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Kristen admitted to Taylor that she knew the truth about Ridge but vowed to give Spectra a run for their money. After emerging from her daydream, Stephanie devised a story that sent Brooke to Big Bear in search of Bridget. Bridget convinced Stephanie to drive her to Big Bear where she confronted Brooke, who later went into labor. Erica was elated when Rick allowed her to wear one of Amber's Forrester Original gowns.
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Bridget confronted Brooke, who later went into labor
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Stephanie snapped back to reality, realizing she could not confront Brooke. When Brooke arrived, Stephanie invented a story about a boating accident to cover for Bridget and explain why Bridget was upset. Brooke nervously interrogated Stephanie, but she brushed off Brooke's questions and assured her that Bridget was fine. As Brooke left, Stephanie vowed that someday Brooke would pay for hurting Bridget.

Sheila believed that Amber's absence was the perfect opportunity for her daughter Erica to get close to Rick. Erica and Rick joked together as they fed Eric dinner. She told Rick how much she enjoyed taking care of Eric and complemented his fashion designs. Rick offered to let her try on one of Amber's dresses and sincerely told her the dress was made for her.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

At home, Rick allowed Erica to try on a Forrester Creations original dress. Erica told Rick she did not feel like Erica Lovejoy in that dress -- she felt like a totally different person.

Erica revealed that the combination of sharing dinner with Rick and Little Eric and wearing the Forrester original was like something out of a dream. She told Rick that he had exceeded her expectations of him. Rick and Erica waltzed after they discovered they had both taken dance lessons for many years. Erica admitted to Rick that she had a crush on him. Rick said he was flattered. He responded by telling Erica that she was a very special person.

Stephanie took Bridget to her apartment with her. Massimo tried to make Bridget feel welcome. Stephanie allowed Bridget the time alone that she requested. Stephanie informed Massimo how Bridget had discovered that Deacon was the father of Brooke's child. Stephanie vowed to save Bridget -- unlike Macy, who she'd been unable to save.

Brooke informed Deacon that the reason Bridget was so upset was that her friend had been in a boating accident. Brooke thought that Bridget was at Big Bear at the hospital to be with her friend. Brooke and Deacon did not realize that Stephanie had lied about the reason for Bridget's upset. Brooke was happy that Bridget had not heard her and Deacon talking in the nursery. Yet, Brooke told Deacon that she did not feel relieved, because something did not feel right.

Deacon again vowed his and Brooke's secret would be safe with him, and no one would ever find out he was the father of Brooke's baby. Brooke still panicked when she thought of what would have happened if, in fact, Bridget had heard them talking in the nursery.

Bridget sat alone and recalled everything Deacon had said to her. She did not know how she could have been such a fool. When Bridget answered her cell phone and heard Brooke's voice, she went ballistic.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

by Anna

Deacon was waiting for Bridget at the beach house when Brooke arrived. They were both worried because they hadn't heard from Bridget. Deacon thought that maybe Bridget did know, but Brooke assured him that Stephanie had said she'd only been upset over a friend being injured in a boating accident. Brooke wanted to go see Bridget at the cabin in Big Bear, where Brooke thought Bridget was with friends. Deacon was concerned about Brooke traveling because she was in her last month of pregnancy, but she left, anyway.

At Massimo's condo, Bridget was thinking about the time she'd told her mom about the lack of intimacy in her marriage with Deacon. Then she remembered the gift she'd given Brooke before her wedding to Whip, assuring her mother that she could have the special relationship that Bridget had in her marriage. Bridget recalled the special poem she had also read to Brooke before the wedding.

Stephanie and Massimo were discussing Bridget's situation. Stephanie told Massimo how important it was to keep Bridget away from Brooke for the moment. Bridget entered the room and wanted to borrow Stephanie's car so she could go see Brooke. When Stephanie disagreed, Bridget said that she wanted Deacon and Brooke to know that she was not a fool, and she wanted Brooke to admit to what she'd done. Bridget insisted that she would explode if she didn't have it out with Brooke soon. Stephanie advised her to calm down first and talk to Taylor. Massimo agreed.

Kristin entered Eric's office, concerned that he was working late again. She was worried about the upcoming show and said that Forrester might have "put too many eggs in one basket." She felt that they were taking a risk by putting all their efforts into one showing. Taylor interrupted their conversation. She had dropped by to visit with Eric, who was glad to see her. He asked how Ridge liked his new job and wondered what Ridge was doing for Massimo. Taylor, not being specific, said that Ridge was busy with "acquisitions."

When Eric left the room, Taylor and Kristin talked. Taylor felt that the two of them were on the same team because both of their husbands were trying to restore Forrester Creations to its former self. Kristin was skeptical about how Ridge plotting against Forrester could help, saying that she would put all her efforts into the upcoming show to make Forrester's designs better than Spectra's.

