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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Brooke is in her room at the spa remembering the conversation she had with Dr. Isabel. The doctor had agreed that Brooke's feelings were strong but thought they were definitely not feelings of hate. The phone rings and its Deacon. He doesn't have much time to talk and begs Brooke to tell him what's going on. Is it something he did? No matter what Brooke tells him, it won't damage his relationship with Bridget. Brooke hangs up on him. Then mutters to herself she can never tell him that she's pregnant with his baby. The doorbell rings, its Dr. Isabel. Brooke apologizes for her earlier behavior. She tells the doctor she's been thinking about the conversation they had and the doctor is right, Brooke doesn't hate Deacon but its complicated and confusing. Brooke confesses it was a deep connection on many levels then begins crying as she remembers one of her moments in bed with Deacon when they talked about how they felt about just spending the night together and how much she enjoyed the passion they shared. The doctor says that sexual attraction is a very strong emotion. Brooke tells the doctor that Deacon called her a little while ago asking questions but Brooke hung up on him without giving him any answers. Brooke wants all this stress to end. Its no good for the baby. The doctor says she doesn't understand why this can't work out, then concludes that Deacon is married. Brooke admits it and says she thought the marriage was over. Deacon was supposed to leave his wife but didn't. The doctor tells her that she must cut all ties and never see him again. Brooke says this is impossible as he is married to her daughter.

Deacon hangs up the phone, lights a cigarette and wonders aloud what is wrong with Brooke when Bridget enters the room reminding him there is no smoking in the house. She tells Deacon that things are a mess at Forrester and that Ridge is pulling Brookes bedroom line. Deacon asks if Brooke is aware of this and when Bridget tells him no, he suggests they don't tell her. She obviously is going through something big right now and this could send her over the edge. Bridget is amazed at how sensitive Deacon is and wishes Brooke could see this side of him. She goes over to comfort Deacon, telling him Brooke is a fighter. He comments like mother, like daughter and she replies she herself is more of a lover. Deacon gets the hint, its been awhile since they made love. He kisses her but gets distracted by a picture of Brooke and tells Bridget they should move into the bedroom.

At Forrester, Ridge and Rick continue to argue over the bedroom line while Thorne and Amber look on. Rick says the line is daring and out there not to mention a big money maker. What is so wrong with that? Ridge replies that it is more about image and reputation and the lingerie line has damaged that sending many prestigious clients elsewhere. Forrester never even needed an advertising department before because everyone, everywhere knew what the company stood for. Ridge says its time Forrester got back to the values that made the company what it was. Classic clothing, not selling underwear in a department store. Rick tells Ridge he's acting as though he believes Brooke ruined the company's reputation....Who else believes that? Of course, Taylor and Stephanie. First they get rid of the bed in Brookes office and now the bedroom line. Ridge refuses to bow down to Rick. Thorne steps in and tells Ridge to just show Rick all the orders they've received since canceling the line. Rick wants to see the research to justify Ridge's decision however Ridge says he is CEO now and doesn't need to justify his decisions to some wet behind the ears business major. Rick tells Ridge that this is "just not cool" and Amber steps in to echo Ricks words. Ridge tells Rick to run on back to school now. He is not going to argue with him any longer, he's running the company and needs to get back to work. Rick heads toward the door turning to give Ridge a look of vengeance.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

In Eric's office, Stephanie told him that she's thrilled that Brooke appointed Ridge as CEO of Forrester Creations. Stephanie was curious though, that everyone, including Deacon, is concerned about Brooke. Stephanie informed Eric that she heard Brooke say that Deacon is the cause of her problems and had ruined Brooke's life. Eric assumed that Brooke was referring to the fact that Deacon had married Bridget. Stephanie didn't agree with Eric. Stephanie advised that whenever Brooke behaves erratically as she is now, it's always trouble. Ridge came to Eric to ask him if he is in control of Forrester Creations or just a puppet for Brooke. Eric assured him that he is CEO. Ridge advised that Rick is upset over the cancellation of the Brooke's Bedroom line.

At Bridget and Deacon's house, Rick informed them that Ridge had canceled the Brooke's Bedroom line. Rick rallied Amber, Bridget and Deacon for support of getting the Brooke's Bedroom line re-instated. They all vowed to support him.

At the Spa Ojai, Brooke revealed during her counseling session that she slept with her daughter's husband and now she is pregnant with his child. Brooke also acknowledged that her behavior was very wrong. Meanwhile as Deacon had finished making love with Bridget, he couldn't get thoughts of Brooke out of his mind. Back at the spa, Brooke's counselor advised her that she needed to deal with her stress and guilt over this situation. She also advised that her baby would be loved and things would work out in the end.

