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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Ridge walks into his office and notices it has been taken over by Amber's designs. He is shocked, but not surprised by how quickly they dismissed him. Amber comes in and asks if she should move her stuff. Ridge says no, I won't be staying long. Amber tells him he has to get rid of his attitude. She asks why he can't be a team player. He tells them that he is not going to come to work, where kids are running the show, playing business. Meanwhile Rick is trying to sell Eric, Amber's designs. He tells Eric they are trying to target a younger generation. Eric warns that he doesn't want Forrester to sell the trash that Spectra designs. Speaking of Sally, Eric asks how she is. Kristen tells him that she is obsessed with only one thing: snagging Massimo. Megan walks in and informs them that Ridge is down in his office. They all make a beeline for Ridge. Once there, they beg Ridge not to walk away from Forrester. This could have been prevented if they had only supported him at the board meeting. Kristen asks if there is anything they can do. Ridge points to a design of Amber's and tells them that this is below his standards and he will not work for a company with any class or style. They leave and Ridge picks up the last of his things. Megan says that someone is here to see him and he walks out to see all the Forrester employees standing there. He wishes them all good luck and tells them what a joy it has been working with all of them. They offer heartfelt gifts and say goodbye. Ridge repeats a passage from the Bible and silently gets on to the elevator. As he descends he reminisces of all the wonderful times at Forrester.

Massimo stops to see Sally at Spectra. She is upset that Massimo hasn't been paying any attention to her, but has a surprise for him. She walks out in lingerie and wants to make love to Massimo in her office. He turns her down, stating he doesn't want to get caught by an employee. She gets angry and spats that he is still hung on Stephanie. "She will never leave Eric", she warns. He tells her that she already has. She accuses him of having something to with it, but he assures her he didn't. "I'm sure you were present when it took place", she questions. He tells her that he was, and that Stephanie and Ridge left with him that night. Sally hulls off and slaps him, shouting she was just a pawn in his quest to win Stephanie and he only pretended to be attracted to her to keep her mouth shut about what she knows. Massimo pleads with her that this is not so, but she doesn't believe him. She says that he will pay for using her and he will pay dearly.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

In her office at Spectra Fashions, Sally was livid with Massimo for nixing her advances. She angrily accused Massimo of just using her to keep her quiet about the fact that he is Ridge's father. Massimo apologized to Sally for not putting enough effort into their relationship. He promised he would try much harder. Sally told Massimo he never tried to romance her, and now it's too late. Sally called Massimo a ruthless man who would hurt anyone to get what he wants. Sally admitted that she is aware that Massimo only wants Stephanie. Sally wondered if Stephanie would ever want Massimo after their secret gets out. Sally left her office, but not before telling Massimo that she was on her way to visit an old friend and colleague to deliver some bad news.

Ridge went to talk to Eric, but went very unwillingly. Ridge was adamant with Eric that he would not be returning to Forrester Creations. Ridge pointed out that there had been too many changes. Ridge did not want to deal with Deacon, Rick and Amber. Eric explained to Ridge that he put him in a difficult position with Brooke when Ridge gave her the ultimatum. Eric felt justified in voting against Ridge because Brooke would have voted him out. Ridge's feeling hadn't changed about what Eric had done. Ridge angrily told Eric that he should have voted against Brooke. Eric begged Ridge to return to Forrester Creations so they could win back the company together. Eric promised that some day, Ridge would run Forrester Creations. Ridge reminded him that his other son, Rick would be the CEO. Eric told Ridge that he loved him and regretted that he had caused Ridge so much pain.

Stephanie and Taylor were worried about Ridge after they learned he had gone to Forrester Creations to pack up his belongings. They were relieved when he returned home. Taylor was hopeful that things would be okay. Massimo arrived and informed Stephanie that Sally knows that he is Ridge's father. Massimo explained that he was having a relationship with Sally only because she had threatened to go public with the information that he is Ridge's father. Massimo further informed Stephanie that he had angered Sally when he nixed her advances this morning. To his horror, Massimo was certain that Sally was on her way to tell Eric that Massimo is Ridge's father.

