The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on B&B

Taylor counseled Tony and urged him to be tested for his new girlfriend's sake. Deacon and Amber vowed to remain in their relationships, much to Eric and Brooke's dismay.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, July 9, 2001

Amber calls and gets Deacon's answering machine. She tries to figure out where he may be and she starts to recall a conversation she had with him where he confessed his feelings for Bridget. She says that that can't be true, that his heart belongs with her. She goes to warn the Forrester's about Deacon. She stops at the house and tells them that Deacon is not going to give up on Bridget. He wants to stay committed to her. They think that Bridget will kick him to the curb, but Amber doesn't think that she will. Eric is outraged, and he and Rick run out to go get Deacon away from Bridget. Meanwhile, Bridget awakens to find a sleeping Deacon in her hospital room. The nurse walks in and tells her that he has been there all night. They even offered him a comfortable bed, but he opted to stay with her. She also tells Bridget that he was really scared when he thought she might not make it. The nurse leaves. Deacon awakes and offers to get her something. She asks him what he wants. Deacon doesn't understand what she is asking him, he just wants to help. Bridget doesn't buy his story. He tells her a story about how he hated to lose when he was younger and that was what Amber was to him today. He didn't want to lose her, but in battling for her, he almost lost the best thing he had with Bridget. He tells her he wants to change and be with her. She can't believe he is asking her this, but he's says he wants a chance to make it work. He says he will follow whatever conditions she wants. One condition is that he gets along with her family. He says that Steph is kind of cool, but that Eric will always hate him. She tells him, this is not what he wants, but he disagrees and says that it is. He says isn't it worth taking a chance, their pathetic without each other, but if they make it work, they will have beaten the odds. Bridget is speechless, but then tells him she will consider it. He kisses her hand, picks up a bag and goes to leave, but Bridget stops him and asks him what is in the bag. He says it's stupid, but she wants to see it anyway. It's a snow globe, he tells her that he never believed girls like her existed and that she is to good to be true. Eric, Stephanie, Rick, and Amber rush in to find Deacon with Bridget. They tell Bridget to send him away and never look back. Bridget looks around the room, and they wait for her answer.

Tony goes to see a psychiatrist, but he is busy and he refers him to Taylor. They go into her office and start to talk. Tony wants to remain anonymous. He tells her that he has been under a lot of pressure at work and that he can't sleep at night and that the stress is too much. He tells her that he has been having panic attacks. Asks her for a prescription for pills or a relaxing exercise, that he has deadlines and can't go into a long story, that he doesn't have the time. He tells her he just came back, that he was out of town for a funeral and has fallen behind in his work. She asks him who and he tells her it was an ex-girlfriend He tells that she took her own life by overdosing on drugs. Taylor asks what would have made her do this, and he tells her she was terminally ill. When asked what the disease was, he tells her that she was dying of AIDS.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

In her hospital room, while Deacon was present, Stephanie, Eric, Rick and Amber questioned why Bridget allowed Deacon to have further contact with her. Amber told Bridget she could understand how Deacon could be very convincing. Brooke was furious when she entered the room and saw Deacon still hanging around Bridget. She threatened to kill Deacon if he didn't get out of Bridget's life.

Tony told Taylor that Ellen committed suicide because she learned she had HIV. He explained that Ellen wasn't aware she was infected with HIV when she was dating him. Taylor assumed that Tony had been tested for HIV because he said he is healthy and doesn't have HIV. Taylor implored him to get an HIV test immediately. During his session with Taylor, Kristen telephoned Tony on his cellular phone. She questioned if their relationship was coming to an end? Tony assured her he's in love with her. Taylor warned Tony that he could put his girlfriend at risk for HIV.

Back at the hospital, Amber agreed with Bridget that Deacon is not a bad guy at heart, but she disagreed with her that Deacon suddenly has feelings for Bridget. Amber claimed to know Deacon well enough to realize that he feels guilty over his deception of Bridget and still wants to get her and Little Eric back. Eric told Bridget that he and her mother forbid her from having any further contact with Deacon. Besides, He and her mother will never accept Deacon in her life.

