The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for the week of July 1, 2002

After helping Stephanie deliver Brooke's baby girl and informing Brooke that she was no longer Brooke's daughter, Bridget gave Deacon the news that he was a father, threw him out, and told Eric about the end of her marriage and her decision to return to college. Stephanie promised to help Brooke with her new daughter. C.J. returned, furious to learn that Ridge and Marone Industries controlled Spectra. Along with other major department stores, Lauren also decided to carry the Spectra line instead of Forrester. Amber returned home from rehab. Upon learning that there were no orders for the Ambrosia line, Rick, Thorne, and Amber confronted Sally and were shocked to learn that Ridge was in control of Spectra.
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Brooke gavea birth to a baby girl
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Ridge and Massimo discuss business, but Massimo seems troubled. Ridge asks what is the matter and he tells him that is waiting on a call from Stephanie. Ridge worries that it has something to do with business, but Massimo assures him that that is not the case. Meanwhile up at Big Bear, Brooke is going into labor with Stephanie and Bridget up in arms at what to do. Bridget calls the hospital, but the nearest ambulance will take an hour to get there. Stephanie informs Brooke that she will take her to the hospital, but Brooke refuses, stating there is no time; the baby is on the way. Stephanie warns Brooke that she will not have this child in front of Bridget. Stephanie taunts Brooke with the fact she has lost Bridget forever and she will not put her through this. She bullies her to get into the car, but Bridget stops her and says that she will deliver the baby and goes to get supplies. Stephanie unwillingly agrees to help, realizing there is no time to get her to the hospital, without risking the baby's life. Brooke tries to apologize, but Bridget doesn't want to deal with it right now and asks her to stop. Brooke has a terrible pain and informs them that the baby is here.

Darla has a surprise for an uninterested Sally. She tells her it is far better than anything she could dream of, but Sally is too worried about the show. Darla motions at the door and C.J. walks in. "Hi mom", he says. Sally spins around in a state of shock and immediately gives him a hug. Sally asks how he has been. He tells her that it has been a rough year. He wanted to come home, but he just couldn't. After losing Becky, Macy, and a life with Amber and Little E, he just had to be alone. He threw himself into school and work and did better that he ever expected. He says that he just couldn't face the reality of losing her or anybody else. C.J. turns to business and shocked at what an awful state Forrester is in right now. He is ecstatic that Ridge has been fired and is repeating headlines from the paper about his termination with Forrester. Ridge then walks in and C.J. demands to know what he doing there. Ridge lets Sally inform him that she sold Spectra to Massimo Industries and he now CEO of Spectra. C.J asks Sally how she could sell the company to the very family that is the reason for the state that Spectra is in right now. Ridge tells C.J. not to worry there will always be a place for him in Forrester. C.J spats he would rather die that to ever work for a Forrester and storms out.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

At Big Bear, in the cabin, Brooke started to go into labor. There was no time to wait for the doctor to deliver the baby. Stephanie and Bridget had no choice but to assist Brooke. Stephanie actually delivered the baby. Bridget supported Brooke with pillows.

Amber discharged herself the evening before the scheduled date. The doctor warned her that re-entry into society may be a shock. Amber reassured the doctor that she is planning to focus on her recovery and sobriety.

At home, Rick confided to Thorne that he is nervous about Amber's return home. In addition, what is making the situation worse, is the fact that the Inquisitor is doing an article about Amber's addiction. Thorne advised that Amber is stronger now than any other time in her life and she could probably deal with the press. Thorne advised Rick that he had been through the same situation with Macy. He warned Rick that addiction is a shield that addicts use to block out all negativity and ugliness in their lives. He also tried to educate Rick that recovery from addiction is an on-going challenge-Amber will be recovering for the rest of her life! Thorne recommended that Rick join a support group of his own to deal with Amber's recovery process.

Amber returned home, but did not go in when she heard Rick and Thorne talking. She arrived inside and surprised Rick. She announced to Rick that she would be living in Eric's guest house for the next few weeks in order to have time alone.

Back at the cabin, Brooke thanked Stephanie and Bridget for delivering her baby. When Brooke was alone with Bridget she admitted that Bridget has every right to be angry with her. Brooke reminded Bridget that she too had been born in the cabin. Bridget announced to Brooke that her baby is her only child now. Bridget criticized Brooke for having slept with Deacon. Bridget admitted that Brooke made an unforgivable mistake that she would never forget. Bridget felt that Brooke broke a sacred bond when she slept with Deacon. Bridget said she did not hate Brooke, but she's no longer her daughter. Brooke sobbed over Bridget's announcement.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

by Anna

At the cabin in Big Bear, Brooke begs Bridget not to give up and wants to work things out. Bridget tells Brooke that she can't forgive her for what she's done, but she doesn't hate Brooke. Bridget reminds Brooke that this is Brooke's last chance at motherhood. Bridget hands the baby back to Brooke and tells her that she wants nothing more to do with her mother or Deacon. She informs Brooke that she is quitting her job at Forrester. As Bridget leaves in Stephanie's car, Brooke begs not to be cut out of Bridget's life. On Bridget's way out, she lets in the doctor, who has come to check on Brooke and the baby.

Megan brings an itinerary back to the beach house for Deacon to look over. Deacon is planning a romantic trip for Bridget. Deacon is worried that he hasn't heard from Brooke or Bridget, but Megan assures him that they will be home in the morning. He reminds Megan that he is committed to moving on and to being a good husband for Bridget.

