The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on B&B

Stephen and Beth confessed to Ridge and Brooke about Massimo's plan and revealed that Stephanie and Taylor had been involved. Brooke flew back home with Ridge, who confronted Massimo, Stephanie, and Taylor. Brooke was sure Ridge would leave Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Brooke is telling to her mother and father what happened right before the accident. Stephen says that she will be fine; Beth said that it should have never happened. Brooke says that it was only an accident and not to be so hard on him. Brooke tells them that Ridge is flying in, which really upsets her father. He says that he can't understand why he will not leave her alone. Brooke says that Ridge truly loves her and he feels that there is more to her fall than appears. She tells them that Ridge will not stop until he gets to the whole truth. He can't understand why Stephen had Massimo's card and he also wonders what role Taylor plays in it. Meanwhile, Ridge shows up in Paris and immediately goes to see Brooke. Ridge inquires about the man named Jacque. Stephen says there is nothing to worry about; he is gone. Ridge says there is something that just isn't right. Ridge also questions what Stephen's connection to Massimo is. Stephen asks Ridge why he is playing the knight in shining armor bit. He tells Ridge that if he has no intention of leaving his wife, he has no business being there. He is only leading Brooke on. Beth breaks in and tells Ridge that he is right about Massimo. She tells him that Stephanie asked Massimo to keep Brooke away from Ridge. She tells Brooke that her father is not really dying. Stephen tells Brooke he only did what he thought was best for her. Brooke is very upset with the news she just received.

Massimo goes to see Stephanie and tells her that Ridge saw him and Taylor together at the restaurant and is flying to Paris to go see Brooke. Massimo tells Stephanie that Taylor must not tell Ridge. Meanwhile Thorne and Taylor are talking about what Ridge saw and why he didn't talk to Taylor about it. Thorne gets Taylor to tell him that she knew nothing about it to begin with, but later found out about it. She tells him who is all involved and that she is partly to blame, because she played right into Brooke's hand. She tells him that Brooke's dad isn't really dying. She says that she was going to tell Brooke the truth until she found her in Ridge's office coming on to him. She tells him that it really hurt her and she questions what kind of women would come onto a married man, especially if she thought her father was dying. Thorne says that she went against everything she believes. She tells him that she was just trying to protect her family. After leaving Thorne, Taylor shows up at Stephanie's. She tells them that they are not going to like what she has to say. She is going to tell Ridge the truth. They try to tell her that it will ruin her family, but Taylor says that she can only hope her marriage is strong enough to survive it. She tells them that she already told Thorne. An upset Stephanie says that she will take care of Thorne.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Taylor and Stephanie discuss the repercussions of what they have done to Brooke. Taylor feels guilty and says they will have destroyed Brooke's family, especially her father, when Brooke finds out the truth. Stephanie tells her that Brooke is winning because Taylor is worrying about Brooke instead of her own family. Taylor tells Stephanie that she will take care of her family and that Stephanie needs to watch out for Massimo.

At his apartment, Massimo worries that he may have done Stephanie more harm than good with his plan. Sally arrives and she tells him that Stephanie is all wrong for him. She flirts with him and lets him know that she is available.

In Paris, Stephen tries to explain to Brooke why he lied to her about dying. He tells her that he was only trying to protect her from the Forrester's. When Brooke finds out that Stephen took money from Massimo to get her out of LA, she accuses him of selling her out. Stephen tells her that he is the only one who loves her because everyone else was in on the plan and didn't tell her, including her mother and Taylor and the rest of the Forrester family. Beth speaks up and tells Brooke that Stephen wasn't just trying to protect Brooke and that he really wanted the money so he could compete with Eric. Brooke says she hopes that Stephen got a really good deal because he is no longer her father. She orders him out. Beth asks Ridge to stay and be with Brooke because she needs him right now. Ridge comforts a distraught Brooke.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Stephanie went to Taylor's to try to convince her to not admit she knew of Massimo's plan to get Brooke away from Ridge. Taylor had already decided that she would admit what she knew to Ridge because she wasn't happy about her deception to Brooke in the first place.

