The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on B&B

Brooke convinced Stephanie to see a counselor with her, and at the counselor's suggestion, Stephanie went to the cabin with Brooke for a girls' weekend. Taylor heard Steffy calling for her from inside Morgan's bedroom, and Morgan locked Taylor in the basement.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Taylor is at Morgan's house when she hears a child say "Momm" and she thinks that it is Steffy. Morgan tells her that she is hearing things and that maybe she should try to get some help from some of her psychiatrist friends. Taylor accuses her of being glad that her child is dead. Morgan says that now Taylor understands how she felt after she lost her child. She accuses Taylor of pushing her, but Taylor tells her that it was definitely an accident. Morgan asks Taylor to leave. As she starts to leave, she decides to return and try to help Morgan. She tells her that she should seek some help, but Morgan replies that she is already seeking help from a professional. Steffy calls out again as Taylor leaves. Taylor runs up the stairs, while Morgan tries to stop her. She enters the room and sees Steffy in a red wig and she holds on to the child for dear life. Morgan looks on in astonishment.

In Brooke's office, Bridget is telling her about the guy that she recently met. She says that he seems to be somewhat dangerous, but not violent. Brooke tells her to take her time and not to rush things. Bridget replies that Stephanie told her the exact same thing. Bridget wonders how they are getting along and Brooke replies that they are doing okay. She said that she had an idea that would make things even better between them. Meanwhile, Eric and Stephanie are discussing Ridge and Taylor. Eric can't believe that Taylor just left without telling anyone where she was going. Stephanie tells her that she just needs time alone. She blames Morgan and can't understand why Brooke would hire her back. Eric tries to explain to her that it is for the good of the company, but Stephanie wonders about the good of the family. She says that if Brooke really wanted to be a part of the family then she should put them first. Stephanie enters Brooke's office, just as she was getting ready to call on her. Brooke asks Stephanie for a favor and Stephanie replies yes, before hearing what it is about. She tells Brooke that she will agree to anything as long as she fires Morgan. Brooke replies that she can't until her contract is up. She accuses Brooke of not caring about Ridge and Taylor. Brooke says that she cares, but that they have different ways of showing it. She asks Stephanie to go into therapy with her, but Stephanie declines as long as Morgan works for the company. She leaves Brooke's office.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Thorne tries to convince Ridge that Taylor will soon be home and in better spirits but Ridge doubts it. Revealing that Taylor left without saying goodbye, Ridge confesses to his brother that part of him wonders if his wife will ever return. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke set up a therapy session for the two of them but she's decided not to go. Eric guesses that Stephanie's too afraid to face a therapist and though Stephanie denies it, he pushes her to give it a try for the sake of the family. Taylor is relieved to be reunited with her daughter Steffy. When Steffy asks for her doll, Taylor sends her upstairs to get it. Morgan tries to explain why she took Steffy but Taylor quickly grabs her cell phone to call Ridge. As she reaches Ridge, Morgan knocks Taylor out. While Ridge wonders who called, a fast-thinking Morgan drags Taylor to the bomb shelter in the basement of her new house, assuring Steffy that her mommy is tired and needs to rest. As she tries to leave the shelter, Morgan panics when Taylor comes to and grabs her by the ankle. Brooke describes for Dr. Nunez her relationship with Stephanie and her hopes to end their differences with his help. The therapist suggests that they'll need Stephanie in their sessions but warns that she may not be ready. He urges Brooke to be patient. As Brooke prepares to leave, Stephanie shows.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

