The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on B&B

Ridge's parents argued over Massimo's plan, and Beth expressed her unhappiness about it to Stephen. Brooke fell from the Eiffel Tower, and Ridge rushed to be at her hospital bedside. Bridget and Deacon put off having children, and Rick witnessed an intimate moment between Deacon and Amber.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Sally visits Tony. Tony tells her that he just wants to be alone. Sally says she won't leave until he tells her what's bothering him. He tells her that Eric caught him and Kristen getting intimate. He says that he's afraid they will never be together. Sally says they are both consenting adults and she is a grown women and Eric can't stop her. He asks her is it right; she was just getting close to her family. Sally says that he should knock off all the self-sacrificing stuff. He should march over there and tell Eric they are going to be together. Meanwhile, Kristen and Eric come into the house arguing. Stephanie finds out that Tony and Kristen were intimate.

Kristen tells Stephanie that they were not having sex, but they could if they wanted to. Eric enraged says that will never happen, because she is never going to see him again. Tony is not the man for her; he could threaten her life. She asks Stephanie what she thinks. She says that she cannot condone them having sex. Tony storms in and tells them that nothing will happen to Kristen, because he won't let it. He says that he felt nothing but despair, but her feels new hope with Kristen. They may never have sex, but there are no limitations on their love. He just can't turn his back on Kristen. Eric shouts that he will not let it happen and goes to throw Tony out. Kristen stops him and offer him an ultimatum; either accept Tony or lose a daughter.

Stephen shows Beth the new car he bought and also shows her a booklet of houses she can look through. He tells her they can buy a new house. She shows her disapproval. He tries to justify it, but she doesn't want to hear it. Brooke arrives home and questions why he is out of bed. He says that he couldn't sleep. Brooke gets upset that he snuck out of the house to go for a walk. He sits her down and tells her that she should look for an apartment and make a permanent move. She says that she wasn't sure yet what she wanted to do. He tells her that she must move on from Ridge. She must start to enjoy life without him. Brooke leaves. Beth tells him that she hopes he is happy with himself; their daughter is miserable. He says that she will get over this in time, but she would have never recovered from the heartache Ridge would have caused her. Beth starts to piece together that Massimo is working for the Forrester's. If Ridge weren't interested in Brooke, why would they have to lie? "Maybe Ridge and Brooke are in love," she says. Brooke arrives at work and one of the employees tells her of a new software package. She tells them she will look at it later. She lies down on the couch and she hears Ridge's voice, via computer. Brooke is ecstatic. Ridge tells her that he rushed the new software package just for her. Brooke tells him of her situation in with her family. He says maybe it's for the best. Brooke asks him if her agrees. He says that it won't be the same without her in Los Angeles. He tells her he must go; it's getting late. She thanks him and they say goodbye.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

At the Forrester home, Kristen was disappointed and angry that Stephanie and Eric voiced disapproval of her relationship with Tony. Tony offered to leave, rather than have Kristen ruin her relationship with her family. After witnessing Kristen's strong reaction, Stephanie tried to convince Eric to support Kristen, rather than lose her.

Bridget and Rick discussed Amber's pregnancy. Rick was relieved that there no longer seems to be anything going on between Amber and Deacon. Bridget revealed that Deacon requested that she stop taking birth control pills. Rick was even further encouraged that Deacon was considering having a family of his own.

Meanwhile, Amber met Deacon at the Lair as he had requested of her. Deacon told Amber he was having trouble comprehending how she could get pregnant with Rick's child, knowing she has feelings about him. Amber gave Deacon a reality check. She told him she loves Rick, his family and their life. She also enlightened him that now that she's pregnant she has a responsibility. She told Deacon that she loves her husband and wants him. She advised him that her child would be well loved by she and Rick. Deacon made her acknowledge that she has feelings for him. Amber did admit that she has feelings for Deacon, but she told him its over now and he has to accept it.

After again warning Kristen that a life with him would be difficult, Tony asked Kristen if a life with him is really what she wanted. Kristen's reply was there's no doubt in her mind!

