The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on B&B

Massimo, Stephanie, and Ridge were outraged to learn what meager stock Ridge would inherit from Eric. Brooke asked Rick to share his stock with Ridge, but Rick declined. Ridge considered starting his own fashion house. Bridget dreamed of becoming a designer.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 17, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, December 17, 2001

Rick and Amber share lunch and Rick explains to her a little about what he does at Forrester. He asks her what part in the company would she like, if she could have her dream job. She tells him that ever since she was a little girl, she has loved to design clothes. Rick tells her she would be great at it and then gets called away. Amber ponders it a bit and grabs a pencil and sketchpad. Rick returns only to see a full-fledged design and is blown away by how talented she is. He tells her that she is a Forrester and she has a right to be a part of the company. She daydreams about a fashion show full of her designs and how great it would be to be doing something she loves.

Massimo tells Stephanie he wants to play an active role in either her or Ridge's life. She tells him that that is impossible. He tells her that he wants to give Ridge a future. "He has a future; he will be the head of Forrester Creations", she states. That is not enough he tells her, he will have to share the company with the other children. She tells him that Ridge's future is none of his business and to leave it alone. He asks if she and Eric have planned for their futures after they leave the business. She hesitates and he realizes that they haven't. What kind of future will Ridge have at Forrester; Brooke will have absolute power. They should give Ridge the majority of the company, since it would not be where it is today without him. They must do something. "I must do something", she states. You have no control in this. Stephanie leaves and heads straight to Eric's office, where he just finished up celebrating Ridge's face on the cover of a fashion magazine. He to tells Ridge that company would not be where it is today without him. After they disperse, Stephanie shows up and tells Eric they must talk. She tells him that Ridge has done the most for the company and that he should get the majority of the stock. Eric says that he will not punish the others for not taking as active of a role in the company as Ridge did. She rebuts by saying that he is punishing Ridge by not giving him more of the company. Eric says that he isn't and tells her that is the way things will be and that's that. Meanwhile Massimo writes a letter and signs Ridge's name to it and says he will assure a future for his son. Ridge is heading out for the day, when Megan stops him and gives him a package. Ridge is shocked and confused at the same time by what he finds.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Sally stopped by Massimo's office to find out what she should wear for their dinner date. Massimo, who seemed preoccupied, had forgotten about their date. Massimo admitted that Stephanie had been by to ensure that the secret of his paternity of Ridge would be kept quiet. Massimo explained to Sally that he doesn't want to disrupt Stephanie's family by revealing his paternity of Ridge. Massimo only doesn't want to have to pretend that he's not Ridge's father. Massimo also told Sally that he's the only one who can show Ridge his true potential in business.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge received the package that Massimo had sent. Ridge tried to determine who the sender was and what the cryptic message meant. Massimo's message was " This is your slice of the Forrester pie. Get what you deserve, don't settle for less."

When Taylor arrived, Ridge showed her the pie and the message. Neither one of them knew what it meant. Taylor told Ridge that she had purchased an SUV. She knew they had been discussing the topic of a new car and assumed because they could afford it, because Ridge would inherit Forrester Creations some day. Taylor was correct!

Meanwhile, Stephanie told Eric that they have to re-evaluate the way in which they will divide up the children's inheritance of Forrester Creations. Stephanie advised that Ridge should have controlling interest in the company. Eric didn't want to consider giving the children unequal amounts of the company. When Brooke arrived in the office, Stephanie asked her if she thinks that Ridge has been valuable to Forrester Creations. Brooke agreed, but didn't want to get involved in a discussion about inheritance. Stephanie pointed out to both Brooke and Eric that if Ridge is unhappy with an equal share of the company, he could leave and start his own company. Stephanie predicted it could be the demise of Forrester Creations.

Back at Massimo's office, Massimo told Sally that he's not going to allow Eric to deny Ridge his legacy. Massimo revealed that he want Ridge to be compensated for his time, energy and dedication that he brought to Forrester. Sally didn't think it was wise for Massimo to try to get involved in the Forrester business affairs. Massimo fretted that the irony of the situation is that Ridge dedicated himself to Forrester Creations for family pride; it's not even his family! Massimo made a statement; he told Sally that he's not going to allow anybody to take Ridge, his son's birthright away!