A fight ensued, as Taylor tried to break free from Morgan. Taylor pleaded with Morgan to let her go so that she could reunite with her daughter but Morgan sternly replied that Steffy was not her daughter any longer. Morgan threw Taylor against the wall a couple of times and she knocked her head and passed out. Morgan then tied Taylor up and left her in the fall out shelter, returning to take care of Steffy. She tried without success to get Steffy to eat her lunch but Steffy continued to ask for her mommy and wouldn't eat. Then the little girl threw her plate on the floor. Shortly thereafter, the doorbell rang. A frustrated Morgan looked out the window and found Dr. Tim Reid. She opened the door and tried to remain calm. Tim noticed that she appeared upset and offered to help her. Morgan claimed that she had a plumbing problem in the basement that had her frazzled. Tim pushed by her and offered to take a look, claiming that he could fix it. Morgan frantically told Tim that she had taken care of it already and needed him to leave so that she could take care of her daughter who wouldn't eat. Tim offered to help Morgan with 'Stacey' but Morgan insisted on a rain check. She then persuaded Tim to leave and affectionately assured him that she would call him later. After the doctor left, Morgan panicked over what do to next and feared that she was losing control of her life.

Stephanie and Brooke met with Dr. Nunez. He asked both women what they expected to accomplish from their therapy sessions. Brooke replied that she was hoping that she and Stephanie could let go of the anger from the past and become friends. Stephanie said that the only reason she came to the session at all was because her husband convinced her to attend. After witnessing the anger and hostility that Stephanie had towards Brooke, the psychiatrist thought it best that they not discuss their differences, but rather they try to focus on their similarities and the good qualities that each of them possessed. Stephanie said she didn't think that was possible considering all the hateful things Brooke has done to her and her family over the years. She cited that Brooke stole her husband and her company and then went on to seduce and marry both of her sons. Dr. Nunez suggested that the two women take a trip to Big Bear and spend some quality time alone together to bond. Brooke was in favor of it and a reluctant Stephanie finally agreed. The two women arrived at the cabin later that evening and started off on the wrong foot with Stephanie making snide remarks to Brooke and Brooke getting defensive. Stephanie thought they should forget the entire idea until Brooke told her that they were going to find a way to make this work even if she had to compromise and give Stephanie her way for the evening.

Ridge ran into Sally at the Insomnia, which was once owned by Macy until she died tragically. Sally sat down with Ridge and expressed her sympathy and understanding over the loss of his daughter. Sally offered Ridge some words of comfort and support in his loss. Ridge wished that Taylor hadn't left him and the kids. Sally expressed to Ridge her opinion that although losing a child is incredibly painful for a father, it is 100 times more painful for a mother, considering the bond that a mother and child share. She asked Ridge to be there for his wife and not to give up hope.

Taylor tried to escape from the fall out shelter in Morgan's basement to no avail. She worried about Morgan being alone with her daughter and how she would ever break free of Morgan so that she would be with her child once again. Upstairs, Taylor's cell phone began to ring. It was Ridge calling Taylor. Morgan answered it and said "hello." Ridge assumed it was Taylor and pleaded with her to come home, professing how much he and the kids loved and needed her. Morgan hung up the phone without saying a word. She commented to herself that Ridge didn't need Taylor any longer because she was going to be there for him from now on. On the other end of the phone line, a distraught Ridge believed that his wife hung up on him without even acknowledging his pleas of love.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

At the Forrester's cabin in Big Bear, Stephanie and Brooke were spending time alone together as recommended by Dr. Nunez. They were trying to settle their differences and trying to discover some commonality.

Sally went to visit Stephanie at Forrester. Eric informed Sally that Stephanie was out of town. Sally gave Eric her condolences over the death of his granddaughter, Steffy. Sally told Eric "I know all about what you're going through. I've been there." She added "Its been almost a year since my daughter Macy died but it seems like only yesterday. Sally advised Eric that Steffy's death is the kind of tragedy that stays with you the rest of your life. When Eric told Sally that Stephanie was at the cabin with Brooke, Sally questioned whether Stephanie and Brooke would ever get along. Sally compared Brooke and Stephanie to a queen bee and a black widow spider and commented when a queen bee and a spider have a battle, it isn't likely that either one of them will get out of it alive.