Brooke phoned Eric from her car to tell him that she had not seen Bridget yet, but she was going to Big Bear to find Bridget. When she arrived at the cabin, she could see that no one had been there. Deacon called, and Brooke told him that Bridget should be at the cabin already because visiting hours were over at the hospital for her injured friend. Brooke then got a call from Bridget, who was still with Stephanie. Brooke, concerned about Bridget, asked if Bridget was okay. Bridget ignored her questions and told her mom she would go to the cabin so they could talk. After talking with Brooke, Bridget told Stephanie she was ready to confront her mom.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Stephanie warily drove Bridget to the cabin to meet with Brooke. She offered Bridget the chance to back out, but Bridget ordered her to continue driving. When Stephanie warned her that Brooke was manipulative, Bridget insisted that she could handle her mother on her own. As Brooke waited, she talked on the phone with Deacon, who still believed that Bridget had not overheard their conversation.

Overwhelmed with relief, Deacon informed Megan of his plans to take a vacation with Bridget. Deacon told Megan the scare of the afternoon had opened his eyes to the importance of Brooke's relationship with her daughter.

Massimo warned Stephanie that Bridget could snap as she confronted her mother. Stephanie recalled the fierce look in Bridget's eyes and told Massimo that Bridget would survive.

Bridget walks out of Brooke's life

Bridget walks out of Brooke's life

Friday, June 28, 2002

by Mike

At the Big Bear cabin, Bridget asked Brooke if she had anything to say. Brooke deflected and questioned what truth Bridget was referring to, causing Bridget to wonder how many secrets her mother was keeping from her. Bridget seethed that Brooke knew exactly what Bridget was talking about.

Deacon reacted sarcastically when Whip arrived on his doorstep. When Whip wanted to know if Brooke had called Deacon, Deacon said Brooke was fine and that she was in Big Bear with Bridget. That surprised Whip, who then assumed that Bridget hadn't actually heard Deacon professing his love to Brooke over the baby monitor. Deacon said it had been a close call.

Whip figured that Deacon was disappointed that Bridget was still in the dark, because Deacon had wanted Brooke for himself. Whip pointed out that it would nearly kill Brooke if Brooke lost her daughter, and that Deacon had already taken too many risks. Whip got a surprise when Deacon agreed to Whip's command to stay away from Brooke.

Bridget compared Brooke to a scared little rabbit and reflected that the truth had been there all along, but Bridget had put on blinders, just as she had growing up when someone had expressed pity that Bridget had Brooke for a mother. Bridget recalled that she had never felt bad with Brooke as her mother, because Brooke had loved her more than anything. Brooke tearfully said she did love Bridget, who went on to say she had learned to gloss over the bad and focus on the good where Brooke was concerned. Bridget lamented that she had been training for Deacon her whole life by learning to overlook lies.

Bridget said that she, and everyone, had thought of Brooke as the sexiest woman in the world. Brooke had built a career on it, and Bridget surmised that Brooke had to be irresistible if Brooke could steal her daughter's husband away from her. Brooke gasped and reached out for Bridget, who demanded not to be touched.

Whip had a hard time believing that Deacon would leave Brooke alone. Deacon asserted that he had to, or Bridget would find out about Brooke carrying his baby. Deacon knew how much that would devastate Brooke, and Whip reiterated that they'd all had a taste of it that day. Whip wondered if Deacon would quit his job, but Deacon suggested taking Bridget on a publicity tour for the Ambrosia line. Deacon laughed when Whip offered to help set up such a tour. Whip genuinely said that he thought Deacon's plan was admirable. The men agreed that they all needed for the tour to happen, but Deacon still didn't think Whip was the man to make Brooke happy...and Deacon conceded that he wasn't, either.

Brooke realized that Bridget had heard Brooke talking to Deacon over the baby monitor, and Brooke cried that she had never wanted the events to happen. Bridget thought that Brooke just hadn't wanted to get caught and that she probably found the whole affair a thrill. Brooke denied that, and, when Brooke begged Bridget to let her explain, Bridget demanded to know all the details of the tryst and why Brooke hadn't gotten an abortion. As Brooke insisted that she loved her baby, Bridget realized that also meant that Brooke was in love with her baby's father, because Brooke had told Bridget so; Bridget had naturally assumed that Brooke was talking about Whip.

Brooke cried that she didn't know how everything had happened. Bridget snarked that it was obvious that Brooke and Deacon had been having sex. Bridget got Brooke to admit that the affair had started eight months prior and was incredulous when Brooke couldn't pinpoint how many times she had slept with Deacon. Bridget ran through a list of places where Brooke could have bedded Deacon and remembered a night when Deacon had been nowhere to be found before deducing that Brooke had also used her office bed for the rendezvous.

Bridget labeled Brooke disgusting, and Bridget screamed that she had thought she was important to Brooke, who maintained that Bridget was. Bridget wondered how Brooke could say that with a straight face, crying that Brooke had thrown Bridget away. When Brooke swore that she loved and needed Bridget, Bridget said she wished Brooke had thought of that before. "I'm gone," Bridget announced resolutely.