Ridge sat in his office and pondered what his piece of the Forrester pie meant. After struggling with it and getting nowhere, he went over to Eric's office. Stephanie, Brooke and Eric were all there. Ridge proclaimed that he wanted to ask them about the future of Forrester Creations. Stephanie and Eric were curious about why Ridge suddenly approached that topic!

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Sally finds Massimo stewing in his office and learns about the special present he sent to Ridge. He claims that Ridge's future is in jeopardy unless Eric does something immediately to plan for his son's future. Sally doubts that anything can be done but Massimo won't give up trying to protect his son. At Forrester, Ridge is surprised when he receives a package containing a pie pan with single piece. Reading the note, Ridge is confused as he's directed to get what he deserves from Forrester. Taylor interrupts Ridge with the news that she bought the latest SUV on impulse. When she jokes about his being the heir apparent of Forester Creations so they don't have to worry about money, he realizes what the pie piece means. Stephanie points out to Eric that Rick and Bridget will receive shares of Forester stock from their mother which would throw off the balance they had hoped for once they retired. Eric agrees but then advises her that he's not going to completely leave out Rick and Bridget. Brooke interrupts and finds herself caught in the middle. She does agree that Ridge deserves a bigger share but Eric doesn't like the idea of Kristen and Felicia getting almost no shares. Mentioning her fear that Ridge might leave, Stephanie tries to convince Brooke to be on her side and help her convince Eric to increase Ridge's share of the company.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

At home, Brooke was riddled with shame and guilt over being pregnant by her daughter's husband. Rick was concerned that Brooke might be seriously ill and require medical attention. He didn't realize the symptoms she was exhibiting were those of pregnancy.

Brooke discussed estate planning with Rick and Bridget. Brooke excluded Amber from the discussion. Brooke told Rick and Bridget that with the current plan, Ridge would get less than ten percent of Forrester Creations. Brooke explained that because Ridge had played such an important role in making Forrester Creations successful, she believes that he deserves more than 9.8 percent in stocks.

Taylor congratulated Ridge for the complimentary article that Eye on Fashion featured about him. Ridge told Taylor that he is worried about his future with Forrester Fashions because Eric is choosing to divide his stocks evenly amongst his children. That would mean that Ridge would not have control over the company. Ridge was very upset that Eric could consider dividing the stocks in that manner, especially because Ridge was so instrumental in making Forrester Creations successful. Ridge contemplated starting his own company. Ridge felt totally portrayed by his own father. Ridge revealed that he is viewing Eric differently. Ridge was also feeling as though Eric isn't his father.

Brooke asked Rick and Bridget if they might consider giving part of their stocks to Ridge. Almost immediately, Rick and Bridget agreed that because Brooke owns Forrester, they would allow her to do what she thinks is best with the stocks. They would be willing to give some stocks to Ridge. Amber eavesdropped on their entire conversation. Amber approached Rick and advised him not to give up his stocks to Ridge. She appealed to him by asking him if he thought that Little Eric and their unborn child would want him to hand over Forrester Creations to Ridge.

Kristen and Tony told Stephanie and Eric about their trip to Africa. They explained that they had met a ten-year-old boy who is an orphan.

Brooke informed Ridge that her children have decided to give him some of their stocks in Forrester Creations. Ridge was very pleased. Meanwhile, Amber begged Rick not to give stocks to Ridge. She warned that he would in the future regret giving stocks to Ridge.

Friday, December 21, 2001

Taylor's suspicious when Ridge confirms that Brooke intends to give her some of her shares of Forrester Creations stock without expecting anything in return. Ridge guesses that she's tired of the responsibility but Taylor wonders what could be troubling her so much that she's giving up control of the company. Connor asks Brooke if she's certain she wants to sign over these shares of stock. He reminds her that it's an irreversible move and wonders if she's keeping something from him. Even as she asks him to stop probing, Connor pleads with her to open up to him for her children's sake. Upstairs, Amber works hard to convince Rick not to allow his mother to give Ridge any shares of stock. Amber and Rick interrupt and Rick lets his mother know that he's having second thoughts about allowing her to give Ridge any shares of sock. Ridge arrives with Taylor and offers gracious words in thanks for their support of him and his efforts over the years. When Ridge finds out there's been a change of plans, he becomes furious and storms out with Taylor close behind. After making love, Kristen and Tony eye the photo they took with Zende. When Kristen notices the jacket the boy is wearing is lined in a silver color, she claims the "silver lining" is a sign from God. They agree to return to Africa and adopt Zende.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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