The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on B&B

Rick was happy when he learned that Amber was pregnant, but Deacon was devastated by the news. Fearing that Kristen and Tony were having sex, Eric crashed through doors to stop them. Brooke went to Paris, and Taylor felt guilty about being a party to Massimo's plan.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, September 24, 2001

Stephanie and Massimo start to kiss, she backs off. He tells her that she is glad he is there, because he is someone she can lean on. Something Eric has never been for her. Eric seeing the kiss, storms in and yells at Massimo. Massimo tells him that he has no right to get mad at Stephanie. He turns to Stephanie and asks how she felt each time Eric has cheated on her with a younger women. Stephanie tells him that's enough and apologizes to Eric for the kiss. Eric says, "can't you see his is trying to ruin our marriage." Stephanie says he was only pointing out Eric hypocrisy. "Not that that's any excuse", she says. Massimo points out that he has gotten rid of Brooke after only a week and it has taken Eric umpteen years and still hasn't succeeded. Massimo continues to mock Eric. Eric asks Stephanie to leave. She refuses, but later agrees when Massimo says it's okay. He says, "If the way he has handled Brooke all these years is any indication, he is not worried." Once Stephanie leaves Massimo tells Eric he is the man she should have married. He (Eric) has never taken care of Stephanie they way she should be taken care of. She confided in him many times, during the early years of their marriage. Massimo says that Eric let her fight all her own battles while he was busy hiding behind her skirt. Eric gets enraged and pushes a vase off the desk and tells him to leave or he will use any of his resources to get rid of him. Massimo responds, "Sure you will, when it's your problem you're an aggressor, but when it comes to his wife, you're a pacifist."

Rick starts to talk to Little Eric about baby. Amber walks in and tells him she is one day late, Rick is sure she's pregnant. "Don't be too sure, she says it's only one day." He asks if she got a pregnancy test, she says not yet. She was planning to in a little bit. He says to please wait he wants to be there when she gets the results. He leaves. Ginger stops by with a pregnancy test. She tells her that she must wait until Rick gets home. Amber tells her that she can't get used to the idea. "What idea Ginger asks, that she is having a baby or she will never have Deacon?" Amber says that she prayed for so long for a guy like Rick. Now that she has all she ever wanted, she isn't happy. Ginger says that she will never be happy without Deacon in her life. Amber says no, that she is only making a crisis where there isn't any. Ginger tells her that she got two tests; take one now and one with Rick. Before she can, Deacon stops by. Ginger leaves and tells her to let her know how things turn out. Deacon asks what that is all about. She tells him not to worry about it. Rick calls and he tells her he is going to be late. When she gets off, Deacon has found the pregnancy test and he tells her he won't leave until he knows what the result is. Amber goes to take the pregnancy test and walks out with a pale face.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Over at Amber's, while they were alone, Deacon demanded to know if Amber is pregnant. Amber reluctantly told him she is pregnant. Deacon was devastated by her news. He predicted that if Amber has Rick's child, it would end his and Amber's chance to be together. Amber warned him that she's not willing to terminate her pregnancy just so they can be together. Besides, Amber advised that she and Deacon are married to other people. She tried to rationalize with Deacon that their situation is not ideal, but they would both have to accept it. Deacon professed his love for Amber, and kissed her passionately in an effort to convince her to leave Rick.

Meanwhile, at Deacon's, Rick told Bridget that he is concerned that Amber may not be able to get pregnant again. He was very excited over the possibility of Amber being pregnant. Bridget shared his enthusiasm. She revealed that she and Deacon are not planning a family yet.

Kristen telephoned Tony in his office at Spectra Fashions. He refused to accept her dinner offer. Tony told Kristen he's still not able to deal well with the fact that he can't touch, kiss, or make love to Kristen without putting her at risk for HIV. When their conversation ended, Kristen told Stephanie that Tony has HIV. Stephanie did not forbid Kristen to see Tony as Eric had. Stephanie supported their relationship. She advised that Tony needed to obtain more education about HIV.

