The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on B&B

Brooke annulled her marriage to Thorne and asked Ridge to marry her. Brooke tried to make nice with Taylor's children, and Taylor warned Brooke to stop chasing Ridge. Eric learned that an old friend of Stephanie's planned to relocate to Beverly Hills.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Bridget and Deacon host a beach party. Rick and Amber show up and Deacon asks where Little Eric is. Rick says that he didn't want him to be where there is alcohol. Deacon says that there are kids under age; there isn't any alcohol. Rick just says "oops" and walks away. Deacon asks Amber why does she let him do this. She tells him to relax; he'll get to see him over the weekend. While Deacon is grilling he sneaks a beer, Amber goes to take a drink and Bridget comes over and takes it from him and says he can't be drinking, there are under aged guests here. Bridget pulls him to the center of the deck and introduces him to everyone. Deacon gets embarrassed, but Amber finds it funny. While Amber and Rick are dancing, Deacon fantasizes him and Amber together alone dancing by the pool. Bridget calls his name and he snaps out of it. Amber goes to the liquor cabinet and sneaks a bottle of whiskey and pours it into the punch. Deacon busts her and takes the bottle from her, but doesn't get rid of the punch. Amber asks him what he was thinking about; he plays dumb. He says if she picked up on the vibes she must have felt it too.

Ridge tries to call Kristen, but she isn't at home. Taylor shows up at his office. She tells him that he is overreacting. Ridge asks her what if she would have slept with him. She says that Tony is a responsible guy he wouldn't have done that. She says, 'why don't we agree to disagree. He says he can't. He asks where is the trust. He says that she should have told him immediately. "That is the difference between them", she says. Meanwhile Brooke is signing the divorce papers. Thorne says their marriage is now annulled, like it never happened. Brooke says that is not the way she looks at it. Thorne says, "you don't have to, you have a plan B." He asks how her trip to Paris went. She says fine. She lets it slip that she called Ridge. Thorne begins to question her. He asks what she is up to; is she going after Ridge? She says that she doesn't want to fight. He says, "I just asked a simple question." "No, she replies, "You asked a loaded question." He says that Forrester doesn't need another scandal. They want to be known as sexy not sleazy. He tells her that she's changed. She says that this is his entire fault, he pulled the rug completely out from under her. He says that she is only doing this to hurt the Forresters. She says that she would never use Ridge as a revenge tactic. Thorne leaves to go see Taylor. Once there, he warns Taylor. She says that she is not worried. Ridge decides to go to the sauna to release some stress. Brooke shows up after learning from Megan that is where Ridge would be. Ridge is shocked and asks what she is doing there. She says they are both having problems; they can work through them together. "Am I getting to you?" she asks. He says yes, but only because she is a beautiful women and she is naked. He turns to go, but she stops him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

At Forrester Creations, Brooke tried to entice Ridge to stay in the sauna with her. He was blunt and told her that he really didn't want to talk to her. Brooke refused to listen to him and pressured him even more.

At Deacon and Bridget's party, Deacon noticed Amber, who was dancing in her bathing suit. Amber then noticed when Deacon danced with an intoxicated Bridget. Deacon directed her to their bedroom and told her to wait there for him. Amber questioned Rick if he's really happy in their marriage. Rick didn't hesitate to tell Amber that he is happy that he married her. Rick saw that Deacon was dumping the spiked punch. He accused Deacon of spiking the punch. Rick was prepared to take the car keys away from anyone at the party who appeared intoxicated. He planned to send them home by taxi. Rick advised Deacon that if anyone was in a car accident because of the alcohol they consumed at Deacon's party, Deacon would be liable. Deacon did not reveal to Rick that Amber was the one who in fact had spiked the punch. Amber later thanked Deacon for covering for her regarding the punch. She was curious why Deacon had covered for her. Ginger told Amber that she' suspicious that Amber still has feelings for Deacon and he for her. Amber became defensive and responded to Ginger's allegation by claiming that both she and Deacon are committed to their marriages.

In Ridge's office, Taylor didn't want to believe Thorne's prediction that Brooke is ready to make a move on Ridge. Even though Taylor was insulted that Thorne was predicting that Brooke could ruin her and Ridge's marriage, he continued to advise her to smooth out any problems she is having with Ridge immediately. After Thorne left Ridge's office,

Taylor had a change of heart and considered Thorne's advice. She called Megan to locate Ridge so she could speak with him. Megan informed her that Ridge was in the sauna. Taylor decided to join him in the sauna! She didn't know that Brooke had already joined Ridge in the steam room and was making her move on Ridge!

Back at Deacon and Bridget's party, Deacon and Bridget were getting cozy in bed. Bridget wanted to make love even though the party was still going on. Amber stood at the door and watched them. Deacon noticed that she was spying on them. His eyes met Amber's.

Back inside the steam room, Brooke was trying her hardest to make Taylor seem unattractive to Ridge. She pointed out that she and Ridge are artists and that Taylor is only a scientist and thinks like a scientist. She bluntly said that she and Ridge were creative and free when they made love and that Taylor has no passion. Brooke rambled on about how she and Ridge are destined to be together, so therefore, Taylor isn't the woman for Ridge, Brooke is. Brooke finally made her move and asked Ridge to leave Taylor and marry her!

