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Amber stopped herself from having sex with Deacon. Sally rehired Tony, who'd decided to stop seeing Kristen. Brooke admitted her desire to break up Ridge and Taylor, but Stephanie refused to let Brooke interfere in the family again.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Eric finds Ridge waiting for Brooke so he can talk to her about what happened with Taylor. Eric tells him that he has to get through to her and that may mean getting ruthless with her. He is the only one who can do anything about Brooke. Ridge agrees. Ridge asks Eric who was the man coming out of his office. Eric says it was Massimo Marone, an old friend of Stephanie's. They all knew each other when they attended Northwestern. Stephanie and Massimo used to date. Eric tells Ridge he doesn't know what he wants, now that he's back. He tells Ridge that he doesn't want his near his family; he may have ties to the mob. Eric departs and Brooke comes to Ridge's office. Brooke mocks Taylor's actions and tells Ridge that she is only angry because she knows that it's the truth. She goes on to tell him that she knows he feels the same way and she will prove it. She takes out and old photo album. It has pictures of their weddings and vacations. They begin to think back and reminisce. She tells Ridge that if Stephanie and the family had not interrupted they would be together now. She tells him to listen to his heart. She tells him to keep the photo album, it will make him realize everything that had together and could still share. Ridge goes to leave with the photo album, but turns around and lays it down and walks out. Brooke begins to cry.

Meanwhile Taylor is still seething about what happened with Brooke. Massimo overhears her and walks over to her. He says he saw what happened earlier and agrees with how she handled things. He tells her that she should be more forceful. He makes a comparison with a hummingbird, how it will do anything to protect its family if it feels its nest is being threatened. He says that she must do anything to protect her family, even if it means using deadly force. Taylor is a bit shocked to hear this and asks if he would ever use such force. He says that he would. Taylor says that it sounds a bit extreme.

Bridget and Betsy are talking at Bridget's place. Betsy asks where Deacon is. Bridget tells her that he is with Amber, because Little Eric is running a fever. Betsy says, "doesn't that bother you?" Bridget answers no, that she trusts him. Over at Amber's, Eric's fever has subsided. Deacon says he must go, but they start to make out. Amber pulls away and says that she can't and asks Deacon to leave. He goes to walk out and catches he off guard and kisses her goodbye. Betsy is about to leave, and Deacon walks in. Bridget tells him that he didn't have to come home so soon. He hugs her and says this is where he needs to be. Betsy leaves and Bridget says that she is going to take a shower, would he like to join her. He tells her to go ahead he will be right in. Deacon calls Amber and apologizes. Amber says that she must apologize also. Amber says that Rick is only gone one day and this happens; she is just white trash. Deacon tells her not to talk that way. She tells him that she must go. Deacon is about to hang up and he says that he loves her so much that it hurts and hangs up the phone.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

At Rick and Amber's, Bridget and Deacon visited Little Eric. They were all happy that Little Eric's temperature had returned to normal. When he was alone with Amber, Deacon told her he hadn't slept the whole night because he was thinking of her. Amber admitted the same. However, she disagreed with Deacon that they should act on their feelings for one another. Again, Deacon whispered to Amber that he loved her when Rick and Bridget were talking to one another.

Sally visited Tony at his house. She managed to convince him to return to Spectra Fashions. She also told him that she's there to support him and wants to be with him while he fights all of life's battles, including winning Kristen back. Tony admitted that he couldn't deal with the thought of Kristen with another man.

Kristen was sad and thought about Tony's HIV diagnosis. She was particularly remembering that Tony requested that when she has children with another man some day, he wants her to be happy for herself and for Tony. Clarke paid a visit to Kristen at the Forrester home. He told her she's the only woman he has ever loved. He professed that he's a changed person. He asked Kristen to marry him!

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

During a visit with Kristen, Clarke surprises her with a proposal, and a beautiful diamond ring. He tells Kristen he's never stopped loving her and that no one could ever take her place in his heart. He adds that he will do whatever he can to make her happy. Kristen smiles and says she is very flattered. She starts to laugh, but not at him. Kristen looks at the ring and asks Clarke when he bought it. Laughing, too, he tells her on the way over to the house. She notices that it's not real and they both joke about it. Clarke promises he will give her a real one, if she decides to marry him. Kristen tells him that it's been a long time since she's laughed and it felt good, but she can't marry him. She's in love with Tony, and will always be. Clarke tries to tell her that Tony can't love her the way she should be loved. Kristen says she can be there for him and help him. There relationship could workout. Clarke embraces her and tells Kristen to keep him in mind and that he can be her Plan B. Kristen asks Clarke if he's all right with that. Clarke tells her that he will wait forever for her. After Clarke leaves, Kristen calls Tony. She tells him that she needs to see him, and that she misses him. She loves him so much, and they could be together. Tony tells her no, and not to call again. She needs to move on with her life. Kristen falls to the floor, crying with obvious heartache.

