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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Rick comes home livid after a board meeting at Forrester. When Bridget and Amber ask what's wrong, he tells them that Ridge made a fool out of him. Rick believes that Ridge is trying to get rid of him, so that he can have Forrester Creations all to himself and his family. Bridget doesn't buy it, but isn't so sure when he tells her that Ridge is taking advantage of Brooke's absence and trying to boot her out. He also lets them know that Ridge gave Taylor a seat on the board. Rick vows revenge, saying you never mess with family. Massimo listens from a source how the meeting went and tracks down Ridge at Insomnia. He tries to offer him advice, but Ridge thinks he is only using him to get to his mother. He assures him that is not what he is doing, but Ridge doesn't believe and walks out on him.

Deacon finds Brooke at the spa. He confronts her about what is going on. She tells him that it's nothing; she just needed to get away. Deacon doesn't buy it and begs her to tell him. She yells at him to leave, that she doesn't want to see him. He demands to know what's going on. She tells him that she feels horribly about betraying her daughter among other things, but she can't get into it right now. Deacon says that Bridget doesn't ever have to find out and she will be fine. "Are you happy", she asks. Deacon doesn't give her a straight answer and says he is going out of his mind worrying about what is the matter. "Why do you care", she spats. He tells her that she meant more to him than just a one-night stand. She says she feels the same way. Deacon is surprised, thinking that she hated him. Deacon tells her that this may not be the right time, but he has fallen in love with her.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

At the Spa, Deacon told Brooke that he's madly in love with her. Brooke didn't want him to admit his feelings because of his marriage to Bridget. Brooke couldn't hold back her feelings any longer. She admitted that she loves Deacon, as much as he loves her. Deacon advised Brooke that they shouldn't feel guilty about their feelings for one another because they didn't plan to fall in love. Brooke felt that they should have fought off their feelings for one another harder.

Amber went to the Lair and questioned Alex about Deacon's business trip to Las Vegas. Alex told Amber that Hank didn't send Deacon to Las Vegas. Alex also told her that if Hank had needed someone to go to Las Vegas, he would have gone himself. Amber realized that Deacon had lied to Bridget about his whereabouts. Amber wanted to know: where was Deacon and who was he with?

Ridge, Taylor and the children went to Tony and Kristen's beach house to meet Zende. Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe taught their new cousin, Zende about football and video games. After eating too much pizza, Zende became ill. Zende was thrilled to have met his aunt, uncle and cousins.

Back at the Spa, Brooke told Deacon that they could never be together because of Bridget. Brooke demanded that Deacon remain married to Bridget. Deacon explained to Brooke that the feelings he has for her, he's never had for any other woman. Deacon said that he is certain that he never will experience the same feelings for any other woman ever again. Brooke revealed that Deacon is the only man that understands her and accepts her for who she is. She told Deacon, though, that she could give that up, only for Bridget, and she intends to. Brooke would not tell Deacon why she is not returning to LA. When Deacon left, Susan delivered prenatal vitamins to Brooke. Deacon overheard Susan tell Brooke that she was delivering prenatal vitamins. Deacon realized that Brooke is pregnant!

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Deacon overhears the delivery woman telling Brooke that she has her prenatal vitamins for her baby. Now it all makes sense...Deacon asks Brooke if she is pregnant and Brooke tries to cover and say they are for Amber. Deacon tells her he heard the woman say they were for Brooke's baby so she should just admit it. Brooke gives in and tells Deacon "yes" she is pregnant but Deacon should just forget about her. Deacon says he loves her, he can never leave her and together they can get through this. Brooke begs Deacon not to hurt Bridget. Brooke feels that they are the two people closest to Bridget and it will destroy her to know she's been betrayed. Bridget will never be able to trust anyone again. Brooke begs Deacon please don't do that to my child. Deacon replies, "What about my child? Our child? the child that you are carrying? What is all this gonna do to him?" Deacon tells Brooke he doesn't want to hurt Bridget but every time he swears he isn't going to hurt her, he does just that. He tells Brooke he wishes she would've come to him earlier with the pregnancy. Brooke won't have to shoulder the responsibility herself.

Amber knows that Deacon is lying to Bridget and wants to know why. She pays Bridget another visit and questions her about Deacons trip to Vegas. Bridget says she doesn't know how its going because she hasn't heard from him yet but that's okay because Deacon's probably really busy with his adventure capitalists as they are opening a new club. Amber asks where? Bridget replies Deacon never said where. Amber comments that Deacon will probably be out of town a lot then and Bridget dismisses telling Amber Deacon will never let work come between them, they are so close now. Deacon's really changed and his cheating days are over.