At Spectra Fashions, Clark was extremely cruel to Tony. He compared Tony who has HIV to a freak. He hurtfully told Tony that he couldn't give Kristen what she wants or needs. All Tony can give Kristen is HIV. In a very insensitive manner, Clark telephoned Kristen and asked her to join him for dinner. Kristen initially declined Clark's offer, then accepted after she acknowledged it would be good for her to get out of her house for a while.

When Rick returned home, Amber informed him that she is pregnant. She told Rick that she was crying, but her it was tears of joy. Amber, however, was simply heartbroken that she and Deacon, whom she loves, will never be together. Deacon, who was also heartbroken, watched from the window as Amber told Rick she is pregnant. He walked away from the window very distraught.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Following Amber to the restaurant where's she's going to dine with Rick, Deacon asks her how Rick reacted to the news about her pregnancy. She admits he was thrilled and then urges him to go home to Bridget. He does so and surprises a freshly showered Bridget with a passionate kiss. He then tosses out Bridget's birth control pills and boasts to his wife that they're going to make a baby tonight. As he takes his wife to bed to make love, he imagines that Bridget is Amber. Tony follows Kristen and Tony on their dinner date at Las Olas. Clarke finally spots Tony and confronts him, accusing him of being dangerous. He also vows to make Kristen forget about him. Kristen overhears Clarke accuse Tony of one day giving Kristen the HIV virus and announces that she's leaving. Clarke's stunned when Kristen walks out with Tony. At his beach house Kristen promises Tony that he doesn't have to be afraid of hurting her. She promises him they can be together if they're careful. Meanwhile, Stephanie complains to Eric about his order to Kristen to stay away from Tony. In spite of her reasons, Eric insists that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near that man and worries to hear Kristen's out on a date with Clarke. Interrupting, Clarke leaks to Eric and Stephanie about Tony and Kristen and demands that Eric do something about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

At Tony's beach house, Kristen began making love to Tony. Tony stopped her, though to protect her from being exposed to HIV. Kristen assured him that there are ways they can express their love sexually that are perfectly safe.

Stephen told Beth that Brooke flew to Paris with him. He recklessly revealed that Massimo is paying him five million dollars to keep Brooke in Paris. He told Beth that Brooke believes that he is dying. Beth hesitantly agreed to go along with Massimo's plan.

Eric and Stephanie became alarmed when Clarke told them that not only are Kristen and Tony alone; they had both been drinking. Meanwhile, over at Tony's, Kristen explained to Tony that just being together with him and their being able to touch one another makes her happy.

At the Insomnia Café, Massimo assured Taylor that Brooke would remain in Paris and that no one else will find about his plan. Massimo left the table as soon as Ridge walked in. Ridge had Massimo's card but didn't realize it. Ridge was curious about the card, though. Ridge voiced his concerns to Taylor about Brooke. Not only is Brooke, the CEO of Forrester Creations, on a permanent leave, but, she has to suffer with the knowledge that her father is dying on a daily basis.

Massimo telephoned Stephen to confirm that Brooke had arrived in Paris. Stephen verified that she had. Massimo asked Stephen to pretend he was speaking with his doctor and tell how he feels. Stephen asked Massimo for his telephone number, since he had lost it somewhere.

Kristen managed to convince Tony that he could still satisfy her sexually and give her what she needs. Kristen undressed and allowed Tony to ravage her.

Friday, September 28, 2001

Kristen continues her seduction of Tony in full view of the open windows and French doors of the beach house. As they share their love, she is careful to stay within the safe boundary lines imposed by Tony's HIV status.

Eric frantically drives to Tony's house, fuming at the possibility that his daughter has become sexually intimate with him and exposed herself to the virus. An emotional Eric talks to himself aloud in the car as his fears mount regarding the health and safety of his daughter.

