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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Sally takes Massimo to her house where she has a surprise waiting for him. He sees Darla and men with ladders, but doesn't have any idea what is going on. She tells him that she has kept his secret, but now it is time that he do something for her. She leaves the room and calls a restless Stephanie who has just climbed out of bed and pulled out some old mementos of Massimo's wondering if she could ever give them to Ridge. Stephanie is stunned and a little curious as to why he would be with Sally. Sally changes in to a red dress and proceeds to perform a dance number to "Mustang Sally", with strobe lights and smoke. Massimo is impressed and she leaves to put on something else for part two. Stephanie shows up and sees the mess from Sally's performance and warns him that Sally is not to be trusted. He says he knows more than she thinks he does and asks her why does she care. She tells him that she cares for him and doesn't want to see him get hurt by Sally. This wouldn't even be happening if she could have only admitted her feelings all those years ago, he says. She tells him that she needed safety and stability in her life. "Do you have them now?" he asks. "Eric has left you for younger women and now you are alone." She passionately kisses him, but pulls away. He asks her not to stop, but she walks off. He says he will do whatever to get her back.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Massimo thought to himself that soon "the walls are coming down" and it would be known that he is Ridge's father, not Eric. He knew that a reunification between he, Ridge and Stephanie would then be possible. Massimo also knew that he must pry Ridge away from Forrester Creations so Massimo's empire could be his.

At home, Ridge was frantically researching Forrester Creations. Taylor dressed in a sexy negligée, tempted Ridge. Taylor managed to gain Ridge's attention quickly.

Rick thanked Massimo for his assistance that made him successful at the Forrester board meeting. Massimo advised Rick to obtain an Aly such as Bridget or Deacon. Rick completely nixed Massimo's idea of having Deacon as an ally. Massimo tried to convince him to team up with Deacon. Massimo advised Rick that Ridge would be counter-attacking at the next board meeting, so Rick needs to be prepared with an ally.

At home, Deacon looked at Brooke's photo and longed to be with her. He marveled at just how attractive and desirable she is. Amber arrived and while still outside overheard Deacon talking to himself. Deacon denied he was talking to himself. Amber revealed that she knew he lied to his wife about going to Las Vegas. Deacon wouldn't reveal where he went but demanded that Amber remain quiet about it. Deacon was surprised that Rick had been successful at the Forrester board meeting. Deacon requested that Amber help him mend the fences between him and Rick.

While Ridge was researching Forrester Creations he located an addendum of Brooke's which exercised her voting rights in the event she wasn't able to via a designee. Ridge and Taylor both believed that Brooke would have designated Ridge. They were frantic to locate that document to confirm their belief or determine whom else Brooke may have designated. The person designated would be in charge of Brooke's stocks and hence in total charge of Forrester Creations.

Amber told an amazed Rick that Deacon wants to mend the fences with him. Meanwhile, Ridge continued to try to find ways to block Rick from gaining any power at Forrester Creations. Ridge felt confident that once Brooke's document was located, he would be her appointed designee and hence have total control of Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Ridge shows Thorne the company bylaws that could mean Rick or Ridge has true control of Forrester. Thorne agrees that the Power of Attorney is the key document now and presses his brother to see who Brooke named in the papers. Deacon advises Bridget that he wants to help Rick and thinks that her brother needs someone who can prevent him from being devoured by the wolf that is Ridge. When he claims that they must do this to protect Brooke, Bridget asks if he's acting because of her mother. Deacon lectures Bridget about the fight he's willing to give to protect all that Brooke has put into the company. Bridget's grateful for his concern for her mother. Rick returns home from his visit with Massimo and updates Amber about his mentor's concern that Ridge might try to get even with Rick because of the last board meeting. Ridge enters Brooke's office and snoops around. He eventually finds her Power of Attorney and makes a photocopy of the document, thrilled with what he has read. After he leaves, Deacon emerges, having watched everything, and quickly grabs the same document, vowing to find out its significance.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Sally told Massimo that "Queen Stephanie" hadn't won Massimo from her yet. Massimo was worried about what Ridge was planning to keep Rick from power at Forrester Creations. Massimo knows that the only way Ridge will leave Forrester Creations to by being ousted by Rick. Once Ridge is away from Forrester Creations; he can realize his true destiny in Massimo's empire.