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Over coffee at Insomnia, Sally worries to Clarke about Tony and word getting out to the industry about his HIV status. Clarke guesses that Tony may come back to work. Shocked to see Thorne grabbing a drink at Macy's business, Sally and Clarke confront him and are shocked when he reveals that he has ended his marriage to Brooke because Brooke wants her soul mate: Ridge. Unsympathetic, Sally claims that her daughter might be alive today if he hadn't fallen for Brooke's lies. In the steam room Ridge announces to Brooke that he is not going to leave Taylor and their children for her. Brooke assures him that he will always be father to his kids. Hearing Taylor call from outside the room, Ridge tries to convince Taylor to remain outside but she pushes him back inside and explains that if she had known Tony was dating Kristen, she would never have taken him as a client. She then suggests they kiss and make up within the privacy of the steam room but is sickened to find Brooke hiding amidst the torrid mist. When Brooke claims that Ridge has feelings for her, Taylor asks her husband to call her delusional. When Ridge refuses to agree with her prognosis, Taylor storms out of the room. Later, Taylor confronts Brooke and advises her not to try to break up her family. Boasting that she will never go away, Brooke asserts that she is meant to be with Ridge and urges her rival to give up for the sake of the children.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

In the gym at Forrester Creations, Taylor was flabbergasted when Brooke admitted she wanted Taylor to divorce Ridge so she can be with him again. Brooke rationalized her request by explaining that she and Ridge are meant to be together. Brooke figured it would be easier for their children if they didn't see their parents fighting. Brooke assessed that it is inevitable that Ridge is going to leave Taylor to remarry her. Taylor told Brooke that she has completely lost touch with reality with this idea that she and Ridge are meant to be together. Taylor advised her that Ridge does not want anything to do with her and pities her. Taylor labeled Brooke a sociopath.

In Eric's office, Eric requested that Ridge obtain the most delicate fabric for the Brooke's Bedroom lingerie. He voiced his concerns about rumors flying about Brooke and Ridge. He warned Ridge to put his marriage first. In addition, he warned for Ridge to be on guard for Brooke to use his and Brooke's history together as a weapon to seduce him. Ridge assured him he's committed to his marriage and won't do anything to make Taylor feel insecure about Brooke.

At Amber and Rick's, Deacon made an unscheduled visit to see Little Eric. Amber surprised Deacon by dressing Little Eric in the leather outfit that Deacon had purchased for him. They discovered that Little Eric had a very high fever and prepared to call the doctor.

Back at Forrester Creations, Taylor followed Brooke back to her office to confront her about her notion that Taylor divorce Ridge. When Katherine brought the children into the office, Thomas showed Taylor a picture he had drawn of their family. After the children left, Brooke admitted she doesn't want to break up the children's family, but will do so to be with their father-Ridge! Ridge went to Brooke's office when he heard Taylor and Brooke quarreling. Taylor left the office with Ridge screaming at Brooke that she's not going to get away with breaking up her family.

While Eric was in his office, an old acquaintance of he and Stephanie's arrived, Massimo Marone. Eric informed him that Stephanie was out of the country. He spoke for Stephanie and told him that even if she were there, she wouldn't want anything to do with him.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Eric reiterates his demand that Massimo promptly leave his office. Massimo informs Eric that he is in L.A. on business and will be in town for quite some time. He also tells Eric that he is quite disappointed that Stephanie is out of town and inquires into the date of her return. Angry and resentful toward Massimo's inquiry, Eric informs him that Stephanie will not want to see him even when she returns.

Amber and Deacon follow the pediatrician's advice by placing a cool cloth on Little Eric's forehead and wait for his temperature to decline. They grow closer as they share the initial fears new parents face when caring for their sick child.

Ridge tries to comfort a hysterical Taylor. The doctor seems unable to handle her own emotional outbursts yet alone respond properly to Brooke. Taylor, choosing not to use her physician's critical thinking skills, accuses Brooke of being "delusional and dangerous." Ridge insists Taylor's accusations are ridiculous and defends Brooke to his wife.

Massimo's reply to Eric is one of surprise: Stephanie has kept close contact with him over the past decades and evidently kept this friendship from her husband. Eric is startled and disbelieving when Massimo elaborates on the depth of knowledge he has regarding the Forrester family. Eric contends that his family does not need Massimo as a friend, while Eric's rival informs him that he will not leave Stephanie alone to deal with Brooke Logan.

Megan enters the office of Brooke and speaks with her regarding her intentions toward Ridge and his family. Megan tells Brooke she doesn't believe Ridge would ever leave his children for matter what feelings the two of them share together. Catherine returns to Brooke's office with the children; she is looking for Ridge. Brooke invites the children into her office and surprises them each with a huge lollipop!

Taylor tells Ridge he must separate himself from Brooke in order to protect their family. Ridge agrees to speak with Brooke but Taylor insists that she can not be responsible for her actions if Brooke " so much as comes near the children or my family." Ridge responds in silent disbelief to his wife's incredulous statements. His psychiatrist/physician wife is emotionally out of control while making accusations about Ridge's ability to remain faithful to his family.

Massimo tells Eric that he is opening a new import/export office in Long Beach and is looking for a new home in Beverly Hills. He intends to be a part of Stephanie's life for a long, long time. Eric is furious and insinuates that the only business conducted by Massimo is illegal.

Taylor storms into Brooke's office and screams at Brooke. She tells Megan to leave the office and asks Catherine to take the children to the car. Next Taylor throws items on the desk onto the floor, screams again at Brooke, ranting and raving about Brooke hurting her children.

Brooke leaves her office, with Taylor following behind her continuously screaming warnings to leave her family alone. Massimo exits Eric's office and the two men observe Taylor violently lunging at Brooke and screaming various threats at her.

Ridge exits his office and asks Brooke what happened: Brooke tells him she gave his children a lollipop! Ridge pulls Taylor off of Brooke, tells her to calm down, and asks Brooke to return to her office.

Amber and Deacon consider taking Little Eric to the E.R. but reconsider and take his temperature again. His temperature is normal. They both share a tender moment as they speak of 'their son' and their devotion to him.

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