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Amber fantasized about Deacon. Antonio took Kristen out on a date and learned about the advantages of working for Forrester. Sally asked Antonio not to associate with the Forresters and threw a festive press event to relaunch Spectra Fashions.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, June 11, 2001

After playing with his son, Deacon relaxes on the couch and boasts to Amber about how great it is to be living at the beach house. He then sets her off by talking about his marriage and sex life. Amber tries to change the subject but Deacon won't let up and asks if she ever fantasizes about him while making love to Rick. She won't comment but Deacon claims that he has often fantasized about her while with Bridget. When he mentions the tattoo, Amber reveals that she's going to have it removed because Rick called it "trashy." He suggests that she stop trying to please the Forresters and do what she wants to do. As they argue, Little Eric starts crying. Deacon's pleased when Amber tries to calm the baby by telling him that his mommy and daddy love each other. Sally is taken aback when Eric guesses that her secret weapon to destroy Forrester is Antonio Rodriguez. They force her to admit that she doesn't have a contract with him but Sally assures them all that Antonio will work for Spectra. Meanwhile, Kristen works hard trying to convince "Tony" to come work for Forrester. She reveals that she's only been in town for a day and is a designer who doesn't want the job they've offered him. He finally explains that he wants to work for Spectra because Forrester markets its designs to the rich and he'd like to sell to the middle and lower classes. "Tony" convinces Kristen to let him make dinner for her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Though Amber downplays her words about Little Eric's mother and father loving each other, Deacon tells Amber he's sure her words prove she has feelings for him. When he won't let up, she finally leaves and returns home to find Rick still angry with her. Rick reminds her that they are newlyweds trying to build a marriage but she suggests that he's at faulty as well. He complains about her visits with Deacon and insists that it's time to cut down on his visitation rights. He accuses her of having feelings for him but she denies it and asks him not to call her trashy ever again. He denies that he called her that but she convinces him otherwise. Rick then apologizes for his harsh words and the two try to kiss and make up. Antonio makes a special dinner for Kristen and has her try on some of his designs. Later, the two end up dancing together. Sofia arrives outside the beach house and stares with angry eyes as she watches them dance and eventually kiss. Stephanie's upset to hear of Eric's plans to allow Kristen to attempt to sign Antonio. She doubts that Kristen will be able to handle such a project and guesses that Eric's trying to play matchmaker. Eric confirms that he's hoping Kristen and Antonio will be friends and announces that he wants his daughter to stay in town.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Amber's embarrassed when Rick offers to have his favorite masseur give her a massage. He finally convinces Amber to allow Kurt to work his magic on her. As Kurt begins, Amber starts fantasizing about Deacon and imagines him being with her. The masseur finally wakes her and announces that he must leave. She tells herself that she has got to stop thinking about Deacon. Meanwhile, a bored Deacon decides to call Amber and when he does, he asks her to bring his son by for a visit. She quickly agrees which makes Deacon think that she wants to be with him. Sofia angrily informs Sally that Kristen Forrester was with Tony last night and she fears that he might go to work for Forrester if Sally doesn't put a stop to it. Sally decides to order Tony to stay away from her. Tony interrupts with the news that he's arranged for two of his favorite singers to perform at their press conference. Kristen confirms Sally's boasting to Eric that Tony is working for Spectra. Eric confronts his daughter about coming home late and guesses that she was with Tony the entire time. She goes on and on about her wonderful night with the designer which causes Eric to speculate that this might be the man for her. He then helps his daughter pick out a dress for the press conference. She fields a call from Tony who reminds her about the time of the event. Sofia surprises Kristen and warns her to stay away from Tony.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

A crazed and furious Sofia confronted Kristen in Eric's office at Forrester Creations. She announced that she had seen Kristen and Tony together. She also wanted Kristen to know that she is Tony's girlfriend and that they are practically engaged to one another.

Sofia was relentless that Kristen should stay away from Tony. She warned her that she would need a bodyguard if she didn't stay away from "my Tony". Kristen told Sofia that she has no intentions of staying away from Tony, and by the way, she is Tony's date for his press party. Sofia became infuriated and attacked Kristen. During the struggle Sofia ripped the gown that Kristen was to wear to Tony's party.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Ridge were across the hall discussing why Eric had chosen Kristen to entice Tony to work at Forrester. Their conversation was abruptly interrupted when they heard Kristen scream. Sofia told Ridge and Taylor that Kristen was a slut and a home wrecker for trying to steal Tony away from her. When Sofia left, Ridge told Kristen she's not going to the Spectra party for her own safety. He canceled the car that Tony had sent for her. Kristen explained how much the party means to her. She told Ridge and Taylor that the chemistry between she and Tony was instantaneous and something she never thought she would ever feel. Kristen, however, backed down and agreed not to go to the party and spend time with Ridge, Taylor and the children instead. When Kristen was alone in the office, she called in Henry to repair her torn gown.

