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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, March 4, 2002

Tony is concerned about the Forrester's and how they will make it through all the fighting going on in the family. Tony tells Sally about the horrendous board meeting. Eric sided with Brooke and his children to boot Ridge out of the company. Sally warns him that he and Kristen should stay as far away from the Forrester's as they can get. Forrester is about to lose their biggest asset and they don't even know it. Tony comments how Massimo wants Stephanie, but she tells him that is only part of what Massimo wants.

Ridge puts his hand through a glass vase after a scuffle with Deacon. They rush him to the hospital and Rick tries to find out how Ridge is doing. The doctor comes out after surgery and tells him that Ridge has severed some nerves and done damage to his bones. "Will he be able to design again?" Rick asks. "It's to soon to tell", he replies. Rick goes into to see Ridge, but he orders him out of the room. Rick leaves. Stephanie calls in to Ridge's office, and is surprise when Amber answers. She updates Stephanie who rushes to the hospital. Once there, Stephanie apologizes for not being there. Ridge tells her that it is not her fault. He tells them what happened and that he will never go back to Forrester Creations. Massimo is ecstatic and offers Ridge and Stephanie a job at his company. Massimo tells him that Eric chose his other family over Ridge and Stephanie and he swears he will never do the same things. He vows he will never turn his back on them. Eric rushes in after learning about the accident from Amber. He tells Ridge that he is going to make it right. He just has to ride this thing out with Brooke. "She will come around", he says. "You may not run the company, but you will have a part in it", he states. Stephanie asks how he knows this. He says that he just knows it will all work out. He asks them to come home with him, but Ridge replies no and that he will never be a part of Forrester Creations again. Stephanie also tells him that she will not go home with him. Eric says that they will talk about it when they get home. Stephanie again says that she is not going home with him. Massimo pipes in telling Eric there are going home with him.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

In Ridge's hospital room, Eric was shocked that Ridge and Stephanie had both decided to leave the hospital with Massimo instead of him. Eric was in disbelief until Ridge advised him that it's a consequence of the decision he made at today's board meeting. Ridge reminded him that Eric chose Brooke and her family over he and Stephanie when he voted to support Brooke at Forrester Creations today. Ridge reiterated that he is leaving Forrester Creations. Eric promised that he would convince Brooke to share power with Ridge. Ridge nixed Eric's offer of shared power with Brooke. Ridge said the only person he'd share power with is Eric. However, Ridge had come to the realization that with Brooke running Forrester Fashions in the manner that she does, Ridge could not continue to work there.

Bridget tried to convince Amber that she wasn't experienced enough to produce designs for Forrester Creations. Bridget pointed out that it took Ridge many years of studying to become the designer he is today. Amber didn't care about Bridget's advice. When Josh came into the office to pick up Amber's designs, Bridget asked him what people thought about Amber's design. Josh told her that people are absolutely crazy about Amber's new design.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Ridge and Stephanie continued to tell Eric that they couldn't accept what changes Brooke has made at Forrester Creations. This is the reason that they both have to leave Forrester Creations. Ridge thanked Eric for being a tremendous teacher and an amazing father. While Ridge signed himself out; Eric spoke to Stephanie alone. Eric begged Stephanie not to leave him. Stephanie told Eric that although she still loves him, she couldn't stay with him any longer. Eric told Massimo that Ridge and Stephanie belong to him. Eric also warned Massimo that he'd never have the love and commitment from Stephanie that he has. Eric flaunted that he and Stephanie share children together. Massimo tried to tell Eric that his family is not what he thinks it is. Eric didn't know what Massimo meant. When Massimo, Ridge and Stephanie got in the elevator to leave, Eric forced the door open and begged Stephanie not to leave him!

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Brooke and Deacon learned that Ridge was released from the hospital the night before and went with Massimo. Deacon felt remorse about the confrontation with Ridge, and Brooke consoled him. Brooke expressed concern that Whip knew their secret and wanted to find some way to deal with that. Deacon told Brooke to "hang tough" because if she didn't, Whip might blackmail them. Brooke adamantly stated that she wanted to protect Bridget "at any cost and would be willing to pay any price" for Whip's silence. As they embraced, a stunned Bridget walked into her mother's office. Deacon assured Bridget that her mother was upset about Ridge. Bridget insisted that Brooke not worry about Ridge because she has a baby to take care of. Bridget vowed to be around her more since Whip wasn't taking enough responsibility. Bridget suggested to her mother that she, Deacon, Brooke and Whip go to dinner. Brooke said that Whip was too busy with his family and pleaded with her daughter to "let this go!"

While eating breakfast at home, Whip told his mother that he was protecting Brooke's interests-- "a life free from scandal." Whip informed his mother that the father of Brooke's baby was married to Brooke's daughter. He also mentioned that he planned to give Brooke the help that she needed because "he's a man of service." He said that he was planning "to give and to receive" since he had lived at the bottom for so long and now he was ready for the good life - a nice house, and maybe a new car. He smiled to his mother and said, "I can taste it!"

Rick surprised Amber by showing her some Forrester models wearing the sizzling designs that she created. Amber was overwhelmed with joy over her innovative line and told Rick that he was her inspiration for those designs.

