The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on B&B

Massimo offered Brooke's father five million dollars to convince Brooke to relocate to Paris. Taylor convinced Brooke to join her father in Paris. Stephanie and Massimo recalled a secret night they'd spent together years earlier.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, September 17, 2001

Stephanie confronts Brooke at her mansion and issues a demand that she stay away from Ridge. Brooke chuckles at her demands and suggests that it's time Stephanie shows her a little respect. Brooke's father arrives at Massimo's office and demands to know what he wants with him, especially where Brooke is concerned. Massimo boasts that he is about to end all of Stephen's money problems by making him a very wealthy man. Stephen is taken aback when the stranger offers him five million dollars if he'll convince Brooke to return with him to Paris and keep her there. Massimo continues with the warning that if he doesn't accept the offer, he will handle Brooke in another way. When Stephen wonders how he could talk Brooke into leaving town, Massimo suggests he complain of ill health. Stephen then does as ordered and calls to meet with Brooke. Amber returns home to find a lustful Rick waiting for her in the candle-lit living room. He reveals that he's handed Little Eric over to Helen so he can have her to himself all night long. Pointing out that she is a wonderful mother, Rick announces that he wants to have a another child with her. They're interrupted by a call from Deacon but Rick tells him to call back tomorrow. While Rick showers, Amber calls Deacon and reveals Rick's desire. Deacon warns her not to get pregnant but Amber asserts that this is between her and Rick. After emerging from the shower, Rick takes Amber to bed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Massimo visited Stephanie at her home. The purpose of his visit was to inform her that Brooke would no longer be a problem in her family. Stephanie immediately worried that he had hurt or threatened Brooke. Massimo assured her that Brooke is well. Brooke is simply leaving town!

Brooke's father, Stephen Logan, came to LA to convince Brooke to move to Paris. He accomplished this by exaggerating to Brooke that his heart condition has worsened and he could die shortly. Brooke was upset to hear the news from her father. She offered to move her parents to LA. Stephen would not take "no" as an answer. He managed to persuade Brooke to move to Paris.

At home, Rick questioned if Amber felt pregnant yet? He told her they could continue to work on their" project" until she has the results of her pregnancy test. As they embraced, Deacon gazed at Amber through the window. He arrived to spend time with little D. after Rick left, Deacon told Amber they could no longer deny their feelings. Amber acknowledged their feelings but reminded Deacon, they are both married to other people.

Back at Stephanie's, she told Massimo that if Brooke were no longer a problem, she's indebted to him. In return, Massimo asked Stephanie for one very long kiss. He reminded her of how lousy Eric had treated her over the years. He also reminded her that they had been in love once, when they had spent the romantic evening on his boat on Lake Geneva. Stephanie told Massimo that no one else knows they made love that evening and she doesn't ever want him to mention it to anyone. Eric arrived home and threw Massimo out of the house. Massimo hid outside and eavesdropped on Stephanie and Eric's conversation. Stephanie accused Eric of being jealous that Massimo could be attracted to her. Eric insisted that Massimo had lied about Brooke just to get Stephanie's attention. Just then, Brooke telephoned to tell Eric that she was going to Paris and could be gone for a very long time!

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Stephen confronts Massimo about his change of heart. Massimo angrily announces that he will go through with their plan or else Brooke will face a terrible fate if he chooses not to cooperate. Shaken by the threat, Stephen accuses Massimo of being in love with Stephanie. Massimo ignores the accusation and claims that Brooke is about to ruin a marriage. He then hands Stephen a check from one of his Swiss bank accounts. Ridge listens as a crying Brooke reveals that her father came to town to tell her that he's dying. He urges her to be with Stephen in Paris and when she asks what he will do if she leaves, Ridge repeats his claim that he will not end his marriage because of her. After a reassuring call from Massimo, Stephanie boasts to Taylor that her problem with Brooke has been solved since she's flying to Paris to be with her dying father. Taylor's uncomfortable to hear her rejoice over Stephen's ill health but Stephanie urges her to concentrate on having Brooke out of Ridge's life. Massimo interrupts and, unaware that Taylor is there, boasts that everything is in place. Demanding some answers, Taylor listens in amazement as Stephanie reveals the help she's received from Massimo.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

At Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Massimo tried to convince Taylor not to reveal to Brooke that her father is not dying. Taylor recalled how painful it was to her when her father suffered his heart attack, not knowing if he would be okay. She told Massimo and Stephanie that she wouldn't even want Brooke to suffer that kind of pain. After Taylor left, Massimo assured Stephanie that Taylor would not tell Brooke that her father isn't really dying because Taylor is protective of her family.

Stephen called Beth from LA. He told her he had good news and that things are really going to be better. He didn't tell her why things would be better. Nor did he tell her that Brooke is moving to Paris. He advised her that the rumor about Brooke is not a rumor. Brooke is again throwing herself at Ridge.

At Forrester Creations, Bridget and Rick gave Brooke their approval to move to Paris. Bridget pointed out that the only thing holding her back would be Ridge. Rick tried to give Brooke a reality check. He asked her if Ridge had actually said anything to make her believe that he would leave Taylor and his family.

Massimo gave Stephen his private telephone number and told him to call if Brooke decides to return to LA. He warned Stephen to keep Brooke in Paris and keep her safe.

