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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Amber discovers Brooke is pregnant, shocked she rambles on and on how she can't believe she and Brooke are pregnant at the same time. Brooke asks her to stop and Amber then inquires who the baby's father is. Brooke sidesteps the question by saying she can't get into it right now. Amber says that she knows who it is and continues to beat around the bush, and then finishing off that Ridge is the father. Brooke assures her he is not the father. "Rick must not find out", she warns. Amber says that she can't keep anything from him; it has only hurt her relationship in the past. Brooke says that she must and Amber tells her no. Brooke spins around in shock and begs Amber to keep it quiet for just a couple of weeks. Amber reluctantly agrees.

At Forrester, Deacon walks in and Rick is holding Little Eric. Eric calls Deacon daddy, but Rick takes it really well. Rick says the changes at Forrester are going to be good for both of them. Deacon asks if it was a shock that Brooke hired him. Rick answers no; he has really come through for Brooke. "Just don't let her down", he pleads. Rick calls Deacon a good father and he is good for Eric. Deacon thanks him. Megan listens outside the door and Rick leaves. She walks in and tells Deacon that Rick is right: he is a good father. "And a good father wouldn't turn his back on his child, especially not on the women he loves", she adds. "Do I have a choice", he asks. She tells him that she understands that it may get messy, but he can handle it. He tells her it will not be messy, it will be hell. Bridget is a forgiving, loving young woman, she tells him. She will understand. Deacon begs to differ. Brooke walks in and fills them in on what Amber knows. Megan tells Brooke that they must be honest and tell everyone the truth.

Stephanie calls Eric who has been worried about her. She tells him that she is up at the cabin and she must tell him something. Eric says that he is on his way, with news of his own.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

In Deacon's office, Brooke told Megan that there's no way that Bridget can learn that Deacon is the father of her child. Megan encouraged her to follow her heart with Deacon. Megan also warned that Brooke and Deacon couldn't keep their secret forever because people will begin to figure out the truth on their own. Brooke revealed that although she will continue to love Deacon, she cannot follow her heart and they cannot be together. Brooke was adamant that no one ever discovers that Deacon is the father of her child.

Ridge called Thorne and Kristen into his office to plan their next move to regain control of Forrester Creations. Kristen admitted that she wasn't interested in fighting a war with the other members of her family. Thorne basically admitted that he was just happy that they hadn't lost their jobs at Forrester Creations and they would still be receiving 12 percent of the profits. Ridge was aggravated that his siblings weren't willing to fight for their company.

At the cabin, Stephanie kept thinking about the kiss and romantic feelings that she and Massimo had shared. When Eric arrived, he demanded to what was on Stephanie's mind.

Stephanie revealed that she had gone to Sally's to snatch Massimo out of Sally's clutches. She also revealed that she was jealous when she saw Sally and Massimo together because she too has feelings for Massimo. Stephanie reassured Eric that she is committed to their marriage. Stephanie promised she would handle her feelings for Massimo. She told Eric that no one compares to him. Eric admitted that he was unhappy to hear that Stephanie has feelings for Massimo. Eric revealed, however, that he trusts Stephanie. Eric was confident that Massimo couldn't compete with the relationship that he and Stephanie have spent a lifetime building together. He also noted that Ridge was the greatest thing that they had created together and that Ridge represents the better of the two of them. Stephanie was taken aback by Eric's words and asked him to just hold her.

