Stephanie would feel the same way about her.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Worried that the children might find out all that had happened since they had tied the knot, Ridge and Taylor decided not to have the children boat over to the island when they renewed their wedding vows. Taylor confided to her husband that it had been easier to get past their problem with Morgan since Morgan was moving on with her life.

When Thorne asked Brooke if she'd seen Morgan, Eric revealed to them both that Morgan had been let go and would not be returning to Forrester. When Brooke complained, Eric stood tough and related for her how Morgan had hurt the Forrester family, a family of which Brooke was a member. Brooke relented but worried about whether they would be able to finish her collection. After Eric left, Brooke admitted to Thorne that she knew what Morgan was going through and felt sorry for her. Thorne comforted her.

Morgan returned to the beach house and found a moving man quickly taking things out of her house. She also found Stephanie there and was outraged when Stephanie handed her a plane ticket. Morgan remembered the last time Stephanie had sent her out of town, but Stephanie assured Morgan that she wouldn't be returning that time.

Stephanie took Morgan to the airport and tried to convince her to board the plane. Morgan agreed but only if Stephanie promised not to have anything to do with Morgan from that point on. Stephanie quickly agreed, boasting that she would never think of Morgan once Morgan was gone. When Morgan dropped a photo of her and Ridge, Stephanie grabbed it and announced that Morgan wouldn't need it any longer.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Deacon remembered his passionate kisses with Amber. Amber interrupted Deacon's thoughts with complaints about not being able to get the baby to sleep. She reminded him of the nightmares the baby had been having since the incident with Carmen. Deacon asked her what she wanted him to do about it. Amber replied that Little Eric was miserable there, and after what had happened with Carmen, Deacon should see that Little Eric would be much better off with her and Rick.

Deacon relented and told Amber she could leave with the baby. Amber was stunned and asked what the catch was. Deacon admitted that she was right about the baby being better off with her. Amber went to get the baby and his things when Deacon told her to have him back within 24 hours. Amber yelled at Deacon for leading her on, but he told her to hurry up and go before he changed his mind altogether.

Rick confessed to Bridget that he missed Little Eric terribly and wondered how much longer it would be before Deacon would give the baby back to him and Amber. The two started to discuss Ridge and Taylor going off to St. Thomas to renew their wedding vows and how romantic it was. Just then, Amber returned home with the baby, and an ecstatic Rick held and kissed his son.

Taylor and Ridge exchanged vows before the minister, with the two of them adding their own special thoughts. Afterwards, the two lovebirds went back to their room with the hope of some time alone. Shortly thereafter, there were some persistent knocks on the door, which turned out to be the Forrester children. The nanny said they had insisted on seeing their parents. Ridge and Taylor relented and let the little ones join them while they ate pizza and watched children's videos.

Deacon worked out on his punching bag and remembered all the hateful things his stepfather, Daryl, had said to him while Deacon had been growing up. It was Deacon's birthday, and he didn't feel he had much to celebrate. There was a knock at the door, and when Deacon opened it, he found his stepfather, Daryl, who claimed he was passing through town on business and needed a place to stay. Deacon told him to leave, but Daryl said he wasn't going anywhere and that Deacon owed him a favor after Daryl had raised him. Deacon gave in and told Daryl that he could stay for the night but not a minute longer.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

On the island of St. Thomas, in their hotel room, Ridge, Taylor, and the children anticipated the ferry trip to the smaller island where Ridge had proposed to Taylor. However, Ridge and Taylor were informed that the ferry had engine trouble and would not be going. They were offered the alternative of sailing at night on a chartered tour boat. They chose the charter boat and, after putting on their safety vests, sailed on their way.

Back in Los Angeles, Rick and Amber spent time together with Little Eric, whom Deacon had allowed Amber to take home for one night. Amber told Rick that she suspected that Deacon was having a change of heart and that Deacon was contemplating returning Little Eric to them. Amber told Rick that if Deacon was softening, then she, Rick, and Little Eric could become a family again.

