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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Tony talks to Sally about the meeting and he says that no Forrester is going to walk out unscathed from that meeting. "Someone is going to get hurt", he warns. Massimo walks in and Tony leaves. Massimo updates Sally on what is going on and is upset that if Brooke doesn't find out in time to stop the vote, Ridge is tied to Forrester forever.

Deacon rushes Brooke to the Forrester board meeting. Unfortunately she doesn't know that the vote already went down and Ridge took control. Rick who tried to stall the proceedings is livid that they took the company away from his mother. Unbeknownst to Brooke, Ridge changed the bi-laws using her power of attorney, so that she would not have to be present for the vote, saying she was incapacitated. Ridge warns Rick that Brooke is no longer the CEO of Forrester; as of today he is now CEO. Conner shows up and looks at the documents from the vote and realizes everything is legit. Not long after Brooke arrives and wants to know what is going on. Rick updates her and she is astounded by Ridge's betrayal. She lashes out at everyone shouting she turned her back for a moment and they stuck the knife right into her back. Ridge says that is not what happened, but she doesn't want to hear it. She is about to leave when an employee of Forrester comes in and says that what he spoke to her about for Brooke's Bedroom is being taken care of. Conner stops him and asks him at what time did this conversation take place, he says around 12:00 pm. "What time did the vote take place", he asks. "Around 12:10", someone responds. Conner explains that Brooke could not have been incapacitated at the time of the vote and it would make it null and void. Ridge looks in disbelief and begs Jonathan to tell him different. Jonathan can do no such thing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Antonio finds Bridget out in the hallway at Forrester and asks her about the happenings behind the board room door. Bridget explains that Ridge is trying to take over the company because he thinks her mother is incapacitated and calls Ridge greedy in the process. Tony's not convinced so Bridget explains how Brooke took control of Forrester with her BeLieF formula. Inside the room, Jonathan refuses to back up Ridge's claim that the vote is legal. Brooke lays into Ridge for betraying her but Ridge again insists it was a good business decision. Jonathan eventually backs Connor's claim that Brooke is back in charge. Connor then goes on to warn Ridge that his actions today could be criminal and advises Jonathan that he will not allow his client to be defrauded. Ridge asks Rick how he knew what he was planning to do. Deacon pipes up and boasts that he saw him sneaking into Brooke's office. Ridge guesses that he didn't figure this out on his own but Rick denies it. Brooke then announces that she is firing Ridge as CEO but okays him staying on as head designer along with Thorne and Eric. However, Brooke announces that she is hiring Rick as Vice President and Deacon as Head of Promotions. Greg calls and updates Massimo on what happened in the boardroom.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Greg advises Massimo that Brooke has made Rick Vice President of Forrester. Massimo asks his associate to hand-deliver a package to Ridge. Ridge tries to talk with Brooke about what happened earlier and invites her to remove her coat and sit down. Instead, she tells him to go back to his office and start work on the next collection. Brooke also asks him to stop calling her "Logan" since it's not professional. Ridge defends his actions as CEO and calls her bedroom line a disgrace that cost the company hundreds of high-end clients. He promises her that he will not allow her to ruin his father's company. After accusing her of knowing who has been tutoring Rick, Ridge vows to find out who that person is and make them pay for what they have done to him. After explaining to Amber his curiosity, Rick demands to know from Massimo why he is helping him. Massimo refuses and when Rick threatens to tell Ridge what he is doing, Massimo orders Rick to keep his silence and be satisfied with his new position at the company. Ridge is upset when he finds the anonymous package on his desk and wonders who could be sending the gifts to him. Brooke and Megan wonder who is helping Rick with his business decisions.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Finding her husband still upset with what Brooke and Rick did to him, Taylor urges Ridge to take some time off. Ridge refuses and claims he wouldn't give them the satisfaction of driving him from the company. Taylor then urges him to hop into the shower and get to work. Before Rick leaves for his first day of work, Amber presents him with a new briefcase to celebrate the special occasion. Rick calls today a day of corporate healing and insists that he must patch things up with Ridge. After kissing his mother goodbye, he heads over to Ridge and Taylor's place and runs into Taylor. Rick insists that he didn't come over to fight and tries to convince his brother that he wants his respect. Ridge laughs at the idea and orders him to get out in ten seconds or face losing some teeth. Deacon confides in Bridget about what his new job means to him and boasts that Brooke will be proud of the job that he does for her. Brooke advises Megan to start accepting orders on the bedroom line again. Megan then questions Brooke about the decision to hire Deacon, warning that she and Deacon will not be able to hide their feelings for each other. Later, Brooke tells Deacon that she's got to take the job offer back.

