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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow where Friday's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Deacon explains that he decided to leave town for awhile so Bridget and Brooke could try to work things out. Bridget thinks they're both lying and Deacon was really there to pick Brooke up for a date. Deacon informs Bridget that he's leaving L.A. and he wants to apologize to them both for everything before he goes. He admits that he can't see the baby because if he does, he might not be able to leave. Deacon admits to Bridget that he knows she can't forgive him, but asks her to try to forgive Brooke. Rick offers to pick up Erica and her mother for the dinner party, explaining that this is Erica's night and she should feel like one of the family. Sheila realizes that she can't go to the party and she has to let Erica down again. She doesn't want her past to destroy Erica's future. When Erica arrives to take Sheila to the party, Sheila gives her a special dress to wear. Sheila tells Erica that this is going to be the most exciting night of her life. Sheila is stricken when Erica explains that Rick is coming to drive them to the party. She dashes into the bathroom and asks Erica to go on ahead with Rick, but Rick wants to wait until she's ready and can go with them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

by Anna

Erica and Rick wait in the apartment for Sheila to come out of the bathroom so they can go to the party together. Erica comes into the bathroom to see what the holdup is. Sheila convinces her to go on ahead without her, and Sheila promises to catch up. Erica and Rick leave, and Sheila cries over the fact that she won't be able to come to the party and share her daughter's big night. She gets out her suitcase and is packing when Ziggy arrives. Sheila tells him that she is leaving forever. She doesn't want to ruin Erica's opportunity at a new life. She tells him that she'll go somewhere Erica won't find her. Sheila says that she has to go, before Amber or Taylor finds out about her. She must disappear so that Erica can have the Forrester life that she deserves. After Ziggy leaves, Sheila holds a picture of Erica and cries.

At the party, Eric tells everyone that Rick is not ready for another relationship and warns them not to tease him about Erica. Stephanie feels that Amber and Rick are still in love and it saddens her that their relationship isn't able to work. Rick and Erica arrive, and Rick tells his family that Erica's mom was probably overwhelmed with the idea of meeting them all, but assures everyone that she is coming. He insists that her mom was excited about the party and about the life that Erica is building for herself and won't disappoint Erica by not showing up.

At the beach house, Taylor tells Amber that Erica is the guest of honor at a party that Eric is throwing in his home. Amber is upset that Rick is Erica's date for the party, but then realizes that if Erica's mom is going to the party, then their apartment will be empty. Amber dresses in black and prepares to have a look around Erica's apartment. She tells Taylor that if she can find a neighbor that recognizes Lance's picture, then she can prove to Rick that there is a connection between Erica and Lance. Taylor wants to come along, but Amber refuses. She insists that Taylor should go to the party and talk to Erica and her mom in an effort to find out any clues.

When Amber arrives at the apartment, she sees the back of Sheila through the window, writing a good-bye note to Erica. Amber hides in the bushes until she leaves, then looks under plants to find a key. She knocks over one of the pots, making a loud noise, which Sheila hears. As Amber looks into the window of the apartment, Sheila comes up behind her with a large rock.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Sheila hurls the rock over Amber's head through the plate glass window of the apartment. Amber tries to leave, but Erica's suspicious neighbors detain her while they call the police. Amber is interviewed by a police officer, who is about to handcuff her. Amber jerks her arm away, accidentally whacking the officer in the nose. She is read her rights, and taken to jail. Sheila informs Massimo that she's leaving town. She admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do because her daughter has been her whole life for so long. Erica is embarrassed that her mother still hasn't shown up for the party. She can't understand why, knowing what a fan her mother is of the Forrester family. Over dinner, Eric makes a speech thanking Erica for all that she's done for Rick. Erica tearfully asks Rick to take her home because she has to find out what happened to her mother. Stephanie advises Taylor not to buy into Amber's conspiracy theories. Erica is stunned when she sees the broken glass in the apartment, and reads the note from her mother explaining that she's leaving town with the man she's been seeing. The officer explains to Erica and Rick that they have a suspect in custody. Rick is shocked when he hears that it's Amber.

Friday, September 6, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's shows concluded.

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