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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, May 27, 2002

Erica's mother blasts through the door and tries to force her to leave. Erica screams that she doesn't want to leave and pushes her to the ground. When a lighting bolt flashes, Sheila's face is revealed. She continues to try to get Erica to leave. Erica tries to talk some sense into Sheila, telling her to wait until the storm subsides. Erica tells her that she is now a nanny for the Forrester's. Erica rambles on about how great the Forrester's are, Sheila interrupts and demands that she stop. "Why", she questions, "you are the one who got me hooked in the first place." All the fashion magazines with the Forrester's in them, Sheila naming her after Eric, she tells her that Sheila is the reason she is so intrigued by them. Sheila again forces her to leave, but Erica begs her to stay with her in Los Angeles, having no idea of Sheila's volatile past with the Forrester's. "How can you judge someone you never met", she quips. Erica states all the awful things she has said about them, but how none of that is true. Sheila looks at her in desperation, when Erica realizes that she is hiding something about her past. She wants to know why she left L.A. in the first place. "Do you think my father still lives here", she innocently asks. Sheila then blames her for coming back to find her father, Erica denies, but she doesn't believe her. Just then the phone rings and it is Rick thanking her for watching Little E. After Rick's message, Erica begs Sheila to stay.

Earlier at Amber and Rick's, Amber is still stressed about the fashion debut she has planned, plus the fact she has not spent any time with her son. Rick tells her not to be so hard on herself, to just relax. He tells her that he wants some quality time with Little E anyway. Amber takes it wrong, thinking Rick is accusing her of abandoning him. He explains that is not the case at all. Amber apologizes. She tells Rick that she has just been fearing the worst and feels she has let everyone down. Rick mentions the numerous times that Amber has put her life on the line for her family. Amber flashes back to her battle with Sheila. Rick tucks her into bed and tells her not to be so hard on herself. "Give Erica a chance, she will do fine", he insists. Amber is afraid that he may forget her, but Rick assures that will not happen.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie and Eric discuss their family. Eric asks if she is really going to give up her family for Massimo. Stephanie quickly points out Eric's past indiscretions. She tells him how he seems to forget all of his mistakes. Failing Ridge, marrying the likes of Brooke, Sheila, Beth, and Lorenzo. "You are bringing up Sheila", he blurts. She tells him that maybe if he would have had the strong commitment to their family as she has had that none of this would have ever happened. She says that she doesn't want to talk about it any longer, that he will have to talk to a professional and leaves.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

At Erica's apartment, Sheila had flashbacks of shooting Stephanie. She wondered how her daughter Erica, got tangled up with the Forresters. When Ziggy came to the door with the police, Sheila hid and Erica covered for her. Erica lied to the police that she had borrowed her mother's jewelry without asking her. The police believed Erica and left. Erica told her mother that she is never going back home with her. Erica told her mother that she is now a friend of Amber's. Sheila warned her that Amber only cares about herself. Erica had no idea that Sheila knew Amber at one time. Sheila allowed Erica to work for Amber only for one week on a trial basis.

Rick worried that Amber is taking too many pills. Amber lied to him about the amount she is really taking. Rick questioned whether the pills are related to Amber's mood swings. Amber left for work after holding Little Eric. Erica arrived to provide day care for Little Eric. When Erica's towel fell off, Rick got a view of Erica in her bikini.

Massimo was impatient with Stephanie because she still had affection for Eric after all he had done to her over the years. He noticed that Stephanie was still wearing her wedding ring and assumed the worst.

While alone in Erica's apartment, Sheila recalled feeling that James Warwick had never really loved her. She felt that he only wanted Mary, their daughter. Sheila revealed that Erica is Mary, the child that she and James had together. She also revealed that she had changed Mary's name to Erica, after Eric Forrester. Sheila felt that Eric was the only man who had really loved her and had treated her wonderfully while they were briefly married. Ziggy went inside Erica's apartment looking for Sheila. Ziggy threatened if Sheila did not come out of her hiding place he would call the police and report that she had attacked him. Suddenly, Sheila attacked him from behind with a knife. She threatened him with the knife and warned him not to call the police.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Sheila jumped out of the closet, tackled Ziggy and held a knife to his throat. She threatened to slit his throat if he called the cops. Ziggy told Sheila that he was not really going to call the cops he just said that to flush her out. He knew that Erica was hiding someone and something from the police. Sheila let him go. Ziggy sat up on the floor, rubbed his throat and told Sheila that he liked a girl with an attitude but this was ridiculous.

