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Bridget's moment of doubt about Deacon's sincerity was erased after Deacon said that he would not press charges against Eric for hitting him with his car. Eric pressed Kristen to meet with Antonio and urge him to sign on with the Forrester firm.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Deacon's hit after Eric's car takes aim at him. Alexandra emerges from Insomnia and, having seen the entire incident, screams at Eric for what he has done. Eric yells that it's Deacon's fault for the pain and anguish he has caused. The police arrive and question Deacon and Eric about what happened. Deacon is taken to the hospital while Eric does his best to justify his dangerous driving. After Bridget blasts her for forcing her friend to leave her own room, Brooke pleads with her daughter to understand how Deacon has been manipulating her. She tells Bridget about Deacon calling so that they could hear their lovemaking on their wedding night but Bridget asks her mother why she didn't just hang up the phone. They're interrupted by a call from Alexandra who reports that Deacon has been rushed to the hospital. Bridget hops into the car to get to Deacon while Brooke follows her. Bridget and Brooke arrive to find Deacon being treated for a broken leg and multiple bruises. Bridget tries to comfort Deacon while Brooke stews. The police arrive with Eric and ask Deacon if he wants to press charges against him. Ridge is shocked when he finds his sister Kristen at his door. She explains why she's in town and then announces to Taylor that she's staying at a hotel, not with Stephanie. She goes on to complain about the bitterness she still has for Stephanie. Ridge urges her to end her disagreement with Stephanie for the sake of the family but she guesses that, being their mom's favorite, he wouldn't understand her reasons. Ridge continues to plead with her to give Stephanie a chance.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Rick can't believe it when Amber defends Deacon's actions with a claim that he's got a weird way of justifying his actions. Megan interrupts with a call about Deacon's "accident" which sends both of them to the hospital. Eric denies to the police officer that he tried to kill Deacon with his car. Brooke stands up for Eric while Eric pleads with Bridget to understand how Deacon's using her. Forced to decide now, Deacon tries to appease Bridget by announcing that he won't press charges. He also claims that it's their fault they heard him making love to Bridget because they called him and he must not have hung up the phone all the way. Hearing Eric yelling, Deacon's doctor orders everyone out of his room but Bridget. Amber and Rick arrive with the baby. While Rick listens to his parents' side of the story, Amber slips in to see Deacon and finds him kissing Bridget. Seeing Amber with the baby, Bridget offers to leave Deacon with them. She then overhears Rick agreeing with Eric that they could kill Deacon for what he's done. She angrily interrupts and demands that they listen to what she has to say. Meanwhile, in the hospital room, Amber adjusts Deacon's pillow and is upset when he quickly kisses her. He promises that he will never give up on her. Looking for Eric at the Café Russe, Stephanie is shocked to see Kristen dining. She insists that she come back to the mansion and when Kristen refuses, Stephanie forces Kristen to admit that she's the reason she's so distant.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

At the hospital, Bridget is confronting her parents and Rick. She is horrified that her father's fury has led to Deacon's injuries. When Rick tries again to convince her of Deacon's duplicity (particularly his love for Amber) Bridget replies that they only have Amber's word for that - and Amber's word has not always been reliable. She insists Deacon is not to blame for her running off and marrying at 18. She believes he would have preferred to wait - as she would have.

She simply had no choice. Deacon and she both knew her family would never let their relationship develop naturally. She insists her family, themselves, are responsible for her marrying when and how she did. Furthermore, she says if Deacon is not welcome in their home, she was not either. "Deacon is my family, you don't have to like it - but you have to accept it -- and leave us alone!"

Stephanie has not yet learned of Deacon's injuries or Eric's arrest. She is speaking to Kristen, after meeting her unexpectedly in a restaurant. Stephanie can't understand why Kristen has stayed away so long, or how she could stay away when she had known her mother was so near death. Kristen couldn't explain, except to say she knew that Stephanie had the rest of the family around her. Her presence might just have caused more turmoil - she and Stephanie had never caused one another much but grief. Stephanie is shocked at Kristen's seeming willingness to give up on any hope of them having a relationship. She tells Kristen that when she was very ill she had learned what she valued and what real loss meant., She tries to assure her that she wants a daughter - not a clone . However, Kristen is convinced that she is better off not being part of her mom's life. She feels Stephanie is too critical of her and her criticism has always undermined Kristen's self-esteem. Within minutes, Stephanie does appear to belittle Kristen's choice of life style, employment and unmarried state, and Kristen looks ready again to bolt.

Back at the hospital, Amber, left alone with Deacon and the baby, assures Deacon that his plan has not and will not work. Although she is disgusted that he has taken advantage of Bridget, she is still obviously moved by Deacon's loving play with Little Eric. Deacon assures her that he is taking good care of Bridget, and teases her that Rick hasn't enough experience to care for Amber's `needs" as well.