After spending the night at Deacon's apartment, Daryl woke up past noontime. He demanded that Deacon go downstairs to the Lair and get him two six-packs of beer. He told Deacon he wanted to drink one then and save the other for lunch. Deacon informed Daryl that he had missed lunch.

Daryl became enraged and told Deacon he was the same brat who had talked to Daryl under his breath. Daryl was shocked to find out that Deacon had a son. Daryl was abusive and called Deacon a loser. Daryl taunted Deacon and said that he and Deacon were "cut from the same cloth."

Daryl continued with the abuse and compared himself with Deacon. He told Deacon that he had the same cigarettes, booze, bloodshot eyes, bad boy clothes, and "don't mess with me scowl." Daryl said he deserved payback for all of the years he had provided food and clothing for Deacon.

Daryl became physically violent toward his son and started severely beating Deacon. He threw Deacon around the room and banged him against furniture. Deacon begged Daryl to stop and said he didn't want to fight. Daryl became more violent until he had Deacon on the floor with his face to the ground. Daryl took Deacon's wallet out of his pocket and stole all of the money in it then left Deacon's apartment.

Friday, February 2, 2001

Rick visited Brooke at her office and filled her in on the latest with their quest to get Little Eric back from Deacon. Rick informed Brooke that Deacon had allowed Amber to take the baby home with her for a night. He then told his mother that he and Amber were both confident that Deacon would finally be giving the baby back to them, perhaps as soon as that day. Brooke remained skeptical and warned her son not to get his hopes up. Rick assured his mother that Amber and Little Eric were more important to him than anything else and that he truly wanted to believe that they would soon be a family again.

Sally praised Clarke for his good work on Spectra's new fashion designs. Although she was pleased that he was back at work, she worried that he hadn't truly recovered emotionally from the snake tragedy. Sally mentioned Morgan's name by saying that it was too bad that Morgan had left town because she could perhaps cheer up Clarke. Clarke was surprised to hear that Morgan had left but made the comment that it was for the best for everyone concerned, especially Ridge and Taylor.

Sally questioned what Clarke had meant by that statement, but Clarke kept quiet. He alluded to the fact that Morgan and Ridge had once been involved, so Sally asked if the two had rekindled their romance and had an affair. Clarke said it hadn't exactly been like that but added that Morgan was not the woman everyone thought she was. Sally was genuinely surprised that Clarke would be glad to see Morgan go, considering she had been at Clarke's bedside after the snake attack and appeared to care about his well-being. Clarke said Morgan was concerned, but it wasn't about his well-being.

Amber returned Little Eric to Deacon's with the hopes that he would give the baby back to her and Rick. When she got to his apartment, she found the place a disaster and Deacon with some nasty cuts and bruises. Deacon informed Amber that his stepfather had beaten him up and stolen his money. Amber expressed her regret to Deacon about what he had been through. She then asked if he minded if they discussed the baby.

Deacon told Amber that he had been doing a lot of thinking after the things that his stepfather had said and that he had also remembered some things that both Stephanie and Amber had told him in the past. He assured Amber that he was not like his stepfather and that he was going to do right by his son. Amber mistakenly got the impression that Deacon was going to give Little Eric back to her and Rick, and she hugged him in thanks. Deacon stopped her by saying that he planned to prove to her, himself, and everyone else that he could be a good father to his son. Amber stared at Deacon in disbelief as he told her that he had no intention of letting his son go.

Ridge, Taylor, and the kids anxiously awaited their arrival on St. Thomas. Taylor thanked Ridge again for taking their family there. The nanny took the girls up to the cabin to put them to sleep, while Thomas stayed with his parents. Ridge romantically proposed to Taylor that they buy a bed and breakfast and move to the island. Taylor laughed and said that Ridge's parents would be lonely without them, especially little Steffy, Stephanie's namesake, with whom Stephanie had formed a special bond.

Ridge and Taylor went up on deck to look at the stars. Shortly thereafter, there was some commotion and some yelling from the crew. The boat began to vigorously rock, and Ridge and Taylor got thrown to opposite ends of the deck. Taylor flew up and hit the rail, while Ridge called out to her to take his hand. A frightened Taylor cried out in concern for Thomas, who was alone in the cabin.

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