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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Ridge tells Stephanie, Rick is not going to be a problem at today's board meeting. She asks why and he tells him the agenda is far out of his league and he will only humiliate

himself more if he shows up. Eric walks in and tells Ridge to knock off the animosity towards Rick, but Ridge refuses to let up. To gain respect, you must give respect. Eric reluctantly agrees with him.

Rick thinks back to Ridge's crushing words at the board meeting. Rick begins to believe that he may be correct when he doesn't understand the agenda for the latest board meeting. Amber asks him what is the matter, and he explains that he feels the Ridge was right; he would never be able to run Forrester Creations. Amber tells him not to give up and don't play into Ridge's hands. Rick leafs through the agenda and finds a letter from Massimo, asking him to come to his office. Rick thinks it has something to do with Brooke and says he is going to find out exactly what he is up to. Meanwhile Massimo is telling Sally of his plan to get Ridge away from Forrester. Sally is confused and is curious as to why he wants Ridge fired from Forrester. "Not fired, set free", he states. Ridge will have everything and more working with him at his company. He tells Sally of the letter he sent to Rick. Sally isn't sure that it is going to work beings that Rick knows what he did to Brooke. Massimo feels Rick's desire to run Forrester will make him realize that he needs him. Sally leaves and Rick calls stating he wants to meet with him. Rick arrives and warns Massimo to stay away from his family. Massimo says that he has no intentions of hurting his family. Rick doesn't buy it and turns to walk out when Massimo strikes a nerve speaking about the board meeting. Rick asks how he knows about it. Massimo say that is of no consequence, it's what he can do for him. He tells Rick that he can teach him everything he needs to know in four hours compared to four years at any college. He can give him the expertise to handle himself in the boardroom. Rick is curious and decides to stick around to find out just what Massimo has to offer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

In Eric's office, Megan helped Ridge and Taylor prepare for today's Forrester Creations board meeting. Taylor questioned Ridge as to whether or not Rick would attend today's meeting. Ridge didn't believe that Rick would be again attempting to attend their board meeting while uninvited.

Meanwhile, in Massimo's office, Massimo worked with Rick to educate him as to all of the items on the agenda of today's Forrester Creations board meeting. Massimo prepared Rick well for the meeting in the hopes that he would eventually upstage Ridge and become the CEO of Forrester Creations. Massimo hoped this would be so, in order that Massimo in turn would then be able to reach out to Ridge and offer him other business opportunities.

Taylor advised Ridge to go easy on Rick if he attended today's board meeting. Chuck Williams, Ridge's friend, arrived at the meeting. Ridge described Chuck as the sharpest financial brain in the business. Ridge and Taylor informed Chuck that Rick's mission is to protect his mother's interests at Forrester Creations. Ridge requested that Chuck ask Rick many complicated business questions. Ridge's goal was for Rick to become very embarrassed at the board meeting. When Eric arrived, he told Chuck that he was anticipating introducing his youngest son, Rick, to Chuck.

Amber was worried that Rick had gone to Massimo's office and something bad had happened. Amber questioned Bridget about Massimo. Bridget reiterated what Massimo had done to Brooke and the Logan family. Rick telephoned Amber and informed her that Massimo had coached him for today's board meeting. Amber advised Rick that Massimo must have an ulterior motive for assisting Rick.

Heidi, Massimo's secretary gave him a package from the Forrester photo lab that had arrived. Heidi was curious about the package, but Massimo told her the package is personal. Massimo opened the package to find a photo of Stephanie and Ridge that he was able to obtain. Massimo fantasized that someday; he, Ridge and Stephanie would be together as a family.