Brooke didn't blame Bridget for hating her, and Brooke said she hated herself for what she had done. Bridget reasoned that Deacon had that effect on all the women in his life. Bridget was amazed that Brooke hadn't seen their confrontation coming from the first time Brooke had been with Deacon. Brooke's contention was that she had thought Bridget's marriage to Deacon had been over when the affair with Deacon had begun. Brooke tried to explain how she hadn't even wanted to tell Deacon about having gotten pregnant, and she allowed that she wasn't making sense.

Brooke didn't want to talk about her feelings for Deacon and avowed that she had tried to protect Bridget by marrying Whip, a man Brooke didn't love. Bridget said that she didn't feel grateful, just sick. Unable to believe marrying Whip and raising a child in a loveless home was Brooke's "brilliant solution," Bridget got choked up upon realizing that, had the truth not come out, Bridget would be raising babies with the adulterous Deacon. Brooke emphatically said that Deacon loved Bridget, but Bridget didn't want to hear another word.

Brooke repeated that she had tried to do the right thing, but Bridget didn't think that made a difference -- or that she would come around to thinking "these things just happen." Bridget believed that Brooke had made a choice and that choices had consequences -- one, that Brooke had a child coming into her life, and two, that Brooke had a child walking out of it. Bridget tried to leave, but Brooke closed the door and said that Bridget didn't need to "do this." Bridget yelled that Brooke had "done this," prompting Brooke to pledge that she would do anything to fix the situation, including sending Deacon away.

Bridget said it would be nice if they could wave a magic wand and start over, but Brooke was forgetting that she was pregnant by Bridget's husband, which Bridget was sure she couldn't overlook. Bridget knew she would see Brooke with Deacon every time she looked into the baby's face and wouldn't be able to get past it; she shouldn't have to, Bridget stressed. Bridget said that Brooke didn't have to send Deacon away or stay married to Whip, while Brooke refuted Bridget's claim that Brooke had been thinking, "if it wasn't for Bridget..." Bridget coldly told her mother to go for it, to "follow your heart."

Outside his beach house, Deacon lit a cigarette and listened to Whip's assurance that Deacon was doing the right thing. Deacon didn't want Whip's approval, but Whip said that Deacon had it -- along with Whip's respect. Whip joked that it wouldn't be torture for Deacon to go on an all-expenses-paid tour with a beautiful woman. Deacon half-heartedly agreed that he was a lucky guy.

When Whip asked when Deacon was leaving, Deacon snarkily wondered if the next day was soon enough for Whip. Whip realized that Deacon was not fooling around, and that Deacon wouldn't be there for the birth of his child. Whip solemnly promised Deacon that he would treat Deacon's baby as if he or she were Whip's own and that the infant would know nothing but love. Deacon nodded silently as Whip left.

Brooke assured Bridget that she wouldn't embarrass Bridget by letting the truth come out and implored Bridget to let her prove how much Brooke loved her. Brooke knew that Bridget would forgive her someday. Bridget didn't want to hear the word "someday," nor did Bridget want to be the new Ridge in Brooke's life, with Brooke fighting to get Bridget back; Bridget didn't want to be back. Bridget bemoaned how she had waited for Brooke to grow up, but Bridget no longer cared if Brooke did or not. Bridget just wanted out.

Brooke ran after Bridget and swore she could change. Bridget suggested that Brooke put her energy into her unborn baby, who was going to need everything Brooke had, even if Brooke didn't have everything to give. Perhaps, Bridget pondered, it wasn't too late for Brooke's new child. Brooke frantically said it wasn't too late for them, either, and she grabbed Bridget to keep her from leaving. As Bridget tried to pull away, Stephanie arrived.

Bridget announced that Stephanie had driven her to the cabin. Brooke presumed that Stephanie had been the one who had convinced Bridget to cut Brooke out of her life, but Bridget affirmed that she had made her own decision -- the only decision she could make. Brooke was sure that Bridget would forgive her one day; however, Bridget said the issue was trust, not forgiveness. Bridget declared that she would never trust Brooke again and that Brooke couldn't blame Stephanie, Whip, or even Deacon for that -- Brooke could only blame herself. Brooke sobbed and continued to apologize, but Bridget stoically bade her mother goodbye and walked out of the cabin.

Stephanie stopped Brooke from going after Bridget, saying that Brooke had to respect what Bridget had told Brooke. Suddenly, Brooke winced in pain and dropped to her knees. Stephanie asked if Brooke was cramping, but Brooke firmly stated that she was going into labor. When Stephanie scoffed as if to say she didn't believe Brooke, Brooke grabbed Stephanie's hand and pleaded for help. Stephanie still looked dubious until it dawned on her that Brooke really was about to give birth.

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