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Deacon tried to make the Forresters choose between Amber and Bridget, but his plan failed. The wedding continued, and Deacon whisked Bridget to Las Vegas for an elopement. Sally decided that she couldn't keep Spectra up and running.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, May 21, 2001

Deacon has attended Rick and Amber's wedding with Bridget. Eric sees him there and tells him to leave, but Bridget says that he is her date. Ridge later comes up to Deacon and also tells him to leave, but Bridget says that if he leaves she would leave with him. They try to tell her that Deacon is just using her to get to Amber. Amber comes in and can't believe that he is there with Bridget. She tries to ask him what he is up to. Stephanie asks everyone to leave, which they do. Bridget tells them that she had never been so insulted in her life. She can't believe that they feel that Deacon is using her. Deacon lies and says that he is in love with Bridget. Thorne and Rick also try to talk to Bridget and tell her about the vile things that Deacon had done, but she tells them that she already knows everything because he had been honest with her. Amber takes Deacon into another room to talk with him alone. He does admit that he does love her and kisses her. He tries to talk her out of marrying Rick, but she admits that she loves him. She tells him that he would get a chance to see his son again, just as she promised him. The rest of the Forrester's enter the room. He tells the Forresters that they could lose small or lose big; it was their choice. He said that he could leave there with Amber, the woman that he loves, and his son or that he could leave with Bridget. He said that he would not be leaving empty-handed, so they could chose between Amber and Bridget.

Sally and Darla visit the Lair looking for Deacon. Alex tells them that he was at the Forrester wedding. Sally can't believe that they would let him anywhere near the wedding, but she tells them that he had a plan. Sally says that she knows what it is like to be treated horribly by the Forrester's. She tells Alex about her daughter's accident. She hopes that Deacon is successful in his plan.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Upset by Deacon's threats, Brooke announces to Amber that she's not going to give up her daughter for her sake. Rick is furious with his mother and Amber pipes in that this is also about her and her son. Bridget defends her boyfriend which causes Ridge to boast that she has completely fallen for his lies. Amber warns Deacon that if he "messes up" her personal life, she'll make sure he never sees his son again. Rick takes Amber and calls Deacon a loser for using a teenage girl like this. Eric, Ridge and Thorne then "escort" Deacon outside. There, Eric threatens to kill him if he touches Bridget. Knowing that Bridget is watching, Deacon claims that they were late to the wedding because they were making love. The three Forrester men pummel Deacon until he admits he never slept with her. He threatens to do so if Amber doesn't come back to him. Bridget goes running to him as he runs off but Eric stops her and asks if she slept with him. Crying, she denies it and then runs to find Deacon. Eric realizes that they fell right into his hands. After everyone calms down, Stephanie sends them inside where the wedding continues and Rick and Amber are married. Bridget finally finds Deacon in his car and urges him to come back to the house with her. He refuses and asks her to make this a special night by agreeing to be his wife tonight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Bridget is caught short when Deacon asks her to marry him tonight. Confirming that he meant it, Deacon claims to be worried that he's going to lose her and points out that he's already lost his son. He goes on and on complaining how he can't win a fight with the almighty Forrester family. Bridget announces that she will marry him tonight and as they drive to Las Vegas, he claims that she can change her mind if she wants. Bridget responds by asking him to stop treating her like a child. In Las Vegas, the two fill out a marriage certificate as Bridget eyes other women waiting to tie the knot. Getting ready for bed, Amber fingers her tattoo and wonders how she's going to tell Rick that she and Deacon have matching tattoos. Rick enters and finds Amber wearing some sexy lingerie for their wedding night. After they argue about Deacon and why he didn't use his martial arts skills to stop the beating he took, Amber decides to turn out the lights so he won't see her tattoo. Eric asks Thorne, Brooke and Stephanie how they're going to keep Deacon away from Bridget. Brooke laments that she didn't see this coming and mentions Deacon warned her something would happen. Before Eric takes Brooke home to wait for Bridget, Stephanie urges him to remember what it's like to be 18.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

In bed, Amber and Rick talk about what their marriage now means to Little Eric and comment on how great it is that they are now a true family. Amber worries that Bridget got involved in the problem with Deacon but Rick assures her that she's a strong person. In Las Vegas Deacon compliments Bridget on being strong enough to do what she wants to do in spite of her family. She assures him that she wants to get married. He takes a moment alone to call Amber and make one last plea. She insists that she's happy with Rick. Rick grabs the phone and warns him to stay away from Amber. Deacon announces that he wants nothing to do with her and has "moved onto greener pastures." Rick's angry but Deacon ignores him. Betsy leaks to Brooke, Thorne and Eric that Deacon had dinner with Bridget the other night. Brooke realizes that Amber must have interrupted that dinner but didn't know he was with Bridget. Betsy assures them that Bridget and Deacon have kissed but that's all. Bridget then calls to let Brooke know that she's all right. She asks her mother to promise that she'll accept their relationship. When Brooke refuses, Bridget hangs up as Brooke warns her not to do anything crazy. The ceremony gets underway in Las Vegas and as the minister mistakenly calls Deacon "Duncan," Deacon answers "yes" and waits for Bridget to agree to be husband and wife.