Ridge began the board meeting a few minutes early. Rick arrived at the meeting. Ridge attempted to kick Rick out of the meeting. Rick was determined to stay. Eric told Rick that he was happy that he had come to the board meeting. Ridge quietly told Chuck that Rick is going to wish he hadn't shown up when we're through with him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Meeting with Dr. Isabel again, Brooke updates her shrink on Deacon's recent visit and that he has agreed not to tell anyone that he is the father of her unborn baby. Hearing that Deacon wants to be a father to his child, Dr. Isabel suggests that Deacon must truly love her to make a sacrifice like that for her and her family. Brooke insists that she will never betray her daughter again. Dr. Isabel advises her to go back to L.A. and get on with her life. When she claims she can't, the doctor accuses her of being in love with Deacon. Amber bursts into Massimo's office and reminds him who she is. When Massimo compliments her husband, she leaks that Rick told her about his tutoring and demands to know why's he's helping Rick. Massimo claims he was just offering him advice. Slipping him a note to "bring Rick down," Ridge instructs Chuck Williams to explain the finer points of international finance. Rick announces the idea of keeping the foreign profits in Paris for investment purposes, an idea Chuck claims he was going to suggest to the board. Rick then mentions the other two ideas Massimo lectured him on, impressing everyone but a fuming Ridge. While everyone is amazed by Rick's sudden financial prowess, Ridge guesses that he set them up and adjourns the meeting so he can find out what is going on. Deacon returns home, pained by his agreement with Brooke. Bridget returns and welcomes him back with questions about the trip to Las Vegas.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

In Eric's office, after the board meeting, Eric advised Ridge to rethink the way he is handling Rick. Ridge accused Eric of tightening the reigns on his power as CEO of the company. Eric explained he's advising Ridge to go easier on Rick because Rick made a contribution at today's board meeting and he has the potential to continue to do so. Ridge disagreed with Eric in that Ridge felt that Rick had been coached. In addition, Ridge enlightened Eric that Rick's agenda is to have the Brooke's Bedroom line re-instated. Ridge promised to take out whoever is doing this to him.

In Massimo's office, Amber was grateful after Rick telephoned to say he had impressed everyone at the Forrester Creations board meeting. Amber revealed to Massimo that she didn't care if Massimo is just using she and Rick to get to Ridge. After Amber left, Massimo agreed that she was correct, but she didn't know to what degree. Massimo longed for Ridge, Stephanie and he to be a family very soon.

Megan went to the Lair to talk to Deacon. Deacon revealed that he knows that Brooke is pregnant with his child. He explained that although he and Brooke love one another a great deal, they cannot be together for Bridget's sake. Brooke has asked Deacon to remain happily married to Bridget, so she never finds out that Deacon is the father of Brooke's child.

Ridge questioned Eric as to who may have coached Rick for today's board meeting? They both ruled out Brooke, college professors and even Connor Davis. Meanwhile, Amber congratulated Rick on his success at today's Forrester Creations board meeting. Rick told Amber he is planning on taking on more responsibility at Forrester Creations. Amber's response was that its Rick's destiny to eventually run Forrester Creations, his father's company.

At the Café Russe, Ridge fretted that Rick will be part owner of Forrester Creations some day. Ridge felt that whoever is coaching Rick is attempting to hurt him, not Rick. He felt also that the person is attempting to turn Rick and Ridge against one another. Ridge told Taylor that prior to Amber interfering, Rick was willing to give Ridge controlling interest in Forrester Creations. Massimo spotted Ridge and Taylor at the Café Russe. He regretted to himself that Ridge would have to go through such a difficult time at Forrester Creations.

Deacon arranged a candlelight dinner for Bridget on the roof of the Lair. Deacon surprised her with a full-length fur coat. He told Bridget that he was celebrating their relationship. He vowed to pour every part of himself into their marriage and lose himself in her. Deacon and Bridget embraced. Deacon was fighting off thoughts of Brooke.

Friday, January 25, 2002

Deacon has taken Bridget to the rooftop of his club, The Lair, where she feasts on his special recipe Chili. Massimo and Sally are having dinner together; ironically across the room so are Ridge and Taylor. Interestingly the "father and son" have both selected the same entree -- pepper steak.

