The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on B&B

To Stephanie's dismay, Brooke hired Morgan back at the company. Ridge tried to help Taylor gain closure about Steffy. Morgan's nanny became suspicious about who 'Stacey' really was.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Rick is having a study session at his home with a few friends when Amber stops by. She is stunned to see the girls there. Rick arrives home and asks Amber what she was doing there. She tells him that she just stopped by. Rick offers to have the study session another time, but Amber said that she would just read a book over in the corner. They are discussing finances and Amber keeps butting into the conversation, but has no idea what they are talking about. She is embarrassed and decides to leave. Rick follows her outside. She wonders if he is embarrassed of her in front of his friends. He tells her that he barely knows them and that he was not embarrassed. She tells him that he has two years left of college and that he needed to decide if a baby and a wife was what he really needed. He tells her that he loves them both. Amber leaves, but tells him to think about what she said.

Taylor is at home starring at a picture of Steffy and Phoebe when Ridge arrives. He asks her if she talked with the Psychiatrist. Taylor admitted that she did and that it was suggested that she needed some time away alone. She said that she did not feel that Steffy was really gone. Ridge told her that it would be hard, but that she had to accept it. Taylor said that there was no body and she could not accept that her child was really dead. Ridge tells her that he had some work to finish. He told her that it was Morgan's. Taylor can't believe that Morgan still works for the company. Ridge tells her that she had threatened to sue if they tried to break her contract. Taylor said that she couldn't deal with losing her child and Morgan. She said that she was sure that Morgan was happy that she had lost Steffy since she holds Taylor responsible for the death of her child.

Stephanie is at Morgan's house. Stephanie tells her that she had no friends in LA so she didn't understand why she had bothered to come back. Morgan tells her that she was there for her job only. Stephanie hears some noise from upstairs and wonders what Morgan is hiding. She tells her that it is just her housekeeper and she goes upstairs to check on things. Stephanie spots a picture of Ridge on the mantle and says to herself that she is still obsessed. Morgan tells the housekeeper to keep the child quiet and she takes the child in her arms and asks her to be quiet for Mommy. Stephanie starts upstairs just as Morgan is coming back downstairs. She asks Stephanie to leave her home. After Stephanie leaves, the housekeeper and Steffy come downstairs.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Arriving for dinner, Stephanie takes a moment to talk with Bridget who asks if she believes in love at first sight. Though Stephanie admits that she does, she also warns her granddaughter about trusting her feelings. After Bridget leaves to have dinner with friends, Stephanie and Eric join Brooke and Thorne for dinner. Stephanie finds herself distracted by her earlier argument with Morgan. Thorne spoils the moment for Stephanie by snapping a photo of Brooke giving Stephanie a peck on the cheek. She jokes to Eric that with Brooke's culinary talents, it might be time to leave. Morgan and Megan have a drink together at Mannequins and discuss Ridge and Taylor's loss. Stumbling over his pickup line, psychiatrist Tim Reid, now donning a toupee, fails to impress a woman at the bar and then is shocked to recognize Morgan at a nearby table. He quickly runs to her table and announces himself to her and Megan. Morgan doesn't recognize him at first but he reminds her that they met when she was about 18. Boasting that he's moved from New York to L.A., Tim hands Morgan his card and urges her to give him a call. When Deacon offers waitress Alexandra a free drink, she assumes his new attitude is because of Amber and guesses that he's "got it bad" for her. Bridget dines with her friends Betsy and Lisa but can't stop herself from looking for her mystery man. Sure enough, Deacon shows up.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Stephanie, Eric, Brooke and Thorne sat down for dinner at Brooke's house. Brooke explained that she had the meal catered because she knew that Stephanie didn't like her cooking. Eric commented that if they had known the entire dinner would be catered they could have gone out to make it easier. Brooke said that she wanted to have her in-laws over and also pointed out that eating in would prevent the press from hounding them about the tragedy over losing Steffy. Brooke lamented over wishing they could do something to help Ridge and Taylor get over their grief and Stephanie suggested that firing Morgan would help. Brooke didn't agree, stating that firing Morgan would only create a scandal and possibly a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that could ruin the company. Stephanie tried to impress on her family that Morgan was still very much a danger and a threat to their family, especially Ridge and Taylor. Brooke, Eric and Thorne remained skeptical, however. Stephanie continued to attempt to persuade Brooke that firing Morgan immediately was something that had to be done for the good of the family and that she expected Brooke to heed her words.