Deacon and Bridget arrived at Forrester Creations for a meeting. Megan stopped Deacon and told him that she needed to talk to him. Deacon told Bridget to go on in to the meeting and he would join her. She agreed. Megan then told Deacon that Brooke was back. Deacon assumed that Brooke left Whip since they cut the honeymoon short. Megan did not think so. Eric interrupted them to tell Megan that they were ready for her in the meeting.

In Brooke's office, Whip was massaging Brooke's shoulders. He told her that she was tense again and it was because she had to face Deacon. He then told her that he should not have allowed them to cut their honeymoon short because she was finally relaxing and having a good time. Whip told her that she is going to have to convince Deacon that they have a "real" marriage for Bridget's sake. He informs Brooke that she must make sure that Deacon thinks they are lovers.

Sheila asked Ziggy why he was there. He told her that he was worried about Erica. She then told him to get out of the apartment. Ziggy informed her that she needed him because it was apparent that she could not show her face around LA. Sheila told him that she will not be in LA that long. Ziggy told Sheila that Erica will come around and realize what the Forrester's are really all about. Sheila asked him how someone like him would have an inside scoop on the Forresters. Ziggy laughed and said, "Now that I have you intrigued, I will leave while I'm ahead or at least while I still have my head!"

Amber made it to the Forrester meeting. Eric began the meeting and told them that Chuck was going to update them on how the Ambrosia Line had done. Brooke and Whip arrive before Chuck can begin. Bridget jumped up to hug and greet them. Brooke told Chuck to continue with the meeting. He told them that the Ambrosia Line was a runaway hit and that they have far exceeded their sales for the month. Everyone is excited and Rick yelled out, "Yes! Take that Ridge!" He then hugged Amber, who didn't look very happy despite her success. Rick wanted to take her out for a celebratory lunch but Amber wanted to return home to Little Eric.

Little Eric threw a ball to Erica and asked her to play with him. She decided to call her Mom first. While she was on the phone, arguing with Sheila, Little Eric moved closer to the pool by himself. Amber arrived home before Rick. She was shaking very bad and decided that she needed just one more pill to help her through. She was about to take a second pill when she heard Little Eric yelling. She dropped the pill bottle and went out to the pool area. She found him by himself, near the pool. Erica hung up the phone and greeted Amber. Amber started yelling at Erica and demanded to know where she was and why Little Eric was close to the pool. Erica told her that she was on the phone but she was still close by. Amber knocked the phone out of Erica's hand and screamed at her that she was fired. Erica tried to explain but Amber wouldn't listen and yelled at her to get out of her house. Erica looked stunned at the way Amber was acting.

Deacon grabbed Brooke and ushered her into an empty office. He then asked her why she did not tell Bridget the truth about them and married Whip, a man she does not love. Brooke told him that she likes Whip and married him so Bridget would not be hurt. Deacon told her that Whip was going to eventually want a "real" marriage. Brooke informed him that they have a "real" marriage. Deacon became upset and begged her to tell him that she wouldn't have sex with Whip while she is carrying his child.

Erica was in the living-room, gathering up her things, when she noticed the spilled bottle of pills on the floor. Rick came home and noticed that she was upset. Before Erica could explain what had went on, Amber came in hysterical. She informed Rick what had happened. Erica tried to tell Rick her side but Amber started to attack her. Rick grabbed Amber and held her back. Erica told Rick that Amber was mistaken by what she thought happened. Amber screamed at her that she did not...

Thursday, May 30, 2002

At home, Amber seemed to be in an intoxicated state. She belligerently accused Erica of leaving Little Eric alone. Erica tried to reason with her but to no avail. Amber continued with her tantrum and demanded to Rick that Erica be fired as Little Eric's sitter. Rick was suspicious that Amber was intoxicated on pills. Amber vehemently denied having taken pills, but her intoxication was obvious as she stumbled. Rick ordered her to get some sleep.

