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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 29, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, April 29, 2002

Alone at the grave site, Amber is shocked to find Erica standing nearby. Erica offers her help but Amber yells at her to get out. An apologetic Amber finds her sitting on a bench and claims she's not herself lately. Erica reveals that she had a dream that Amber's babies were with her cousin Becky who was taking care of them because Amber was caring for Little Eric. Moved by her words, Amber is happy to hear Erica describe how happy the blond babies were and asks for a lift home. Afterwards, Erica vows to find a way to be a part of Amber's life. Bridget worries to Rick about Amber's state of mind. When he stops by for a visit, Brooke reminds Whip that they are not getting married. She then pleads with him to call Ridge and find out what he is doing after the strange call he made to Rick. Whip urges her to back off but then surmises that a man in Ridge's position would start his own company to do battle with Rick. As Darla serves pigs in a blanket to their guests Ridge and Massimo, Sally admits that enemies of her enemies are her friends. However, she insists that her company is not for sale. Massimo spins a tale about her hard-earned success and how they want to help her but it's Ridge's plea for her help that wins her over. Sally does insist that the company remain Spectra. Ridge is against it but Massimo claims that it will help surprise the competition. Tony worries about going up against his father-in-law and hurting Kristen. Sally finally agrees and shakes hands with Ridge.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

At Forrester Creations Megan tried to encourage Deacon to forget about Brooke. Deacon said he could not stop thinking about the last time he and Brooke were together with their baby. Megan reminded him that he was cheating on his wife and Brooke was cheating on her daughter.

In Paris, Whip advised Brooke to stop daydreaming about Deacon. Whip advised her it was for her and her children's sake. Brooke tried to explain to Whip that she had never felt this kind of love before. Whip reminded her that she once loved Ridge in the same way. Brooke did not agree totally with Whip about Ridge. She expounded that everyone loved Ridge because he is so easy to love. On the other hand, Deacon had a hard life and now Brooke wishes she could be there for him. Whip tried to pressure Brooke into marrying him. Brooke gently reminded him that she did not intend to marry him.

At home, Rick tried to convince Amber to attend the board meeting at Forrester Creations. He reminded her that her that her new designs are selling extremely well. Amber, who was both in physical and emotional pain, decided not to attend the meeting. When Rick left, Amber telephoned her doctor and asked him for more pain medication. Initially the doctor refused to give Amber the medication. He explained that the medication is a narcotic and highly addictive. Amber convinced the doctor that she would be in for a check-up soon and a few more pills could not hurt her until then.

At Marone Industries, Ridge informed Stephanie that he's back in the fashion business! He revealed that he had purchased Spectra Fashions! Stephanie was taken a back! Ridge requested that Stephanie keep this secret quiet. Stephanie could not understand how Ridge convinced Sally to sell her company. Stephanie surmised that Sally had agreed to the sale of her company to somehow obtain revenge against Brooke. Ridge told her that she was correct. Stephanie told Ridge that Forrester Creations would be tough to take down especially with Amber's new clothing line selling very well. Stephanie gave Ridge her total support. Massimo supported Ridge. He assured Ridge that he and Stephanie would always be there for him.

Deacon telephoned Brooke to tell her that he loves her. Brooke tried to discourage Deacon. Brooke assured Deacon that she and the baby were fine. Deacon was worried about Brooke being alone with Whip. Deacon gave Brooke his cell phone number and made her promise to call him if Whip bothered her.

Thorne, Kristen and Eric anticipated the sale totals of Amber's new clothing line. Rick arrived to the board meeting without Amber. Unexpectedly Amber showed up at the board meeting. Eric proudly informed the board that Forrester Creations never had these numbers for their first order. Eric announced that the sale numbers for Amber's designs exceeded all of their expectations. During the board meeting, Whip telephoned Deacon. Deacon demanded that Whip stay away from Brooke. Whip informed Deacon that he is not staying away from Brooke. Whip taunted Deacon with the fact that he is intending to spend the night with Brooke! Deacon asked Megan to get the company jet ready to take him to Paris immediately. Deacon was so enraged that he decided to kill Whip.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Tony and Kristin remarked how well Zende was adapting at school. He even stayed for chess club after school. Kristin told Tony about the incredible numbers coming in for Amber's new line. When she asked Tony how Spectra was doing, he told her things weren't exactly the same there. He said he couldn't be more specific about what was going on at Spectra.

