The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on B&B

Tony learned that he was HIV positive. Thorne decided that his marriage to Brooke was over, and Taylor warned Brooke not to get any ideas about Ridge. Thorne saw a vision of Macy and implored it for another chance with Macy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Tony asks the doctor about his HIV test. He tells the doctor he is sure that he is HIV negative. The doctor pauses a moment and tells him that he wants to go over some details about the test before he gives him the results. Tony says he just wants to know if he is negative on not. The doctor replies no. Tony shocked: Taylor tries to tell him he can have a normal life with the disease. Tony says yeah, "but what of life can I have?" "I'm diseased," he yells. Taylor tries to explain that he doesn't have full blown AIDS. "Do you think that will matter to my family", he says. He says if this gets out, it will ruin my career, my relationship, my friends, everything. He asks what did he do to deserve this? "Am I being punished?" Taylor begs him to let her help him, but he says don't touch me and walks away. She says that he must calm down or he will have another anxiety attack. He realizes why Ellen killed herself. She couldn't live with herself. Taylor says she understands why he is upset, but that it is nothing to be ashamed of. God is not punishing him. Meanwhile, Kristen invites Sofia to sit down with her at Insomnia. Kristen asks her if she is seeing anyone. She replies no, she realizes Tony's heart belongs to Kristen, but she is still very much in love with him. Sofia tells her, Tony and her will have an exciting future together. Kristen tells her that she hasn't had the best track record with men. She wants to know if Tony truly loves her. They haven't made love yet. Sofia is shocked to learn that haven't made love, asks her why. Kristen says that she is not comfortable talking about with her. Sofia tells her not to worry they will enjoy a long happy life together.

Eric and Ridge discuss what happened at the cabin. Ridge says that Thorne will be fine, that his ego is just bruised. Ridge says that he knows that he is hurting; he would have probably reacted the same way, but their marriage will be fine. Eric says that no one really knows how much Thorne is hurting right now. Ridge asks how does he know. Eric replies, because he's been there. Thorne no longer trusts Brooke and he probably never will. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Brooke tries to seduce Thorne. She tells him that she needs him. They lay down on the bed and Thorne looks like he's about to give in, but he stops and tells her, her seduction trick is not going to work. It may have worked on Ridge, but it will never work on him. He could have sex with her, but he could never make love to her. It's only sex and I am just another body, compared to Ridge. Her pathetic excuse to get passionate with him is useless, because she will never feel the passion that she felt with Ridge. Brooke says that's not true and it's not too late. Thorne interrupts her and spats that it is too late; their marriage is over and storms out.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

In Taylor's office, Tony was shocked to learn that he is HIV-positive. He didn't know how he would be able to reveal this news to Kristin. In horror, he also remembered that he had slept with Sofia. He worried he may have transmitted the disease to her. Taylor tried to assess if Tony was emotionally stable before she would allow him to leave her office. Taylor assured Tony that being HIV-positive is not a death sentence and that many couples are able to cope and adjust to the knowledge that a partner has HIV. Taylor encouraged Tony to inform Kristen of his plight.

Stephanie told Ridge that she knew Thorne and Brooke's marriage wouldn't last, but she was surprised that it was breaking up this soon. She credited Thorne with accomplishing what no one else in the family could do. Thorne will get rid of Brooke for good by divorcing her! Thorne admitted that he was sorry that he didn't heed Stephanie's advice about Brooke.

At Spectra Fashions, Kristen told Clarke that she feels that Tony is really the one for her. Clarke complimented Kristen. He told her that he hasn't seen her this happy and confident in a long time. He was curious about something though. He asked Kristen if she's willing to give up her Milan, Paris and New York living.

In Ridge's office, Thorne wanted Ridge to be aware that he's not blaming him for the break-up of his marriage to Brooke. Ridge advised him that Brooke loves him very much and he's ending his marriage in haste. Ridge asked Thorne to not trash Brooke and to protect her from the family's wrath.

At the cabin and feeling very alone, Brooke was heartbroken over the demise of her marriage to Thorne. She sobbed uncontrollably. Stephanie made a surprise visit to Brooke at the cabin. In a very cold manner, Stephanie told Brooke she doesn't care about her version of what happened between her and Thorne. In the same cold manner, Stephanie told Brooke that the Forrester family is now finally through with her!

