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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Whip approaches a battered and unconscious Deacon. He carries him out of the hotel and on to the Forrester jet. Brooke goes to talk to Deacon, but realizes he is gone. She gets upset and just then the phone rings, she answers Deacon, but Bridget is on the other end. Bridget is curious why Brooke asked for Deacon, but she covers by saying she was asleep and was worried something had a happened to her. Bridget buys it and asks if she has seen Deacon. Brooke replies no. Meanwhile Whip is taunting a semi-conscious Deacon with the fact he will never have Brooke again. He warns him never to return to Paris and he will make sure that Deacon will never hurt Brooke or Bridget again. Deacon tries to stop Whip as he goes to leave, but Whip gets the upper hand and again knocks him unconscious. He wakes up and goes to get the pilot to turn the plane around, but Bridget calls him and asks when he is coming home. The phone breaks up before Deacon can tell her anything. Whip returns to an inconsolable Brooke. He tells her he can save her if she will only let him. She must do everything he tells her to assure that she will get over Deacon and save her family. Brooke agrees. Whip kisses her and lies down beside her.

Rick talks to Amber about moving on and getting back to her old self. Amber tells her that it is going to take time; she just can't believe that she lost the baby. She also puts a lot of pressure on herself to produce a line comparable or better than her last success. Rick tells her not to get discourage if things don't turned out as planned. Amber says that they always did for Ridge, but Rick says that is all in the past. "Ridge is no longer a part of Forrester Creations"; he quips. Rick tells her that he is going to run and get some coffee. Amber settles in for bed and Rick leaves. He runs into Ridge while there and confronts him about his job at Marone Enterprises. Ridge lets him know that he already knows what Massimo did for him, but Rick doesn't care and accuses him of being bitter and walks away. Ridge follows and warns him that he will not be bitter for long. Rick warns Ridge that he is no longer a part of Forrester and to just leave them alone, not knowing Ridge has something much bigger up his sleeve.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Erica hung a newspaper article about Amber on the bulletin board in her apartment. Ziggy, the building manager, noticed Erica's collection of article about the Forrester's and asked her about it. Erica admitted that she admires the Forrester family. Ziggy advised her she would never get to meet the Forresters. Erica revealed that she already had. She told Ziggy that she had gone to Amber's hospital room with flowers because she wanted to help her. Erica denied that she is a stalker. Erica claimed that she grew up reading about the Forresters. She told Ziggy that she thinks that the Forresters are the most glamorous people in the world, like royalty, but down to earth.

At school, Zende questioned whether or not Erica would be there. Zende's friends teased him about having a crush on Erica. When Erica showed up at the school, the teacher assigned her to work with Ben. Zende looked over at Eric and smiled. Erica gloated to herself that Zende has a crush on her.

At Forrester Creations, Deacon told Megan that he had gone to Paris to take Whip back to LA with him. Megan saw that instead, he and Whip wound up in a fight. Deacon told Megan that he and Brooke love one another and he feels that they should be together. Megan berated Deacon for having sex with Brooke again. Bridget was happy that Deacon was back home. She had questions about his whereabouts, but was easily pacified with Deacon's explanations.

In Paris, a very guilty and devastated Brooke was recalling Bridget's words about Deacon. Bridget had told her mother that "Deacon is so sweet and so special and completely devoted to me." Bridget also told Brooke that she loves Deacon more than anything and that she had finally found a man that she can trust. Whip told Brooke that she has to start a new life without Deacon. He advised her that she has to accept that she and Deacon will never be able to be together if she wants to keep her family together. Whip proposed marriage to Brooke. Brooke accepted his marriage proposal. Brooke telephoned Bridget to tell her that she and Whip are getting married. Brooke asked Bridget to be her maid of honor. Deacon was devastated when he heard that Brooke accepted Whip's marriage proposal. Unbeknownst to Deacon, Brooke was as equally unhappy about accepting Whip's marriage proposal!

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Erica ingratiated herself into Zende's life by playing another chess game at school. Zende's school friends teased him about his new love interest; Erica scolded them for being childish. She suggested that they listen to some music instead of playing chess. As the music played, she sang along to a song about rainbows. Tony dropped by to pick up his son. He was introduced to Erica. Tony told Zende that he needed to buy him a suit for Brooke's upcoming wedding. Erica offered to be Zende's friend-date at the wedding and gave him her phone number.

Amber begged the pharmacist for more pain pills. He denied her request. Agitated, Amber saw the images of her babies' caskets. Rick and Bridget sensed her distress. Bridget showed her Brooke's wedding announcement. Rick expressed doubt of his mother's love for Whip. "Then why is she marrying him?" Bridget asked. "That's a good question," said Rick.

Deacon broke the news to Megan that Brooke and Whip were headed back to Los Angeles and were about to get married right away. Pleased with the news, Megan said that Brooke had to marry Whip. Deacon, however, wanted to find some way to stop Brooke from marrying him. "It would be the biggest mistake of her life," he added. Megan disagreed with him saying that Brooke had already made the biggest mistake of her life. Deacon then convinced himself that Brooke, being a smart woman, would only be miserable and eventually end up divorcing Whip. She was smart enough not to go through with the wedding and probably backed out of it already.