At Erica's apartment, Ziggy told Sheila that the Forresters have demons. She told Ziggy that she wanted to know what their problems are because of Erica's employment with them. Ziggy told Sheila it was nothing that she would ever read about in magazines. Sheila continued to press Ziggy for an answer. Ziggy got a call on his cell phone. It was Amber calling to buy some more pills from Ziggy. Ziggy arranged a meeting with her to sell her more pills.

At Forrester Creations, Megan asked Whip where Brooke was. She had noticed that both Brooke and Deacon were missing. Whip was confident that even if Deacon tried to talk Brooke out of her marriage, she would nix any passes or offers from him. Megan realized it was crucial that deacon believe that Brooke is in love with Whip. Otherwise, Deacon would never let Brooke go! Meanwhile, Deacon was questioning Brooke about her marriage to Whip. He wanted to know if they had made love. Brooke lied and said that they did make love during their honeymoon. Deacon was having a difficult time believing that Brooke and Whip had made love. When Brooke continued to lie about making love with Whip, Deacon was devastated. He then became angry and accused of being controlled by Whip. He suspected that Brooke was lying but could not prove it. Whip entered the room. Brooke pretended to be in love with Whip. In front of Whip, she told Deacon that she has fallen in love with Whip. Deacon left because Brooke's revelation made him sick. Whip assured Brooke she had done the right thing-making Deacon think that they made love!

Erica apologized to Rick for upsetting Amber. She told him that she had not left Little Eric alone. Rick acknowledged that Amber was intoxicated. He told Erica he believed her and did not want her to stop caring for Little Eric. He asked Erica to stay and keep him company for lunch. Rick ordered food from the Café Russe. Erica marveled that she was sharing lunch with Rick, and, with food from the Café Russe! Rick apologized to Erica for Amber's erratic behavior. He blamed Amber's behavior on stress. He admitted to Erica that he did not know how much more he could tolerate Amber's mood swings. Erica told Rick that she was always going to be there for him and he did not have to deal with this situation alone. Rick told Erica that he is happy that Erica had come into their lives. He held Erica's hand. Rick kissed Erica!

Friday, May 31, 2002

Daydreams, flashbacks and fantasies... the passionate "make out" session that started with Erica and Rick on Thursday, was really another Erica fantasy. Erica daydreams of Rick confessing he is drawn to her, but he's actually upstairs reassuring Amber and tucking her into bed. Rick tells Amber that he's not going to fire Erica; he doesn't believe she did anything to put Little Eric in danger. Amber admits she "probably did overreact." She also admits (when confronted by Rick) that she took another pill after telling him she wouldn't take any more, because she's still in pain and doesn't know what to do about it. Amber continues to blame herself for everything that is going wrong in their lives. She wants to just wake up and have things back to the way they used to be. Amber says "it's been so long since they were happy she can hardly remember it." And she does want to be happy again.

Rick goes down to send Erica home (startling her out of her daydream) and promising to put her on the Forrester payroll so she'll be able to receive company benefits.

Meanwhile, on her way home at the end of the day, Brooke stops in to say goodnight to Eric. Surprised that Eric isn't leaving too, Eric tells Brooke he doesn't have a lot to rush home to. He also shares with her that things between he and Stephanie may be worse than ever. Stephanie brought up the subject of Eric's past involvement with Sheila Carter. Brooke agrees with Eric that Sheila had a lot of problems but adds that Sheila was also human and had a lot of good qualities as well as bad.

While Brooke is on one side of town giving Sheila the benefit of the doubt and reminding Eric of Sheila's good points; Sheila is at Erica's apartment listening to her daughter go on and on about how wonderful Rick is and how he must take after his father. It's clear that Erica has quite a crush on Rick and even though Erica is aware he's married, it doesn't seem to concern her mother. Sheila tells Erica that Rick deserves to know and have someone in his life like Erica. After flashing back to the happy times she had with Eric and realizing that she can never have that again, she flashes forward to fantasize about her daughter joining the Forrester family and marrying Rick. At least that way, she and Eric will have some kind of connection. The only problem with the fantasy is the presence of Amber in reality. Sheila ponders that the only thing that makes the picture imperfect is Amber and what they need to do to make her daughter's dreams come true is to get rid of Amber!

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