Sally paid Eric an unexpected visit at home. Sally accused the Forrester family of being responsible for her daughter Macy's death. She told Eric that he was responsible for bringing Brooke Logan into all of their lives. This made Eric also responsible for Thorne's involvement with Brooke while he was still married to Macy. Sally revealed that she felt the Forrester family had never paid for Macy's death. She told Eric that today she was going to achieve justice in that matter. In a malicious manner, she told Eric that today she was going to take one of his sons away. Eric didn't understand what Sally meant and thought she was going to harm one of his children physically. Sally advised that she's not going to kill one of his children such as the Forresters did to Macy- Sally just has some very bad news for Eric!

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

At his house with Sally, Eric told her to stop making threats against his family. Sally announced that she wanted to tell him a story about one of his children. Sally began the story by recalling that Eric was still in college. At that instant, Massimo and Stephanie entered the room. Sally announced that it was "Sally's story hour" and she was willing to tell her story with everyone there. As Stephanie warned Sally, Eric demanded to know what Sally wanted. Massimo interrupted by stating that Sally just wanted to tell Eric that he loved Stephanie. An irritated Eric demanded that Sally leave; she and Stephanie went into the den. Eric said to Massimo, "how can you expect me to accept that you love my wife?" Massimo hoped that he and Eric could resolve their differences. Eric wanted to know how Sally fit into all of this. "Sally's a woman scorned," said Massimo. Eric assured Massimo that he would never have his wife because Massimo couldn't give her what Eric had given her.

Alone with Stephanie, Sally said that she was going to tell Eric the truth about Ridge today. Stephanie declared that it was none of Sally's business. Sally asked Stephanie if she left Eric for another man. Stephanie denied it and said she was still in love with her husband. Sally told Stephanie that it was so ironic that she ended up with a "love child" because in her eyes, Stephanie was a pillar of virtue. Stephanie tried to explain to her that she didn't know Ridge was Massimo's child because their affair was brief. Sally told Stephanie that it was now payback time for all the years that she was humiliated and miserable, especially over Macy's death. Stephanie wanted to know where her sense of decency was. Sally threw that back at Stephanie by bringing up Thorne and Macy. Stephanie tried to convince Sally that Macy wouldn't want her mother to consider revenge. She begged Sally to keep quiet and not tell Eric! Sally remembered how it felt to lose someone who was important to her and vowed that Stephanie would now suffer the pain that Sally had felt over the years.

Taylor and Ridge realized that Stephanie and Massimo left the house in a hurry and wondered what was going on. Taylor said that "there's some secret--it's like your mother's hiding something." She asked Ridge about the talk that he had with his father. Ridge explained that he and his father saw things in different ways. His father was more of a diplomat and he was more confrontational. Ridge wondered, "How did he ever end up with a son like me-I'll never know!" Taylor assured Ridge that Eric considered him to be his favorite and that Eric was devastated by all of this. Ridge convinced Taylor that Eric wouldn't lose him as a son.

In Sally's office, Darla told Clark, Kristin and Tony that Sally was in a rage when she left the building. Kristin contributed that Sally and Massimo had a huge argument and speculated that the argument was caused by Massimo's intense feelings for her mother. Kristin informed them that her mother had recently left her father. Kristin sensed that Sally now realized the love that Massimo had for Stephanie. It was as though Sally "was going into battle and no one would be able to stop her!"

Tuesday, March 21, 2002

Stephanie plead with Sally not to tell Eric that Massimo is really Ridge's father. Sally let Stephanie beg. Sally found it kind of humorous that a Forrester was begging a Spectra. Sally revealed that she is now going to have the justice for the death of her daughter Macy. Stephanie tried to appeal to Sally's maternal instincts by asking her to consider how it will affect her grandchildren when they find out that Eric is not their grandfather. Sally didn't feel any sympathy for Stephanie's children or grandchildren. What did move Sally, though, is when Stephanie said please to Sally as she asked her to remain quiet about Massimo. Sally told Stephanie that in her mind, it did change things.