On the plane, Whip felt confident about his decision to marry Brooke. He told her it was time for her to start over. "Mrs. Whip Jones" he vocalized, as Brooke listened. Whip told Brooke that he wanted her to get to know him better so she wasn't uncomfortable around him. He took her hand and led her to a small room with a bed, candles and flower petals. In a soothing manner, Whip told Brooke he could save her from her past and help her recover from her mistake. Whip inched closer to Brooke. She resisted his attempt at seduction by saying that she wasn't ready for this. She didn't want their first lovemaking to be done on an airplane. "It would be just sex," Brooke added. She asked Whip to be patient with her because Deacon was still very much on her mind. The captain interrupted with an announcement that the plane was approaching its destination. Whip promised Brooke that on their wedding night, they would share a bed!

After the plane landed, Whip prepared Brooke in her office for impending questions. He begged her to look happy, for Bridget's sake. Then Bridget, Deacon, Rick and Amber came into Brooke's office. Bridget and Rick congratulated both of them. An elated Bridget told her mother, "Your matron of honor will handle everything." Bridget then came up with the idea to have an announcement party at her house that would include the Forrester family and Whip's family. Deacon looked at Brooke and asked if she was serious about this wedding. He then requested time alone with Brooke and Whip. Alone with them, Deacon said angrily: "You're not marrying this guy; I'm not going to allow it." Whip countered, "We're getting married right away! Brooke, tell him!" Flustered and confused, Brooke didn't answer either of them.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

When Deacon refuses to give up on her, Brooke tearfully explains to him that she can't control herself around him and must marry Whip in order to protect her daughter. When he pleads for her understanding, she stops him and tries to make him understand that a scandal about their affair could hurt not only Bridget but also their unborn baby. Stephanie talks with Bridget about her mother's sudden decision to marry Whip and admits that she has some concerns about Brooke's decision. Bridget convinces her to back off and accept the marriage for her sake. Stephanie confronts Brooke next and demands to know why she is marrying Whip, a man Stephanie claims Brooke doesn't love. Meanwhile, Deacon is overcome with guilt when Bridget worries about her mother and suggests that she wouldn't be able to handle it if her mother's next marriage were to fail. As Ridge continues to plan the demise of Forrester, Sally reminds him that she sold him Spectra for the purpose of bringing down Brooke.

Friday, May 10, 2002

It's clear that Amber has become addicted to prescription. Amber makes a connection at Insomnia to get her prescription for pain meds refilled. After trying unsuccessfully to get her prescription filled without making an in-person visit to her regular physician, Amber's desperation catches the attention of her teen stalker's landlord who tells her he can get her script filled for $300 even though she only pays $30 at the pharmacy. After paying the money and getting her drugs, Amber takes her dealer's card "in case she needs anything else."

Stephanie questions Brook about why Brooke would marry Whip if she doesn't love him. She also warns Brooke that this marriage has to succeed because Bridget's happiness depends on it. Brooke tells her to butt out of her affairs. Stephanie senses a secret and tells Brooke that she's never succeeded in keeping a secret from her and she'll find out what this one is as well.

Rick and Taylor are at Bridget's house to plan Brooke and Whip's pre-wedding party. Rick is distracted because Amber is supposed to be there and she's not. Bridget is upset because she feels like she's the only on that is excited about her mother's wedding but even she senses that something is not quite right. She later tells Stephanie that it's also strange that nobody from her mom's family will be at the wedding.

Deacon and Whip exchange words. Deacon tells Whip there isn't anything he won't do to stop the wedding. Whip tries to play the "what if Bridget finds out" card. Deacon screams at him, that if she does find out, he and Brooke will handle it.

Deacon rushes off to Brooke's office to tell her that she can't and shouldn't marry Whip. He points out that their baby deserves to have both its parents and they should come clean with Bridget. Brooke is hesitant to consider that option because she knows what it will do to her daughter to find out that her mom is having an affair and illegitimate baby with her husband. Brooke breaks down in Deacon's arms and they give in to passionate kissing.

On her way out of the building, Stephanie remembers that she left reports in Brooke's office and goes back to get them. Opening the door, she comes upon Brooke with her back to the door, kissing who Stephanie believes to be Whip. Stephanie exits closing the door and startling the couple. Brooke immediately rushes to lock the door. Standing outside of the office, Stephanie ponders if she hasn't been wrong about Brooke's feelings for Whip - until Whip passes her in the hallway and tells her he'll see her later at the party. Stephanie tries to go back into the office and finds the door locked. Banging on the door for Brooke to let her in, Brooke finally opens the door and Stephanie barges in. She tells Brooke she saw her kissing a man and she wants to know where the man is. Stephanie spies a shadow on the wall behind a folding screen in the corner of the office and goes over to find Deacon hiding behind the screen. Instantly, Stephanie knows she has uncovered the secret Brooke has been trying so hard to hide.

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