Ridge paid Brooke a visit in her office. He told Brooke he couldn't go to Paris. He also reminded her he's not leaving Taylor. Brooke told Ridge she couldn't go to Paris without him. Ridge compared Brooke's pain over her father to Caroline's death. Brooke pointed out the difference is that Brooke was there for him. Ridge agreed that they'll always be good friends, but he loves Taylor. Brooke wouldn't accept that Ridge loves Taylor. Brooke urged Ridge to give into his feelings just once and he would never want to be without her again. Taylor was outside of Brooke's office and heard her proposition Ridge sexually. Taylor became ballistic and told Brooke she's stooped extremely low to use her father's illness to try to seduce Ridge. Brooke boldly asked Ridge to choose whom he wants to be with, Taylor or her!

Friday, September 21, 2001

Ridge Forrester is standing between the two women in his life: Taylor and Brooke, both of whom were asking him to choose between them.

Taylor, the out-of-control psychiatrist, who in the past broke up Ridge's marriage to Brooke because she wanted Ridge (the father of her son, a fact she had withheld from Ridge until after his marriage) and Brooke, the young love of his life, who he married/divorced twice when Taylor reappeared on the scene.

His silence broken, Ridge tells Taylor it is "Logan's" choice whether to leave LA for Paris due to her fathers' terminal diagnosis. He turns to Brooke and asks her if she is happy. Brooke assures Ridge she could be happy, which prompts Taylor to posture concerning her so-called 'shock' at Brooke's attitude toward her fathers' dying wishes. Taylor accuses Brooke of not loving her father.

Massimo and Stephen continue their conversation regarding Brooke. Stephen asserts his opinion that Massimo is interfering in his daughter's life and exhibits an arrogance secondary only to the Forrester clan. Massimo orders Stephen to keep Brooke in Paris and to call him if and when she decides to return to LA. Massimo tells Stephen he is the cause of 'Brooke's obsession for men who reject her' because he abandoned his child and family years ago. He also tells Stephen that he is aware of his wife's previous affair with Eric Forrester. Stephen accuses Massimo of being in love with Stephanie.

Massimo tells Stephen they are partners in the same cause to which Stephen tells him their motivations are worlds apart.

Taylor continues to scream at Brooke while accusing her of not caring about anyone but herself. Brooke declares she should not have to choose between the people she loves, to which Taylor scolds her by saying, "Well, that's life. You don't always get to choose! You don't always get your own way! You don't always get a second chance!" Brooke is incredulous that Taylor could use words as weapons towards her when in the past Taylor did just that to Brooke and Ridge. Taylor continues to deceive both her husband, and Brooke, by using Stephens' medical diagnosis as a weapon to psychologically manipulate them both (Taylor is aware that Stephen is not truly ill, but is being paid by Massimo, for her and Stephanie, to deceive his daughter and remove her from Ridge's life). Ridge tells Brooke she will live with regrets if she doesn't abide by her dying father's last request. Brooke softly replies, "Then when does it end, Ridge? If I go to Paris for my father's sake and you stay here for hers and your children's and your mother's, when do we stop living our lives for other people?!" Ridge responds in silent evasion, telling Brooke to be with her father. Taylor reminds Brooke that minutes earlier she had told Ridge she would leave if he told her he wanted her out of his life.

Stephen enters the room by asking his daughter if she is ready to leave LA. Ridge and Brooke silently share a longing glance.

Eric and Stephanie inquire into Brooke's whereabouts just as Ridge and Taylor approach Megan's desk. Ridge assures his mother that everything is calm. When Stephanie asks Taylor if Brooke is leaving, Taylor firmly states "she is: Ridge told her to go." Ridge counters by stating his wife helped Brooke see the emotional impact this situation would have on her and her family if she chose to deny her fathers' dying request. Stephanie and Taylor share a knowing glance, both well aware that the deceptive tactics being employed against Ridge and Brooke were successful. Thorne enters the hallway to inquire into the status of the situation.

Stephen and Brooke enter the hallway. Brooke says goodbye to Megan as she comforts her friend. Thorne embraces Brooke as they exchange goodbyes. Stephanie tells Brooke "don't linger on my account." Ridge steps away from Taylor and embraces Brooke and comforts her. Taylor glares at the two of them while Massimo appears in the background. Brooke steps into the elevator and the door closes as she and Ridge silently stare at each other.

Stephanie begins an early celebration! She tells Taylor "you did the right thing" as a curious Eric, Thorne and Megan observe. Massimo is in Stephanie's office and offers her a glass of champagne. They share a hug, and a toast to the demise of Brooke Logan. Eric opens the door to Stephanie's office and is stunned.

In Brooke's office, Ridge begins packing items that need to be shipped to Paris. Taylor enters the office and offers to assist her husband, but becomes enraged when she finds the scrapbook Brooke had prepared for Ridge. When she asks Ridge if he knew about the scrapbook, he replies yes, and after his wife leaves the office he sentimentally glances at the scrapbook. Taylor gloats in satisfaction, telling her husband she is delighted to have Brooke out of their life. Ridge tells her "I think it is just sad that she has to go through all of this." After Taylor leaves the office, Ridge receives a phone call from Brooke telling him she misses him already. Ridge calmly assures her that he will be thinking of her. He glances at the photo of their marriage in the scrapbook, closes the album cover (as he closes this chapter of his life), turns to leave the office but notices an overturned business card on the floor. Ridge picks up the card and inspects it: a large spiraled design with a prominent "M" at center and only a telephone number embossed at the bottom.

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