The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on B&B

Amber began to question Rick's happiness in their marriage. To distract Tim from the noises he'd heard from the basement, Morgan seduced him. Taylor loosened her bindings and tried to attack Morgan and escape with Steffy, to no avail.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Eric and Ridge are at the office trying to fit the models in Morgan's new designs. They realize that they can't proceed without Morgan. Eric stated that Morgan should have been at the office more than an hour ago. He feels that they should call her, but Ridge said to give her a little more time. Thorne enters and notices that Ridge is staring at a picture of his wife and kids. He asks Ridge if he had heard from Taylor and he replies no. He said that Taylor just left without a word. He thinks that she may be at some resort, but can't believe that she hasn't even phoned him. Thorne tries to explain that she is going through a rough time and probably needs some time alone. Ridge says that he is also going through a hard time and feels that something is wrong because Taylor should have phoned him by now. He tells his father and brother that he feels helpless because he doesn't know if Taylor is in trouble and needs him.

Morgan has tied Taylor up in her basement. Taylor tells her that she needs help. She tells Morgan to let them go. She tells her that she had not hurt anyone, so things would go smoother. Morgan quickly lets Taylor know that she is the one that is in charge and would make the decisions. She tells her that she needs to go to work. Taylor pleads with her not to leave Steffy all alone in the house. Morgan replied that she would do whatever she wanted. Morgan leaves the basement and deduces that Taylor is right. She realizes that she does need help. The phone is ringing and Eric leaves a message for Morgan to get to the office as soon as possible because they were waiting for her. Morgan doesn't know who to trust and then decides to call Tim. He immediately comes over. She explains to him that she became pregnant with Ridge's baby, but never wanted to come between him and Taylor. She said that when she went to Taylor to apologize, Taylor threw her over the balcony and made her have a miscarriage. Tim can't believe how horrible the Forrester's have been to her, he said first Stephanie and now Taylor. Morgan smirks knowing that she has someone on her side. Tim hears banging from the basement and goes downstairs to explore with Morgan following closely behind.

Amber and Rick are at the Insomniac. Rick tells her that he would be gone for a while, but not for long. He tells her that he made the tennis team and had to travel to Berkley. She tells him that they have nothing in common. He tries to explain to her that it was not important for them to share every aspect of their lives. He is sure that there are parts of her life that he knows nothing about. He said that he wanted to marry her and had made many sacrifices. She tells him that she didn't want their marriage to be a sacrifice. He tries to explain that he didn't really mean it that way. Several of his college friends come up to the table. They are also going to the tennis tournament at Berkley. The girls become infatuated with Little Eric and wants to know who he is. Rick never admits to them that it is his child, but Amber admits that it is her son. Rick asks the others to meet him in the van, but Amber tells him to go on and that she would speak with him later. After Rick leaves, Amber has tears in her eyes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Eyeing Bridget in leather pants, Thorne asks about her change in "fashion sense." Bridget claims all the kids are wearing leather but then asks if he intends to tell Brooke. Mentioning the mystery man in her life, Thorne advises her that her mother will learn on her own. After she goes upstairs, Brooke returns home from her trip to Big Bear. She boasts to Thorne about the breakthrough she had with Stephanie, thanks to the photo album she gave her. Thorne's impressed and happy that she made the effort. Brooke decides to call Rick with the good news before he leaves on his tennis trip. Thorne explains that he's meeting with Amber which upsets Brooke. The two then discuss her son and his feelings for Amber. Brooke guesses that marrying Amber is not going to be good for anyone. Morgan manages to convince Tim to remain in her lying room while she tends to the banging pipes downstairs. Morgan unlocks the bomb shelter and orders Taylor to keep quiet. Taylor urges her to stop her scheme now and she won't press charges. Offering to bring her some water later, Morgan insists that she stop banging on the pipes. Back upstairs, Morgan quickly swallows an entire glass of wine which causes Tim some concern. She turns on the charm and suddenly kisses an unsuspecting Tim. He sheepishly admits he hasn't had anyone in his life since someone back in Genoa City, Wisconsin. As they kiss on the couch, Morgan accidentally pulls his toupee to the side and asks him to remove it so she can see the real Tim Reid. Morgan claims she's attracted to him and Tim responds by promising that he'll do anything for her. Back downstairs, Taylor struggles to free herself of her ropes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Ridge tells Stephanie that he realizes now that he has pushed Taylor away, doing everything wrong that he could possibly do wrong. Showing him a photo Amber gave him, Brooke complains to Thorne about Amber's affect on her son and he suggests that she's sounding a lot like his mother lately. Brooke insists that she's just concerned about protesting her son and decides to call him. He finally calls back and boasts that he won his first tennis match at the tournament in Berkeley. She congratulates him and urges him to have fun and not worry about Amber. Hanging up, Brooke tells herself that she has got to do something to stop Amber. Tim wakes after making love with Morgan and finds her dressing. She continues to espouse his charms but then begs off to go check on her daughter. She heads downstairs and checks on Taylor who manages to hide the fact that she is free of her ropes. When she gets the chance, Taylor jumps Morgan. Morgan gets the upperhand again and locks her in the bomb shelter. She returns to Tim and convinces him to stay and take care of "Stacey." Morgan then arrives at Forrester and finds Ridge with a criticism of one of her designs. She accuses him of being upset about Taylor. Hearing noises from the basement, Tim calls Morgan who assures him that there is nothing to investigate. Ridge hears Morgan mention Tim's name and asks her who he is. She evades the question and considers how to get close to Ridge again. Meanwhile, Tim continues to hear noises and considers going downstairs.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