At Taylor's office, she is concerned to see Bridget waiting for her. Bridget tells her that her and Deacon are fine, but wants to talk about her mom. Taylor isn't to happy about that. She's surprised to know, that Bridget is aware of what's going on, and that her mom still loves Ridge. Taylor tries to tell Bridget that she needs to discuss all of this with her mom, and not her. Bridget asks Taylor if she can talk to Brooke, because she needs help. Taylor says she can't, it won't work. Bridget then realizes that Brooke is trying to take Ridge away from her; that's why Taylor can't help. She tries to tell Taylor that her mom won't do this. She doesn't want to hurt the children. Taylor tells Bridget that she's determined to win Ridge back, no matter what. Bridget can't believe her mom is back to her old ways, and going through this pain again; She thought she was happy with Thorne and feels sorry for her. Bridget asks Taylor how she can help. She needs to tell her mom she can't hurt the family with her actions. Taylor tells her she needs to stay out of it. Telling her mom what to do will only make matters worse. Bridget then thinks, wait till Stephanie finds out, what her mom is doing. Stephanie will kill her. Taylor looks at Bridget and nods with a sigh.

Over at Spectra, Sally brings Tony to his office. She is so happy that he decided to come back to work. When they open the door, Darla, Sophia, and some employees, surprise him with a party; They're all happy he's here. Tony is thankful that everyone cares about him. As the party moves downstairs, Tony tells Darla and Sally, he doesn't know if he can create. Being ill is all he thinks about. Sally tells him, the whole staff cares and will stand behind him. They know about his condition. Tony gets angry when he hears this as he feels that he should be the one to tell people; no one needs to know about his illness. Sally tells Darla to go the party and that she needs top speak to Tony. Sally asks him about how long he's decided to sulk and live in self pity. Tony is a little shocked by her words. He tells her he's doing the best he can. Sally explains that everyone has there own problems and that you have to deal with them. She has to live with her daughter's death, and continue her life. The business has helped her do that and it's here for Tony now, just waiting. He needs to help himself and all of Spectra is here to help him too. Tony looks at Sally with tears in his eyes, and accepts her words. He tells her she's the best. Sally is overjoyed and tells him, she'll go, so he can work. Tony sits down at his drawing table, and looks at Kristen's picture. He slowly lies it face down on the table.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

In her office, Brooke revealed her plans for a new product line called "Scandal." Eddie informed Megan that for the "Scandal" campaign, the old rumors and scandals involving Brooke and Ridge would be emphasized. Photos of Brooke and Ridge together would be published. Megan doubted that Ridge would pose for such photos. Eddie showed Megan very romantic photos of Ridge and Brooke together. He explained that Ridge didn't have to pose in the photos. The photos were computerized. The images had been altered and Ridge had been added to the photo by computer. These photos would be used in the advertisement of the new line. Bridget interrupted the meeting. Megan and Eddie left. Bridget demanded to know from Brooke if it were true that she's going after Ridge. Brooke didn't deny it. She told Bridget that Ridge is the only man she's ever loved. Bridget advised her that since Ridge is happily married and has three children, Brooke shouldn't be going after him. It appalled Bridget that Brooke would consider breaking up a family in order to get what she wants. Bridget's worried about Brooke increased when she discovered just how out of touch with reality Brooke is about Ridge's feelings for her.

In Eric's office, he was enthusiastic that Clarke had asked Kristen out. He was relieved that Tony had made a clean break with Kristen and was staying away from her completely as he had promised. Kristen told Eric she doesn't want to desert Tony at such a tragic time in his life.

At Spectra Fashions, Clarke welcomed Tony back to work. He then admitted that he had proposed marriage to Kristen. Tony questioned Clarke's motives. Tony knew that Kristen and Clarke had hardly spoken lately. Clarke explained because Tony has backed away from Kristen, he will be with her now. After Clarke left, Tony didn't know how he would live with the idea of Kristen with another man. Kristen made an unexpected visit to Tony in his office. He warned her she shouldn't be there. Kristen said she doesn't care if she doesn't have the life they dreamed about. All Kristen wants is to be with Tony regardless of his illness. Tony couldn't look Kristen in her eyes and tell her that he doesn't want to be with her. Kristen was happy was elated that Tony agreed to resume their relationship!

Friday, August 31, 2001

At Spectra Fashions, Kristen tries to persuade Tony to view their situation from her perspective. She tells him that her deep love for him makes it impossible for her to stay away from him. She realizes he also needs and loves her in return and emphatically tells Tony she will not let him go through this situation alone.

