The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on B&B

As Bridget's life hung in the balance, Deacon decided that he really wanted to make a go of his marriage. Tony learned that Ellen had suffered from AIDS, but he refused testing. Kristen decided she was ready to be intimate, and Chad suggested Tony see a therapist for his anxiety about HIV testing.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, July 2, 2001

Bridget is in the hospital and goes into to code blue. Deacon obviously scared and upset screams to Bridget not to die on him. Eric, Brooke, Thorne, Amber, and Rick rush to the hospital and find out Bridget is in code blue. They question what happened and how she is, the nurse tells them her condition is stable, but still critical. They demand to see her and the nurse agrees, but only one at a time. The nurse says she must to ask her husband to step outside while Brooke goes in. Eric goes irate to learn that Deacon is there, screaming he is to blame for all of this. Brooke goes into see Bridget, while Rick and Amber question Deacon about the accident. Eric attacks Deacon, blaming him for Bridget's dire condition. He demands that Deacon leave. He says he won't until he knows Bridget is all right. Eric again attacks Deacon and Deacon says he's sorry over and over. Meanwhile Brooke is in visiting a comatose Bridget telling her not to give up. Brooke says she sorry, but tells herself she is not going to blame herself for Bridget's condition. It's Deacon's fault. She tells Bridget it's over between them and he will never hurt Bridget and the family again. Brooke tells her to be strong and once she recovers that will start over. It will be a new beginning for everyone.

Tony and Kristen discuss Ellen after learning she had committed suicide. Tony says he did not know she was depressed. He doesn't understand why she was so depressed and why the family will not tell him why she was depressed. Says that he and the family were always so close, why wouldn't they tell him. He says they must be hiding something, but what? Kristen asks if they are going to head back to L.A. their plane leaves in an hour. He looks at her and tells her he is going to stay behind, but she should leave. She feels left out, asking why he doesn't want her there. Tony tells her he feels very close to her and it's a whole deeper level, than he had with Ellen. He gives her a rose and they kiss, and she says she will be waiting in L.A. for him when he returns. Later Tony arrives at the doctors to ask questions about Ellen's suicide. The doctor tells him, she killed herself after she found out she had a medical condition. The doctor says she could have had a full life with new treatments, Tony assumes he is talking about cancer. The doctor replies "No, Ellen had AIDS." Stunned, he asks the doctor if she was HIV positive or if she had full blown AIDS, the doctor replies that she had full blown AIDS. Tony asks him who gave it to her. He says she was dating a man who didn't know he had the disease, and that he is now dead. The doctor says that she dated this man before she met Tony, but she never knew that she was infected. He tells Tony that he may be infected too. Meanwhile on the plane, Kristen envisions a life with Tony, not knowing that he may be infected with AIDS.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Brooke visited Bridget at her hospital bedside and pleaded for her to not die. Meanwhile, Eric, Rick and Amber waited outside of Bridget's hospital room. Elsewhere in the hospital, Deacon vowed that he wouldn't leave until he was sure that Bridget would be okay.

In Miami, the doctor wanted to test Tony for HIV. Tony nixed the idea because he feels totally healthy. He asked the doctor about his chances of having contracted HIV.

The doctor warned that although Tony feels fine, he could still be infected with HIV because the symptoms of the disease may not present themselves for years. The doctor added that early diagnosis is crucial for the treatment of HIV. He advised Tony that he shouldn't have sexual contact with Kristen until he knows whether or not he is HIV positive.

At the hospital, Eric visited Bridget at her bedside. He prayed for Bridget's recovery. Bridget suddenly opened her eyes and recognized Eric. She did not recall he automobile accident. In the waiting room, Brooke grilled Amber about exactly what Bridget overheard she and Deacon discussing. Brooke asked Rick if felt comfortable with his wife having such an intimate conversation with Deacon? Amber saw Deacon outside of the waiting room and advised him to leave. Deacon told her he wasn't leaving until he spoke with his wife. Amber couldn't imagine why Deacon wanted to speak to Bridget so badly.

Ridge picked up Kristen and the airport and they went to the Insomnia together. Ridge quizzed Kristen about her trip to Miami including if she and Tony had separate sleeping accommodations.

