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Tony revealed that he was HIV positive, and Eric forbade future contact between Tony and Kristen. After Sally fired Tony, she learned that he was HIV positive. Ridge was unhappy to learn that Taylor had known about Tony's condition the whole time.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, August 13, 2001

At the Forrester party, Deacon, Bridget, Rick, and Amber are talking. Rick asks Deacon how he is doing and he says that he couldn't be happier. Amber leaves to bring Little Eric down to the party. When they get down there, Little Eric runs to Deacon, which seems to upset Rick. Meanwhile, Clarke and Sofia are talking and he says that Kristen must go and get tested. Sofia tells him that Kristen and Tony have never slept together. Clarke tells Sofia that Taylor has an obligation to tell Kristen the truth about Tony; she is family. Clarke then calls Taylor and demands she tell her or he will. Taylor warns him that he can't do that.

Meanwhile at the Forrester party, Tony tries to tell Kristen what is wrong. He tells her that what he is about to tell her will make her think a lot less of him. He says that he has learned something about Ellen when he was down in Florida. Tony is about to tell her when Ridge walks over. Tony says he can't discuss it right now and leaves. Kristen and the Forrester's seem puzzled. Kristen tells Taylor what just happened and Taylor tells her that she must go to Tony and listen to what he has to say. Once back at his place, Tony looks at a picture of Kristen and him and thinks back to what happened at the party. He says to himself that he just couldn't tell her with Ridge standing there. Tony says that he must get out of there. He starts packing and writes a note to Kristen that he must leave for awhile. Before he can leave, Kristen comes in and demands to know what is the matter. He tells her that he loves her, but he can't fulfill her dreams. She tells him that she has been waiting for the right man all her life and he is it. He says that he has made a mistake that he can't take back. She begs him to tell her. He says that he learned something the other day and it is the most terrifying news anyone can hear. He tells her that he is sick. He went to take a blood test and it came back HIV positive.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

At Tony's beach house, Kristen was in shock when she realized that Tony wasn't joking about being positive for HIV. Tony told Kristen that he wants her to get tested for HIV right away. Kristen agreed to be tested, but questioned why she needed to be. She and Tony hadn't made love yet.

At Stephanie's house party, Deacon enjoyed his time with Little Eric. Rick couldn't help but notice just how much Little Eric enjoyed being with Deacon. Rick told Amber that he felt Deacon's play with Eric was a form of bribery. Amber consoled Rick by reminding him that he's the father who is raising Eric. For Bridget's sake, Deacon invited Rick to participate in play with Little Eric. Bridget was very pleased that Deacon was willing to try to get along with Rick. Amber then watched as Bridget rewarded Deacon with a very long passionate kiss.

In Taylor's office, Carlos waited with Taylor for Kristen and Tony to arrive. She had instructed Kristen to come to her office after she and Tony talked that evening. Carlos and Taylor were expecting Dr. Craig to arrive, even at that late hour, to test Kristen for HIV.

Back at Stephanie's party, Amber retired early and left Rick with Little Eric. Bridget suggested that Deacon get Little Eric ready for bed. When Deacon left with Eric, Bridget explained to Rick how frustrated Deacon is only being allowed to see Little Eric once per week. While getting Eric ready for bed, Deacon noticed that Amber was in the shower. She thought he was Rick and called for him to come inside the shower. She was surprised to see Deacon instead. He stared at her, before handing her a towel. Amber, although longing for Deacon, told him its Rick she's interested in, not him. Deacon had a hard time believing her when he noticed she still had the tattoo that they had gotten in Las Vegas together. She told Deacon she kept the tattoo because it reminds her of how she almost lost Rick.

Meanwhile, Tony told Kristen that she needs to go on living her life, including marriage and children with another man. He insisted that his HIV diagnosis does not ruin all of her dreams of marriage and children. Kristen protested. She told Tony that she loves him, and he is the only man that she wanted to spend her life with. Tony grieved that the HIV diagnosis has ruined his life. He made it clear to Kristen that the last few weeks with her are the closest he will ever come to the life that he wants with her. He advised her that the man she loves is gone. Tony told Kristen he would be fine if he knows that she will go on with her life as planned, but without him. He wants Kristen to carry out all of the things that they dreamed about. He wants her to live the dream for the both of them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Kristen somberly complains to Taylor that her hope of a marriage proposal fell far short when Tony stunned her with the news that he's HIV positive. She cries that before she could be with him, her future with Tony is over. Taylor assures her that that doesn't have to be the case and goes further to reveal that Tony is bringing Dr. Craig to take a blood test so she can be tested. Kristen claims she doesn't need one since they didn't make love but then changes her mind so that Tony can concentrate on himself, not her. Dr. Craig returns with the news that Kristen's test came back negative. When he suggests meeting with Tony to discuss ways to express his feelings to Kristen, Tony assures him that he's not going to put her in danger so he's ending their relationship. Alone with him, Kristen refuses to say goodbye and vows not to lose him. Tony explains that it's over and that he won't change his mind. Meanwhile, Eric and Ridge both agree that with the amazing changes they've seen in Kristen, they both think that Tony is the perfect guy for her. Sofia finds Darla inhaling helium as she inflates balloons for a big party for Tony. When Sally enters with a pinata to hang, Sofia urges her to postpone the party because Tony's overworked and a bit depressed because of his relationship with Kristen. Clarke seconds the idea of canceling the party but then the two back off when Sally suspects they're not telling her everything.