Ridge enters the office of Brooke apologizing for his tardiness. He sees the bed has been returned to her office. Brooke appears from the dressing room and explains the bed has been returned for product testing. Immediately Ridge begins to flirt with Brooke, asking her if she can't test her sheets at home. Brooke returns his flirtatious statements and the two share a laugh. Next he nixes Brooke's ad campaign ideas and tells her it upsets Taylor....and if she is upset it makes his life difficult. Brooke tells Ridge she will drop the campaign because it complicates his life but she reaffirms the profit making score on her Brooke's Bedroom line. This is business, she asserts, and her "Scandalous" line will be the most successful yet.

Tony and Kristen embrace, but he pulls away quickly, telling Kristen they have no future together because there is nothing he can give her. Kristen counters that she has considered the costs of being involved with an HIV positive man, but her love for him is stronger than the obstacles they must overcome. Tony is tempted.

Taylor confides in Eric about her obsession with Brooke. Eric tells Taylor he has never seen her so upset about anything, that she is obsessing about this situation, and that she has nothing to worry about! Eric tells Taylor he has spoken with Ridge and he trusts in his sons' commitment to his marriage & family. Taylor retorts she has also spoken with Ridge but does not trust him because Brooke is a vicious schemer. She refers to Brooke has an "evil woman" who is like a hand coming up out of a grave to snatch someone down into hell. Eric is stunned at his daughter-in-laws emotional outbursts and asks her not to speak with Stephanie about this situation. He then informs her that Stephanie has returned from her cruise and is on her way to Forrester Creations at this moment. Taylor asks Eric why he hasn't told Stephanie about Brooke, stating she will find out quickly anyway, but Eric asserts it is his position to tell his wife about family difficulties. Taylor states she will leave his office if he intends to explain this situation to Stephanie in a "gentle" manner. Eric agrees with Taylor's decision to leave his office because he does not want his wife to encounter Taylor while she is crying and distraught.

Stephanie enters Eric's office and interrupts the conversation. Eric makes a valiant effort to recover the situation, but Stephanie quickly notices Taylor's' pouting disposition. In opposition to Eric's request, Taylor embarks upon an emotional outburst over Brooke and Ridge. She states "Brooke has Ridge trapped in her office right now," but Eric affirms "they are working." The Forrester matriarch tells Taylor "you are the psychiatrist, shouldn't you be telling us how to handle this situation with Brooke?" Taylor becomes even more emotionally agitated and tells her mother-in-law that "Brooke knows how to step on my buttons with her little spikey heels!" Stephanie comforts Taylor by telling her she will handle Brooke herself. A relieved Taylor smirks at a frustrated Eric as Stephanie leaves his office in pursuit of Brooke.

Brooke is modeling an accessory to her lingerie line for Ridge: a blindfold. Ridge flirtatiously teases Brooke by wrapping the ties of the blindfold around her mouth and telling her "it is hard." She cannot resist the play on words and teases him in return. He then leaves her office.

Stephanie enters the office after Ridge has departed and finds a blindfolded Brooke in her office. Stephanie lets her think she is Ridge and picks up a feather boa and ties it around Brooke's neck. She then begins to tighten it until Brooke struggles free. A stunned Brooke is surprised to see Stephanie Forrester!

Stephanie orders Brooke away from Ridge and her family. Brooke confidently tells her nemesis that she can no longer be controlled by Stephanie, that she no longer seeks her approval, and that is why this time she will succeed. She also tells Stephanie, as she told Bridget yesterday, that she is "not pursuing Ridge but has instead simply told him the truth" about her feelings for him. Stephanie gloats that she has always kept the Ridge away from Brooke, even after he married her twice, and this time she stands between them again. She refers it Ridge and Brooke as a game she always plays to win and one that Brooke will always lose. Brooke asserts her new found independence and freedom from the approval of the Forrester family. After a quiet pause, Stephanie Forrester silently glares at Brooke Logan Forrester.

Ridge returns to his father's office and is surprised to find his wife at the conference table. She tells him she is there to speak with Eric. Ridge asks if their conversation is about Brooke and his wife answers yes. Ridge glares at Taylor and asks Eric not to speak with Stephanie about this matter. Eric replies "too late" to which Taylor states someone has to set Brooke straight. Ridge tells Taylor that Brooke is vulnerable at this time, to which Taylor says "I think I'm going to throw up!" Taylor tells Ridge that Brooke is an "infestation" that she wishes would "just go away" and maybe "Stephanie is the one person who can make that happen." Ridge's face reflects a cold dismay towards his wife.

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