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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Megan reminds Brooke that her ultrasound appointment is in a few minutes and offers to call Whip. Brooke announces that she is going by herself and turns down Megan's offer to take her. Meanwhile, in their shared office, Whip argues with Deacon claiming that he senses Brooke is opening up to him after their dinner date the other night. Deacon gets upset when Whip asserts that eventually Brooke will find another man to be with since she's not going to wait for her daughter's husband to become available. Later, Whip stops by Brooke's office and offers to meet her at the doctor's office for her first ultrasound appointment but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Megan leaks to Deacon about the ultrasound so he hurries to find Brooke. Still in the maid's outfit, Stephanie finally asks Sally what this get up is going to do for her. She suggests that Sally is the only person who is being hurt here but Sally denies it and again blasts her and her family for the pain they have caused her. Stephanie warns Sally not to allow this to take over her life but Sally emphasizes what Stephanie has to lose should her secret get out. Sally orders her to iron the linens and insists that she stay out of one of the bedrooms in her place. Stephanie hustles to that door and opens it to find the room is a shrine to Macy, complete with lit candles. Sally finds her and orders her out. Ridge's doctor urges his patient to believe that he'll be able to use his right hand if his left doesn't return to normal. Ridge laughs at the thought and tells Taylor that Rick and Deacon have crippled him and ruined his career.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Amber was trying to find a model for her new Ambrosia line. Megan informed Amber, Whip and Rick that she couldn't locate Deacon. Whip advised that they should proceed without Deacon. Whip arranged for some top models to walk the runway wearing Amber's designs. Amber did not want any of the models to wear her designs. Amber didn't think that any of those models had the look that she was trying to capture. Whip suddenly thought that Bridget would be the perfect person to model Amber's designs. Rick and Amber were surprised that Whip suggested Bridget.

At Sally's apartment, Stephanie was looking at all of the photos of Macy that Sally was keeping in Macy's bedroom. Stephanie was surprised that Sally had kept the photo of Macy and Thorne together. Sally explained she kept that particular photo because it was taken at a time that Macy was happy with Thorne. Stephanie admitted to Sally that she really loved and missed Macy. Sally did not believe Stephanie. Sally accused Stephanie of just using Macy. Sally revealed that Macy was the center of her universe. Sally had a little hope when she began dating Massimo. Sally accused Stephanie of being the reason that Massimo wasn't really interested in her. Sally also revealed that when she lost Massimo, she lost everything, because she had already lost Macy. Sally admitted that she didn't know if she could or wanted to go on without Macy.

Dr. Whitney performed Brooke's ultra-sound. Brooke introduced Deacon to Dr. Whitney as her son-in-law. When Dr. Whitney thought there was a problem with Brooke's baby, Deacon became very upset. Dr. Whitney found that the baby was fine after all. Dr. Whitney didn't think that the baby could have been conceived while Brooke was in Paris.

She advised Brooke that her due date needed to be pushed back. Deacon told Brooke that she's the missing piece of puzzle in his life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Alone in the doctor's office, Brooke and Deacon kissed passionately. Hearing the door open, they quickly stopped as a nurse walked in. Brooke felt very ashamed by getting out of control. She told him that both of them had let their guard down and they both needed to contain their feelings for each other. Deacon insisted it was the intensity of the moment that caused them both to be passionate for each other. He told Brooke that it was important for him to be there with her and to enjoy the ultrasound together. Deacon expressed his love for Brooke and then left.

Whip repeated to Amber and Rick that he was serious about Bridget being the lead model for Amber's new line. He told Amber and Rick that she wasn't a kid anymore and that she was smart, healthy and fun. Whip reminded them of the times when Bridget would strut up and down the runway as a kid. Amber and Rick had a hard time imagining Bridget as a model. Amber said, "I want a real model-not someone playing dress up after school!" Whip reminded them of the unlikely Brooke being the lead model for Forrester's bedroom line. Whip felt that Bridget could launch a new image for the company because she was someone who wasn't tainted by a scandal. Bridget appeared asking for advice on changing an ink cartridge. Whip asked Bridget how she met Deacon. To everyone's surprise, she said that she had to give credit to her black leather pants. Whip implied that Amber and Rick didn't know everything about Bridget. Bridget admitted to Amber that she would be her best customer for her hot, new line! Bridget thought that Amber and Whip wanted her help in finding a lead model. When she realized that wasn't the case, Bridget was told by Amber that she was their new lead model! Stunned, Bridget reminded them that she had never done any serious modeling but then realized it could be her way of contributing to Forrester Creations. Whip said she could finish her school year and then take a year off to pursue modeling. Deacon returned, having discovered that his wife was asked to be the lead model of Amber's line. He immediately laughed and thought it was a joke. Showing Deacon that she could do this, Bridget wholeheartedly agreed to be Amber's lead model.

Ridge and Taylor told Massimo and Stephanie the discouraging news about Ridge's hand-- that there were no guarantees that he would be able to draw again. Ridge poured himself a drink to ease his pain and blamed Amber, Rick and Deacon for his current dilemma. Massimo encouraged Ridge not to wallow in self-pity and reminded Ridge of his great talent and raw energy. He then gave Ridge a much-needed pep talk and a "kick in the pants." He reminded Ridge that drawing was the least of his talents. Ridge's talents were "his guts, drive and vision and his drive to succeed." Massimo viewed this tragedy as a gift because now Ridge could look at all of the opportunities and possibilities that awaited him-not the limitations. Massimo demanded, "Let's see some brilliant creativity!" Ridge smiled, gave Massimo a drink, and thanked him for the pep talk. Taylor marveled at what Massimo had done for Ridge. "That man's absolutely amazing!"