Bridget was out with two of her girlfriends having dinner. She proceeded to fill them in on her latest crush. When the girls wanted details, Bridget told them that it was love at first sight and that he was an older guy. Just then, Deacon walked in and spotted Bridget. He stared right at her for several moments, causing the girls, especially Bridget to blush. The girls couldn't believe how much older Deacon was, citing that he wasn't an older guy, but an older man! Deacon started to walk their way but proceeded to walk right past them. Bridget was confused. She thought for certain that Deacon had seen her and what's more, recognized her. One of her girlfriends called him over. Bridget asked if he remembered her from the other day and Deacon played dumb until Bridget got all flustered. Then he admitted that he was just joking and that of course he remembered her. Bridget and the girls asked him to join them but he replied that he was the type of guy that their mothers warned them about. He started to walk away when one of Bridget's friends asked him if he was "taken." He admitted that, yes, he was. A disappointed look came over Bridget's face until Deacon pointed out that he was 'taken with the strawberry blond across the table.'

Morgan tried to get Steffy to warm up to her. Steffy continued to ask Morgan for her mommy and daddy. Morgan tried to convince the little girl that she was her mommy now and that she would grow to love living there with Morgan as her new mommy. Steffy continued to say that no, she wouldn't and Norita, the nanny over heard. Morgan spotted Norita and confronted her about eavesdropping. Norita replied that the child had a lot of questions about where her mommy and daddy were and when she could go home. She told Morgan that the child was scared and confused. Norita asked Morgan for answers. Morgan told Norita that she had recently adopted 'Stacey' and when Norita tried to ask Morgan about where Steffy's real parents were, Morgan yelled at her to mind her own business. Then Morgan took Steffy up to bed with the little girl crying out for her parents.

Ridge found Taylor in Steffy and Phoebe's room tearfully clutching one of Steffy's stuffed animals. Ridge suggested that they put Steffy's things away to make it less painful on all of them, but Taylor would hear none of it. Just then Phoebe came in and both Ridge and Taylor tucked her into bed. She continued to ask where Steffy was and when she was coming home. Ridge reminded his daughter that Steffy was with the angels in heaven now. Phoebe asked her mom when Steffy was coming home and Taylor replied that she didn't know but perhaps it would be one day soon. After putting the little girl to bed, Ridge asked Taylor why she would get Phoebe's hopes up like that and confuse her even more by telling her that Steffy might be coming home. Taylor told Ridge that she felt in her heart that something wasn't right and that maybe Steffy would be coming back to them one day. Ridge tried to comfort his wife and asked her to come with him back into their bedroom. Taylor refused and said that she was going to sleep in Steffy's bed.

Morgan came downstairs after tucking Steffy into bed and found Norita looking through her things. She warned Norita that she had hired her to watch her "daughter" and not to ask so many questions. When Norita told her that she just wanted to help the frightened little child and would not stop trying, Morgan fired her. She threatened Norita to go away and never come back. She then told the nanny to forget that she ever met her or her daughter. Morgan then issued Norita a very serious warning. She told her that if she breathed one word of this to anyone she would live to regret it. Morgan backed up her threat by reminding Norita that she knew where she lived and who her husband and children were. The nervous and frightened Norita quickly left without looking back.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

At Ridge and Taylor's house, Stephanie advised Taylor to rest. Stephanie offered to take care of the children for a few days to help her rest. Taylor nixed the offer and told her that nothing that she says is helping her through her grief for Steffy. Taylor thought about leaving town alone for a few days. Stephanie warned her that Morgan is back in town and she would make a play for Ridge. Taylor replied that she has no control over Ridge possibly falling for anymore of Morgan's tricks.

Downstairs at Ridge and Taylor's house, while Stephanie was visiting with Taylor, Ridge spoke with Taylor's psychiatrist. Ridge asked Dr. Slater how he could help Taylor get through her grief over Steffy. Dr. Slater advised Ridge that he needed to admit to Taylor that he's also grieving the death of Steffy and hurting just as much as Taylor.