At the Lair, Deacon was boasting to Amber that he got Little Eric to finish his whole slice of pizza. Deacon referred to himself in reference to Little Eric as "daddy". Amber quickly corrected Deacon and reminded him that Little Eric calls Rick "daddy". Deacon questioned Amber about Rick's college friends. He tried to make Amber feel inferior because she is uneducated and doesn't understand what they are studying. Amber pointed out to Deacon that she has nothing to worry about with her relationship with Rick. Amber also pointed out that she is aware that Rick could have had college girls, but didn't want them because he loves Amber. Amber did seem to become somewhat worried when Rick suddenly called her to ask her to meet him to discuss their future together.

Back at the Forrester cabin, Brooke and Stephanie tried to work out their differences. Stephanie pointed out that the only part of her life she hadn't handled well was losing her husband. Brooke apologized and told Stephanie she assumed that Stephanie had no longer loved Eric at that time. Stephanie criticized Brooke for wanting to always seduce people. Their conversation bordered on hostility, but they kept their promise not to argue. Stephanie was upset that Brooke was going to spend time in her room on a project. What Stephanie didn't know, however, was that Brooke was wrapping a very special birthday present for Stephanie that she hoped would make things better between them forever.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Stephanie sat by the fire, sipping a cup of tea wondering what she was doing spending her birthday up at the cabin with Brooke. Just then, Brooke entered the room in a sexy nightgown and offered to share a glass of wine with her mother-in-law. Stephanie is bothered to see Brooke flaunting her sexuality in a slinky nightgown at their "girls only," slumber party and commented on the inappropriateness. Brooke challenged Stephanie to admit that it wasn't the nightgown that bothered her but the person wearing it. The two women start to squabble again, leaving Brooke to apologize and reach for something to cover her revealing nightgown. Stephanie claimed that it was too late to try to salvage this evening. She suggested that one of them leave the cabin and call it quits on their little getaway. Brooke finally relented and offered to be the one to leave.

Rick informed his father that he made the tennis team. Eric congratulated and commended his son for the many accomplishments he has made in college. He reminded Rick that he wanted him to be certain that marrying Amber and embracing fatherhood is what he really wanted. Rick tried to reassure his father that it was and that he was committed to Amber and the baby being a family again.

Amber prepared for her date with Rick. She dressed in very conservative attire, which caused Deacon to ask her why she was pretending to be someone she was not. Amber explained to Deacon that she simply wanted to look nice for Rick. He didn't accept that answer and challenged Amber to admit that she was feeling insecure about her relationship with Rick. Amber claimed that she was not nervous but that she was curious about what Rick wanted to talk to her about. Before leaving to meet Rick, Deacon reminded Amber that he would be there for her when she realized that a relationship with Rick wasn't likely to work out.

Amber and Little Eric waited patiently for Rick to show up. When he arrived, he barely noticed a dressed up Amber and gave all of his attention to the baby. Amber nervously asked Rick what he wanted to talk about, sensing that there was something serious on his mind. Rick apologized for not keeping in better touch with her over the past few days, but admitted that he had been thinking of her. Then he told Amber that he had something to tell her but that he wasn't certain she was going to like it.

Stephanie noticed that Brooke had left the cabin and she breathed a sigh of relief, commenting on how they would never be able to get a long. When she entered the room that Brooke had occupied, she noticed a package and a card there with her name on it.

Stephanie read the card aloud. It was a birthday card from Brooke with some kind and heartfelt sentiments. She proceeded to open the gift. It was a photo album of Stephanie's entire life, from birth to the present. Stephanie took the album out into the living room and sat on the couch as she leafed through it. Stephanie was touched to see all the pictures of her growing up. She was moved by all the memories of her life and wondered where Brooke managed to get all the pictures. Just then, Brooke entered the cabin, remarking that she had forgotten something in the bedroom. When Stephanie asked her if it was the photo album she was looking for, Brooke asked her if she liked it. Stephanie asked Brooke where she got all the pictures and Brooke explained that she got some from Eric and the others from her family in Chicago. She even admitted that she contacted friends of Stephanie's through the Internet. A touched Stephanie commented that this project must have taken Brooke a lot of time and trouble. She admitted that it was the nicest, most beautiful gift she had ever received. With tears in their eyes, the two women shared a warm hug.

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