The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on B&B

Brooke and Deacon denied their feelings for each other, and Deacon insisted that he was committed to Bridget. Tony and Kristen planned their wedding, and Massimo decided to put off discussing Ridge with Stephanie until after the wedding.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 26, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, November 26, 2001

Kristen is alarmed when Tony informs her that his parents went to speak with Eric and Stephanie. They suspect impending disaster since both their fathers are used to getting their own way. Tony tells Kristen they can't just elope because family is too important to them. Liliana assures Eric that they can trust Tony, but Eric insists he can't trust him with his daughter's life. Eduardo calls Tony to tell him that the meeting with Kristen's parents didn't go well. The priest suggests that if Tony and Kristen pray to God then he may help take away Eric's fears. Rick can't believe that Bridget is putting up with Deacon's behavior, and is even more shocked when Bridget blames it on Brooke. Bridget says they'll have to prove to everyone that Deacon wants this marriage just as much as she does. Brooke thinks Deacon conned her because she can't think of any other way to explain his behavior. She tells Deacon that he will probably cheat on Bridget again, because he can't resist temptation. To prove her point, Brooke lays a passionate kiss on Deacon. Deacon breaks away from the kiss, and tells Brooke that he's committed to Bridget.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

While Deacon was alone at home, Rick barged in and confronted him about not obtaining the divorce from Bridget. Deacon made an effort to befriend Rick. Rick nixed all gestures of friendship from Deacon. Instead, Rick warned Deacon that he and his brothers are watching every move he makes with Bridget. Rick proclaimed that all of the Forresters distrust him, and are against his marriage to Bridget and would jump at a chance to make it come to an end.

Kristen invited Bridget to her self-planned engagement party. Bridget not only accepted, but also suggested they hold the party at her and Deacon's beach house instead. Deacon told Bridget that he thought it was a bad time for a party since none of the Forresters approve of their decision to stay married. Bridget told him he was wrong that family members would come to their party for Kristen and Tony.

At Spectra Fashions, Tony designed a dress for his mother to wear to he and Kristen's wedding. She supported Tony for having to deal with the Forrester's lack of support of his and Kristen's marriage.

Massimo telephoned Stephanie to discuss the fact that he's Ridge's father. At Stephanie's beckoning, he agreed to wait until after Tony and Kristen's wedding to discuss it further with Stephanie.

At the Forrester's Ridge emphasized that he would let no one break up their family. He explained to Eric, that Kristen is now rushing to marry Tony because of all of Eric's disapproval of her relationship with Tony. Ridge was convinced he could talk Kristen out of marrying Tony. Stephanie realistically advised him that he didn't have that much clout with Kristen, and no one would be able to prevent her from marrying Tony. Kristen arrived to invite them all to her engagement party to be held at Bridget's. Kristen tried to make peace with her family. She begged Stephanie, Eric and Ridge for their strength and support.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Brooke adamantly tells Megan she wants nothing more to do with Deacon. Megan thinks Brooke was hurt by Deacon, but Brooke denies it. Bridget and Deacon are getting ready for the party when Deacon gives her a ring as a symbol of their new beginning. Bridget senses the change in Deacon and feels so loved. Deacon says tonight they will be celebrating two marriages, Kristen's and theirs. Kristen is very upset when she finds out that Eric is not coming to the engagement party. Stephanie explains to Kristen that Eric fears the marriage will be the literal death of her. Kristen bravely says it's Eric's loss if he won't come to the party. Tony tells his parents that the wedding is going to happen, and he is determined for Eric to be a part of it. At the party, Tony plans to ask Eric to be his best man. Brooke gives Eric advice on whether or not he should go to the party and support his daughter, even though he disapproves of the engagement. Brooke warns Eric that someday he may wish that he had been more involved in his daughter's life. Everyone arrives at Bridget and Deacon's, except for Eric. Tony is disappointed his plan is down the tubes. The priest gives Tony and Kristen hopeful words about their extraordinary circumstances. Tony thanks everyone for coming, and tells the group that he was planning to ask Eric to be his best man, even though it seems foolish now. Eric suddenly appears at the door, and Tony anxiously awaits an answer.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

At Forrester Creations, Megan tried to convince Brooke to go to Bridget and Deacon's party. Brooke expressed her disapproval of Bridget and Deacon's reconciliation. Megan reminded Brooke that prior to asking Bridget for the divorce, he was having a hot affair with her. Brooke acknowledged that indeed there had been passion and much more, between her and Deacon. Brooke didn't think that Deacon was just out to seduce her, he had needed to someone to talk to that night the same way she had. Brooke assessed that Deacon is somehow being deceptive, but that his feelings for Bridget seem genuine.

At Bridget and Deacon's party, Eric surprised everyone with his arrival. He became very angry when Tony asked him to be the best man at he and Kristen's wedding. Eric acknowledged how much Tony and Kristen love one another. Eric also agreed that Tony is exactly the kind of man he wanted his daughter to marry. On the other hand, Eric said he could not approve of Tony and Kristen's marriage because of Tony's HIV diagnosis. Eric wouldn't agree to be Tony's best man, nor would he agree to attend the wedding. Eduardo and Sally both were disturbed by the way Eric had degraded Tony in front of friend, family and his employer. Bridget told Eric that he's wrong about Tony and Kristen in the same way he was wrong about her and Deacon. Kristen and Tony's priest managed to calm everyone down. After a long speech from the priest, Eric started to see Tony in a different light. Eric gave his approval to Tony and Kristen for their marriage. Eric agreed to be Tony's best man.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Kristen starts her wedding day with a call to Tony who advises her that he'll have her wedding dress ready for her but won't allow her to try it on. Downstairs, Eric and Stephanie remark on the beauty of the day with Eric marveling at the change he's made in 24 hours. They greet Kristen who reveals she has an important task to perform. Clarke overhears Darla, Sally, Tony and his parents discussing today's wedding and the dress Tony has created for his beautiful bride. Clarke mumbles to himself that he must do whatever he can to stop the nuptials. He rushes to the Forrester mansion and announces his plan to pay a gay friend to announce at the wedding that Tony got HIV from him and not an old girlfriend. Outraged, Stephanie tells him the idea is horrible and kicks him out. Eduardo escorts his son to the chapel and Kristen's dressing room where he hangs the wedding dress and calls it his crowning achievement. Sally is touched when Kristen asks her to be her matron of honor and compliments Sally on how she leaves herself open for all the possibilities life has to offer, a quality she wants for herself. On orders from Tony, Sally takes Kristen to the church where the blushing bride is thrilled to find her wedding gown waiting. As Tony secretly watches, Kristen admires the dress and then tells her future husband how much she loves his creation.

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