The Forrester attorney advised Ridge that by being Brooke's designee, through the power of attorney, he would have the majority of stock and votes. Ridge could have total control over Forrester Creations. Ridge called an emergency meeting of the board.

Deacon informed Rick and Amber that he spied on Ridge and saw him make a copy of Brooke's power of attorney. They discovered that Ridge is the designee if Brooke is ever incapacitated. Rick called Massimo to arrange an emergency consult with him regarding the power of attorney. Massimo explained that Rick, Bridget and Brooke's stocks will be meaningless towards voting power and that Ridge could be a permanent CEO. Megan called Rick to inform him of the emergency board meeting that Ridge called.

At the meeting, Ridge explained that they have an opportunity to regain control over Forrester Creations. He advised that they have to act on this opportunity immediately. Ridge encouraged Kristen, Thorne, Eric and Taylor to vote now.

Friday, February 1, 2002

The Forrester board meeting continues. The only topic on the agenda is "backstabbing" facilitated by Ridge! Ridge proposes to his family (who just happen to make up the entire board), that they have a window of opportunity to return the company back into the hands of the Forrester family. He tells the board that Brooke is incapable of running the company and is away because she can no longer function as CEO. He goes on to say that a unanamous vote can change the company by-laws; taking power and control out of the hands of the majority stock holder (Brooke) and into the hands of the board/Forresters. Of course, "Brooke and her children will always have a place in the company" but not in the boardroom. Ridge and Thorne, Felicia and Kristen will be able to continue the legacy their parents started for them when they founded Forrester. Ridge's logic fails to recognize Rick or Bridget as part of Eric's legacy. As the moral voice of the Forrester clan, Kristen is hesitant to immediately vote in favor of Ridge's proposal. Although the Forrester attorney, Jonathan convinces her that what they are doing is legal, she questions the ethics of their actions. Thorne does too, but is not strong enough to go against Ridge and the rest of the family. Ridge resolves any lingering doubts about their capacity to make the change he proposes by telling them that Brooke has given him her power of attorney. He can cast her vote for her - any way he wants. Megan interrupts to say that "Brooke would never go along with this plan." Ridge tells Megan "he isn't interested in what she has to say, she should just record the minutes." Although he didn't use these exact words, Ridge's meaning and tone basically told Megan to shut up and just be a secretary!

At the spa, Deacon arrives to tell Brooke what he's seen and overheard Ridge doing. He has no idea what it all means, but he tells Brooke she needs to get back to town to find out. Brooke hesitates because she says if she goes back now, everyone will know that she is pregnant. Her baby is growing by leaps and bounds since the last time we saw her at the spa when Deacon put his head to her abdomen, she wasn't showing - now standing in profile she is obviously very pregnant.

Rushing into Massimo's office, Rick shows Massimo a copy of Brooke's power of attorney given to him by Deacon. Massimo tries to explain to Rick and Amber (neither of whom quite gets it at first), the significance of the document. Finally, Rick understands that Ridge has the means to take the company away from Brooke; and ultimately from Rick and Bridget. Rick immediately calls Brooke at the spa, explains everything to her and convinces her that she must get to the board meeting as soon as possible. Brooke is concerned about revealing her pregnancy, yet realizes she must think of her stake in the company and the repercussions of Ridge's plan if she doesn't go back. Rick calls Brooke's attorney, Conner and gives him the details of Ridge's plan.

Brooke is in the car with Deacon en route to the Forrester board meeting. Conner is on the phone with Brooke who tells him she is definitely not incapacitated but was merely taking a leave of absence. Conner tells Brooke to call anybody at Forrester and give them an assignment. Brooke doesn't understand what good that will do. Conner explains that he will tell her later - just do what he tells her.

Finally, Rick and Amber rush from Massimo's office to the board meeting and attempt to stall the vote until Brooke can get there. Rick and Amber's presence is met with much resistance from Ridge, who orders them to leave. When they refuse to leave, Ridge takes pleasure in watching their faces as he calls for the vote that will rid him of the pesky Rick once and for all. Rick pleads with Thorne, Kristen, and Eric not to vote; telling them that Brooke is on her way. Each sibling tells Rick, "it's for the best", and they cast their votes in favor of Ridge's proposal. The vote passes and Ridge declares himself the one and only CEO - forever!

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