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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, April 15, 2002

Thorne questions Kristen about Amber's condition and also inquires about Brooke's location. They tell him that they have no idea where she is. "What kind of CEO of a company and a mother for that matter cannot be located?", he questions. Thorne also asks if Stephanie has been notified. Kristen laments that she will not call her at Massimo's; it's just to weird she states. At that time Stephanie walks in and asks what is going on. They update and she says she is heading to the hospital right now and asks if anyone wants a ride with her. Kristen questions weather she should even go, stating she has been awful hard on both of them lately. Stephanie shrugs it off and leaves when no one wants a ride with her.

Meanwhile Rick is going stir crazy waiting on Amber's diagnosis. He feels responsible for many things, including the fact she has only one kidney because of him and she has been working hectic hours on this fashion show. The doctor comes out and tells them that Amber is going to be fine, but it wasn't kidney stones as once predicted. He tells them that Amber had emergency surgery, because of an acute kidney failure, due to a week spot in the artery. He further tells them that she lost a lot of blood, but they were able to get it stopped. Rick asks about the baby, the doctor is hesitant, then tells Rick how truly sorry he is. "We lost the baby during surgery," he reports. Rick is in denial, but immediately jumps to anger asking why they didn't save the baby. The doctor pleads they did everything they could, but Amber lost so much blood. Rick again blames himself for Amber's condition, fearing this would have never happened had she not given him her other kidney. The doctor assures him that he is not to blame, but none the less he feels a tremendous amount of guilt. He asks the doctor if they can try again, but the doctor warns them not to focus on that right now, but tells them to focus on Amber's recovery. Earlier Amber had a dream that she had a healthy baby boy and was cradling it in her arms. She awakens to an upset Rick, but doesn't initially know anything is amiss. She asks how the fashion show went and he tells her wonderfully. Amber is happy and states the baby will be so proud of her. Amber asks why Rick is so upset, and he again starts to cry and tries to muster the words to tell her the heartbreaking news.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

In her hospital room, Amber was still a little woozy from the anesthesia. Rick was aware that she didn't know that their baby had died. Amber decided that she would forget about the Ambrosia line at Forrester Creations for now and just focus on resting so she would have a healthy baby.

Outside Amber's hospital room, Bridget, Eric and Stephanie worried about Rick and Amber. They knew that Rick had the depressing job of informing Amber that her baby had died. Bridget felt she should be inside the room supporting Rick and Amber. Bridget didn't think she'd be strong enough to face Amber's reaction when Rick informs her that her baby died. Stephanie advised that neither she, Eric nor Bridget could begin to understand what Rick and Amber are about to go through. The three of them also worried what will happen to Amber once she learns she may never be able to give Rick a child.

Back inside Amber's hospital room, Rick explained to Amber that she had to have surgery and the baby was born prematurely. Amber realized that it was too early for her baby to be born. Amber became very emotional and demanded that Rick take her to see their baby. Rick had no choice but to then tell Amber that their baby had died. In total devastation, all that Amber could conclude was that she wasn't deserving of any happiness in life. That's the only thing that Amber could think of that could explain why she just lost her second baby.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Distraught and alone in her hospital room, Amber blamed herself for not taking better care of herself. The doctor's words of being careful continued to haunt her. Bridget came in the room and told Amber how sorry she and the entire family were. "You didn't deserve this at all," she said to her. Bridget comforted Amber by telling her that she wasn't alone at a time of crisis. "The Forrester's always pull together in a crisis." She added that sometimes, things don't make sense and "you have to believe that there's a reason for everything in life."

In Mystic, Connecticut, Erica and her friend, excited about the new Forrester line, got on the Forrester website and watched Amber's fashion debut. Erica commented how the Ambrosia collection was young, hip, and low-priced. She had been reading Amber's biography, noting that Amber had a single mom and came from the "other side of the tracks." Erica admired Amber and the Forrester's for making a great contribution to the fashion industry. She noted that Amber didn't let anything get in her way in fulfilling her dream. In addition to reading a few raves of Amber's collection, Erica learned that Amber collapsed on the runway and was concerned, wondering what happened to Amber's baby.

In the hospital, Dr. Wilson told Rick that Amber would probably feel guilty and blame herself for what happened to her baby. He offered his condolences and reminded Rick that Amber would have a difficult time dealing with their loss. He suggested that talking to someone might help him and Amber.