Deacon's cell phone rings. It's Bridget. Is Deacon busy? Deacon replies that he is busy; he is right in the middle of a meeting. Bridget apologizes and says she just wanted to hear his voice. Deacon tells Bridget he'll see her later and hangs up. Then he tells Brooke how much he hates to lie to Bridget. Brooke starts crying "what have I done?" Deacon tells Brooke this baby is a blessing and needs its father. He's going home to ask Bridget for a divorce. Then Deacon and Brooke can raise the baby together as a family. Bridget will be okay. She'll get on with her life.

Zende knocks on Tony and Kristen's bedroom door. He has had a bad dream. Tony and Kristen took him back to the orphanage. Tony and Kristen tell Zende that will never happen. Just as Ridge and Taylor would never give up one of their children, Zende is their son now and belongs with them. He doesn't belong in the orphanage. Zende asks about his they belong there? No, they don't replies Tony. No one deserves to be in an orphanage, live on the streets, or be hungry. Tony and Kristen set up a bed for Zende in their room and he goes back to sleep. They talk about how important it is for Zende to feel secure now as he is never going back to the orphanage. He's their son now and the most important thing in their lives. Zende opens his eyes and watches.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

In his office, Ridge showed Taylor the first clothing designs he created as the CEO of Forrester Creations. Taylor described the new designs as exquisite and named them "Modern Classic." Taylor later questioned Ridge as to whether he had heard from Rick since the board meeting. She tried to encourage Ridge to be less hard on Rick. Ridge nixed Taylor's suggestion that he be less hard with Rick and make peace. Ridge preferred that Stephanie deal with Rick because she's always been able to get through to he and Amber.

At home, Rick continued learning about Forrester Creations in his mission to protect his mother's company. Amber was surprised that Brooke had stayed away so long and actually trusted Amber to run the house while she's away. Stephanie stopped by and asked Rick if he had heard from Brooke? Rick became hostile and told Stephanie that he and Amber intend to protect his mother's company. Rick informed Stephanie that he and Amber are stressed and worried sick about Brooke. Stephanie tried to rationalize with Rick and Amber about their interference with Ridge. They still wouldn't accept that Brooke had appointed Ridge as CEO, in her absence, in the best interest of Forrester Creations. Rick and Amber also wouldn't accept Ridge's cancellation of the Brooke's Bedroom Lingerie Line.

Deacon advised Brooke to check out of the spa immediately and leave with him. Deacon's plan was for the two of them to return to LA and inform Bridget that they are in love and expecting a baby together. As much as Brooke wanted to go along with Deacon, she couldn't do it because she couldn't break Bridget's heart by stealing her husband. Deacon increased the pressure on Brooke. Deacon proposed marriage to Brooke in a romantic fashion. Brooke professed her love for Deacon. Deacon advised her that had he been aware of her feelings for him, he never would have reconciled his marriage with Bridget. Brooke refused his proposal even though it meant giving up the chance to be with the man she loves and provide a family for her baby. She told Deacon that for Bridget's sake, it could never be known he is this baby's father. Brooke told him this baby could never know who their father is. In addition, Deacon advised that it would be impossible for him to stay away from Brooke and his baby. He asked Brooke to reconsider her plan to parent this baby alone. He reminded Brooke that all the years she searched for a man and thought it was Ridge. It is Deacon, though, that Brooke has finally found true love with.

Brooke revealed that she loves Deacon so deeply that it frightens her; also, she does want a life with Deacon and their baby. Brooke told Deacon that he must remain with Bridget. He can love their baby from a distance only. Brooke sadly made it clear that their baby could never know its father.

Friday, January 18, 2002

With tears streaming down her face, Brooke tells Deacon that he has to return to Bridget and their marriage and forget about telling anyone that he is the father of Brooke's baby. Deacon is troubled by the thought but Brooke claims that this is the way that he is going to honor their child and honor the love that exists between them. Stephanie does her best to show her concern for her mother but Bridget points out how she and Ridge have destroyed everything that Brooke worked for. Stephanie angrily states that if it wasn't for Brooke, Ridge would have been CEO of Forrester years ago and now he's just trying to bring back to Eric's company, the class that was there before Brooke took over as CEO. Bridget claims that she and Ridge are taking advantage of her mother's troubles right now and insists that she will never turn her back on her mother. At the Lair Amber questions Alexandra again about Deacon and admits her suspicion that Deacon might be seeing another woman. Alexandra doubts it and while she does admit women hit on him all the time, he claims it's funny and nothing he takes seriously. However, she remembers that Deacon did miss two days of work when Bridget was up at Big Bear.

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