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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, April 22, 2002

Whip on one knee and a ring in hand proposes to a stunned Brooke. She asks him why. He tells her that it all makes sense. "Everyone believes I am the baby's father", he replies. He tells her that he loves her and even if she doesn't feel the same way, he will not pressure her in any way. He tells her he can help raise her baby. She says, "but it's Deacon's baby and you hate Deacon." He says that he doesn't hate him, but that it doesn't matter, [the baby] is a part of her and that is what he loves. He also mentions that if Deacon were still holding out for a future with Brooke, marrying him (Whip) would stop all that and possibly save his marriage to Bridget.

Meanwhile at the hospital Amber is talking with Erica. She promises to be there for Amber. Rick enters and Amber introduces them. She seems rather smitten with Rick. She excuses herself and Rick tries to console Amber. As they get on the elevator, Erika peers from around the corner. Once at home, Amber begins to cry when she sees baby clothes in a bag. She blames herself. She takes pills from her pocket and begins to read the dosage directions. She takes more than the recommended dose, popping three in her mouth.

Ridge listens to Massimo's offer for him to run the company. Jonathan is very weary and warns Ridge into signing a contract. Massimo says that it is not a contract it is going to be part of his will. Jonathan still does not like what he is hearing, but Ridge wants to hear nothing more about it and signs on the dotted line. He tells them that this means more than any of them will ever know and states he has big plans. After they depart, Massimo welcomes Ridge to the company. Massimo wants to jump head long into business, but Ridge tells him to hold off, he has some unfinished business to take care of. Eric walks in and Ridge asks Massimo to leave. Eric fires, "so you did it, you signed a deal with the devil." He states that Massimo gave him power and he has never had that. He tells Eric he has a battle to fight and it has to do with Forrester Creations. Ridge tells him that everything he has learned he learned from him. He also tells him that he loves him very much and he has plans to give it all back to Eric. Massimo doesn't know it yet, but says that he has big plans. Eric is stunned and asked him what he is up to.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

At Spectra Fashions, Sofia modeled Tony's new design. Clark, Darla and Sally marveled at Tony's great design. Sally told Tony, however, that she was changing the fabric and would purchase the fabric from Material Planet instead of Exotica where Tony found the material for the design. Tony was angry that Sally did not want to purchase a quality fabric for his design. Sally explained to Tony, Sofia, Darla and Clark that Spectra Fashions was currently in debt and couldn't afford the expensive fabric that Tony had used for his design. Sally demanded that Tony create a new design would could use a cheaper fabric. Sally warned everyone that Spectra Fashions was once again in deep financial trouble. She predicted that Spectra Fashions would have to close soon. Tony told Clark that if Spectra could not find the financing for the fabrics for his designs, he would quit Spectra Fashions. Clark promised Tony that somehow they would find the money for the fabric he needed. Darla worried that Spectra Fashions would have to close.

At Marone Industries, Ridge told Eric that there is a debt to be paid at Forrester Creations. Ridge reminded Eric that Brooke, Deacon, Rick and Amber made fools of he and Eric. Ridge revealed that he plans to destroy Forrester Creations. Eric forbade Ridge to go after Rick. Eric was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with a brother against brother battle. Ridge warned Massimo that he has another agenda-revenge against Forrester Creations. Ridge revealed to Massimo that he would not be able to focus on Marone Industries until the score with Forrester Creations is settled.

Eric went to Rick's office at Forrester Creations and demanded that he make peace with Ridge immediately. He warned Rick, Kristen and Thorne that Ridge was planning revenge. Rick arrogantly told Eric that Ridge should "bring it on." Eric advised Rick that he does not want Rick and Ridge fighting any longer. Eric advised that he didn't know exactly what Ridge had planned.

Ridge telephoned Sally with a business proposal. Sally would not take his call. Knowing the financial trouble that Spectra Fashions was having, Clarke agreed to meet Ridge at Marone Industries. Ridge telephoned Rick at Forrester Creations and advised him to "watch his back."

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Brooke called Rick from Paris, congratulating him on Amber's successful fashion show. Rick then told his mother that Amber lost the baby because of a kidney problem. Brooke immediately offered to return home but Rick told her that he and Amber needed to be alone at this time. Brooke then offered her sympathy to Amber. Taking another pain pill, Amber was reminded by Rick to be careful taking the pills because they were addictive. Amber announced to Rick that she wanted to have a funeral for her two babies. "I owe them that," she told Rick. She wanted to have her baby's body exhumed from Furnace Creek so that the two babies could be united in death. Rick immediately thought it was a crazy idea but Amber continued to press the issue. "I want them buried side-by-side; we will have a double funeral," said Amber.

As Sally continued drinking heavily, Stephanie entered Sally's office and told her that she was worried and concerned about her. Sally admitted to being vulnerable now. Sally asked Stephanie why she was concerned all of a sudden. She reminded Stephanie that they have little in common. Sally admitted that Spectra Fashions was wounded in battle and should be retired. Sally also admitted that several finance companies were thinking of putting Spectra Fashions away forever. "They'll have to carry me out, feet first!" When offered a drink, Stephanie declined and told Sally that booze didn't solve anything. Stephanie reminded Sally that when one door closes, another door usually opens. Sally also confessed that she had begun to trust Clarke again. She said that Clarke would never do anything to hurt her. "That's because he's not smart enough", chimed in Stephanie.