Amber insists to Rick that she must stay in the guesthouse while she focuses on her recovery. She doesn't think that Rick is ready to be the husband of a recovering addict. Rick realizes that Amber must have heard his conversation with Thorne and admits that he is unsure how to deal with her recovery. He reminds her of their wedding vows, and he tells her that he wants to help her and that he will always be there for her. Amber tells Rick that he can't help her with her sobriety and she is letting him off the hook by moving to the guesthouse. Rick insists that he will be there for her and there is no place he'd rather be than with her. They hug, and he welcomes her home.

At the cabin, the doctor declares that mother and baby are in perfect health, but they will need to come to the hospital for tests. On his way out, he laughs and says that the baby will be a hot topic at the family reunions. Stephanie thanks him for coming, then tells Brooke to stop crying. Stephanie insists that Brooke must get her life in order, and she must not go back to L.A. and start chasing after men. She tells Brooke that the baby must never know its paternity. Stephanie wants this to be a clean slate for Brooke. An emotionally exhausted Brooke asks for Stephanie's help. Stephanie agrees to help Brooke if she promises to stop all the lies and be a better person for the baby's sake. She reminds Brooke that she will look after both of them, but only for the baby's sake.

Bridget arrives home. Deacon wonders how she got home and is surprised when Bridget says her friends were not at the cabin, but Brooke and Stephanie were. Deacon tells her how worried they all were about her. He says he has a surprise for Bridget, and Bridget says she also has a surprise for him. She tells Deacon that she and Stephanie delivered Brooke's baby at the cabin. Concerned, Deacon asks if Brooke and the baby are okay. Bridget says, "Congratulations. You and my mother have a healthy baby daughter."

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Bridget confronts Deacon with everything she knows. She throws his clothes and belongings into a pile and orders him to get out. Bridget tells Deacon that he has no taste, no style, no class, and she can't wait to get him out of her life. She gathers up his things and heads outside. Deacon is stunned when she puts his clothes in a barrel, pours his bourbon over them, and ignites them. When they see fireworks, Bridget reminds him it's the fourth of July, and she's celebrating her independence from him. Thorne confesses to Eric that he's worried about Brooke. Eric isn't happy to hear about Deacon's plan to take Bridget on a publicity tour around the world. Thorne assures Eric that it's just a matter of time until Bridget sees Deacon for who he really is. Stephanie lets Brooke and the baby stay in the guest house until she's ready to face her family. Stephanie notes to Brooke that the baby needs her more than anyone ever has. Brooke needs to build a new life for the baby's sake, and Stephanie's going to help her. Stephanie points out to Brooke that Deacon can't offer her daughter anything but scandal and shame, but Brooke refuses to cut Deacon out of her life.

Friday, July 5, 2002

Bridget begins the "first day of the rest of her life" by telling Stephanie the plans she has made for herself: finding a new place to live, going back to school, and having a conversation with her dad, Eric so that he can see that she is ok. Especially since the last time that he had seen her she was an emotional wreck. When Eric arrives he's pleased to learn that Bridget has decided to end her marriage to Deacon. Although he doesn't know the details, he's happy to see his daughter is doing better.

Over at Forrester, Amber is back and ready to make up for lost time. Thorne has terrible news for the family. He tells them that a number of their major buyers are either not returning his phone calls or have indicated they plan to take merchandise from Spectra, including long-time business associate, Lauren Fenmore. Rick and Amber are shocked at this news but think there must be more behind it. Rick questions Kristen about what she may have uncovered during her recent visit to Spectra. He accuses her of holding back information she has learned about Spectra's activities and also speculates that her husband may have given information about Forrester to Spectra. Kristen is angry at Rick's insinuations about her husband's integrity and at his attempts to convince her to use her relationship with her husband to "spy" on Spectra. Kristen tells Rick, Amber and Thorne that if they want to know what's going on at Spectra, they should go see for themselves.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo, being "young and restless," has flown into L.A. to take a meeting with Ridge, Sally and Massimo. Lorenzo has serious reservations about discontinuing her professional relationship with Forrester; citing her family's long history with Eric and his house of design. Ridge assures Lorenzo that Forrester Originals, as she knows it no longer exists. While he, as the head of Spectra, is in a position to give Fenmore' s the quality of product she is used to seeing from Forrester. After looking at samples of Spectra's new designs, Lorenzo realizes Ridge is right and agrees to sign with Spectra. She insists, however, that she will need to share the information with Eric personally because of their long-standing professional relationship. Rick, Amber and Thorne storm into Sally's office demanding to know what she thinks she's doing by undermining Forrester and approaching their buyers to take business away from Forrester. Sally has been waiting for this moment for a long time. She addresses Thorne's charges that Spectra is going after buyers for whom Thorne says she doesn't have the operational ability to produce the quality or quantity of merchandise. Sally reminds Thorne that these are the same buyers he is used to dealing with and he should know better than anyone that if they questioned her ability to follow through on her commitment, they would never agree to sign with her. She also tells the trio that while Amber's designs are good, there is no guarantee that Amber will be able to follow-up her first collection with an equally good set of designs and that Forrester cannot compete against the caliber of designers that Spectra has under it's new management. She smirks as she tells them that if they have a complaint that they should take it up with her boss. Of course, they are surprised to learn that Sally has a "boss" and when they turn around to see who this new person is, all three of their jaws drop at the sight of Ridge standing there smiling. He greets them with a "Hello Ricky-boy, I told you to watch your back!"

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