The topic of conversation around the Sharpe table flows back and forth between Bridget teasing Deacon about revealing the secret ingredients in his chili and expressing how sad she feels that her mother can't be as happy and contented as Bridget is. She takes Deacon down the memory lane of Brooke's past relationships commenting on each one: Brooke's insecurity when she was with Ridge, her relationship with Eric was a mistake, and the closest she ever came to experiencing the kind of happiness that Bridget has with Deacon was when she was with Thorne. Bridget says the friendship between her mother and Thorne was so strong she wouldn't be surprised if they ended up back together again. A pained look crosses Deacon's face and he tells Bridget that he doesn't think that would happen. Bridget tells Deacon he might not know this about Brooke, but she has "an effect on men." Teasingly, she asks Deacon if he can help her understand the charisma Brooke has from a male point of view. Deacon evades the subject by playfully telling Bridget he won't speculate on such things about his mother-in-law. The evening becomes even more lighthearted between Bridget and Deacon. Bridget plays a special song for Deacon recorded by an obvious Elvis imitator about getting married in a Vegas wedding chapel. It's a funny moment for them bringing back memories of their own hasty Las Vegas nuptials. The mood quickly changes from funny to passionate. Bridget warms to Deacon's kisses and tells him she's ready for them to go downstairs to his apartment. Deacon sends her ahead saying he'll join her after he cleans up. As he's clearing the table, he fantasizes he's in the delivery room with Brooke who's just given birth to their daughter. In the fantasy, Deacon swells with pride and love at the sight of his new baby girl, only to be interrupted by Thorne who enters, apologizes for missing the birth and tells Deacon he can go! Deacon says he doesn't want to go; he can't go. Brooke tells him he must go and forget about her and the baby. No, no, no (Deacon)"¦. yes, yes, yes you must (Brooke). The sound of Bridget's voice snaps him out of his daydream. She couldn't wait for him to come downstairs. She's decided she wants to make love on the roof. She is naked underneath her fur coat. Dropping the coat, Bridgett tells Deacon to hurry up and warm her up. The look on his face that shows he's thinking of Brooke, but Deacon takes Bridget in his arms and grants her request.

Across town, Massimo and Sally are discussing how Ridge is not happy over being outsmarted by Rick at the Forrester Board meeting. Massimo vents to Sally about how the entire situation at Forrester is Eric's fault by his betrayal of Stephanie with Brooke. He tells Sally that Ridge will change his attitude once he finally leaves Forrester and takes his rightful place next to him. Massimo expresses his frustration and concern for the well being of his "son." Meanwhile, Ridge spots Massimo and Sally and glares at him with a look of hate and disgust. He tells Taylor he's not fooled by Massimo's "polite, respectful" treatment of him. He knows it's a con and he's convinced Massimo is up to something. Massimo sends Ridge and Taylor a very expensive bottle of vintage champagne. Ridge tells the waiter to open the bottle, dumps the champagne into the ice bucket (all the while making eye contact with Massimo), and then storms out of the restaurant with Taylor.

At the spa, Megan is visiting Brooke, who's doing what she does best, crying - again! They are having a disagreement over Brooke's plan for handling her pregnancy. Megan tells Brooke she is not is a good position to be making decisions and reminds Brooke that she never makes good decisions when she is feeling very emotional. Megan thinks that Brooke is in denial about Deacon's feelings for her and her feelings for him. Megan wants Brooke to admit that she and Deacon are in love and accept that Deacon has a right to be involved in his child's life. Brooke tells Megan that Deacon understands their situation better than Megan knows. Brooke says Deacon made a commitment to her that he would not hurt Bridget and that he would continue to make Bridget feel happy and contented. He also is committed to the security of his unborn child and knows that acknowledging his paternity would result in Brook, Deacon and the child all becoming outcasts from the Forrester family; especially Rick and Bridget. Brooke knows what it feels like to be alone and outcast and she doesn't want that for her child. Feeling she has no other choice and overwhelmed with feeling helpless to do anything about her situation, she collapses in tears into Megan's arms.

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