Tony and Kristen returned home from Africa with Zende. While riding home with him in a limousine, they gave him a tour of LA. When they arrived at their beach house, Zende was over-whelmed by the size of the house and the first view of the Pacific Ocean. Zende told Kristen and Tony that he wanted to keep thanking them because he gave up all hope of ever finding a family and being adopted.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

After a romantic evening, Ridge gets the kids off to school, makes Taylor breakfast and wakes her up with a beautiful red rose. Taylor wants to know what is the special treatment for and Ridge pops the question that he would like her on the Board at Forrester. Taylor fears Brooke and Rick would never approve that and Rick will assume that Ridge is trying to "stack the cards" against him. Ridge assures her Rick is no threat, she is the perfect candidate as she fits Forrester's target market, a highly successful career woman plus it benefits Forrester as Taylor knows what direction Ridge would like to take the company in. He begs her to help him. Taylor says if the family votes her in, she'll do it.

Brooke realizes time is running out and soon everyone will be able to "see" that she's pregnant. A knock sounds on her spa room door. She thinks its breakfast, but surprise, its Rick. He starts to tell her about things at Forrester and notices maternity shopping bags. Brooke covers by telling him they are for Amber. She wanted to do something nice for her and Rick can take them with him when he leaves. Rick thanks her for being so thoughtful. Rick asks how she is and tells her he's there on an emergency visit. Stephanie and Taylor have gotten to Ridge and he's cancelled Brooke's bedroom line. Brooke can't believe it. Rick goes on to say that he fears everything Brooke has worked so hard for is being torn to shreds. It's very important that she come back to HER company. Brooke says she can't take on the whole family right now. She doesn't have that kind of fight left in her. She just isn't strong enough, not right now and starts crying. She tells Rick she's sorry that Rick has to pay for her mistakes. Rick tells her she needs to rest, he'll deal with it. He'll take care of everything and when she's ready...HER company will be waiting.

Stephanie and Amber are having tea. Stephanie expresses concern over Rick's cloudy judgment of Brooke. Amber defends her husband and says its Stephanie's vision that is cloudy and that Rick sees Brooke's faults, but he also sees her strengths. Stephanie asks Amber is she really thinks Stephanie's vision is cloudy. Amber tells her it's completely understandable giving all Brooke has done to the Forrester family. BUT Brooke is a good businesswoman and is good for Forrester. Stephanie says she and Eric built Forrester and it's THEIR company and it really doesn't concern Amber. Amber disagrees. This is her husband's future. Stephanie says Rick is getting all worked up over nothing. He has no control, no experience and he's still in school. Amber argues that Rick should have control. He's not a child anymore and everyone needs to stop treating him like he's incompetent. Rick will be running the company one day. Stephanie apologizes to Amber and Amber reciprocates. Stephanie asks Amber to trust her. The decisions that are being made are for everyone's best interests, including Brooke. The say they love each other and Stephanie leaves. The phone rings and its Rick. He tells her it didn't go so well with his mother. She's not coming back. He'll have to take care of things for her. Amber warns that it isn't going to be easy. The family doesn't think he has the experience to do this. Rick says they'll see different. He'll make his move at the board meeting; Rick's going to take Ridge on.

Kristen introduces Zende to her father. Zende is pleased to meet Mr. Forrester. Eric insists Zende call him Grandpa. Tony decides to whip them all up breakfast then realizing most of the food in the refrigerator is over two weeks old begins throwing it all away. Zende is stunned. Eric alerts Kristen and Tony that something is wrong and Zende tells them that he used to go to the neighbors house just to eat and here they are throwing food away. Kristen and Tony apologize for their ignorance. Eric tells Zende that his new parents have a lot to learn about his life in Africa and can he begin by showing and telling Eric about the photos he brought with him. Zende obliges.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Massimo was delighted when his old friend, Yves, stopped by his office unexpectedly to visit him. It turns out that Yves was on his way to a Forrester Creations board of Directors meeting. Massimo asked Yves to report everything that happens at the meeting. Massimo wouldn't reveal why he had a sudden interest in Ridge and Forrester Creations. Yves told Massimo that Ridge actually reminded him of Massimo, when Massimo was younger.

When Kristen arrived at the Forrester Creations board of directors' meeting, Eric announced to Kristen and Stephanie that he thinks Zende is a delightful kid. When Thorne arrived at the meeting, he echoed those feelings about Zende.

Just prior to the board meeting, Taylor was having second thoughts about being nominated to the board of directors. She was concerned that Ridge's family including Rick would be upset over it. Taylor was also concerned that Brooke would be angry if should were voted in as a board member.

