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Monday, July 22, 2002

Sheila is talking to Lance about doing a job for her. She asks him if she used to date a Forrester model. He replies affirmatively and admits he would love to again. She asks why he is not dating her any longer. He says that he doesn't have the money. What would you do for a thousand dollars as she whips the money out in front of him? "I kill for it"; he speaks up. She then asks what he would do for $10,000. She informs him that it would consist of giving Amber a sedative and climbing into bed with her. It would not kill her only knock her out for a while, long enough for Rick to see them in bed together. Lance isn't sure that he wants to do the job and leaves to go mull it over. While at his apartment, he gives Katlyn a call and she is delighted to hear from him. He asks what her plans are and she tells him she is going to a Forrester pool party. She invites him along and he happily accepts, he also calls Sheila and accepts her offer as well. Erica models a swimsuit for Sheila she plans on wearing to the pool party. Sheila tells her she looks beautiful and it is just a matter of time before Rick sees what is right in front of him. Erica swears she will not date a married man and will not interfere in their union. Sheila tells her she will not have to; Rick will come to you. Sheila tells her to go and have a good time. Erica is confused, but leaves to go to the party.

Rick stops by Insomnia to see Bridget. He invites her to the Forrester celebration, but she declines saying it is just too soon. Rick is upset, but understands. He tells her that he is pleased that Deacon is no longer a part of her life and tries to get her to talk about it, but she is silent. He doesn't pry, but asks if he hurt her. "Not physically", she replies. He questions her if Deacon cheated on her. She doesn't reply, but her silence tells Rick everything. He is enraged, and offers her anything she will need to get back on her feet and her life in order. She is thankful, but declines his offer. C.J. walks over and Bridget leaves to get back to work. Rick asks C.J. to watch out for Bridget, but he tells Rick that Bridget doesn't need protecting.

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Eric threw a party at his house to celebrate the success of the Ambrosia line on the TeleSave show. Thorne, Megan, Rick Amber, Whip Erica and the Forrester models all attended.

Lance asked Sheila exactly what how he is supposed to get the pills into Amber's drink? Sheila demonstrated how he is to break up the pills so they are not noticeable. Sheila encouraged him to carry this mission out so he could earn the rest of the $10,000 dollars.

Darla stopped over to visit C.J.. He questioned how she can work for Ridge. He criticized the fact that Darla was impressed because the media gave Spectra good press. C.J. apologized for being irritable. For a moment, C.J. was less moody. He changed the subject by telling Darla that Bridget had rented his apartment. Meanwhile, next door, Bridget told Stephanie that she is an adult who can stand on her own two feet- she's no longer a naïve teenager. She admitted that life is less complicated now that she has left Deacon.

Because C.J. seemed sad, Darla sensed that he was depressed over the loss of Becky and Macy. C.J. did not want to talk about how he felt and asked Darla to leave. C.J. listened to a CD of Macy's songs. C.J. had flashbacks of Becky. Bridget opened C.J.'s door to find him looking very sad.

Ziggy offered to buy Sheila food when he went out for himself. Ziggy noticed that Sheila was acting funny-she was being nice to him. After Sheila finished talking about the type of person Rick is, Ziggy was suspicious that she was up to something. He warned Sheila that Erica is not the type of person who would break up a marriage.

Back at Eric's party, Rick debated with Amber whether or not she should be drinking alcohol. Amber told him it was pills she was addicted to not alcohol. Rick still felt she should not be using any substances. Later, Erica watched as Rick and Amber were romantic with one another. Lance arrived at the party and mingled with Katlin and her girlfriend. While Rick gave a speech, Lance put the pills into Amber's drink.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

by Anna

At the pool party, Amber toasts the Forrester employees on having done such a wonderful job. Lance watches as she sips her tainted wine. When they are alone, Rick expresses his concern over Amber's drinking. She assures him that she is fine. As she mingles with the guests, Eric and Rick watch her and agree that it's nice to see her so happy, and they are proud of all she's accomplished.

Lance calls Sheila from the party to tell her that the pills he put in Amber's drink are not working. Sheila insists that the tranquilizers were strong enough for a horse. Then Lance notices Amber stumbling and holding her head. When Lance hangs up, Sheila tells Ziggy that she is giving Erica the future she deserves. Ziggy wants to know what his friend Lance is doing to help her. Sheila admits that Lance is working for her and that she is doing Eric a favor by getting Amber out of Rick's life.

Above the Insomnia, Bridget pushes open C.J.'s door and finds him crying. He yells at her to leave him alone. Later, he comes to Bridget's apartment to apologize for the way he acted. She lets him in, and he admits to how much he misses Becky and Macy. Bridget tells him she realizes how much he has been through, loosing his wife and his sister in such a short time. She understands now why he acts so angry and bitter. C.J. tells Bridget how precious his time with Becky was before she died. He feels he was so wrapped up with Becky that he didn't see what was happening to Macy.

Thorne approaches Erica at the pool party and says that he has noticed the way Erica has been watching Rick all night. Erica admits to liking Rick, but says that he and Amber have a rock-solid marriage and she would hate to see anything happen to them.