At the Las Olas, Tony introduced Clarke, Sally and Darla to Martin the manager and Chad who is a key investor in the club. Sally was anxious that Tony hadn't invited the people she had put on the list to be present. Tony tried to calm her worries by explaining to her that two very popular singers, Joy Enriquez and Innis who were performing for his party, would attract many people. Later, the police told Martin to open early because the line was backed up into the street. Sally congratulated Tony for being such a creative genius.

Sally told Clarke she is particularly happy with the potential success of this party and their new fashion line. She hoped that the new line will be beat out the Forrester Creations lines. She said because Macy is gone, beating the Forresters is what motivates her these days.

Ridge returned to Eric's office to get Kristen. He discovered her note indicating that she had gone to the Spectra party. Ridge worried that Kristen didn't know what she was getting into.

Sofia arrived at the party. She told Sally that Tony has invited Kristen to the party. Sofia became more furious and told Sally and Clarke that "Tony is a dead man." A short while later, to Tony's delight, Kristen arrived at the party. Sofia spotted Tony and Kristen embracing. Crazed with jealousy and anger, Sofia thought out loud about Kristen "I warned you not to come here. You made a big, big mistake."

Friday, June 15, 2001

Forrester Creations: Thorne tried to talk Ridge into going to Las Olas to get Kristen after Ridge told him how dangerous he thought the model was. Ridge told Thorne that Kristen would have to work this situation out herself because she had assured him that she would be fine; she's a grown up and is determined. Thorne questioned Ridge's reasoning and panicked when Ridge mentioned the model's name - Sofia Alonso. Thorne told Ridge that Sofia had pulled a knife on another model once before.

Las Olas: Darla interrupted Tony and Kristen's dance with news that Tony was needed backstage. Darla told Kristen that she really shouldn't be there and walked away. The audience applauded as Sally took the stage and welcomed everyone to their fashion extravaganza. The models made their way out to the stage as Sofia leered at Kristen. Tony walked up to Sofia and asked her why she wasn't dressed. Sofia could not believe that Tony expected her to model for him after he humiliated her and grew even more furious when Tony acknowledged that Kristen was his date, but that they were simply good friends. Sofia reminded Tony that they were lovers and, although she had told him that she didn't want anything serious, she had fallen in love with him. She told him that she was not someone he could use and then throw away. Tony tried to reason with Sofia by reminding her how long they had been working for this night but Sofia simply crossed her arms in defiance. Tony told her that she was making a big mistake but Sofia told him that the mistake was his and that she was going to fix it. Kristen watched the models walk down the runway as the cameras flashed and festive music played. Clarke saw Kristen and walked over to her to say hello. When Sally noticed Clarke and Kristen she walked up to Kristen and asked her how dare she show up at their private party that was in Macy's honor and accused her of not having any feelings or respect. Clarke suggested that this was probably not a good time for Kristen to be there so she walked away. As she turned around Sofia asked her if she was looking for Tony and told her that she should have stayed home. Sofia told Kristen that she now had trouble and that Tony had only invited her because she was loose and cheap. Kristen went to the bar and had a margarita and turned around to leave as Tony walked up to her. Kristen told him that she had suffered enough abuse at the hands of Sally, her ex-husband, and Sofia. Tony kissed Kristen as Sofia and Sally watched. Tony convinced Kristen to stay. Clarke went to comfort Sofia who was irate and devastated at the thought that Tony would throw away their business and their relationship. Tony introduced Joy Enriquez and then escorted Kristen to the dance floor. Sofia cut in on their dance but Tony quickly went back to Kristen when Sofia was turned around in the other direction. Crazed with jealousy, Sofia left the dance floor. Sally introduced Innis to the stage and Tony and Kristen shared a slow dance. Sofia and Clarke continued to watch Tony and Kristen and Clarke tried to reassure Sofia that she was beautiful and smart and should be able to start over. Sofia insisted that she had worked too hard and that she most certainly did have a choice where her relationship with Tony was concerned. Sally went on and on about how Macy should have been there instead of a Forrester and insisted that Kristen's behavior was exactly the same type of behavior that drove Macy away. Sally insisted that the Forresters should know how it feels to experience such loss. Darla tried unsuccessfully to comfort Sally and called for the car to take her home. Kristen noticed that Sally was staring at her and told Tony that she needed to get going. Tony offered to leave with her but she insisted that he stay and enjoy the evening that he had worked so hard for. She assured him that she would be all right but he asked Chad to escort her to the car. Tony gave Kristen a quick goodnight kiss and promised to call her later. As Chad and Kristen walked out of the bar, Sally and Sofia followed them separately. Backstage, Tony thanked Joy Enriquez for her amazing performance and thanked her for coming. Joy asked Tony about Kristen and asked if he planned to keep her around for a while. Tony assured Joy that he planned to keep Kristen around as long as he could. Tony smiled and seemed happy and Joy guessed that he was in love with Kristen.

Looking very distraught, Chad returned to the bar and Martin asked him what was wrong. Chad told him that he had to talk to Tony. Chad interrupted Tony's dance with one of the models and told him that he had something terrible to tell him. He said, "She's dead Tony. She's dead."

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