While Sally and Massimo were having dinner at the Café Russe, Massimo spotted Ridge sitting alone and looking very down. Massimo rushed to Ridge's table. Ridge greeted Massimo with rudeness. Massimo told Ridge that he's not surprised that his siblings are not standing by him in his quest to regain control of Forrester Creations. Massimo advised that they are intimidated by Ridge because Ridge wants change. Massimo advised Ridge that he'd have to fight a war for what he wants. Ridge told Massimo that those were the exact words of encouragement that he needed to hear. Ridge thanked Massimo for his advice. Massimo was so happy he slipped and began to call Ridge his son. Before Ridge heard it though, Massimo called Ridge, my friend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Massimo admits to Ridge that he has a son he doesn't get along with at the moment. He then urges Ridge to set a new goal for himself and see his troubles as an opportunity. Up at Big Bear, Stephanie assures Eric that she isn't interested in Massimo. When he mentions the troubles at work, she is confused until he reveals that Brooke fired Ridge after Deacon leaked to her about the takeover. Stephanie can't understand why Deacon would help Brooke and fumes as Eric spells out the results of the failed board meeting. Stephanie insists that they fight Brooke on this but Eric insists that he doesn't want the company to look bad for his children's sake. When Eric confirms that he will give his full support to Rick, she grabs her coat and storms out of the cabin. Deacon arrives in his Forrester office for his first day of work and meets Whip Jones. Whip advises him that he was in charge of publicity until Brooke appointed Deacon in charge. He starts to lecture Deacon until Deacon orders the guy to get out and not come back until he changes his attitude. Whip runs to complain to Brooke about Deacon. He refuses and warns Brooke that he's going to complain to everyone about what she and Deacon are doing. Ridge talks to Stephanie about his chat with Massimo and admits that the guy understands him better than anyone else. She's unnerved when Ridge mentions how he stared Massimo in the eye and connected with him.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Ridge told Stephanie that Massimo had given him good advice about Forrester Creations. Ridge was amazed that Massimo knows more about what Ridge was going through than his own father does. Ridge vowed to never accept Brooke's vision for Forrester Creations. Ridge was so discouraged by the lack of support from his siblings and father that he told Stephanie he was considering leaving Forrester Creations. Stephanie encouraged Ridge to stay and fight for his company.

Stephanie confronted Brooke about the way she humiliated Ridge. She gave Brooke notice that she's in for the fight of her life. When Stephanie left, Whip demanded to know why Deacon was hired as head of promotions. As head of promotions at Forrester Creations, Deacon worked on a new campaign along with Rick, Amber and Bridget. Ridge interrupted their meeting. He basically reminded them that they have no knowledge or experience in the fashion industry and will ruin Forrester's reputation.

Stephanie who was eavesdropping at Brooke's office door, pressed Amber to reveal what Brooke's secret is about?

Friday, February 15, 2002

On the eve of a press conference Brooke has called to introduce her newest executives, Rick and Deacon; the briefing Deacon is trying to conduct meets with strong resistance from Whip Jones, who's still very upset over being replaced as Head of Production by Deacon. Each time he tries to criticize an idea Deacon has, Deacon and Rick cool him off. Whip hints to Rick that he can't understand why Brooke would replace him, especially after they've "been so close", and he's been there for her during some of her past personal problems.

Stephanie strong arms Amber and forces her into one of the Forrester offices to try to get Amber to tell her what Brooke's secret is. Amber tries to evade the question by saying she doesn't know but Stephanie won't let up. Finally Amber tells her it's about Brooke going away to the spa because she was worried about having an eating disorder and the extra weight she had gained. Stephanie tells Amber she's not a fool. She knows that wasn't the kind of spa one goes to for weight problems. Amber tells Stephanie that Brooke would kill her if she told the secret. Stephanie says "I'll kill you if you don't." Then Stephanie begins to try to guess the secret. First she thinks it might be that Brooke is having an affair with someone but she can't figure out who the man might be. Her second guess is that Brooke is pregnant? When Amber doesn't deny it, Stephanie knows she's right and rushes off to tell the family.

Meanwhile, Ridge is arguing with Eric and Thorne over their intention to attend the press conference. Ridge feels humiliated and wants his family's support in boycotting the press conference. Eric tells Ridge he should put his feelings to rest and move on. Boycotting the press conference would only bring negative attention from the press and everyone else. He points out that if they confront Brooke she just might publicly reveal how she placed Ridge in a position of trust and he manipulated the situation to stab her in the back and try to take the company. Ridge says he feels more betrayed by his family than by Brooke. He says he doesn't feel like he's part of the family, almost like he has different blood. Eric leaves Thorne with Ridge while he goes off to the press conference. Stephanie enters and finds them together. She's excited and can't wait to tell them that she has just found out a secret about Brooke that may just turn things around for them after all - "Brooke is pregnant!" Ridge and Thorne are shocked speechless.

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