The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on B&B

Amber and Rick moved in with Brooke while Amber recovered from an inflamed kidney. Sally confronted Massimo about Ridge's paternity. Massimo told Stephanie that he would have either her or Ridge in his life. Brooke refused to consider an abortion.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 10, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, December 10, 2001

At the hospital Amber's doctor reports to his patient and Rick that tests show she has an inflamed kidney. Because she donated one of her kidneys to Rick, her condition becomes worse now because she's pregnant. He advises her to have complete bed rest, a new diet and frequent doctor visits one she returns home. Comforting his wife, Rick assures Amber that his anger towards her comes out of his love for her. Finding Massimo about to make an embarrassing announcement to Ridge and the others, Stephanie pulls Massimo aside and argues with him about keeping secret Ridge's paternity. Meanwhile, Sally decides to hurry to the Café Russe to find out what secret Massimo and Stephanie are hiding. She arrives in time to overhear Massimo and Stephanie argue that they should keep secret the fact that Massimo is Ridge's father. Sally then confronts Massimo who is shocked to discover Sally now knows his secret. Ridge argues with Eric about how to deal with Massimo.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

At the Café Rouse Sally confronted Massimo about what she overheard! Massimo is Ridge's father, not Eric! Massimo tried to convince Sally that she was mistaken about what she heard Stephanie say. Sally didn't buy Massimo's lie. Massimo took Sally to his office in an attempt to rationalize with her about what she heard.

On their honeymoon in Africa, Tony and Kristen felt very bad about the children begging on the streets. Tony and Kristen spent romantic time together in bed. Later, a young boy climbed in their window. He begged Kristen not to tell Tony who had answered a knock at their door and gone outside.

In Eric's office, Ridge asked Stephanie to cut off all contact with Massimo. Stephanie out right refused to do so. Stephanie asked Ridge what say Taylor had in his relationship with Brooke? Ridge explained that his relationship with Brooke is different than her relationship with Massimo. Ridge was very curious about what hold Massimo has over Stephanie. When Ridge and Eric left the office, Stephanie called Massimo and coldly requested that he have no further contact with her or her family, especially Ridge. Stephanie apologized to Massimo for making this request, but she explained "that's the way it is."

Massimo was very upset over Stephanie's request that he have no contact with her or her family. Sally was in his office and saw how upset he was. Massimo had no choice but to admit that he is Ridge's father. Sally was elated that she finally has something so volatile to use against the Forrester family. She predicted her revelation to Eric and Ridge would tear the Forrester family apart. She revealed that her knowledge of Massimo's paternity is the perfect weapon she's been waiting for to use against the Forrester family, Sally planned to use this explosive information to avenge the death of her daughter, Macy.

Massimo told Sally that he understood that she wants to use his tragedy to avenge her own tragedy. As he became very angry, Massimo demanded that Sally never talk to anyone about the knowledge that he is Ridge's father!

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Sally tells Massimo to stock up on cigars because he's about to become a father. Massimo points out that if she goes through with this, the Forresters will close rank against him and they both will have lost their children. Massimo asks if she would keep his secret if he gave their relationship a chance. Sally finally agrees, suggesting this could be the start of something special. Zendi explains to Kristen that the authorities believe he stole something, then reveals he was actually trying to return the rolls of film Kristen lost. Zendi tells Kristen and Tony that he doesn't have a mother and that his brother was killed in a car crash. Kristen promises to bring Zendi some photos before he heads back to the orphanage. Brooke tries to cover her nausea when her children stop by. Bridget tells Amber that she's saddened by the distance between Brooke and her because of Bridget's marriage to Deacon. Amber tries to reassure Bridget that Deacon will become less of an issue for Brooke as time goes on. Amber and Rick explain that they're looking for a bigger place. Bridget suggests instead of finding an apartment, they should move in with Brooke. When Brooke gets emotional, saying she's been a terrible mother, Bridget assures her that she's wrong and nothing could ever change the way she feels about her.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Megan, the only person who knows that Brooke is pregnant, tried to convince Brooke to reconsider about allowing Rick, Amber and Little Eric to move in with her. Megan also asked Brooke to consider having an abortion. Brooke revealed to Megan that before Rick was born she considered having an abortion. This was because she mistakenly thought Stephanie and Eric would remain together and having the abortion would solve Brooke's problem. She told Megan she's glad she didn't go through with the abortion because Rick became the light of her life.

Amber told Stephanie that Brooke seemed very depressed. Amber assumed it was due to Brooke's divorce from Thorne followed by her rejection by Ridge. Amber told Stephanie that she had been more of a mother to her than her own mother. Eric and Stephanie were sad as Rick, Amber and Little Eric moved out to live in Brooke's house. Eric and Stephanie also considered the benefits of being alone in their home after many years. They planned a romantic evening together. When Rick, Amber and Little Eric arrived at Brooke's house, Rick was very upbeat about the move. He told Brooke that he had positive feelings about he and Amber living with Brooke and felt it would work out well.

Still in Africa on their honeymoon, Kristen and Tony visited an orphanage. They questioned the orphanage staff about the reasons that so many children were homeless. They learned that the children there are not tested for HIV because there is so little medication available to them. Kristen and Tony spent time with the children at the orphanage. Zendi was happy to see them. They learned that Zendi's mother and younger brother both died from AIDS. The staff told them that Zendi took care of his mother and brother. When his mother died, Zendi then brought his brother to the orphanage where he later died. Tony and Kristen were really touched by the children they met there.

Friday, December 14, 2001

Spotting Ridge at the Insomnia, Sally can't help herself and decides to tease him about Massimo and the secret they're both keeping. She struggles to keep the secret as she finds Ridge confused by her remarks. Sally finally announces to Ridge that she's attracted to Massimo but knows that he's interested in Stephanie. She suggests that he could help his family by helping her win Massimo's heart but Ridge reveals that he hates the guy and wants nothing to do with him. Meeting in his office, Massimo advises Stephanie that he can't go on like this, knowing that Ridge is his son. He sheepishly admits that he still loves Stephanie and adds that he loves his son as well. He finally gives her an ultimatum, demanding that she choose who he is going to have in his life: Stephanie or Ridge. Momma Tisha at the orphanage explains to Kristen and Tony that while Zende has no family left which could make it difficult for him, she knows that he's a good boy and thinks that he does have a good chance at surviving. When told it's time to leave, Kristen wants to say goodbye to Zende but Tony and Momma Tisha both think it's better that they leave without saying anything to him. As they exit, Zende looks up and stares at them as they walk out of his life.

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