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Worried that the missing business card could reveal Massimo's scheme, Taylor frantically orders Stephanie to call off the plan. She refuses and promises that Massimo will handle things. Taylor guesses that she'll lose everything if Ridge discovers her deceit. Meanwhile, Stephen calls Massimo to report that Ridge found the business card and Brooke recognized the phone number. Angry, Massimo orders Stephen to follow his orders. He then reveals he's set Brooke up on a date tonight. On their respective computers' video phones, Brooke leaks to Ridge that the phone number she found is from Stephanie's hotel. Ridge insists that it can't be which causes Brooke to worry that her father is hiding something about his health from her. Massimo contacts his associate Jacques and orders him to go ahead with his plans for Brooke tonight. Rick pleads with Amber to run away with him tonight, promising to go anywhere with her and "little D." She refuses and reminds him that he's married to Bridget who needs him. Saying it's too late, Amber says goodbye to Rick. Unaware that Rick has arrived at the Lair, Deacon grabs Amber and kisses her passionately as she responds. Rick is devastated as he spots them admitting they love each other.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

In Paris, Jacque took Brooke to the Eiffel Tower in an effort to romance her. Although Brooke was impressed with the view from the top of the tower, she wasn't interested in Jacque.

Ridge and Thorne had dinner together at the Café Rouse. They spotted Stephanie dining with Massimo. They were curious why Stephanie would be dining with Massimo. Ridge knew that Stephanie had dated Stephanie prior to dating Eric. Ridge couldn't recall Massimo's name. Stephanie told Massimo that Taylor's marriage to Ridge would be in jeopardy if Ridge ever learned that Taylor knows about Massimo's plot. Taylor arrived. She demanded that Massimo call the plot off. Massimo refused. Taylor panicked that Ridge would learn that she is involved in Massimo's plot. Massimo tried to assure both Taylor and Stephanie that everything was under control and they need not worry about anyone finding out. Ridge was concerned about why Taylor had suddenly joined Stephanie and Massimo. From Ridge's observations of Taylor, he deduced that she was very upset about something. Before Ridge talk to Taylor, she left with Stephanie. Ridge learned Massimo's name from Ginger. Because she had waited on Massimo's table, she had his name from his credit card. Ginger showed Ridge the special way he signed his name with an "M." Ridge went over to talk to Massimo.

Meanwhile back in Paris, Beth accused Stephen of selling his respect and morals to Massimo. Beth worried when Stephen told her that Brooke was on a blind date. Beth warned him that if anything happened to Brooke, she would hold him responsible.

While still on top of the Eiffel Tower, Brooke requested to end their date. She told Jacque she was in love with a man in the states. He kissed her passionately. Brooke pulled away. Jacque suddenly told Brooke he knows all about the man in the states. He told Brooke the man in the states is happily married and she will never have him. Brooke who was very upset and frightened told Jacque that he's wrong. She turned to the side, then slipped off the top of the tower.

Friday, October 5, 2001

In Paris, the lifeless body of Brooke Logan is attended to by strangers at the Eiffel Tower as Massimo's horrified henchman looks on. Emergency care personnel make their way to the scene.

Stephanie Forrester arrives at her home in Bel Aire, California and is greeted by her husband. After exchanging pleasantries, Eric discerns that his wife's dinner at Café Russe was also attended by his rival Massimo. Stephanie confirms her dinner date, but also interjects the presence of Taylor at the dinner into her conversation. Eric is stymied by his wife's apparent blindness to the deceptive web her friend Massimo has encircled their family with. Stephanie defends her friend, and her conscience, to her husband, stating they are small prices to pay for the permanent removal of Brooke Logan. She resents her husband's anger at the situation, but Eric tells Stephanie he is frightened for his family! Massimo has them lying to their son, Taylor lying to her husband, and Stephen Logan lying to his daughter...sometime, somewhere, the threads of this deceptive web will unravel causing the destruction of the people entangled in the web.

An adamant Ridge Forrester continues his interrogation of Massimo Marone. Thorne stands at his brothers' side defending his inquiry. Mass tells Ridge 'like father, like son' responses were emitted by both Ridge and Eric when Mass was observed having dinner with their wives. Ridge thanks Mass for the complement referring to the comparison with his father's chivalry. Mass defends his life-long friendship with the Forrester sons Mother to which Ridge responds his wife is not one of those friends.

