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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Sheila assures Erica that if she follows her advice, it won't be long before Rick falls in love with her. When Sheila encourages Erica to find a way to become invaluable to Rick, Erica has an idea. Thorne, Kristen and Rick listen to demo tapes looking for a singer for the Ambrosia jingle. Kristen sees the unlabeled tape Erica has dropped on the floor. When they listen to it and love the voice, Erica admits that it's hers. Rick informs Erica that she is the new voice of the Ambrosia collection and makes plans for them to celebrate. Sheila is pleased with the news and assures Erica that this will be a night to remember. Stephanie finds out that Bridget was accepted into the pre-med program and wonders why she didn't want to share her good news with her family. Stephanie wants Brooke to know and suggests that Bridget tell Brooke herself. C.J. brings Bridget a gift and says that he has to go get ready for the orientation ceremony, unless Stephanie plans to take his place. Stephanie is surprised that Bridget wants C.J. there instead of her family. Bridget admits she would like her parents there, but thinks it's better if she does this herself.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

In her apartment, Erica told Sheila that she intended to pick out her own clothing for her celebration with Rick. Sheila predicted that Erica would soon be Mrs. Eric Forrester, Jr.

Stephanie told Brooke and Eric that Bridget had been accepted into the accelerated pre-med program at the medical school. She also told them that Bridget had not invited them to attend tonight's event at the school. Eric and Brooke decided to attend the event although they knew that Bridget would object.

C.J. accompanied Bridget to the event at the medical school. Dr. Kelley announced to all of the new students that Bridget had acquired the highest score on the school's entrance exam. At Dr. Kelley's urging, Bridget stood up and addressed the other students. Bridget was shocked and happy to see that Brooke and Eric were there. Bridget publicly thanked Brooke and Eric for being there.

At Rick's, Erica prepared what she thought was the perfect evening for her seduction of Rick. Erica attempted to seduce Rick in many ways. After she did a Greek dance, she gave Rick a passionate kiss. Erica begged for Rick to make love to her.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

by Anna

At Ridge and Taylor's, Amber receives a tape of the new jingle for the Ambrosia line. She listens and likes it until she sees the name on the tape - Erica Lovejoy. As a stunned Amber stares at the tape, Ridge comes into the room and taunts her on how Erica has taken over Amber's place. He wonders how long Rick will be able to resist Erica without Amber around.

Rick resists Erica when she kisses him and asks him to make love to her. She says she wants to show him how much she cares for him. Rick tells her that he likes her better when she is herself. He would rather have a nice meal and spend time with the Erica he knows. Erica, embarrassed for the way she acted, apologizes for coming on so strong. She tries to kiss him again, asking if he would like to relive the amazing moment of their first kiss. Rick explains to Erica that the kiss was not what she thought it was. He was only feeling sorry for her about her mom leaving town. He insists that even if the two of them slept together, he is still married and in love with Amber. Erica tells Rick that she wants him to feel safe, cherished and loved, and she wants to give him that. The moment is interrupted when Amber calls. Amber wants to discuss the jingle, but Rick tells her that he can't talk right now, and he will call her in the morning. Before she hangs up, Amber tells him that she loves him. Rick tells Erica that the celebration is over, and he is going up to bed. When he leaves Erica alone in the living room, she vows that next time, it will happen for the two of them.

At Bridget's orientation, Eric and Brooke congratulate Bridget on her award. A photographer takes some pictures of the three of them as a family. While Bridget is having her picture taken with the dean, Brooke tells Eric how nice it is to see Bridget smile again after all she has been through. Eric thanks C.J. for being there for Bridget. Stephanie arrives and tells Bridget that she was the one who told Brooke and Eric to come, knowing that Bridget would want the support of her parents. Brooke and Eric tell Bridget how proud they are of her and promise to support her every step of the way. Brooke is thankful to Eric when he tells Brooke how he will help pave the way for Bridget and Brooke to become closer.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Stephanie that she is appreciative because Stephanie informed her of Bridget's event at the medical school. Brooke told Stephanie that she was pleased with Bridget's reaction when she and Eric showed up at the medical school unexpectedly. Stephanie advised her to take things slowly with Bridget. Brooke revealed to Stephanie that Eric had offered to smooth the way for her with Bridget.

Eric plotted with Rick to reunite himself with Rick, Bridget and Brooke. Eric planned to have the four of them at his house to share dinner.

C.J. emphasized to Bridget how great of an accomplishment it was to have scored the highest on the medical school entrance exam. C.J. volunteered to sub for Bridget at the Insomnia so she could join her family for dinner. Bridget told C.J. that he is the best friend that she has ever had. Bridget kissed C.J. during this tender moment.

Brooke thought back about the night she gave birth to Hope. She agonized over Bridget's words " I am no longer your daughter." Eric told Brooke that he did not tell Bridget that she would be joining them for dinner. Eric encouraged Brooke and promised her that they are going to find their way back to Bridget together.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Sheila had been trying repeatedly to reach Erica to get details on her evening with Rick. Erica arrives home to tell her mother that she and Rick had a romantic dinner, music, dancing, but they did not sleep together. Sheila tells Erica she can't waste time in landing Rick and Erica responds by saying she needs to take things slow or she might end pushing Rick away. The two argue over Erica's strategy for getting Rick to sleep with her. Sheila asks why Erica isn't with Rick and learns that Eric planned a dinner for the family and Rick didn't invite Erica. Erica doesn't like the idea of her mother trying to push her to trap Rick with a baby. Sheila tells her daughter that if she doesn't get pregnant, Eric will try to break up any involvement between her and Rick when he finds out that she is Sheila's daughter. Sheila tells Erica she has experience and knows what she's talking about. She confides that there is someone she is interested in and she planned to surprise him that evening.

While waiting for the Rick and Bridget to arrive, Brooke and Eric discuss their hopes for how the evening will go, and Stephanie's absenting herself from the evening so they can all have quality time together. Brooke doesn't understand Stephanie's attraction to Massimo when she could be with Eric. Rick and Bridget arrive. Rick is glad they have time together as a family, but Bridget questions when they've ever been a "real" family. Brooke thanks Bridget for staying for the evening. Brooke had hoped that she and her daughter had begun to repair their relationship. She says she understands what Bridget is going through, to which Bridget asks if Brooke's mother had slept with her husband like Brooke did with Bridget's. Brooke is surprised to continue to be rejected by Bridget. Eric proposes a toast with his family telling them they haven't all acted much like family but they should remember that families hurt one another but family love one another and stick together. He says he believes in second chances and they all clink glasses.

Massimo opens the door to Stephanie making an unannounced visit to his apartment. Stephanie tells Massimo that she came to apologize for not keeping in touch with him. Massimo says he won't ask about Stephanie spending time with Eric. Stephanie admits to Massimo that she loves Eric. When Massimo asks why she is staying in the guesthouse instead of Eric's bed, she replies Eric "maybe needs a lesson" in rejection. Massimo wants to know if Stephanie is using him to get to Eric and make him jealous. Massimo tells Stephanie that Eric will always be loyal to Brooke and he will never give Stephanie what she needs. Stephanie tells Massimo she doesn't want to hurt Massimo but it's not their destiny to be together. Massimo tells her Eric better not do anything to hurt Stephanie. Stephanie says she trusts Eric enough to encourage him to have a family dinner with Brooke. During the conversation, Stephanie finds an earring and asks Massimo who's been in his bed. In the midst of their conversation there is a knock at the door - it is Sheila, come to surprise Massimo!

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