Dr. Tim Reid paid Morgan an unexpected visit at her home. Morgan was suspicious of how Dr. Reid found her house. Dr. Reid explained he noticed Morgan driving down the street and simply followed her to her house. Dr. Reid was surprised to see a child at Morgan's house. He assumed that Morgan was babysitting because the child kept asking for her mommy. Morgan explained the child is hers. Dr. Reid recalled how badly Morgan had wanted to have a child. He highly praised her for doing a terrific job as a single parent.

Ridge made an effort to try to reach Taylor in the manner Dr. Slater advised. He admitted that Dr. Slater made him realize that he doesn't want to let go of Steffy either. He reminded Taylor of how much he loved Steffy. He explained to Taylor that he tries not to think of it because it makes him feel like he's going crazy. He told Taylor he wants to grieve with her and also help her accept Steffy's death. He advised Taylor that they needed to put their grief behind them and go on for the sake of their other children.

Taylor didn't agree and became upset that Ridge was again on her back about the way she's handling her grief over Steffy. Taylor told Ridge she couldn't stay there right now, and without explaining what she meant, just left.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Taylor had her bags packed as she looked at her sleeping husband. Just as she prepared to slip out of their bedroom, Ridge awakened and asked what she was doing. Taylor told him that she simply had to get a way for a few days because she wasn't doing anyone any good by staying. Ridge tried his best to talk her out of leaving, but she refused to listen. Taylor spoke with Catherine and explained that she would be leaving town. She asked Catherine to get the kids for her so that she could say good-bye. Just then the doorbell rang and in walked Stephanie. She quickly saw Taylor's packed luggage and tried in vain to convince her not to walk out on her family. Taylor pleaded with her mother-in-law to understand that this was something she just had to do for her own well being and that our her family's. Ridge entered the room and he and Stephanie once again tried to get Taylor to reconsider leaving. Catherine brought the kids in and Taylor bid them a tearful good-bye. As she was leaving, she asked Stephanie to help look after Ridge and the kids while she was gone. Stephanie asked her where she was going and how they could get in touch with her but Taylor said she would call them when she was ready. She hugged Ridge and then left without looking back.

Morgan tried to get Steffy to eat her breakfast, but Steffy wouldn't cooperate. She threw her juice at Morgan and said 'you are not my mommy!' An exasperated Morgan, was left feeling helpless. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Tim Reid knocked at the door. He brought over breakfast for Morgan. When he saw Morgan's juice stained blouse, he asked if she was having a bad morning. Morgan invited him in and explained that her daughter, 'Stacey,' was misbehaving. The little girl yelled out again that Morgan was not her mommy and a nervous Morgan turned on the fake tears while giving Dr. Reid a sob story about how the nanny that she had hired turned her little girl against her. Tim tried to comfort Morgan, reassuring her that she was a good mom and that raising a child all alone while having a full time career wasn't an easy task. He questioned Morgan about why the child's father wasn't involved. Morgan explained that 'Stacey's' father was out of the picture right now because he was involved with someone else. Tim blasted the man for not being there for Morgan and their child. He then told Morgan that she could count on him to help her out if she needed a friend's support. After Tim left, Morgan commented to herself that Dr. Reid could come in handy one day.

Stephanie tried to comfort Ridge by saying that Taylor's leaving was something she needed to do and not to worry, as she would be back. Then Stephanie told Ridge that she wanted to discuss Morgan. Ridge admonished his mother for even bringing up the subject of Morgan, citing that she was the least of his problems right now. Stephanie again warned her son not to underestimate the devious Ms. DeWitt.

As Taylor drove away from her house, she noticed that a mile down the road was Morgan's car. She couldn't believe that Morgan would buy a house so close to her and Ridge's home. Morgan was upstairs with Steffy when she heard a knock at the door. She assumed it was Dr. Reid again, so she left Steffy in her room and went downstairs to answer the door. Morgan was shocked to find Taylor there. Morgan told Taylor that it wasn't a good time, but Taylor pushed her way passed Morgan and issued her a stern warning to stay away from Ridge. Taylor explained that she was going out of town for a few days to try and deal with the grief she was feeling over losing her child but that she would be back. Morgan claimed not to care what Taylor did and tried to get her to leave immediately. Taylor then made it clear to Morgan that Ridge wanted nothing to do with her and that he was disgusted by the mere thought of her after the havoc she wreaked on their lives. After saying her peace, Taylor prepared to walk out the door, but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Steffy calling out to her, "mommy, mommy."

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