Lance follows Amber to a bench away from the pool, where she has gone to clear her head. Amber realizes something is wrong and Lance asks if she needs help. As Amber passes out in Lance's arms, Erica sees them and is troubled when she assumes that Amber is in a deep embrace with Lance.

Rick goes looking for Amber, and he asks Erica to let him know if she sees Amber. Meanwhile, Lance calls Sheila to tell her that Amber is completely out and he has almost got her to the car. Sheila insists that he not call her again until the job is done. After the call, Sheila declares that tonight is Amber's last night as Mrs. Eric Forrester, Jr.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

At home and frantic with worry over Amber, Rick had called area hospitals and the police. He told Eric that Amber could not be considered missing until she was gone for 24 hours. Erica arrived at her usual time to babysit for Little Eric. Rick told her that Amber had not returned home from Eric's party. Rick told her he had brought Little Eric to Eric's house. Erica admitted to Rick that when she saw Amber at the party last night, Amber was with some guy. She apologized for not telling Rick about it sooner. Erica tried to rationalize with Rick that Amber would not just run off with some guy because she loves Rick.

In Bridget's apartment, C.J. thanked her for listening to him. He revealed to Bridget that out of grief he wanted to be with Becky and Macy, but he clarified that he did not want to die and he was not suicidal.

In Lance's bedroom, Amber awoke, was very drowsy and did not know where she was. Lance lied and told her that she had come on to him at the party. Amber did not believe him, yet she could not remember what actually did happen. Amber freaked out when she realized that she had been there all night long and Rick did not know where she was. Amber told Lance that she is certain that this mistake will be the end of her marriage. Lance told her that they did not make love, therefore, she did not cheat on her husband. Amber was still very worried that Rick would not forgive her for this mistake. Lance felt very bad for having done this to Amber. Lance called Sheila to confirm that he had completed the job for her. He told Sheila to lose his telephone number. Sheila admitted to Ziggy that she paid Lance to drug Amber. Ziggy told Sheila that what she is doing to Amber is wrong. Ziggy also advised Sheila, that this incident is not certain to break up Rick and Amber's marriage because Rick has forgiven Amber for many mistakes in the past.

At the Insomnia Café, C.J. yelled at his employees, including Bridget. The other workers told Bridget that they could never live next to C.J. because he is so moody. Bridget did not reveal to the other workers the reason for C.J.'s moodiness.

At home, Rick told Erica he does not know how much more he can take from Amber. Amber walked in the door and told Rick that she was sorry.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Stephanie goes to visit Brooke bearing a tea tray. Brooke tells Stephanie how grateful she is that Stephanie is offering her support, and for the precious gift of her new baby daughter but the one thing she needs to make things better is to be able to talk to Bridget.

Stephanie tells Brooke that Bridget is not ready to talk with her and the Brooke's need to talk with Bridget is to absolve herself for what happened between Brooke and Bridget's husband, Deacon. Stephanie suggests to Brooke that she let Bridget alone until Bridget is ready to talk to her. Otherwise, Stephanie warns Brooke, she may lose Bridget for good. Although she knows it's not the right thing to do, see Stephanie go in to respond to the baby's crying, Brooke uses it as an opportunity to sneak out (leaving the baby in Stephanie's care) and go looking for Bridget at Insomnia.

Sheila pays off Lance for completing his work for her by managing to get Amber back to his apartment and not too convincingly tell her that nothing happened other than she drank too much tequila and passed out. Lance takes the money from Sheila telling her not to contact him again. Sheila tells him that if he did his job right, she won't need to.

Lance leaves before Erica arrives back home, having been sent away so that he could "talk with his wife alone." Erica tells Sheila she cannot believe that Amber could cheat on Rick given everything that she is so lucky to have (loving husband, wonderful son, great job, etc.) Erica is disappointed with Amber but doesn't see any other reason that would explain Amber's behavior. She doesn't notice the smirk that Sheila is trying to conceal as she tells Erica that Amber doesn't deserve Rick and that he would be better off without Amber in his life.

Bridget and C.J. chat during Bridget's break. He reminds her that he has opened up and shared very personal things about his life and he wants Bridget to know that if she needs to, she can talk to him. He senses that there is more going on with her than Bridget's husband leaving and their getting a divorce. Bridget thanks C.J. for caring about her enough to want to help, but she just can't talk with anyone about the rift between her and her mother. She also states that she's not ready to talk with her mother about their problems either. Not long after the conversation with C.J., Bridget goes back to work. Turning around after cleaning a table, she sees the one person in the world she does not want to see - Brooke is standing in Insomnia right behind her.

Rick is furious with Amber. He tells her that he is more hurt by her not coming home and going home with a stranger than he was when he learned she needed to go to rehab.

Amber is also upset because she doesn't understand what happened to her. She does tell Rick that she didn't sleep with the stranger (Lance) and that she loves Rick, Little Eric, and her life with Rick too much to throw it all away one a night with a stranger. Rick is very angry with Amber and doesn't believe or want to hear her excuses about what really happened. Amber realizes how angry Rick is and begs him to try to get past the incident. She tells him she'll do anything if he will only give her another chance. Amber says she must have had a black out but she just doesn't know what happened. Rick doesn't say anything to Amber's offer to go back to rehab or "do anything" to save their marriage.

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