Kristen telephoned Tony while he was still in the doctor's office. She told him she was planning a very romantic evening for the two of them and couldn't wait to see him. When he hung up the telephone, the doctor strongly advised him to have an HIV test. Again, Tony nixed the idea. He made the doctor promise that he wouldn't tell anyone else that he might have been exposed to HIV.

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

it's not a game anymore and admits that Bridget's accident opened his eyes and he realizes that he's developed feelings for her. Amber urges Deacon to leave Bridget alone. After Brooke and Eric leave, Deacon slips into Bridget's room. When Bridget wakes up and sees Deacon, she orders him to leave, but Deacon wants her to hear him out first. Deacon admits that he didn't realize it until the accident, but Bridget's become very important to him, and he wants the chance to prove it. He tells Bridget that he can't lose her. Brooke assures Eric that now that Bridget knows the truth, Deacon is no longer a threat to them. Amber tries to convince Rick that Bridget would have Deacon thrown out if he tries to visit her. Kristen excitedly borrows a special dress from Taylor. She is as full of anticipation as Tony is plagued by anxiety over their romantic plans for the evening. Kristen admits to Taylor that she may have more than conversation in mind for the evening. As she puts the finishing touches on her preparations, Kristen tells herself that she's ready to be with Tony, completely and forever. Tony tries to convince himself that he can't be HIV-positive. Kristen sees Tony and rushes into his arms. Tony tells Kristen he loves her.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

Outside at Tony's beach house, he and Kristen enjoyed watching a Fourth of July fireworks display. He kept thinking about the Miami doctor's advice that he obtains an HIV test. Chad telephoned Tony to find out what the results of his HIV test are. Tony told him he's not having a test because he's fine and doesn't have HIV. Kristen was in the other room and did not hear their conversation.

At the Insomnia, Amber told Ginger that she regretted the manner in which Bridget found out about Deacon's deception. Amber was livid that Deacon is saying that Bridget is the one for him because she believed that Deacon is still lying. Ginger pointed out that Amber is jealous that Deacon wants to focus on Bridget instead of her.

At her bedside, Deacon told Bridget that since her automobile accident he has realized that she is an incredible woman and has come to care about her. Bridget would not believe that Deacon suddenly has feelings for her because she recalled he said "it was only Amber and his son that he wanted." Deacon admitted that was the case, but he intends to make up for it. Deacon continued to tell Bridget that he wants to make their marriage work. Amber entered Bridget's room just as Deacon was telling Bridget that he'll never be able to find another woman that has more guts, class and integrity than she has. Amber demanded that Deacon stop lying to Bridget. To Amber's surprise, Deacon told her its not a lie, his feelings for Bridget are real. Deacon emphasized that Amber took his son and left him, where as Bridget is the only person that has ever truly cared about him. Amber strongly advised Bridget not to believe Deacon's lies.

Back at Tony's house, Kristen began to seduce Tony. Tony attempted to stall her by suggesting they talk about it first since Kristen had been uncertain about their lovemaking in Miami. Kristen didn't want to delay lovemaking with Tony any longer. She asked him to make love to her now!

Friday, July 6, 2001

Dr. Nunez explains to Ridge and Taylor that he's leaving the country to assist a few colleagues and may be gone indefinitely. He thanks Ridge for supporting Taylor's decision to go back to work to handle his practice while he is gone. Ridge surprises Taylor with a couple of framed photos for her new desk. Over martinis, Eric and Stephanie toast to the happiness of their family and mention that everyone is here and happy now that Bridget is through with Deacon. She suggests to Eric that they invite Bridget to come live with them for awhile. As Kristen starts unbuttoning his shirt, Tony asks her to stop and tells her that he's not ready to make love to her. She guesses that he's nervous but he insists he's not. He promises that he would do nothing to hurt her and then offers excuses as to why he's unwilling. Upset, Kristen walks out. She finds her parents at home and angrily reveals how Tony suddenly changed his mind about their relationship. Stephanie advises her to give Tony some space, urging her to realize that all relationships have some bumps in the road. Worried that he's lost Kristen, Tony calls Chad for advice and he presses him to call Dr. Nunez to talk about his feelings. Suffering from a panic attack, Tony calls Nunez's office and leaves a message.

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