When Amber responds with disgust Deacon tells her to cool off, that he has changed his ways and has decided not to bug her, or the family anymore. "There are worse things than being stud to the rich and famous." No more fussing and fighting - he has something else in mind.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

At the swimming pool Rick confronts Amber about finding Deacon's tattoo and demands to know what other lies she's hiding. She admits that they got tattoos together while they were in Vegas but reminds him that he assured her the past didn't matter to him. Rick reacts angrily to having his words thrown in his face and demands that she have Deacon's "brand" removed immediately. Still lounging at the pool, she remembers being with Deacon in Las Vegas. Bridget unloads another box of textbooks at Taylor's beach house and thanks Taylor for her help. Ridge and Eric are there when a wheelchair-bound Deacon prepares to leave the hospital. The two take him out of the hospital but not before banging his broken leg into some furniture. They then take him on a long and threatening drive to the beach house where he is surprised to find Bridget waiting at their new home. Deacon thanks the men for the ride and Eric assures him they are doing this for Bridget's sake. Taylor offers them a tour of the house just as Brooke arrives. Eric confides to Eric and Brooke that they must do this to "give him enough rope to hang himself." Later, Deacon calls Amber about the tattoo and is amused when she blames him for her troubles with Rick. He stuns her with the news about his new living arrangements and tells her that he loves her as she promises to bring the baby by. Bridget's embarrassed when Eric and Brooke talk to her about birth control. Brooke assures her that she can come home any time she wants to leave Deacon.

Friday, June 8, 2001

In Eric's office, Eric and Kristen discussed her meeting with Stephanie and Kristen tried to explain to him how crazy Stephanie makes her by being so critical. Eric suggested that Stephanie was only acting out of concern and affection and suggested that Kristen spend more time with the family. Kristen told him that Stephanie was giving her a hard time about not having a man in her life which prompted Eric to ask why she didn't since she was so beautiful and accomplished. Kristen assured him that she is not gay and tried to explain her uneasiness around men outside of business situations. Eric asked if she had spoken with a therapist about it and Kristen assured him that wasn't necessary - that she would one day find a man who would accept her the way she is. Thorne, Brooke, and Ridge arrived for their staff meeting and Eric asked Kristen to stay for the meeting. Eric and Ridge began discussing Antonio Dominguez and Eric announced that he had known for a while that the next big fashion wave would be of a Latin flair. Ridge suggested seeking out Antonio to try to woo him to Forrester Creations but Eric said that he wanted Kristen to make the offer. Ridge objected but Eric insisted that Sally was trying to lure Antonio to Spectra Fashions and was probably also bad-mouthing all of the Forresters - all of them except Kristen. Eric told Kristen to get Antonio's address from Megan and bring him in. After Kristen left the office, Eric assured Ridge that he had given this assignment to Kristen so that she would stay in town. Brooke suggested to Eric that he might have possibly set Kristen up for a failure that would make her leave town even quicker.

At Spectra Fashions, Darla, Antonio, Sally, and Clarke were staring at a dress designed by Antonio that was being modeled by Sofia. They were all complimenting Antonio's innovative and brilliant style. Sally assured Antonio that his designs would soon be a part of mainstream fashion with the power of Spectra Fashions behind him. They all reviewed a graph of their past 10 year sales in comparison with Forrester Creations sales and agreed that a new line of clothing for their clientele instead of Forrester's clientele which would be dedicated to the memory of Macy would ensure their future success. Sally explained the history to Sofia and announced that - not only would Los Angeles' 40% Latino market share love Antonio's designs, but every woman would. Antonio promised Sally that Macy's death would not go unpunished. Antonio was stunned when Sally instructed Clarke to take him to his new home. Clarke took Antonio to his new home - the beach house once occupied by Macy and Kimberly. Antonio asked Clarke if there was anything anyone could do to alleviate Sally's pain and Clarke assured him that he and his designs could. Antonio was clearly overwhelmed and assured Clarke that he would be loyal and would not jump ship. As soon as Clarke left the beach house, Antonio began working on his new designs.

The Forresters were surprised when Sally arrived at the office. Sally reminded the Forresters that the one-year anniversary of Macy's death was upon them and that she had come to announce a press party at Spectra Fashions, of which they were not invited. She told them that she had hired a new designer and his first collection would be dedicated to the memory of Macy. This collection, she added, would knock them out of first place and because it would be dedicated to Macy - would not fail. Brooke commented to Sally that she wouldn't be so sure of that.

Kristen arrived at the beach house and rehearsed her greeting to Antonio. When Antonio came to the door, Kristen was unable to speak, so they both grinned and Antonio invited Kristen inside. When Kristen introduced herself and her affiliation with Forrester Creations, Antonio's smile disappeared. Antonio told Kristen that he was already working for Spectra but Kristen asked him to consider her proposal and tried to tempt him with prospects of working with expensive fabrics at an established fashion house. Kristen assured Antonio that she knew it would be a difficult decision to leave Spectra but promised he would not regret it.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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