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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Darla ushers Scott out of the room while C.J. tries to explain his rationale for setting Bridget up on the blind date. C.J. realizes that Bridget just kissed Scott to make him mad. Bridget is upset with C.J. for tricking her. C.J. doesn't really understand why she is so emotional, but he apologizes. Bridget tries to explain that she's not looking for a man, but maybe she just wanted to spend the evening with a good friend. C.J. is baffled by her abrupt exit. Betsy suggests that maybe C.J. thinks Bridget is too good for him. Sheila is pleased when Erica informs her that Rick is making her feel like a part of the family. Amber explains to Rick that Ridge is due back tomorrow and she's hoping Rick will let her move back home. She offers to stay in the guest room so they can work on their problems, but is stunned when Rick admits that she can't because Erica is staying there. Amber realizes that she has to have faith in Rick and says that she's not going to worry about Erica putting the moves on him. Erica watches unseen as Amber, Rick and Little Eric share a playful family moment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Whip, Eric, Rick and Brooke had a meeting involving promotions for the Amber clothing line. At the conclusion of the meeting, Rick asked Brooke and Whip what is going on between them? Brooke would not reveal to Rick why she and Whip are no longer living together. When Whip and Brooke were alone, he presented her with a document to annul their marriage. Brooke was surprised. Brooke was even more surprised when Whip announced that he leaving LA and requested a transfer.

At Taylor's, Amber volunteered to go out for the evening so Taylor could have privacy with Ridge for his homecoming. Taylor prepared an elegant meal in order to make the evening with Ridge extra special.

At Marone Industries, Massimo reminded Ridge that he's supposed to be preparing to take over the business. Instead, Massimo advised him, that he is only obsessed with competing with Eric. Massimo informed Ridge that Stephanie moved out of his home and in with Brooke.

At home, Taylor welcomed Ridge home to an evening of romance.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

by Anna

Over Ridge's homecoming dinner, he and Taylor discuss what's happened while he's been gone. Ridge can hardly believe that Brooke and Stephanie are living together and raising the baby. When Taylor tries to tell him about Amber, he stops her, not wanting to ruin the meal by bringing up that subject. Taylor tries to tell Ridge details about what happened between Rick and Amber, but he doesn't care. He is just glad that both Deacon and Amber are gone and out of Bridget and Rick's lives. He is confused when Taylor tries to defend Amber. Ridge accuses her of losing her sense of judgment about Amber. As the discussion heats up, Taylor says she resents Ridge saying that she cannot tell if a person is lying or not. After dinner is over, Ridge heads to the hot tub where he sees a woman reclining on the side of the tub, facing away from him. Assuming it is Taylor that he sees with her hair in a towel, he begins to kiss her foot. Amber is too scared to move as Ridge caresses her foot and apologizes for the things he said at dinner. Taylor comes up behind Ridge and asks him what he is doing. He is shocked as Amber turns around in the hot tub.

Whip gives Brooke documents asking Brooke for an annulment and a transfer to Forrester International. Whip tells Brooke that he's waited forever, but it's not the right time for the two of them. Brooke is sorry that it has to be this way, but Whip urges her to sign the papers. Brooke apologizes for hurting him, and hesitates when he hands her a pen. She admits to him that she really was committed to making their marriage work. She asks Whip if he is sure about this, and he admits that he is not. He confides that he has always looked out for himself, but now he has changed, and he cares about what happens to Brooke. Brooke gets teary when Whip admits that he has fallen in love with her and will miss her when he goes. He urges her to clear the slate for both of them and sign. She does, and as he leaves, he asks her to let him know if she ever changes her mind about the two of them. She tells Whip that she will miss him.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Ridge was shocked to find Amber in the hot tub. He was furious when Taylor revealed that Amber had been staying in their home while he was away. Ridge said some very mean things to Amber. Taylor advised Amber to stay in her beach house instead. After Amber left, Ridge and Taylor made up after their squabble by relaxing in the hot tub.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Megan that she is anxious to mend her relationship with Bridget. Brooke also told her that she knows what is important: family, Forester Creations.

At the Insomnia, C.J. apologized to Bridget for the Hawaiian date with Scott. Whip went to the Insomnia to talk to Bridget. Bridget was not happy to see him and did not want to listen to anything he had to say. Whip tried to persuade Bridget to reconcile with Brooke and go back to Forrester Creations. He pleaded with her to telephone Brooke even if she is not ready to forgive her. When Whip left, Bridget telephoned Brooke. Bridget advised Brooke that "they would finish this tomorrow."

Friday, August 30, 2002

Eric comes over to visit and finds Rick, Erica and Little Eric sharing a happy moment. Eric asks for a moment of Erica's time and tells her that she is a breath of fresh air in Rick's life. He says that he's glad that Rick has Erica to talk to; that he needs someone he can trust. Erica says they are just friends. Erica is happy that Eric thinks of her in a good way. Eric invites Erica to dinner and tells her she should ask her mother to come along also.

Sheila tells Ziggy she's worried about Erica because she didn't receive a phone call from her. She also admits that she wishes she could be part of the good things that are happening for her daughter with Rick. Sheila thinks that Erica is getting all the things that she believes were taken from her by Stephanie and Amber. She says she is happy for her daughter and that Amber did more to help Erica get where she is with Rick than anything that Sheila could have done. Eric calls her mother, not knowing he's talking to Sheila, and tells her he's throwing a party in her daughter's honor and invites her to attend. Sheila accepts and is elated until Ziggy bursts her bubble by telling her that she must be crazy to think she can go to any party when the last time she was in Eric's house she was holding a gun on Stephanie.

Sally and C.J. discuss Bridget's visit with Brooke and speculate on what might happen if Deacon came back to town. C.J. indicates to Sally that it will not be a warm homecoming if he does come back and tries to contact Bridget. Sally says there's no way Deacon would think of coming back after the havoc he wrecked in everyone's life.

Bridget visits Brooke to tell her mother that she is moving forward with her life and she wants Brooke to back off from contacting her and trying to make Bridget her new "obsession" like she did with Ridge. Brooke is shocked because she thought Bridget's visit meant that her daughter was ready to put their past behind her and move forward. Bridget wants to leave and Brooke begs her to stay and talk. Bridget thinks it would be pointless to stay and talk. She makes it clear to her mother that she doesn't believe Brooke has changed and that she still thinks there may be something going on between Brooke and Deacon. She says she would not be able to handle a continuing relationship between them. Brooke swears she isn't involved with Deacon and hasn't heard from him. Just then, across the threshold walks Deacon.

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