Erica wished that she could get closer to Amber and the Forrester's. She felt good about hitting that jackpot someday. Erica walked over to the school's playground, which was behind her apartment building, and saw Zende playing chess. She offered to play a game with him. Zende beat her in the first game. As they made small talk, a woman from the playground reprimanded Erica for being there.

On his way to Paris, Deacon phoned Megan and told her to tell his wife that he had to leave on a business trip. He muttered to himself, "I'm going to kill Whipple Jones when I get there!" While dozing on the plane, he had an unsettling dream about Whip seducing Brooke in Paris. In his dream, Brooke even said that she was moving on with Whip. He told the pilot to expect him back in a few hours and that another passenger would accompany him.

In Brooke's suite, Whip rented a movie for the two of them to watch. Brooke wasn't interested at first but then reluctantly agreed to watch. Brooke's expression of dismay suggested it was a porn film that Whip had rented! Whip explained that it was motivational, it being an opportunity for her to get over Deacon. At first, Brooke was turned off and called the flick disgusting. But she eventually warmed up to it and admitted to Whip that it was kind of sexy. Seeing enough, Brooke turned off the video and told Whip that she wanted him to leave because she was going to take a bath. Whip, not in any hurry, told Brooke that it was going to be a long night for both of them. Brooke solved the problem and gave him the porn video to take back to his room. Whip left reluctantly, but not before slipping a credit card into the door. Whip sneaked back into Brooke's suite and made his way into her bedroom. Quietly, Whip watched as Brooke prepared her bath and then watched as she got into the bathtub. Eager to join her in the bath, he stopped in his tracks because he heard a knock at the front door. Irritated, Whip planned on getting rid of the person disturbing them. Opening the door, Whip encountered an angry Deacon who immediately grabbed Whip by the shirt collar. Deacon demanded to know where Brooke was. Whip smugly told him that Brooke was in the other room, waiting for him to return.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

In Paris, Brooke took a bath. Unbeknownst to her, Deacon and Whip were quarreling in the other room. They had a physical altercation which resulted in Whip being thrown to the floor unconscious.

Kristen and Tony were thankful that Zende has adjusted well to living in their home. Erica took a job as a teacher's aide in Zende's school. Erica sensed that Zende had a crush on her. Erica was pleased to learn that Zende is a Forrester.

Brooke was surprised, but happy to see Deacon. Deacon voiced his concerns about Whip. Brooke told him that he could not be there and asked him to leave. Deacon pretended to leave but did not. Brooke and Deacon made love.

Friday, May 3, 2002

Ridge takes a tour of the Spectra offices and isn't exactly happy with what he finds in the sewing room. Clark tells him there's nothing wrong that financing won't take care of and with enough financing, there's nothing that can stop them from putting Forrester out of business. Clark makes it clear he knows that Ridge is only interested in revenge but Clark is interested in seeing Spectra reach greater heights than they ever have. Sally, not quite sold on the idea of Ridge's involvement with Spectra doesn't make Ridge feel welcome which forces him to remind her that he owns everything in the place and as CEO he expects/demands her respect. Sally counters by telling Ridge that "this is Spectra" and it's a democracy. Ridge tells Sally just give him what he wants. Stephanie pays Ridge a visit at Spectra and reminds Sally that Ridge is not her enemy and that Sally and Ridge both want the same thing, to bring Forrester down.

Rick throws a pizza party for Eric, Thorne, Kristen, her husband, their adopted son, and Bridge minus her out-of town-having sex with Brooke in her Paris hotel absentee husband, Deacon. The family had hoped to praise Amber's success with her new line and cheer her up over the loss of her baby but it doesn't seem to be working. Amber is a still grieving, depressed and popping pain pill. Bridget offers a toast to the person who made it all happen - her mother Brooke.

Across the ocean trouble is brewing. Whip regains consciousness on the floor of Brooke's suite dazed and confused about what happened to him until he hears the sounds of laughter coming from Brooke's bedroom. Brooke is going through the usual pattern of trying to tell Deacon how he needs to go back home with Deacon saying going back and forth between saying he doesn't want to ruin their night together talking about what they know he should do. After a lengthy conversation about loving each other, not hurting Bridget and they belong together, Deacon drifts off to sleep and Brooke goes into the bathroom. At which point, Whip quietly sneaks into the room carrying what looks like a heavy table lamp and talking out loud to himself saying, "I warned you Deacon to stay away from Brooke, etc." And then he swings and brings the heavy object down onto Deacon's head!

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