The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on B&B

Ridge decided that there was no future for him and Brooke, so Brooke turned her attention to ridding Bridget of Deacon. Kristen proposed to Tony. Thorne urged Rick to confront Amber about Deacon.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Taylor confesses everything to Ridge. Taylor says it was all a big mistake. Ridge asks her who she is and what she stands for. Taylor asks what she can do to make it right. Ridge says that she not only hurt Brooke's family, but theirs as well. She asks how it affects their family. "By letting me believe this lie," he says. He says that if he hadn't figured out what was going on she would have never told him. She says that she would have never done something so stupid if Brooke hadn't drove her to it. The old Taylor would have never done something like this. He tells her that she has no regard for their family. "So Brooke does?" she says. "She told me that she was going to rip apart my family to my face", Taylor shouts. She asks him to see it from her point of view. "Can't you see how much it hurts me when you defend Brooke?" she asks. "Each time you console her over a broken marriage, family problems, rushing off to Paris", she says. He asks what Brooke does that makes her so jealous. He tells her that Brooke is no threat to their family. "She told me she was going to be a stepmother to my children, that's not a threat", she replies. He tells her there is no more trust between and walks out on her. Taylor sits alone and Thomas comes home and asks for Ridge. She tells him she doesn't know when he's coming home. Meanwhile Brooke is talking to Megan. She tells her that she and Ridge are finally going to be together. Ridge only stayed with Taylor, because she was trustworthy and she ruined that when she tricked me, she says. Taylor, Stephanie, and Massimo should be locked up for what they did. She says that Taylor deserves to lose Ridge after what she has done. Megan is unsure about Brooke's assurance, but says that she is happy for her. She leaves and walks out right as Ridge shows up. Brooke hugs him and says that she knew he would come.

Amber is talking to Ginger about the baby. She tells Amber that is all she has talked about for the last hour. She hasn't talked about Deacon once. Amber tells her that it is over. She tells her that they kissed and she told him that she loved him, but that it's over now. She is going to be with Rick. She tells her that she no longer has any romantic feelings for Deacon, only feelings of friendship. She says that she is having Rick's baby and she doesn't think she has ever been more in love with him. Ginger asks if she thinks Rick senses it. Amber replies yes. At the house, Rick is talking to Thorne about how he saw Deacon and Amber kissing. He tells Thorne that it is just like when he overheard Brooke tell Deacon, she will only love Ridge. Thorne says that there is a big difference, he and Amber are going to be parents. Thorne asks Rick to explain what he saw. He says that he saw them kiss, and she told him that she loved him and then she ran off. Thorne says that it sounds as if she was saying goodbye. Rick says that Deacon has some kind of hold on Amber. Thorne tells him to give it time. He tells him that he don't know if he can, if Amber wasn't pregnant, he would leave her right now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

After storming out of his house and away from Taylor, Ridge went to Brooke's house. He apologized to Brooke for Taylor's part in the lie that Brooke's father was dying.

Meanwhile, Taylor tried to hide her panic about Ridge leaving her from Katherine and the children. Stephanie arrived and gave Katherine ice cream in order to divert the children's focus on their father's not being at home. Taylor told Stephanie that she's certain that Ridge would leave her. Taylor could understand why Ridge is so angry with her for lying to he and Brooke. Taylor's angry with herself.

Tony accompanied Tony to his routine medical follow-up for his HIV with Dr. Craig. They asked Dr. Craig exactly what is prohibited and allowed sexually between them in order to prevent Tony from transmitting the HIV to Kristen. Dr. Craig warned that they have to avoid coming in contact with each other's blood. He specified also that kissing is prohibited if one of them has open sore or bleeding gums. Dr. Craig also warned them to stop drinking alcohol, because alcohol would lower their inhibitions and ability to be cautious.