Meanwhile, at home, Rick was studying the history of Forrester Creations in an attempt to derail Ridge's cancellation of the Brooke's Bedroom line. Amber encouraged Rick to defend his mother's company. Rick recalled how upset Brooke became when he informed her that Ridge had cancelled the Brooke's Bedroom line. Rick decided he wasn't about to allow anyone mess with his mother's company. Rick put on a business suit with the intention of attending the Forrester Creations board meeting.

At the Forrester Creations board meeting, Ridge welcomed Kristen. She hadn't attended any meetings for a number of years. Ridge updated everyone at the meeting about the cancellation of the Brooke's Bedroom line. Kristen questioned whether Brooke approved or even knew about it. Ridge arrogantly indicated that he didn't care what Brooke thought about it. Ridge proposed adding a new seat to the board of directors. He explained that this new member would represent customers and be their voice. Ridge nominated Taylor to the board of directors. Thorne was concerned about Brooke's reaction to Taylor's appointment. The end result was that they voted unanimously to admit Taylor to the board. Rick arrived at the meeting. Ridge refused to allow him to participate in the board meeting. Rick calmly explained that because his family owns more than one half of the company, they own Ridge!

Friday, January 11, 2002

Brooke had visions of Deacon lying in her bed. She says, "I have to stop having thoughts like this about my son in law; but then he's not just my son in law, he's also the father of my child." Dr. Isabelle came back to see Brooke. Brooke told her that Rick came to see her yesterday and that he was upset. Brooke feels she let him down again because she left all her responsibilities in LA, and that it is all lying on Rick's shoulders. She is worried that he is not going to be able to handle it. Dr. Isabelle tells Brooke, "Perhaps it is easier for you to worry about your son's problems than your own." She wants Brooke to talk about the problem with Deacon. Brooke says that there is no solution to the problem. She is pregnant by her daughter's husband and that her daughter, Bridget, can never find out because she would never forgive her. Dr. Isabelle tells Brooke that Bridget will find out that she is pregnant. Brooke tells Dr. Isabelle that the problem is that she betrayed her daughter. She asks Brooke why she betrayed her daughter. Brooke tells her that she is weak. Dr. Isabelle wonders if Brooke is weak or if she has very strong feelings for Deacon. She wonders if Brooke's feelings still exist and is afraid of what might happen when she sees Deacon.

Deacon tells Bridget that he is going on a business trip to Las Vegas, but really he is going to see Brooke at Spa Ojai. On the way up there, Deacon wonders why he is so drawn to her. He remembers the night they were together and wonders why he can't stop thinking about it. When Deacon sees Brooke at Spa Ojai, she asks what he is doing there and where Bridget is. She tells him that he shouldn't be there. He asks her why she is afraid of him. Brooke tells him that she is not afraid. Deacon is glad and says, "I'm not leaving here until I get what I came for."

Amber visits Bridget and asks if Deacon is able to pick Eric up at preschool. Bridget tells her that Deacon is on a business trip to Las Vegas. Amber tells Bridget that she and Rick are going to have a lot to talk about since he went to the board meeting at Forrester. Rick went to the board meeting to stand up for Brooke's rights since she is the majority stockholder. Bridget wonders if Connor, Brooke's lawyer, shouldn't have gone instead of Rick. She tells Amber that Ridge is very competitive and hates being told what to do. Amber tells Bridget that all Rick wants is a little respect. Amber says, "I'm sure he can give him that much."

At the board meeting, Rick gets very mad because Ridge calls him "baby brother." Eric reminds them that the company is a family business. Rick tells them that his side of the family should be represented. Eric tells Rick that there aren't any sides. Ridge tells him that they are in the middle of a board meeting for board members. Rick wonders why Taylor is there. Ridge says that she was voted in a few minutes earlier. Rick wants to be heard and asks to have a seat on the board also. Rick tells Ridge that he has had more business training than Ridge had in design school. Ridge agrees and tells Rick to have a seat. Monsieur Durant, the vice president of finance of their International division is introduced. Rick wants to know the reaction to the cancellation Brooke's bedroom line to the internationals. Monsieur Durant tells them that people were disappointed that the line was pulled from the stores, but there was a 17% increase in orders. Rick wonders if there is any connection between the orders and canceling Brooke's line. After hearing Monsieur Durant's presentation, Ridge asks Rick how he feels. Ridge ends up telling Rick to "go back to the playground Rickie and let the grown ups do the business here." Ridge was trying to teach Rick a lesson that even though he is going to be a part owner of Forrester someday, he did not build the company and could not run it. He wants Rick and Amber to stay out of his way.

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