Thursday, August 16, 2001


In despair over the end of his relationship with Kristen, Tony sat in his office, alone. Darla came to his door and told him Sally needed to see him. Tony didn't know that Sally was having a surprise party for him in her office. Tony told Darla that he can't deal with Sally right now and sent her away.

At the Forrester home, Eric told Kristen that her relationship with Tony is special and rare. He decided that Kristen should consider Tony a "keeper." Kristen couldn't hide her sadness from Eric any longer. She exploded with tears and explained that her relationship with Tony is over. She informed him that Tony is HIV positive. Suddenly, Eric had a change in attitude toward Tony. Eric became very protective of Kristen and forbade her to have any kind of future contact with Tony. He did not want Kristen exposed to HIV. She explained that Tony had been very protective with her and wouldn't ever expose her to HIV. She revealed that she had already been tested for HIV and that the result was negative. Kristen refused to cut Tony completely out of her life.

Sally took her surprise party to Tony's office since he didn't want to deal with her right now. Tony was very angry to see Sally and company marching into his office partying. He couldn't handle it and threw everyone out of his office. Sally questioned his erratic behavior. She automatically assumed that Kristen had done something to hurt Tony. He warned Sally not to talk about Kristen. Tony then dropped a bomb on Sally. He told her that there would be no further clothing collections. To Sally's horror, Tony announced he was quitting Spectra Fashions. Sally was insulted by Tony's insensitivity to Macy's death. She mistook his remark that people die everyday as an insult to Macy. He didn't explain to Sally that he was referring to himself. In a fury over his remark about death, Sally fired Tony and threw him out of the building. Clark explained to Sally that Tony is very ill. Sally couldn't understand it, because Tony didn't seem sick. She hadn't observed any symptoms of an illness. Clark decided to break Sofia's confidence and told Sally that Tony is HIV positive.

Eric went to Tony's house. Tony knew right away that Kristen had informed him about the HIV. Eric was angry because Tony could have easily put Kristen at risk for HIV. Eric forbade Tony to ever see Kristen again.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Eric tells Tony that his attitude towards him has changed: not because he is HIV positive himself, but that the disease threatens his Kristen's life. He insists that Tony make a verbal commitment to him to permanently end his relationship with his daughter.

Ridge arrives home from work and tells Taylor he had a very difficult day at work. When Taylor inquires into the nature of the source of his anger, Ridge tells her there is a rumor at Forrester Creations that Tony Dominguez is HIV positive. Taylor startles Ridge by confirming the truth behind the rumor and further states she was with Tony when he was tested for the disease. Ridge is frustrated and angered to learn that his wife kept this information secret from him while his sister pursued a romantic relationship with Tony.

Sofia arrives at the Forrester home and comforts Kristen. Both women express relief that each other's HIV tests were negative. Kristen expresses regrets that she and Tony failed to have time to share the usual intimacies couples in love express. Kristen tells Sofia that her father is speaking with Tony and both women are concerned for Tony. Kristen asks Sofia to speak with Tony and convince him not to end their relationship.

As Eric and Tony discuss the relationship he shared with Kristen, Tony informs Eric that he has already terminated their relationship. Eric expresses gratitude towards him and offers to assist Tony with securing the best medical care available for HIV positive diagnosis. Tony appreciates the offer but decides it is time for a clean break between both families. He also states his undying love for Kristen.

Ridge and Taylor's conversation quickly dissolves into a mutual conflict. Taylor insists her professionalism was on the line in this situation and that she made the only ethical choice available. She assures Ridge that she was protective of Kristen and was also present when Kristen received her negative HIV status report. Ridge also insists that his viewpoint is right and tells Taylor she needs to agree with him on this point. Taylor retorts that she will not comply and announces she is going to bed.

Brooke calls Ridge to inform him that she is returning from Paris. She senses Ridge's frustration and anger and questions him about it. Ridge asserts he does not want to talk about the situation. Brooke states it must involve Taylor for him to be this upset and Ridge agrees with her. Ridge inquires about Brooke's dating while in Paris and Brooke tells Ridge she hopes Taylor does not lock him out of the bedroom...or maybe she does. Ridge tells Brooke that he'll see her tomorrow.

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