Friday, May 25, 2001

At Spectra Fashions Sally reminisced about her glory days as she gazed at old photographs. Clarke came into the office and asked Sally why she cancelled his fabric orders, insisting that he would not use cheap fabrics. Sally told Clarke that they were having financial problems and suggested that they sell their designs to high-end boutiques. Clarke reminded Sally that his designs were only halfway finished and insisted that he would not go out that way. Sally showed the accounts receivable ledger to Clarke and told them that, although his last collection was very successful, they had nothing to follow it. She told him that she could not keep fighting to keep Spectra Fashions alive any longer and that she would not resort to making knock-offs again. She reminded him that when she and Adam Alexander started Spectra Fashions they were determined to offer Macy a perfect life and beat Forrester Creations. With Adam underground and on the run and Macy 'dead', Sally decided it was time to face the hard truths about Spectra and deal with them - she would never be able to beat Forrester because they are much too powerful. Clarke tried to reassure Sally that she was simply depressed and, although she admitted being depressed, told him that Spectra Fashions was finished - tomorrow she would close the doors permanently.

At Brooke's, Eric, Thorne, Detective Baker and Brooke were discussing the measures that were being taken to find Bridget when they got a phone call that revealed a couple matching Bridget and Deacon's description had arrived at the Lair.

At Deacon's apartment, Deacon and Bridget discussed their abrupt wedding in Las Vegas and reflected on how they would have preferred to spend their wedding night, instead of driving all night to return home. Bridget asked Deacon if he really loves her and he kissed her and replied "absolutely, I married you didn't I? Yes. Welcome home Mrs. Sharpe." Deacon admitted to Bridget that he was scared during the wedding ceremony when Bridget hesitated before saying "I do" and reminded her that her family would blow a fuse when they learned about their marriage. He insisted that they face up to the Forresters and take a stand - show them how they feel and be strong, and he reminded her that her family would use her guilty feelings and insecurities against her by telling her that he does not love her unless she stood firm. He went on to say that they needed to know that he wasn't screwing around and that he means business - that his whole future was riding on it. Bridget noticed that he didn't say 'their' future and called him on it and he recanted by telling her that he was talking about her future too. He covered by saying that he was just scared about how her family would react and assured her that she would never lose him. They kissed and Bridget excused herself to freshen up. As Deacon went out to the balcony and lit a cigarette, he told himself that Bridget would be home by dinner, and so would Amber.

At the guest house, Amber reassured herself that Rick would understand about her tattoo and reminded herself that she was depressed about him when she got it and had no idea that Deacon would get one exactly like hers. She put a robe on over her bikini as Rick and Little Eric came into the guest house to get ready to go for a swim at the Forrester pool. Rick assured Amber that they had most likely not heard from Bridget because she was too embarrassed from having fallen for Deacon's loverboy routine. Amber seemed very skeptical as Rick left the guesthouse. Deacon called Amber and admitted to her that he had done something the night before but wouldn't give her any details. He assured her that he had done it for her and that she would find out what he was talking about soon enough. She insisted that she had made her choice and told him that the Forresters would never let him see Little Eric if he continued with his shenanigans. Deacon assured Amber that Little Eric would be in his life one way or the other but hung up without answering when Amber asked what he meant. Amber wondered what Deacon had done. Rick returned to the guest house to take Amber and Little Eric for their swim and Amber told him about Deacon's phone call which upset him greatly. Amber told Rick that she believed Bridget was in trouble because Deacon had implied that he had done something the night before that involved Bridget. Amber reminded Rick that Deacon doesn't care about their marriage and that he wouldn't quit, but assured Rick that Deacon would not touch Bridget because he knows that the Forresters would kill him if he did.

Deacon received a phone call from the Lair downstairs warning him that the Forresters were on their way up to his apartment. Bridget returned, ready to go see her family with Deacon to tell them their news. Deacon reminded Bridget that her family would say awful things but told her that he would not blow things until he reached his goal. Bridget asked Deacon if he had not already met his goal because they were married. Deacon covered by telling her that he wanted to make her happy and that he now had to get through to her family, and he told her that he was counting on the fact that they would all come to an understanding by the end of the day. Brooke, Thorne, and Eric stormed through the door and Brooke separated Bridget and Deacon. Eric grabbed Bridget and told her that she was going home, but she broke away and told he that she was not going anywhere with him. Stunned, Brooke told Bridget that she was being childish and demanded that she go get in the car. Thorne told Bridget that Deacon had told them that he had slept with her and Eric added that he had also told them that he would give her up for Amber and that he was only using her. Deacon shook his head when Bridget looked to him for confirmation and she told them that she did not believe them. She reminded them that she witnessed Deacon's beating and knew they would try anything to get rid of him. She told Brooke that she was ashamed of her but was glad that she was finally in a position where she had to listen to her. Eric asked Bridget if she had let Deacon touch her and she told him that they had not slept together yet. Thorne warned Deacon that he had only received a sample of the beating he would get if he touched Bridget. Deacon admitted to everyone that he knew he didn't deserve Bridget, but told them that Bridget loves him and that he is honored to be the man she chose to be with. Thorne and Eric pulled Bridget to the door. As she demanded that they let go of her, Deacon shouted "take your hands off of my wife!" Shocked, Brooke and Eric glared at Deacon.

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