Thursday, March 28, 2002

When he arrived back at Forrester Creations, deacon vehemently objected to Bridget becoming the lead model for Amber's designs. Bridget was insulted that Deacon believed that she didn't have the right look and would only make a fool of herself as a model. Bridget questioned Deacon about his whereabouts when Amber, Rick and Whip met to choose a model for the designs? Deacon lied to Bridget and told her that he had appointments. Rick suggested that Bridget do some trial modeling for them. Bridget proved that Deacon was wrong about her by giving a great demonstration of what she is able to do on a runway. Amber was thrilled with Bridget's performance and told her she is definitely the lead model for the Ambrosia line. Whip was especially supportive of Bridget becoming the new lead model. Deacon was suspicious of Whip's support toward Bridget.

Brooke went into Ridge's old office at Forrester Creations and reminisced about their past romance and friendship. Brooke decided that she didn't want their friendship and business association to end on such a bad note. While at home, Ridge was furiously attempting to draw with his right hand. Ridge wasn't making much headway and was becoming very frustrated by it. Brooke paid Ridge an unexpected visit at home. Ridge was surprised to see Brooke. Brooke expressed to Ridge that she missed him at Forrester Creations and asked him to return to work. Ridge nixed her offer and told her it's his final decision because he wouldn't be able to worker with Rick, Amber or Deacon. Ridge plainly told Brooke that she had taken the quality out of Forrester products first with Brooke's Bedroom and now with Amber's designs. Ridge pointed out to Brooke that the only reason Rick is doing well at Forrester Creations is because someone who will want something in return is coaching him. Ridge was very skeptical about Amber's designs and felt that Forrester Creations would lose millions of dollars on them. Brooke defended Rick, Deacon and Amber's work. Ridge and Brooke briefly reminisced about their past romance. Brooke was concerned when she discovered that Ridge could no longer draw with his left hand. Ridge reminded Brooke that Deacon is the reason for his injury. Ridge begged Brooke not to put her trust in Deacon. While giving Ridge a hug, she assured him that he would draw and create again in the future.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Whip impresses Brooke by planning what turns out to be a delicious luncheon for in her office. Whip reveals another side of himself in sharing with Brooke that he made the salad and salad dressing himself at his home. He learns that Brooke visited her doctor and she reluctantly admits that Deacon had gone with her. Whip is disappointed to hear this but relieved to hear that Brooke's baby is doing well. Whip shares his own news with Brooke; that Bridget is Amber's new signature model. Brooke is amused that her "baby girl" would be willing to model since she has no experience. Deacon reassures Brooke that Bridget auditioned and did presented very well but also disclosed that she is not getting any support from her husband. This clears the way for Whip to try to convince Brooke to cut her ties with Deacon and give him a chance to be with her. He points out that it's the only way that Bridget will ever get the full attention of her husband and also that if Brooke and Deacon continue their secret love, it will only be a matter of time before the truth comes out and Bridget gets hurt. Whip is encouraged when Brooke tells him her feelings about him are slowly changing. She's been able to move beyond "not being able to stand him" to feeling something a little more kind that "tolerating" him. It's another opening for Whip, who invites Brooke to come over to the bed and let him give her a massage. "Only the neck and shoulders" Brooke insists. Whip reminds Brooke he is a licensed masseuse and he knows how to make her feel great and take her mind off of all the things that are bothering her. Whip opens his heart to Brooke and tells her how much he cares for her and how he will always stand beside her, support and care for her. He presses her to consider that Deacon won't always be around. Brooke tells Whip it would be no easier for her to suddenly start caring for him than it would be to abandon her feelings for Deacon. Besides, she's confident they won't slip up.

Eric has an explosive confrontation with Rick. He's pretty certain he has put two and two together and believes that Massimo was the person who secretly coached Rick so that his actions would eventually lead to Ridge leaving the company. Eric needs to have his suspicions confirmed so he sends for Rick and asks Rick to tell him the truth about his suspicions. Rick doesn't understand why his father is so upset. After all, he made no promises to Massimo. And he thinks Eric isn't being reasonable because Massimo Rick doesn't believe Massimo had any idea Ridge would resign his position at Forrester. Eric disagrees. He can see that Massimo is somehow linked to Ridge's brain. He tells Rick that Massimo's plan is to turn each member of the family against the other; but Eric is determined he will put a stop to the plan. He storms out of the office.

Ridge goes to Massimo's office saying that he "needed to get out of the house." He laments the uncertainty of his future as a designer. He has no prognosis that his hand will ever recover. Ridge blames Deacon and the person behind Rick's enhanced education into the world of fashion. Massimo tells Ridge he needs to put all of these ideas behind him and offers Ridge and his family the use of his private yacht. Massimo suggests that Ridge take a year off to get well and come back relaxed and refreshed. Ridge tells him that if he really wants to help, Massimo will use all the resources at his disposal to help Ridge discover who was behind Rick's behind the scenes coaching. Massimo tells Ridge he can't do that. Secretly he knows he can't help Ridge find out that it was he who helped Rick because he knows how much Ridge hates whoever the mystery person should turn out to be.

Eric arrives at Massimo's office. Massimo's secretary is away from her desk. Eric barges into the office to find Ridge and Massimo together. Eric tells Ridge, that by the time he's through telling him what he knows about Massimo, Ridge will hate Massimo as much as he does!

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