Mass chides Ridge for not being home with his 'adoring wife and three loving children' but instead is obsessed over Brooke Logan. He states Taylor's presence at the dinner table was because she is emotionally overwrought about her husbands' infatuation with another woman and needed to share her broken heart with her someone. Thorne sarcastically counters Massimo's assertion by stating his doubt that Taylor would share her emotions with a stranger, to which Massimo replies she confided in Stephanie and he 'just happened' to be at the table. Thorne concluded that Massimo 'just happens' to be many places at the opportune moments such as the day Brooke left Forrester creations for Paris and 'has an answer for everything.' Ridge tells his brother and Massimo he just has one question: Why did Stephen Logan have Massimo's business card with a dedicated private line the only information embossed on it?

At the Logan home, Stephen pours the couple a glass of expensive champagne and gloats in his comfortable future provided by Massimo. Beth is both angry and frightened about this turn of events, her husbands' apparent indifference to her daughters' pain, and the current unknown location of Brooke. An argument ensues between the couple, with Stephen vehemently defending his choice to partner with Massimo in this plot. The conversation is abruptly interrupted by a telephone call informing the parents that their daughter has just been admitted into the emergency room at a local hospital.

Ridge tells Massimo he is keenly aware that he is hiding something, and that the business card is his first item of evidence in his investigation into the situation. Massimo laughs at Ridge's novice approach and refers to him as a 'junior detective'. Ridge tells Mass he will get to the truth 'one way or another'. Massimo tells Ridge he will lose Taylor soon if he doesn't pay attention to her and asserts his threat that many other men would be happy to be pursuing Ridge's wife. Thorne tells his brother 'that was strange' but Ridge declares his belief that it was 'an attempt to change the subject'. Ridge confirms his suspicions have heightened by Massimo's actions and tells his little brother, "we're onto something big here...I can feel it!"

Eric confronts Stephanie about her belief that Massimo is 'some kind of an avenging angel' to which his wife states, "he got rid of Brooke didn't he?" Eric inquires into the cost of Mass' completing that mission? Stephanie asserts the cost is very little compared to the emotional trauma their daughter-in-law has experienced since Brooke's marriage to Thorne abruptly ended. The Forrester matriarch refers to 'little white lies' were a small cost to be rid of Brooke Logan, but Eric asserts his belief that 'Ridge will not see it that way!' Stephanie sarcastically replies, "That's why we're not going to tell him" while an incredulous Eric asks what price will Taylor pay as she continues to lie to cover her involvement in this plot? Stephanie tells her husband that Taylor will 'be a little bit uncomfortable but that is better than living in a state of hysteria' which is exactly what she has been doing for the last month. Now Taylor knows her marriage is safe, Stephanie exclaims.

Eric asks his wife how they will live out their daily lives also wondering if Brooke is safe? Stephanie angrily states she doesn't care whether Brooke Logan is safe or not! Her husband angrily tells her she cannot think or speak like that about the life of another human being. His wife tells him that her friend Mass knows she would not condone the death of another human being, even someone as despicable as Brooke Logan. A stunned Eric proclaims, "Listen to yourself! You know he is capable of violence and he knows you won't stand for it!" Stephanie tells Eric that if Mass had intended to have Brooke harmed in any way he would have done it before spending all the money he has spent. She asks her husband to consider putting aside his personal feelings toward her friend, but Eric tells her she needs to put aside her feelings for Mass and see this situation from her husband's viewpoint.

Brooke answers the doctor's questions regarding her fall at the monument, and tells him it was 'an accident.' When her parents arrive at her bedside, Brooke apologizes for adding more trauma to their already painful lives. As Stephen comforts his daughter, an angry Beth Logan leaves the room telling her husband she is no longer interested in his dreams for his daughter. When Brooke questions her mother's outburst, her father tells her it is the emotional strain of his impending death along with her fear for Brooke's own health. Father and daughter console one another.

Massimo is standing at the Café Russe bar speaking with the man he hired to 'get rid of Brooke' while Ridge observes. At the same time, Ridge receives a call from Brooke informing him of her accident. Brooke is concerned about her work, but a determined Ridge tells Logan he is leaving on the Forrester jet to be at her bedside. Brooke tells Ridge it is not necessary for him to make this trip, but it would be 'nice to see him.' Ridge replies, he'll be there in the morning when she first 'opens her eyes.' A grateful Brooke ends the conversation.

As he leaves the Café, Ridge informs Massimo of Brooke's accident. Massimo chides for Ridge by stating "and you felt the need to share?" Ridge leans into Massimo's face telling him, "If I find out you had anything to do with this, I WILL BURY YOU. Do you understand me?" As he departs, an arrogant Massimo Marone sips his glass of brandy.

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Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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