The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on B&B

Antonio ventured to Miami to attend Ellen's funeral. Kristen joined him there. Tony vowed to uncover the reason for Ellen's death. Bridget overheard Deacon tell Amber that he loved her. Deacon followed behind Bridget as she raced her car away. Deacon watched in horror as Bridget's car crashed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, June 25, 2001

Deacon and Amber are making out at the beach house. Amber tells him to stop, but continues kissing him. Amber moans to Deacon not to stop, but it turns out she is only daydreaming. Deacon confronts her about what she was dreaming about, but says he already knows and he can make the dream a reality. Amber says she must leave and Deacon says she can't keep running away from this. He says their feelings are real and she can't keep denying them. He says Bridget is starting to sense something and he doesn't want to lie to her. Amber tells him he should divorce Bridget and not hurt her any longer. He says he won't, not until Amber agrees to be with him.

Bridget runs into Thorne at the office and she seems distracted. He asks her what is the matter and she replies nothing. He says he's sorry, but he must leave and meet Stephanie and the family. She says she is meeting a friend anyway and they depart. She meets her friend Betsy and relays her fears of Deacon and Amber to her. Bridget tells Betsy that she talked to Stephanie and that she told her that Deacon is only using her to get back at the Forrester's. Stephanie has always been straight with her and she doesn't know what to believe. Betsy says she has a plan that will tell whether her fears are real. She tells her to invite Amber to supper and see if there are any feelings between them. Betsy says she will come to dinner to and support her. Bridget calls Amber and invites her to dinner, Amber declines, but Bridget insists. Amber tries to talk to her, but Bridget hangs up the phone before she can talk. Amber tells Deacon that Bridget already knows and she isn't going to stay. Deacon says she has to, he will just deny all the accusations that he is being accused of when they show up and Amber has left. Amber says she will tell Bridget the truth, but before they finish their discussion Bridget and Betsy arrive home to find them in the midst of their heated moment. Bridget introduces Betsy and tells them she is staying for dinner. Betsy tells Bridget she has nothing worry about, Deacon seemed truly happy to see her. Bridget is not convinced. Amber decides to stay. Deacon says if Bridget finds out the truth it will destroy her. Bridget tells Betsy she feels he is playing games with her, but she doesn't have any proof yet, but dinner will tell. Says that if she finds out Deacon has been playing her for a fool, she doesn't know what she will do. They watch Deacon and Amber talking through the window.

Ridge, Stephanie, Eric, and Brooke talk about Kristen and her new love interest before they arrive at the house for their dinner party. Stephanie tells Ridge not to tease Kristen about her new man. Kristen and Tony arrive at the door of the Forrester mansion and she asks him if he is ready to meet her family, he replies no, but as long as she is by his side everything will be fine. Once inside they introduce themselves to Tony and they sit down to talk. Tony talks about his family and how he grew up in a small town in Columbia, but how they later moved to Miami. He talks about his large family and how they are all very close. He asks if they are close with their extended family and Eric replies no, but that the employees at Forrester Creations have always been the kids' extended family and practically helped raise them. In separate corners Eric, Steph, Brook, Thorne, and Ridge talk how Tony is a real charmer. Stephanie says she hopes this will convince Kristen to stay, but Ridge don't count on it, she loves her penthouse in New York. Kristen comes over to join them and tells them she has decided to stay.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Eric and Stephanie hosted a dinner party at their home so that their family could meet Kristen's new boyfriend, Tony. Brooke, Thorne and Ridge all attended the dinner party. The evening went well, there was friendly conversation and polite exchanges. Tony complimented Eric and Ridge on their clothing designs. They had mutual compliments for Tony's clothing designs. The Forrester maid had to leave on a family emergency before dinner was cooked. Tony decided to cook them a meal from his homeland and he invited everyone to participate in the preparation of the meal. After the meal was done, Tony invited Kristen to go to Miami with him. Kristen nixed the idea.

Over at Bridget and Deacon's beach house, Bridget and her girlfriend prepared dinner for Deacon and Amber. Their mission was to observe Deacon and Amber together to see if there are romantic feelings between them. Amber worried that Bridget would discover that Deacon is only using her.