Meanwhile on the return trip from Paris, Ridge comforted Brooke about her father's lie that he was dying. Brooke cried on Ridge's shoulder. They condemned Stephanie and Massimo for plotting to keep them apart. Brooke was curious about how Ridge would handle Taylor's role in the deception. Brooke reminded Ridge that Taylor was cruel to make Brooke believe she should be in Paris with her dying father. Ridge defended Stephen's actions. Ridge had no defense for Taylor's actions.

Eric confronted Massimo about Brooke's accident. He accused Massimo of doing illegal things and threatened to report him to the police. Eric warned Massimo to stay away from his family or he would take Massimo down. Massimo defended his plot to keep Brooke away from Ridge. Eric predicted that when Ridge and Brooke discover his plan to keep them apart, it would only bring them closer together. Massimo, therefore, will be responsible for the end of Ridge and Taylor's marriage.

Taylor revealed to Stephanie that if she hadn't panicked about Brooke, she would have never agreed to deceive Brooke. She assured Stephanie that Ridge may become angry when he learns the truth, however, there's not a chance, he would leave she and the children.

While still on the trip home, Ridge told Brooke that integrity was Taylor's strongest point. Brooke explained to Ridge that Taylor and Stephanie sensed that she and Ridge were becoming closer, hence their plan to keep them apart. Ridge called Taylor's behavior unbelievable to him. He told Brooke that it changes everything. Ridge called Taylor from the plane. He asked that Katherine take the children to the park so they can speak alone. When Taylor asked Ridge if everything's all right, he told her that everything is not all right as Brooke snuggled next to him on the plane.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

At Brooke's house, Ridge made sure she was okay then gave her a hug. He gave her his cell phone numbers in case she needed him, then left.

At Taylor's, Stephanie and Massimo tried to convince Taylor to not admit her involvement in Massimo's plot to get Brooke our of Ridge's life. Becoming angrier, Taylor blatantly refused and informed them she is revealing all to Ridge today. She felt, perhaps, Ridge is aware of the truth, already.

Rick told himself he's been a fool as he thought about Deacon and Amber kissing. Amber arrived home very excited about the items she had just purchased for their expected baby. Rick questioned why she was suddenly excited about being pregnant.

Amber told him because she's so in love with her husband. When Amber left to meet Ginger, Rick sought Thorne's advice. Rick told Thorne he had seen Amber-kissing Deacon. Rick was upset that Amber still was in love with Deacon, and pregnant with Rick's child.

Brooke told Megan that Ridge is disillusioned with Taylor's behavior and her part in Stephen's deception of Brooke. Ridge sees Taylor differently now. Taylor has given Ridge a lot of ammunition for him to leave her with. Brooke felt certain that Ridge would leave Taylor. Brooke told Megan that she and Ridge would finally be together.

As Massimo and Stephanie were leaving Taylor's, Ridge walked in. He slammed the door and demanded that they both stay. Ridge scolded Stephanie, Massimo and Taylor for their plot to deceive Brooke. Ridge defended all of Brooke's past actions, but condemned what Stephanie, Massimo and Taylor had done. Massimo took all of the blame. He also revealed that Taylor and Stephanie didn't have much choice but to go along with his plot because he wasn't going to allow anyone to stop him. Ridge punched Massimo in the face. Ridge viciously called Massimo a low life thug and threatened to kill him if he didn't leave his family alone. Ridge called Massimo, Stephanie and Taylor's actions cold, calculated cruelty. He defended Brooke, by telling them that she 's a flirt, a free spirit, and harmless, however, it didn't justify their actions. Taylor and Stephanie trued to rationalize to Ridge that they went along with Massimo in an effort to save his marriage and family. Ridge demanded Massimo and Stephanie out so he could talk to Taylor alone.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Due to late-breaking news, The Bold and the Beautiful was pre-empted.

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