Whip bragged to his mother that he had an amazing evening with Brooke. He told her that Brooke had seemed relaxed and like she was really enjoying herself. Whip was convinced that Brooke needs someone to be there for her 100% and he's that person. Whip's mother agreed that in the past, women have always been attracted to him. Whip fantasized that he and Brooke were a couple. In his fantasy, he asked Brooke if he could be present when she delivers the baby. In another daydream, he fantasized that Brooke was over Deacon and attracted to him. Brooke asked Whip to move in with her. Whip was totally convinced that it really could be like that for he and Brooke and someday his daydream/fantasy would be a reality.

Meanwhile, back at Eric's, he told Massimo that his money and power do not impress Stephanie. Eric let him know that Stephanie's not buying what he's trying to sell her. Massimo tried to explain that he's not trying to sell Stephanie anything. Massimo just wants to give Stephanie what she only thought she had with Eric. Massimo can give Stephanie respect and loyalty. Eric was adamant and told Massimo that there's nothing more precious than the bond between a man and his family. Eric advised that there's not anything Massimo or anyone else can do to tear his family apart. Eric then questioned Sally about what she had to tell him. Sally apologized and told Eric there really wasn't anything to tell him. While Stephanie and Sally chatted alone, Sally asked her what she'd be willing to do or give up to protect her family. Stephanie's response was she'd do anything for her family. Sally agreed she wouldn't tell Eric about Massimo. Sally demanded that she wanted Stephanie to come over to her apartment the next morning at 9:00AM. Sally didn't specify why she wanted Stephanie to be at her apartment. Sally told Stephanie that she would be starting her new life in the morning!

Friday, March 22, 2002

Stephanie and Massimo discuss Stephanie's intention to honor her agreement to meet Sally at her apartment. Massimo doesn't want Stephanie to go saying, He's the one Sally should have the problem with not with Stephanie and he doesn't want to see Sally do anything to hurt Stephanie. Stephanie reassures Mass that he shouldn't feel guilty because Sally is really angry with her. Stephanie vows that she is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Sally from going to Ridge and Eric with the news that Ridge is Massimo's son. She believes her pride is not as important as protecting Ridge and Eric.

Deacon has a surprise for Rick and Amber. Ever since Amber asked Forrester models to wear her designs all over town, people have been noticing how "wonderful" her clothing line is. In fact, her designer wear has caught the attention of two very special ladies: Barker's Beauties from The Price is Right. Amber is the self-proclaimed number one fan of the game show and of Bob Barker who came along with the two ladies to meet the designer of the clothes his two beauties are raving about. Deacon has already been in discussion with Mr. Barker and is on top of his game as the head of Production. He and Amber let the ladies try on identical dresses and they love the way they look so much, they beg Bob to let them have them. Deacon says that if Bob will mention Amber's line of clothing once in while on the show, they can have the dresses. It doesn't take much arm-twisting to get Rick to go along with the proposal. He feels pretty confident that he will be able to convince the CEO of Forrester (that would be his mom, Brooke) to buy into the concept. Amber is tongue tied and enormously excited that her clothes designs will be featured on her favorite program and seen by millions of people.

Ridge is at his doctor's office with Taylor. Today's the day the bandages come off and they get to take a look at how well his hand is healing. He is encouraged by the fact that he is able to feel sensation in his fingers when the doctor touches them. He is not as thrilled at not being able to bend his fingers or hold a pencil. Thoughts are going through his mind that if he can't hold a pencil, he will not be able to sketch and he has said he doesn't know how to do anything else.

Stephanie shows up for her appointment with Sally. Sally tells her that she has stayed up all night trying to come up with the perfect task(s) for "Queen Stephanie" to do that will cause her to feel the same humiliation that Stephanie and her family have heaped on Sally and her family over the years. The idea she comes up with is to have Stephanie dress in a maid's uniform just like the one her own maid wears. At first Stephanie thinks Sally is kidding, but Sally assures her that if she doesn't follow through and do everything that Sally tells her to do, she will definitely go to Eric and tell him the truth about Ridge's paternity. Reluctantly, Stephanie goes and changes. Sally tells her, "you know where the bathroom is, and you can start in there." Sally also cautions her that she better not hear a peep, a groan, a moan or a complaint because if she does...Stephanie understands exactly what Sally has in mind as Sally stands near the mop and pail that she has waiting for Stephanie to use.

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