Taylor told Stephanie that she couldn't deny that lying to Brooke that her father was dying was wrong. Ridge now hates her for lying, and she hates herself. Taylor explained to Stephanie that Ridge fell in love with a person who has morals and integrity. Taylor admitted that she compromised every principal she had when she lied to Brooke and Ridge. Taylor felt certain that Ridge would divorce her. Taylor was distraught over the possibility of Ridge leaving her. Stephanie assured her that Ridge would not leave her for Brooke. She advised Taylor, that she doesn't know how much Ridge loves her.

Brooke tried to comfort Ridge over Taylor's lying behavior. She assured Ridge that she and Ridge would recover together over their painful ordeal. Ridge called Taylor's lie to Brooke appalling. He admitted that even though he was extremely angry with Taylor, he still loves her and would go back home. Brooke insisted that he loved her and he should stay the night at her house. Ridge nixed Brooke's offer. Brooke did not want to accept that she and Ridge would not be together as a couple and that he is staying with Taylor. Brooke became distraught as Ridge left her house. Ridge could hear Brooke's cries as he stood outside her door.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Taylor tells Stephanie that she thinks Ridge will leave her for Brooke. Stephanie tells Taylor to have faith in her marriage and in Ridge.

Megan arrives at Brooke's and finds her sitting alone. She asks Brooke if Ridge went home to pack. Brooke says that he went home to be with his wife.

Ridge goes home and finds Taylor waiting for him. She asks him if he is leaving her for Brooke. He tells her he is sorry for what he has put her through and that he loves her and only her and that it is over with he and Brooke. She says she is sorry for everything that she has done and for not having more faith in him. They kiss and make up as the kids come in. Ridge asks them if they want to take a family trip to celebrate Mommy and Daddy and their commitment to their marriage. As the kids go upstairs to bed they smile and watch as Ridge and Taylor embrace.

As Megan is leaving Brooke's house, she gets a phone call from Stephanie asking where Brooke is. Megan tells her that Brooke is at home but should be left alone because she is so distraught. When Stephanie asks why, Megan tells her that Ridge told Brooke it was over and went home to be with Taylor. Stephanie arrives at Brooke's a little while later and finds her crying on the stairs. Stephanie calls her a bitch for trying to play the victim in the whole mess. She smugly tells Brooke that her little plan didn't work.

Tony and Kristin discuss their relationship with his doctor. He tells them that they must be very careful as far as intimacy goes. He tells them it would take very extraordinary people to make this kind of relationship work. Kristin smiles and tells the Dr. that she and Tony are extraordinary people. As they leave she asks the Dr. if it is possible for she and Tony to have children. He tells her no and they leave. At home, Eric watches as Kristin and Tony kiss goodnight. After Tony leaves, she tells Eric that they are going to be together. He tells her that he forbids it.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Stephanie went to Brooke's house to gloat that Ridge isn't going to divorce Taylor so that Brooke could have him.

Tony announced to Sofia and Sally that he and Kristen had made a decision to stay together as a couple regardless of his HIV. Sally and Sofia were happy for Tony. Sally told Tony that he was creating the best designs he ever had done.

Meanwhile Eric insisted to Kristen that she is putting herself at high risk for HIV by remaining in a relationship with Tony. Eric advised that over the last twenty years many of his friends in the designing business had died from AIDS. Kristen tried to explain that she and Tony had sought Dr. Craig's medical advice on how to safely have a sexual relationship without transmitting the HIV. Eric worried about Kristen's health and well-being and how limited her life would be with Tony. Kristen admitted that most people wouldn't want to be in a relationship in which sexual intercourse was off limits. Kristen however, revealed that sex is not the most important thing in her and Tony's relationship. Kristen said she couldn't live without companionship, affection, respect and true love. She added that Tony could give her all of those things.

Eric went to see Tony at Spectra Fashions. Eric didn't believe that Tony could guarantee that Kristen would be safe from exposure to HIV. Tony vowed he loved Kristen and would never put her in jeopardy of being exposed to HIV. Tony asked for Eric's support and blessing.