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Brooke resents it to find Stephanie ready to celebrate the failure of her marriage to Thorne. Stephanie states that she knows that Brooke's never gotten over Ridge and though Brooke insists that she has, Stephanie won't believe her. She then rocks Brooke's world by suggesting that she caused Thorne to walk away from the one woman who loved him for who he was. She goes on to claim that Brooke tricked Thorne into leaving Macy and urges her to go away since there is no other Forrester male for her to chase after. Thorne complains to Ridge and Taylor about the pain Brooke has caused him. Ridge insists that Brooke is in love with him and afraid that she will lose him but Thorne cries as he admits that Macy was right in warning him that Brooke doesn't really love him. When he claims that Macy would be alive today if he had listened to her, Taylor urges him not to blame himself for Macy's death. Taylor is unnerved when she hears Ridge defending Brooke again. After Thorne leaves, she points out to her husband that Brooke's repeated another terrible pattern by running to Ridge when she's hurt. She urges Ridge to leave Brooke alone and let her get stronger by solving her own problems. Thorne brings flowers to Macy's grave and cries for her. He remembers Macy somberly giving him up so that he would be happy for Brooke. Thorne is surprised when he feels a hand grab him from behind.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

At Macy's grave, Thorne was so shocked to see Macy standing there that he could hardly say her name. Macy was alive and well! Macy told him she didn't tell him that she was well and alive because she thought it didn't matter to him. Thorne informed Macy that his marriage to Brooke was over. Macy said she knew that his marriage wouldn't last. Thorne told Macy that he has missed her badly. He asked her for her forgiveness and another chance for a relationship with her. Macy revealed that she would like nothing more than a second chance, but it's impossible. She informed Thorne it was impossible because she's part of a dream he is having. Macy then disappeared.

At Forrester Creations, Taylor suggested that she and Ridge use tough love with Brooke. Taylor told Ridge that she wants to try to help Brooke also. When Ridge left for a meeting, Brooke left a telephone message for him. Taylor, who was still in Ridge's office, took the message from Megan. Taylor called Brooke instead. Taylor suggested to Brooke that she call someone other than Ridge while she's going through this tough period. Brooke became infuriated with Taylor and hung up the telephone.

In Eric's office, Stephanie took Brooke's bottle of champagne to celebrate with Ridge and Eric over the demise of Brook's marriage to Thorne. Ridge defended Brooke to Stephanie. He insisted that he would always be Brooke's friend!

At Spectra Fashions, Sally and Clarke reamed Tony for not being at work for so long. They wanted answers about where he had been. Tony was only concerned with finding Sofia. Sofia came to the office. Tony told her he had to speak to her in private. She told Tony that she hoped he wasn't angry with her. She was hoping to remain friends with Tony, because she would always remember their romantic times together. Tony told her she probably wouldn't always feel that way. Sofia seemed confused about what he said. Tony did not tell her of his HIV diagnosis.

Taylor went to the cabin to see Brooke. She told Brooke that her feelings for Ridge have caused problems in every area of her life. Brooke insisted she couldn't help the feelings she has for Ridge. Becoming aggravated with Taylor, she advised her that Ridge is never going to forget what he shared with her! She added she wouldn't cross the line with Ridge, but that they are still connected and she could get Ridge back if she wants to. Taylor found Brooke's revelation comical. She laughed in hysteria over the notion that Brooke could win Ridge back. Brooke had fire in her eyes as she watched Taylor laugh at her!

Friday, August 3, 2001

When Ridge refuses to have anything to do with Stephanie's celebration of Brooke's ruined marriage, Eric lectures him that he should be able to see things from Stephanie's point of view and why she is relieved that her son has been set free from the woman she thinks has almost ruined her family. Ridge admits he can understand why she's thinking the way she is and adds that he now thinks it was probably a bad idea for Brooke to marry his brother but he points out that Brooke has not done anything criminal. He then goes on to explain that he's glad Brooke has some support from he and Taylor because he knows how much she's hurting right now. Stephanie comments that she wouldn't be surprised if Taylor decides to end her friendship with Brooke now that she's aware of Brooke's lingering feelings for Ridge. Brooke cries to Ridge about the confrontation she had with Taylor earlier. When Taylor learns that Brooke ran crying to Ridge in spite of her warning to stay away from her husband, Taylor realizes that Stephanie might be right about Brooke and thinks that it would be best for everyone to get Brooke out of their lives. Meanwhile, Brooke stuns Megan when she announces that she has decided to follow her heart and vows to win Ridge back.

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