In Paris, Brooke tells her father she would like to speak with his physician regarding possible therapeutic advances that would save his life. When she mentions that Ridge suggested a heart transplant, a guilt-ridden Stephen urges her not to speak about Ridge. He then asks his daughter if she shares everything with Ridge, and her mother also queries her regarding this question. Brooke insists the subject matter be focused upon her father, not Ridge. Stephen tells her his terminal status is permanent with no other options available to him. He also tells her he does not want to discuss the situation further and that she and her mother both must accept his prognosis.

At home, Taylor stokes the dying embers in the fireplace as Ridge enters the room and asks if he can talk with her about something.

When she inquires into the subject matter, Ridge tells her it is Brooke.

He then tells her that he noticed at the coffee house how sick she became just at the mention of Brooke's name.......he also tells her he knows the reason for her uneasiness: her own history with a sick, possibly dying, father. He thanks Taylor for persuading Brooke to spend the last months of Stephen's life focused on him in Paris. A guilt-ridden Taylor (who has purposely deceived not only Brooke, but her husband regarding her willful participation in plot) finds it difficult to accept her husband's praises for her supposed altruistic motives in this situation.

Stephanie chides Clark for 'manipulating' the situation with Kristen to his advantage with Eric. Clark assures her he did not intend for this situation to occur, that he deeply loves Kristen and wants to protect her from Tony's HIV status. A suspicious Stephanie declares her belief that Tony will not allow her daughter to become HIV infected.

Ridge continues to heap praises upon his wife for being a 'friend' to Brooke during her darkest hour. He asserts his belief that someday Brooke will thank Taylor for her sincere gestures. Taylor manipulates the conversation to restate her belief that it is time for she and Ridge to go with their family life without the presence of Brooke Logan in their lives. Ridge counters by saying it is his heartfelt belief that Brooke and her family are going to need emotional support during this extremely painful time in their lives. He reminds his wife that only a short time ago she was experiencing the same heart-wrenching emotional conflicts. She replies that her father recovered and perhaps Stephen Logan will also to which a subdued Ridge responds that is an unrealistic scenario for the Logan family.

Beth Logan confronts her husband about the lies and deception of the Massimo plan. He urges her to help him keep this secret for Brooke's protection and the ultimate good of their family. Stephen is certain Massimo has the power, motive and means to maintain this charade indefinitely. Beth is concerned for her grieving daughter's broken heart but agrees with her husband that it is better for her to be permanently separated from Ridge Forrester.

Eric looks through the doorway into Tony's beach house, breaks open the glass and confronts the couple. Kristen is horrified and angry that her father has interfered in her personal life. She boldly asserts her independence, telling Eric they were careful in their passion. Eric demands she leave with him immediately, but Kristen refuses until Tony persuades to go home with her father.

Brooke asks her parents to consider seeking family counseling, but Stephen say she is exhausted and retires to bed with Beth in tow behind him. Brooke finds the pad on which her father wrote the number of the dedicated line Massimo Marone secured for just this situation.

Massimo appears at Stephanie's doorstep and tells her they have a situation that needs discussion. He informs Stephanie that Stephen lost the business card given him with Mass' number. Stephanie feels certain nothing will come of this mishap, but Massimo is unsure: he states that lose ends are intolerable in situations like this.

A worried Taylor tries to persuade her husband to change the topic of discussion. Brooke calls Ridge and as he inquires into her father's status he places the call on the conference speaker system. Taylor quickly asserts her presence into the conversation. Brooke states he is surprised at how well he has tolerated the long journey home. Ridge asks Brooke if the business card he found on her office floor has a familiar number on it to which she replies no. After disconnecting, Brooke notices that the number her father wrote on the notepad during a call from his physician is the same number Ridge found on the business card in her office. Ridge, holding the card in his hand, wonders aloud about its meaning and Taylor nervously asks her husband what is bothering him. Ridge leaves the room. Taylor looks at Massimo's card and fearfully worries what would happen if Ridge and Brooke discovered the truth about her participation in this deceptive plan.

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