Clarke met Ridge in his new office at Marone Industries. Very impressed with Ridge's new surroundings, Clarke told Ridge that any business proposal he had for Sally could go through him. "I can make it happen if it deals with Spectra fashions," Clarke announced. Ridge then declared that he wanted to be CEO of a fashion house. Clarke told Ridge that what happened to him, getting stabbed in the back by a "punk novice", was wrong. He told Ridge that it was time for him to get back in the fashion game. This time around, Ridge could teach and mentor since he was incapacitated. Ridge had something else in mind and told Clarke, "I want to buy Spectra fashions!" Clarke immediately jumped at the opportunity to sell the fashion house and told Ridge, "It's yours!" Clarke said that Spectra was "going to the dogs" and he could get it at low-cost. Clarke envisioned a dream team that would be capable of taking on any competition. Clarke told Ridge that he would get Sally to sign a purchase agreement and asked for twenty-four hours. Ridge agreed, giving Clarke the agreement for Sally to sign.

Back at Spectra, Clarke prepared the document, typing the name 'Sally Spectra' on the dotted line. Clarke entered her office and saw a smashed Sally with her feet up on her desk, singing an old Irish tune. Clarke poured Sally another drink and then poured himself one. Clarke then announced some good news. He told Sally that he was able to get Tony to accept a cheaper version of the fabric that he wanted. Clarke showed Sally the purchase order and told her to sign on the dotted line, which she did. Clarke smiled, saying, "I always have your best interest in mind-remember that!"

Thursday, April 25, 2002

At Marone Industries, Massimo requested that Ridge attend the meeting with the admiral. Ridge asked Massimo to start the meeting without him. Massimo surmised that whatever Ridge was busy with had something to do with a Forrester. Ridge confirmed Massimo's suspicion and told him he would be surprised how quickly he will be obtaining the revenge he has been wanting against Rick and Forrester Creations.

At Spectra Fashions, Tony warned Sally that workers were threatening to quit. Darla gave Sally the purchase order for the fabric for Tony's design. Sally told Darla that Clarke gave her the order last night and she had already signed it. Darla advised her that the purchase order had been locked in her desk. Sally worried about what it was that Clarke had her sign.

Clarke brought the sales agreement signed by Sally to Ridge at Marone Industries. At first, Clarke lied and said that Sally had willingly signed the sales agreement. However, Clarke, admitted that Sally was very intoxicated and incoherent when she signed the sales agreement. Ridge wanted nothing to do with it or any legal battle that could subsequently ensue when Sally realizes what happened. Clarke convinced Ridge that this sales agreement would give him leverage with Sally. Ridge asked Massimo to sign the agreement. Massimo advised Ridge against purchasing Spectra Fashions, but signed the sales agreement. Clarke telephoned Sally and told her that he would be arriving at Spectra Fashions with "investors" for Spectra Fashions. Sally was very excited about the investors that Clarke had. She announced to Darla and Tony that Spectra would be saved! Sally, Tony and Darla were shocked when Clarke introduced Ridge and Massimo as the investors. Sally was ballistic! She was furious at Clarke, Ridge and Massimo. She told Massimo and Ridge that they are never going to own spectra Fashions. She demanded that they both leave the building. Clarke then showed Sally the bill of sale that she had signed making Ridge and Massimo the new owner of Spectra Fashions!

Rick and Amber went to the cemetery to the grave in which both of their children were to be buried. Rick had their first baby moved to the same grave site. Rick and Amber grieved their children.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Eric, Stephanie, Thorne, Kristen and Taylor join Amber and Rick at the gravesite of the couple's two deceased babies. Amber is deeply grieving the loss of her children and clearly in a state of depression. At one point she says she knows she'll be with her children one day and she can't wait for that day to come. Rick tries to help Amber realize that she has much to be grateful for and to look forward to. He also says he sometimes thinks the babies were sent to them during the times when they were farthest apart in their relationship and perhaps once they accomplished what they came to do, they went back to heaven. Amber mourns her children in a song tribute to them.

Meanwhile, Ridge misses participating in the family's support of the young couple because he and Massimo are in Sally's office trying to convince her that selling her company to them is the smart thing and the right thing to do. Sally turns on Clark for the sneaky way he manipulated her signature on the sales contract (while Sally was intoxicated and not thinking clearly). Clark says he did what he did in Sally's and Spectra Fashion's best interest. Ridge peeks Sally's interest in the deal by pointing out to her that he wants to use Spectra to teach Forrester a lesson hinting that she could come along for the revenge ride herself. This way she could make the Forresters accountable for Macy's death. Sally quickly changes her attitude of wanting nothing to do with Ridge or Massimo to asking them to sit down and "tell give her more details about their plans."

Amber's Connecticut teen stalker manages to rent a seedy little room then takes herself over to the cemetery to watch from behind the bushes the Forrester clan gathering. Talking to herself she talks about becoming Amber's friend and helping Amber get through her pain and suffering. Wonder if she will get a job in LA as easily as she managed to rent a room. She doesn't seem to be concerned at learning her mother is asking her best friend about her whereabouts or that to her mom she's gone missing. The only thing she seems to care about is AMBER.

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