At the Lair, Amber contemplated her last encounter with Rick. Meanwhile, some of his friends from college who were on their way to a tennis tournament with him showed up. Amber recalled that Rick allowed his friends to believe that Little Eric was her son, not his. Amber was unwillingly participating in a game of pool with Deacon when Brooke arrived, unannounced. Deacon was cordial to Brooke and offered her a cocktail. He asked her how her game of pool was. Brooke let it be known that she wasn't there for a social visit, she had a mission. Amber was happy to see Brooke and hoped she would get some wedding tips from Brooke, until Brooke became belligerent and sarcastic with Amber. In a mean spirited manner, Brooke suggested to Amber that she should postpone her wedding to Rick, indefinitely. Amber admitted she knew that Brooke wanted her to postpone the wedding because she hates Amber. Brooke kept an insulting tone in her voice. She told Amber that Rick doesn't really love her and that Amber is making him miss his college years. Amber told Brooke she's given Rick many opportunities to end their relationship but he hasn't because he loves her. Brooke accused Amber of being a master of manipulation. Amber told Brooke if she thought that Rick wasn't 100 percent committed to her, she would leave him. Amber said she knows that Brooks thinks that Amber is "some skanky little trailer trash whore." Brooke called Amber greedy and trying to take advantage of Rick. Brooke promised Amber that no gold digging slut is going to take advantage of my son. Deacon intervened in the argument. He requested to Brooke that while she was at the Lair, she had to be respectful or leave. Brooke chose to leave.

At Forrester Creations, Bridget was picking out clothes in Thorne's office from their new line. Thorne had promised her that for tonight's get together with her friends she could wear something from the Forrester line. Stephanie arrived in Thorne's office. Bridget mentioned that Brooke had gone to see Amber. Stephanie was surprised that Brooke had changed her mind about Amber. Thorne explained to Stephanie that Brooke's disapproval of Amber was not the same as Stephanie's disapproval of Brooke because Rick is only twenty years old. Stephanie disagreed with Thorne.

In San Francisco after the tennis tournament, Rick, Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer started to make plans to go out for dinner. Rick nixed the offer because he wanted to buy Amber a souvenir at the campus bookstore. Charlie was upset that Rick ruined plans for the four of them to go out and have fun. Charlie advised Rick that at their age boys had dates and girlfriends, but not fiancées. Rick acknowledged that he was missing out on some things, but that he was happy with Amber, in spite of it.

Brooke was furious with Amber after she left the Lair. She decided to stop Amber and Rick's wedding any way she can. She called Rick in San Francisco, but Charlie who was the only one in the room answered the telephone. Charlie complained to Brooke that Rick was off buying a souvenir for his fiancée rather than having fun. Brooke told Charlie that she's coming to San Francisco and she's on a mission to prove to Rick that he's making a big mistake by marrying Amber. Charlie volunteered to help Brooke prove her point.

Friday, March 9, 2001

Brooke and Thorne flew to join Rick and his friends at their tennis match. Brooke explained to Thorne the real reason for the trip was to get some evidence that she could use to convince Amber that Rick was not totally committed to her. Once they arrived, Brooke contacted Charlie, her "partner in crime" and explained to him what she wanted him to do. She gave him a camera and asked for his help in catching Rick and Amanda in a compromising position. Charlie assured Brooke that it wouldn't be a problem.

Meanwhile, Amber and Stephanie discussed the preparations for Amber and Rick's wedding. A worried and nervous Amber confessed to Stephanie that Brooke came to see her and threatened her relationship with Rick. Stephanie tried to reassure Amber that Brooke wouldn't be able to come between the kids unless they allowed it. She also tried to convince Amber to see that Brooke was most likely only concerned about the well being and happiness of her son. Amber wished that Brooke would "just lay off" so Stephanie decided to call Brooke and tell her to do just that.

Brooke was surprised to find Stephanie on the other end of her cell phone. When Stephanie pleaded with Brooke to give Rick and Amber's relationship a chance, Brooke cryptically said that she was going to give Rick a chance to prove what he wanted. Stephanie mistakenly believed that she meant she was going to cut Amber and Rick some slack. Amber was overjoyed with the news and the two ladies continued their wedding preparations.

Thorne overheard Brooke on the phone with Stephanie and asked what the conversation was about. Brooke told him that Amber went running to Stephanie and told her about the conversation she had with Amber earlier that day. Thorne asked her what exactly she was planning, and warned her that she should try not to rock the boat, as she and Stephanie were finally getting along. Brooke assured her husband that she would get Amber out of Rick's life and still maintain a good relationship with her mother-in-law.

Charlie told Rick and the girls that there would be a party in their room after the tennis match. Rick tried to get out of it but Charlie continued to press upon him that he needed to have some fun. Brooke and Thorne knocked on the kids' room and Rick was happy to see them. Charlie and the girls left the room and in the hallway, Charlie asked Amanda if she had a chance with Rick would she take it? Amanda claimed that she was certain Rick was committed to Amber and her little boy but admitted that if Rick wanted to be with her, she would be all for it.

Rick asked Thorne and Brooke if they wanted to get together after the tennis match. When Brooke questioned him about the party, Rick claimed he wasn't really interested. Brooke insisted that he stop worrying about Amber and enjoy the time he had with his friends. The three exited the room and Brooke thought to herself that after tonight, Rick would finally be free of Amber.

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