Alone with Deacon in his office, Bridget knowingly told him that her mother "wanted the father to be with her and we have to make sure he is." Bridget hinted that she wanted to talk to Whip but Deacon talked her out of it. He told her to stay away from him because he was nothing but trouble.

Whip entered Brooke's office without knocking and Brooke told him it was time for him to learn some respect. Brooke threatened to fire him but Whip quickly reminded her that when she needed him, Whip was there for her. Whip requested that Brooke be friendlier toward him. He felt that she behaved "like an ice princess" toward him. So he requested that Brooke take his hand and then sit on his lap, which she did. After appeasing him, Brooke was told by Whip that he wanted some changes. He then asked for a hefty raise, a company car and a new house. Flabbergasted, Brooke said to Whip that he was blackmailing her and demanded a dollar amount from him that would insure him keeping his mouth shut. Whip didn't have a dollar figure to offer. He assured Brooke that he only wanted to get along with her and requested that she show him some respect. He asked Brooke whether she could do that or not!

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Deacon snoops through Whip's things in his office and vows to bring the man down if he hurts Brooke. Bridget finds him snooping and laughs as Deacon describes "Whipple's" wish list which includes a yacht. Bridget reveals that she tried to invite Brooke and Whip to dinner but neither can make it. He backs out of a night alone with her at the Café Russe causing her to complain about his lack of enthusiasm lately. He apologizes but blames the many hours he's been working. However, she reminds him that it's been almost a month since they've made love. He can't believe it but she angrily states that it's been 27 days since he's even touched her. She runs to her mother's office where she leaks to Whip about the dinner cancellation. Whip quickly accepts the offer. After Whip leaves to get ready, Bridget confides in her mother about the lack of intimacy with Deacon and asks for advice since she's such an expert with men. When Brooke hesitates, Bridget guesses she's embarrassed to talk about sex and leaves. Rick brings Amber home to their bedroom, places her on the bed and then rips his shirt off, vowing to take the rest of the day off to be with her. Deacon learns from Brooke about the dinner plans and announces that he's going to take care of Whip.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Whip is picking up pieces of broken items following his encounter with Deacon. He and Deacon exchange putdowns: "Bus boy (Whip), "Whipple" (Deacon) both are sensitive about these names. Whip tells Deacon he's not the bad guy - Deacon is. He says Deacon has the worse character of the two of them. After all, Deacon is the one who betrayed a wife to sleep with his mother-in-law and get her pregnant. Deacon threatens to beat Whip down if he doesn't stay away from Brooke. Whip tells Deacon that if he doesn't show more respect for him secret that Whip knows just might come out and Deacon will lose everything he cares about. He arrogantly walks out telling Deacon to call maintenance and have them clean up the mess Deacon made because he has to get dressed for dinner. He exits leaving Deacon speechless.

Megan comes to Brooke's office and finds her emotionally stressed. Brooke tells Megan that Whip is making demands for a company car, a new house, better pay, etc. His logic is that if he is going to fool the media about the two of them having a relationship, he has to look the part. She also says the she couldn't stop Deacon from leaving to go charging after Whip to confront him about his demands and treatment of Brooke. Brooke doesn't know what to do because she's afraid that if she doesn't give Whip what he wants he will follow through on his threat to tell Bridget who the real father of Brooke's baby is. One of his demands is that she join him for dinner with Bridget and Deacon. She doesn't know how she will get through a dinner sitting across from Deacon and her daughter. Megan reassures Brooke as best she can.

Bridget has asked Amber to her home for advice. She's embarrassed to share with Amber that she and Deacon haven't been intimate sexually for 27 days! She wonders what the problem could be since they haven't been married long enough for him to lose interest in sex. Not to mention that before he was talking to her about having a baby. Amber reassures her and reminds her that there's been a lot going on at Forrester to occupy his mind. Amber tells her that she needs to do something to light a fire under Deacon instead of just sitting around waiting for him to pull out of his slump. Bridget is already way ahead of her. She shows Amber the sexy lingerie she plans to surprise Deacon by wearing later after they come home from dinner with her mother and Whip.

Amber asks Megan if Megan has noticed anything "different" about Deacon or if Brooke has confided in Megan that she has notice anything different about Deacon. Megan answers are guarded as she denies having noticed any changes or that Brooke has confided in her about noticing any changes in Deacon. Amber wonders at the strangeness of Brooke's relationship with Whip. She points out to Megan that Brooke had begun to be more open about her life and relationships since her break-up with Thorne. Megan excuses Brookes evasiveness by saying that Brooke was uncomfortable about sharing the news about the baby. Amber's curiosity is stirred.

Deacon tells Bridget he wants them to make an early evening and go ho home. Bridget gets her hopes up thinking about the romantic possibilities for her and Deacon later. She asks Deacon to relax and try to have a good time. She says she wants to get to know Whip because he is the father of her mother's baby and will become a part of their family. Deacon says he already knows Whip to be a self-serving, publicity hungry, opportunist. Nevertheless, Bridget tells Deacon she wants the night to go well between the four of them because there's a good chance Whip might end up being her stepfather one day! Whip and Brooke arrive amid the flash of paparazzi (Whip eating it up and Brooke looking pained). After everyone has exchanged "pleasantries", they all sit down. Bridget announces that she knows there's more going on than anyone is telling and she's determined to find out what it is - tonight.

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