Friday, February 8, 2002

Brooke tells Deacon (as only Brooke can, with tears in her eyes), that she didn't know what she was thinking offering him the position of Head of Production at Forrester. She says he can't start working there, reminding him of the agreement they made to protect Bridget. Brooke believes that if Deacon comes to work at Forrester, the chemistry between them will be so powerful they won't be able to hide their feelings for one another. Brooke goes further and tells Deacon she loves him, is vulnerable to him and finds it hard to be near him when all she wants to do is touch him. They would be "courting disaster working in the same building."

Deacon is too excited about what the job will mean to him and his image with Eric and Stephanie, to let Brooke make this decision. He tells her that the job will give him an opportunity to not look like a loser or a golddigger. He also tells her that she has already asked him to make huge sacrifices by not letting him leave Bridget to be with her, and not letting him be a part of his unborn child's life. This job will give him "a reason to get out of bed and keep him so busy he won't have time to think about everything he's giving up." He tells Brooke he needs the position and it will be more dangerous for him not to have the job to distract himself.

Seeing how important having the job is to Deacon and realizing that she has asked him to give up a lot, Brooke tells Deacon she's not sure why he came into her life but she's glad that he has and she thinks she's a better person for his being in her life. She also tells him she knows that it will be very painful for him after the baby is born and he won't be able to have a role in the baby's life. Telling Deacon that she's a better person for having him in her life, Brooke agrees to let Deacon keep the job as Head of Production.

Over at Ridge and Taylor's, Rick stands his ground after Ridge tells him to leave. Rick is very determined to convince Ridge that they should put the past behind them and work together for the good of the company and because they are family. Rick makes a convincing argument that even though he knows he doesn't have a lot of experience he believes he can learn from Ridge and the rest of the family. His point is that if they all work together and Ridge supports Rick, then Rick's success is Ridge's success.

Ridge is not budging from his position of anger and resentment. He continues to show Rick no respect and belittles him more by telling Rick he's nothing more than a college boy. Whereas Ridge (when he was Rick's age) was hanging out in the garment district, learning every aspect of the company so that there isn't a job at Forrester he can't do or a department he can't work in. "That's how you get to be CEO" he tells Ridge. Not by "walking into the board room waving his mommy's stock shares." Ridge tells Rick that Rick has no idea what it means to run an international business and when Rick tells him that he can learn from the other Forrester family members, Ridge says "they don't have time to teach him. "They're too busy." He tells Rick to go back to college because he won't help him. Furthermore, Ridge indicates to Rick, "You're gonna crash and burn." Rick tells Ridge that if he can't get anyone in the family to help him he'll just have to get help from someone else. Ridge wants to know who has been coaching Rick, and he "wants to know right now!" Ridge calls Rick "a little Twerp" and grabs the front of his shirt in both hands. He tells Rick his ideas about how it's going to be at Forrester with Rick there, "If you see me in the halls, don't look at me, don't talk to me, I don't even want to breathe the same air as you. I' don't want anything to do with you." Pulling away, Rick walks toward the door and tells Rick to just remember one thing, "Im your superior, and if you treat me like this at work I'll fire you. The deadline for the fall creations is in three weeks - you're late. I suggest youget your butt into work and finish it." Rick walks out leaving Ridge steaming.

Back at Brooke's, Deacon and Brooke aren't aware that Bridget has come in the back way and gone up to chat with Amber. Both ladies giggle a bit about their husbands new careers and muse over how different things are than they were a few months earlier. They both momentarily wonder at the change in the relationship between Brooke and Deacon. Bridget confesses to Amber that she and Deacon haven't been intimate lately but brushes it off as his being concerned about her mother. Amber reassures her that things will get better now that Brooke is back.

After Bridge leaves (out the back door) and Deacon leaves out the front door, Brooke is in the hallway mirror pulling her dress back and checking out her enlarged belly. She's not aware that Amber is at the top of the stairs and sees her. When Amber sees Brooke's stomach she gasps, "Oh my God, you're pregnant!"

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