When Bridget returned from walking her girlfriend out, she overheard Deacon and Amber talking. She heard Deacon say that "he had used her like a tool" and he would have done anything to get his son back." As Bridget stood there and cried, she heard Deacon spill the beans about their marriage. Bridget heard Deacon admit "the marriage to Bridget was supposed to be a joke to stick it to Bridget's old man." Bridget remained outside distraught about what she had just heard.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

With Bridget secretly listening from outside the house, Deacon confirms for Amber that he doesn't feel good about using Bridget the way he is. Amber reminds him that he's taken her innocence but Deacon claims he never meant to hurt her. A tired Little Eric interrupts so Amber decides it's time to call it a night. Deacon kisses her goodbye and she leaves. Devastated, Bridget runs inside to grab her car keys but runs into Deacon. With tears still in her eyes, she blasts him for all that she overheard. Apologizing and claiming to hate himself for what he has done, Deacon confesses that he is beginning to have feelings for her but she tells him that she'll never be able to face herself or her family again. Blasting him for making her "an easy lay," Bridget calls it sick and ugly and orders him to go away. Stephanie and Eric discuss the new man in Kristen's life and both agree that they couldn't be happier for their daughter. Sensing he's worried again, Stephanie urges Eric to stop worrying about Bridget but he confesses that he can't. Flying to Florida to investigate Ellen's death, Tony's disturbed when a flight attendant informs him that the plane has been delayed for the arrival of his seat mate. He stews until he realize it's Kristen who has gone against everything she's ever done and made a quick decision to fly with him.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Before going to sleep, Brooke and Thorne worried about Bridget. They were particularly worried about what kind of reaction she will have when she learns of Deacon's deception.

They were unaware that Bridget had already learned the truth that evening!

Bridget freaked out as Deacon tried to soften the blow of his deception. Bridget didn't buy into any explanations that Deacon told her. Out of anger, Bridget threw Deacon out of the house. Deacon made a frantic call to Amber from his cell phone to tell her that Bridget knows that he deceived her. Rick telephoned Brooke to notify her that Bridget is aware that Deacon deceived her. Brooke and Rick made plans to meet over at Bridget's along with Thorne and Eric.

Deacon went back inside to talk to Bridget. He managed to upset her even more and caused Bridget to flee in her car. Deacon tried to no avail to stop her.

Kristen and Tony flew to Miami. She told him that Tony has her and Tony responded that her he's her man. When they arrived at the hotel in Miami, Tony asked her to share a room with him. Kristen turned down his offer because she said she wasn't ready to make love to him yet.

Bridget drove her car at very high speeds while completely emotionally distraught about Deacon. Deacon managed to tail her in his car, but couldn't get Bridget to stop and pull over.

Amber, Rick, Brooke and Thorne all rushed to Bridget's house to comfort her. Brooke told Amber to leave because her presence would upset Bridget. Bridget was not at home. They began to frantically search for her.

Meanwhile, Bridget was still on the road driving at high speeds and partially incoherent. With Deacon directly behind her, her car crashed. Deacon pulled her out of her car and screamed for help. He kept apologizing to Bridget about how he deceived her and hurt her. Bridget didn't hear Deacon's desperate words because she was unconscious.

Friday, June 29, 2001

At the emergency room, Deacon urges the doctors to do everything they can to save Bridget. He panics to learn that she must have immediate surgery. Meanwhile, at the beach house, the Forresters lay into Amber for Bridget's troubles and wonder where she and Deacon are. They finally receive a call from Deacon who explains to Brooke that Bridget was in a car accident and is now at the hospital. Eric grabs the phone and starts to chastise him but Deacon advises him that there is no time for this and to hurry to the ER. Doctor Paxson informs Deacon that it's too soon to tell about his wife. Deacon stands by her bed and promises to make up for all that he has done if she will only come back to him. Bridget starts to respond to his words but then her heart stops. At the hotel Tony explains to Kristen how things fell apart for him and Ellen but she responds that this will not happen to their relationship. They leave for the funeral home where Chad thanks him for coming to honor his sister. Tony tries to find out if Ellen was upset about anything and her father admits that she was not herself the last few months that she was alive. Chad won't talk but points out Ellen's doctor to Tony and suggests he question him. Dr. Elderkin asks Tony to come to his office later since this isn't the right place.

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