In the hospital waiting room, Deacon told Brooke that he has fallen in love with Bridget. He emphasized that he's impressed with her honesty and she treats him like he matters. He added that he wants sanity in his life from a good, honest and healthy relationship. Brooke acknowledged his feelings and told him she understood. Out of appreciation, Deacon embraced Brooke. Unbeknownst to them, Amber saw Brooke and Deacon embrace. She seemed stunned and confused at what she saw!

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Amber can't believe it when she finds Brooke and Deacon hugging in the hall. She quickly guesses that they are scheming against her but both deny it. Brooke talks about her past as a way of explaining to Amber and Deacon that she understands their backgrounds and how each has been shaped by them. She then gets them to agree that they have feelings for her son and daughter but then asks them to confirm that they both have feelings for each other. Brooke lectures them that those are their true feelings of love and can't be denied. When Bridget wakes, Eric calmly urges her to tell him how she can consider taking back a man like Deacon into her life. Showing him the shaker globe, Bridget confides that she is worried about what might happen but does believe that he cares for her. Eric again claims that Deacon is not worthy of her trust. Sofia cries to Clarke about Tony's absence from work and the inevitability that he's with Kristen. When Tony arrives late for work, he denies he was with Kristen but does reveal he'll be with her tonight. Clarke blasts Tony for hurting Sofia. Later, complaining that she misses him, Sofia assures Tony that whatever is troubling him, she can help.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

While in the hospital waiting room, Brooke informed Eric that Deacon and Amber were in the other hospital room ready to face their feelings for one another. Brooke explained that Bridget would be free of Deacon if he and Amber start a relationship. Eric agreed if Rick's marriage to Amber has to be destroyed so Bridget can be free of Deacon, then so be it.

Taylor told Dr. Nunez that Tony needs an HIV test but he absolutely refuses to have one. Dr. Nunez was concerned that Tony could be in a relationship and infecting some innocent, unknowing woman.

Over at Spectra Fashions, Sofia questioned Tony whether or not she still means something to him any more. Tony revealed to Sofia that he has fallen for someone. Sofia minimized his revelation by reminding him he has fallen for many women in the past, but she is the one he has always loved. When Sofia left, Tony realized that because he has slept with Sofia, he could have given her HIV. He again denied to himself that it's possible he could have HIV.

Kristen went to Taylor's house to borrow one of her outfits for her date with Tony. Kristen revealed she hadn't had a sexual relationship in a very long time. She asked Taylor for advice about when it would be right to start a sexual relationship with Tony. Taylor advised her that she will know when its right! Kristen telephoned Tony and tantalized him about how sexy her dress would be for their date together that evening.

Meanwhile, in the hospital room, Amber and Deacon were beginning to discuss feelings.

Deacon felt that perhaps Brooke is correct, when she says that he and Amber have feelings for one another. Amber admitted that she is attracted to Deacon, but she is not planning to act on the attraction. Deacon reminisced about their trip to Las Vegas. He managed to get Amber to let her guard down. Amber admitted that she has made love to Deacon many times in her imagination. Seeing a golden opportunity present itself, Deacon convinced her to make love to him on the hospital bed!

Friday, July 13, 2001

Deacon continues to kiss Amber and starts to make love to her until she stops him and pulls back. She insists that she will not cheat on Rick. Though she mentions everything about Deacon that she loves, she reminds him that she will not leave her husband who has done so much for her. Realizing that she will not change her mind, Deacon then states that he will make his own marriage work. He then kisses Amber goodbye and leaves. Over dinner, Over dinner Taylor worries to Ridge about her patient who won't be tested for the AIDS virus. She sends him to be with Bridget at the hospital while she handles the bill. Meanwhile, Tony arrives at the restaurant just as he receives a call from Kristen advising him that she will be late. Kristen also calls Taylor to thank her for the dress she's wearing tonight. Taylor spots Tony and decides to have a chat with him. He won't talk and reminds her that he's not in her office. She urges him to stop by her office to have a chat tomorrow. After she leaves, Kristen arrives, the two just missing each other. Ridge, Brooke and Eric wait for Bridget to get dressed for her release from the hospital. Amber and Deacon enter and Bridget quickly accuses her mother of pairing them. They announce their decision to stay with their spouses. Deacon then pleads with Bridget to come home with him. While Brooke fumes, Eric pleads with his daughter to ignore Deacon and come home with him.

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