The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on B&B

Tony learned that a former lover had died under mysterious circumstances. Brooke convinced Stephanie to record Deacon's true feelings for Bridget, but Deacon burned the recording. Stephanie warned Bridget about Deacon, but he placated his wife into believing in him. Amber daydreamed about Deacon.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, June 18, 2001

Tony learns from Chad that Ellen has died. Tony asks how. Chad says he called his mother and the police found his sister's body and that she had died of a drug overdose. Tony says that is impossible. She never used drugs when they were together, even after they broke up she didn't use. Chad says he must be with his family and Tony offers to go with him, he says no, that this is his big night. Tony then offers the Spectra limo and Chad departs. Sally comes to find Sofia and runs into Clarke. Not far behind, Sofia walks in and is very upset that she saw Kristen hitting on Tony. Sally says not to worry; she or the Forrester's will not get their hands on Tony. Sally and Clarke introduce Tony to the press and he is very distracted. The press asks him what made him choose Spectra Fashions. He says the people and he also mentions how impressed he is will their quality line at affordable prices. He says he must leave that a very dear friend has passed away and walks off the stage. Sally looks very sympathetic, thanks the audience and heads backstage. Sally says she is very worried about Tony and that he shouldn't be alone at a time like this. Sofia talks rather unsympathetically of Ellen, saying she overdosed on drugs.

Ridge asks what Thorne thinks of Spectra's new line. Thorne says it is going to be an out and out war of who is going to come out on top of the fashion world. Ridge also talks to Thorne of how he is worried about Kristen after Sofia threatened her. Kristen walks in and says not to worry. She tells them how she feels Tony is the one for her. They tell her that Sofia has a mean streak, but she again says she isn't worried about her. Ridge tells her he thinks that she should slow down a bit. Kristen receives a phone call and it's Tony telling her he needs to talk to her. He says he doesn't want to discuss it over the phone. Once she arrives he tells her of his loss. She asks why he called her and he replies that Sofia was not the one to call, because she was very jealous of Ellen. They had been broken up long before Sofia and him were an item, but she still bothered Sofia. Tony tells Kristen how wonderful Ellen was and what a beautiful women she was. He says that he is having trouble with her death, that it doesn't make sense. He vows to find out the truth behind her death and Kristen offers to help. They hug.

Bridget looks through cookbook for what to make Deacon for dinner. Brooke tries to talk to her about the mistake she is making. Bridget can't understand why no one likes Deacon and how he is not using her. Just then Deacon calls her for a drink over the intercom he set up since he got hurt. Brooke angered that he would take advantage of her. He tries to tell her he is only using her, but again she will not listen. She says she is going to the store, would she like to come along. She almost agrees, but then Deacon walks out and she decides to stay. Bridget leaves for the store. Deacon taunts Brooke about Bridget and the fact they had sex. Brooke yells at Deacon for taking advantage of a young girl. Deacon says as long as Amber is married to Rick, he will be married to Bridget, just to be close to his son. He will do whatever necessary to be near him. Brooke tries to break through, but Deacon is too smug and will not listen. He says you could have taken care of this at Amber and Rick's wedding, but she chose to do nothing, so he had to take action. He again taunts her with the fact she could have done something, but instead let him take advantage of her daughter. She lunges forward and starts to slap and yell. She vows to end this marriage and make him feel all the pain they have felt since he married Bridget.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

In her office at Forrester Creations, Brooke contemplated ways to end Bridget and Deacon's marriage. When Stephanie entered the office, Brooke explained to her how badly Deacon talks about Bridget, but only behind her back. He continues to cause Bridget to believe that he loves her. Brooke added that he arrogantly admits when Bridget is not around, that he only loves Amber.

At their beach house, Bridget prepared an elegant candle light dinner for Deacon. Deacon complained about the portion size, types of food and continued to watch a baseball game on television. Bridget became upset with Deacon's inattentiveness. Deacon sensed her distress and told her she did a good job preparing the meal. He then resumed watching the baseball game.

When Ridge arrived home, Katherine told him that Taylor had gone out, but she had promised Taylor that she wouldn't tell Ridge where Taylor went. Katherine did tell him that Taylor let it slip out that she was going to a doctor's appointment. Ridge immediately assumed that Taylor is pregnant. Ridge told Katherine that he is really excited about the idea of Thomas having a little brother. When Taylor arrived home, she told Ridge that they needed to talk. Ridge, still assuming that Taylor is pregnant, told her he is happy about her pregnancy. Taylor was surprised that Ridge assumed she is pregnant. She didn't tell Ridge that he was wrong.