Stephanie went to see Amber and told her that it was all right to grieve. She realized by looking in Amber's eyes that Amber was blaming herself. Stephanie said that she'd probably do the same if she were in Amber's shoes. Stephanie told her that there was nothing that anyone could have done to save her baby. She assured her that the grief that she was feeling would heal in time. Amber cried out, "Two times this has happened to me; it's my fault, I've killed them-I was only thinking about me and my collection!" Again, Stephanie implored her not to feel guilty and blame herself. She said that the guilt would rob her of her life and asked her not to give in to the guilt. She asked Amber to repeat after her: "It's not my fault; I did everything I could; I loved my baby!" Amber repeated those exact words. Again, Stephanie told her to let go of the guilt and reminded her that no one was at fault, and no one was to blame.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Ridge and Taylor went to the hospital to give their condolences to Rick and Amber. Ridge told Taylor that even though, he and Rick have difference between them, it is important to lend support to him and Amber. When Ridge and Taylor entered Amber's hospital room; Rick didn't act happy to see them. Amber was equally unhappy about seeing Ridge and Taylor. Rick did allow Ridge and Taylor to stay for a few minutes. Ridge and Taylor told Rick and Amber that they were very sorry that Amber had lost the baby. Taylor requested to speak to Amber alone.

At the hospital, Eric asked Stephanie about her relationship with Massimo. Stephanie advised Eric that it wasn't the place to discuss her relationship with Massimo. Stephanie only explained that she was doing it for the family and that everything would work out. Eric wouldn't accept Stephanie's explanation. He demanded to know why Stephanie had moved in with Massimo. While Eric was becoming angrier, Massimo arrived. Massimo taunted Eric that he also wanted to hear Stephanie's explanation about why they are living together. Eric told Stephanie that no matter what she said; he could see it in her eyes that Stephanie still loves him. Eric plead with Stephanie to stay at the hospital and support the family. Instead, Stephanie left with Massimo.

While Rick was alone with Ridge, he told him that it was nice that they came to the hospital, but that he and Amber didn't need anything from he and Taylor. Rick was concerned that Amber had done the Ambrosia line and showing alone. Ridge questioned whether or not Amber should have taken on all that stress. Rick criticized Ridge for not lending Amber a hand with the clothing line and the showing. Ridge advised Rick that his objectives were the same and he wouldn't discuss them with Rick now. Rick and Ridge became angry with one another. Ridge left Rick with hostility still between them.

In Mystic, Connecticut, Alyssa and Erica were reading the Forrester Creations Website. They were upset to learn that Amber had been hospitalized. They wondered if Amber's baby was all right. Erica decided that she could relate to Amber because they seemed to come from similar backgrounds. Erica decided to go to Los Angeles to meet Amber. She left her home, while her mother was sleeping.

Taylor attempted to support Amber. Amber refused to talk to Taylor. Amber told Taylor to leave the room. Taylor complimented Amber on the success of the Ambrosia line. Amber suddenly blurted out "Who cares about the collection when my baby is dead?"

Amber told Taylor its no use talking about the baby, because she hadn't changed. Taylor told her she is wrong that she had changed. Amber was adamant that she hadn't changed. Amber felt she had messed up again. Amber felt because she had messed up, she had let her baby die.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Erica Lovejoy arrives in LA and goes to the hospital in her quest to find Amber. She calls her best friend back in Mystic Connecticut to let her know that she's there and that she plans to work her way through every floor of the hospital until she locates Amber's room. Arriving on the correct floor, she steps off the elevator and recognizes Rick and Taylor chatting outside Amber's room. At one point they walk away from the entrance to Amber's room and Erica seizes the opportunity to enter the room. After standing for a minute in awe of really being in the same room with Amber, Erica approaches the bed to tell Amber that she has brought flowers for her. Without really directing her attention to Erica, Amber tells her to put the flowers on the table and the nurse will find a vase for them. Erica tells Amber she is sorry for the loss of Amber's child, how unfair it was that Amber should have to go through the loss and pain and ends by telling Amber that Amber is her hero and that she looks up to Amber and has been following her life for a long time. Amber is a bit out of it having received something to help her rest and take away the pain she has been having. Yet, she seems really surprised to hear someone confess to wanting to be just like her. Especially when Amber has been so hard on herself even to the point of dreaming her guilt over thinking she was responsible for not taking better care of herself and causing her baby's death.

In Paris, Brooke mopes around the hotel room sad over the loss of Deacon. Whip tries to cheer her up. He tells Brooke he loves her and surprises her by producing a small box holding a big engagement ring.

Back at the hospital, Rick is telling Taylor thanks, but no thanks to her offer to help counsel Amber because while Taylor may mean well, Rick says Taylor is still married to Ridge. Rick tells Taylor that he lost his temper with Rick when he visited the hospital yesterday because Rick feels that Ridge said some things out of line. Taylor tries to stress that no matter how bad things may get, Ridge and Rick are still brothers. She seems to be really concerned about Amber's mental health and wants very much to help.

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