Back at Brooke's, Stephanie described Brooke as being evil. She reminded Brooke once again, that Brooke had brought scandal and misery to the Forrester Family for many years. Stephanie admitted that her mistake was not trusting in Ridge's integrity. Stephanie should have known that Ridge would never have allowed Brooke to break his family up. Brooke told Stephanie that she could have she, Taylor and Massimo thrown in jail for what they did. Stephanie reminded her to add her father's name to the list, because he accepted money to lie to her. Before leaving, Stephanie told Brooke that she's very happy now because she's won.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Rick is in Thorne's office discussing the situation with Amber. He is angry at her betrayal and disgusted by her pretense at loving him. Thorne encourages Rick to confront Amber about her feelings for Deacon. He tells Rick he must express his feelings to his wife before the situation escalates. Stubbornly, Rick refuses to heed Thorne's advice.

Sally, Darla and Sofia are excited about the reunion between Tony and Kristen. When Clark enters Sally's office, Darla is the first person to share the good news: He vehemently denies that Eric will ever allow his daughter to be with Tony.

Eric is speaking with Tony regarding the love the couple share. Tony makes tries to convince Eric that he and Kristen are being sexually abstinent to protect her from his HIV status. Eric staunchly declares his compassion for Tony but his anger at Tony for breaking his agreement to stay away from Kristen. Kristen is listening to the conversation between her father and boyfriend.

Summoned by Thorne, Brooke enters Thorne's office. Thorne tells Brooke he is happy to know his brother has reunited with his wife, but makes no apologies for her part in Massimo's plan. Brooke does not want to discuss the situation. Thorne tells Brooke that Amber is pregnant, Deacon does not love Bridget, and that "they" must do something to correct the situation. Brooke says Stephanie was right: she has neglected her children and will correct that situation NOW.

Eric expresses his concern for Tony, but emphasizes his protective instincts toward his daughter. He reminds Tony that HIV leads to AIDS: a possible death warrant for Kristen. When Tony states the couple will protect Kristen, Eric responds by laying out the "reality" of his disease status. Eric believes that Tony cannot protect Kristen unless they remain only friends. When Eric leaves Tony's office, Kristen enters.

Thorne continues to tell Brooke that "we" must do something to get Bridget away from her husband, Deacon. Brooke is incensed to learn that Rick purposely conceived a child with Amber, and mortified to learn that Bridget is in a sham of a marriage. Brooke tells Thorne that her children are her responsibility and she will handle the situation alone. She has decided to protect her children "no matter what it takes." Deacon leaves her office, slamming the door behind him.

Kristen speaks with Tony in an effort to persuade him that their relationship will survive her family's disapproval. Tony feels Eric made several good points and believes he would feel the same way if his daughter were in a similar situation. Kristen is confident that the couple can engage in safe sex and protect her from his HIV status. Tony is unsure her family will come around; while Kristen is determined to stay with Tony despite their disapproval.

Deacon enters Brooke Logan's office. She directly asks him "what is going on" with his marriage. Brooke angrily tells him she does not intend to play words games with him, while Deacon tells her she must be jet-lagged because she is not making sense. Brooke demands that he leave her daughter and protect her from his pretense of a marriage. Deacon tells her it is none of her business and refuses to answer her questions. When Brooke asks him if he has stayed in the relationship because of the "free ride" he has received monetarily, he adamantly refuses. Brooke counters that she will do whatever it takes to end his marriage to Bridget.

Sally Spectra enters her office to find Eric Forrester waiting for her. Eric asks her to do him a favor: inform him any time Sally sees Kristen at Spectra Fashions. He tells Sally he has no intention of letting his daughter be anywhere near Tony.

The conversation between Tony and Kristen continues, with Kristen declaring her love and devotion. Kristen falls to her knees and proposes to Tony!

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