Meanwhile, Brooke concluded that if Deacon could be taped admitting that he loves Amber, she could finally convince Bridget that Deacon does not love her. Brooke convinced Stephanie to tape Deacon. At first, Stephanie was skeptical about taping Deacon. She worried about what consequences would happen if Deacon suspected he was being taped.

Committed to helping Brooke, Stephanie called Deacon to arrange a meeting between them at the Insomnia. She enticed him into the meeting by lying to him that she had something to tell him about his future with Amber and Eric. Deacon guessed to himself that Stephanie was up to something, but agreed to the meeting. Brooke told Stephanie if she can pull this off, Brooke can end Bridget and Deacon's marriage tonight!

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Sending Stephanie to the Insomnia, Brooke admits she knows her plan could blow up in her face if Deacon discovers she's recording his words. Finding Bridget stewing while washing the dishes, Deacon hobbles over to her and forces her to admit how upset she is by his reaction to her special dinner. He explains that he was raised eating meals in front of a TV set and apologizes for ruining their first fancy dinner. He does get her smiling by joking about the fancy chickens and then runs out, claiming to want some coffee for their special French pudding dessert. She calls Brooke to complain, unaware that her mother is confiding in Eric about her scheme for Deacon. The two parents worry about how upset their daughter is and hope that Stephanie can get Deacon to talk. Taylor quickly denies it when Ridge guesses that she's hiding her pregnancy. She finally reveals that she's been seeing doctor Nunez to make sure it's okay for her to return to work part time with him. When she adds she'll be using her professional name, Ridge okays the idea and then charms her into the bedroom. When Deacon arrives at the Insomnia, Stephanie blasts him for the way he's treating Bridget and guesses that he's not proud of what he's doing. She finally comes out and accuses him of wanting Amber and the baby. Deacon confirms it and lays into Stephanie. When Stephanie grabs her purse and the recorder makes a noise, Deacon hears it and sarcastically asks her what she has in her purse.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

At Insomnia, Deacon discovered the tape recorder in Stephanie's bag. He immediately destroyed the tape on which he admitted he loves Amber. He told Stephanie he would continue to use Bridget until he gets Amber and Little Eric back. As the heated conversation continued, Bridget walked through the door of the restaurant. Stephanie told Bridget what had just happened and that Deacon had destroyed a tape of his admission that he loves Amber.

Amber went to the Café Rouse to talk to her friend Ginger. She congratulated Amber for marrying the hottest guy in Beverly Hills. Amber admitted that Deacon turns her on a little. Ginger encouraged her to give Deacon what he wants and perhaps that will douse the flames. Amber told her it's a sexual attraction but not love. She added that she loves Rick who is wholesome and plans to be a good wife to him. Amber advised Ginger she's a Forrester woman now, who has class and respect, and could never chase a man like Deacon.

Eric and Brooke waited at Forrester Creations for Stephanie to return from her meeting with Deacon. Stephanie arrived and told them that Deacon had figured out he was being taped then destroyed the tape.

At home, while Bridget showered, Deacon called Amber on her cellular phone at the Café Rouse. He told her while he's kissing Bridget, he thinks of her not Bridget. He demanded that Amber bring Eric for a visit and that they go to the beach. Bridget told Deacon she's not an idiot and wanted to know why he destroyed Stephanie's tape? Bridget demanded that Deacon be truthful with her about if its Amber he really wants and not her!

Friday, June 22, 2001

Amber struggles to stop thinking about how close she once was to Deacon and, when Rick arrives, she almost jumps on him and suggests that they spend the day at the beach. Laughing, he reminds her that he has to go to work and adds that it's Deacon's day to visit with Little Eric. She tries to cancel the idea but he insists on following the agreement to the letter. However, he advises her that if she's upset by the idea, she drop the kid off and pick him up later. Bridget considers everyone's warnings about her husband and makes Deacon promise to tell her if he should ever really want to be with Amber. As she leaves, Amber arrives with the baby. Deacon suggests Amber don a bikini and join him and "little D" in the pool. Putting the baby down for a nap, Deacon returns to Amber and starts to kiss her as she realizes she can't resist him. Clarke reveals to Tony that he was once married to Kristen and declares that he will always love her. When he asks about his feelings for her, Tony assures Clarke that he would never hurt her in any way. Clarke reminds him that the Forresters are in a different class of people. Kristen joins Stephanie over coffee at the mansion but remains hesitant about being with her. She asks Stephanie not to get upset at the idea of throwing a dinner party that includes Tony. Stephanie's encouraged to hear Kristen go on and on about the designer and happily admits she's anxious to meet the man who has stolen her heart.

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