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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Stephanie admits to Massimo that she'd like to meet his mystery woman. She yanks open the door, but no one is there. Sheila is stunned when she sees Stephanie leave Massimo's penthouse, and Massimo confirms that Stephanie was the woman who got away. Sheila realizes she made a mistake trying to see Massimo tonight and starts to rush out. He realizes that she and Stephanie know each other and asks if they're friends. Sheila says that he has to forget about her and warns him not to track her down. Bridget doesn't think it's an act, and tells Rick that Brooke and Eric really seem to be getting along. Eric and Brooke are pleased to see both of their children so happy. Brooke thanks Eric for being such an incredible father to their children, and an inspiration to her. Eric insists that they made a great team, and kisses Brooke. Stephanie assures Ridge that Eric loves her and it's only a matter of time before they're together again.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

At Forrester Creations, Eric thought about the kiss that he and Brooke shared. Meanwhile, Brooke who was in her office, decided that she would deal with Eric's kiss. Brooke told Eric that their kiss should have never happened. Brooke revealed that she does not want to betray Stephanie. Brooke vowed to Eric that she does not want to break up another marriage-especially his! Brooke announced that she left Eric's suddenly after the kiss because she was afraid. Eric questioned whether Brooke was afraid of his feelings or her own? Eric promised Brooke that he would forget about their kiss.

C.J. complained to Sally that Bridget's family is trying to reunite Bridget with Brooke before she's ready. Bridget told Stephanie that at last night's family dinner, Brooke and Eric seemed genuinely connected. C.J. advised Bridget not to forgive Brooke until she is ready to do so. Bridget discovered that her mentor at the medical school is Dr. Mark Mclain, a very young doctor.

When Stephanie asked Brooke how the family dinner went, Brooke did not mention that Eric kissed her. Stephanie informed Brooke that Bridget felt the evening had gone well. Brooke acknowledged that Bridget is not ready to forgive her just yet.

At Forrester Creations, Eric was unable to stop thinking about the kiss that he gave Brooke.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

by Anna

Meagan stops by to see Brooke at home and asks how her dinner went with Eric and the kids. Brooke tells her what a nice time they all had. She admits to Meagan that Eric kissed her. Meagan warns her not to get involved with Eric again. Brooke admits that it is tempting to put a family back together for Rick and Bridget. The children were too young to remember what it was like to have both parents in the same house. Meagan reminds her that it is too late to give Rick and Bridget back a perfect childhood. Brooke assures Meagan that she won't act on any desire she might have for Eric because she wouldn't want to hurt Stephanie. Meagan is impressed with Brooke's new attitude for life. Brooke tells her how she wants to become more maternal and domestic. With that, she asks Meagan to stay with baby Hope while she runs over to Eric's to put some baby clothes in the laundry.

Over a romantic dinner, Eric and Stephanie discuss Bridget and Brooke and the meal they had as a family. Stephanie encourages Eric to help Brooke repair her relationship with her daughter. Eric, slightly uncomfortable with talking about Brooke, tells Stephanie that he wants their date to be about the two of them, not about Brooke. Eric tells Stephanie how much he misses her and wants her back. She tells Eric that she won't just move back in; she wants to be courted first. When dinner is over, Eric takes Stephanie to her front door and asks her to stay the night with him in the main house. She refuses. When Eric goes home alone, he is surprised to find Brooke doing laundry. When Brooke drops something, they both reach for it. When their hands touch, they gaze into each other's eyes.

Bridget goes to the hospital to meet with her new mentor, Dr. McClain. She is instantly impressed as she watches him in action, saving a man's life. Over coffee, they get to know each other and Bridget tells him how she wants to be a doctor and help others. He tells her he wanted to mentor a bright student, such as Bridget, but never realized she'd be so cute.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

At Brooke's apartment, Megan observed that Stephanie was skeptical about Brooke's change in her ways.

While doing laundry at Eric's, Brooke and Eric exchanged a very long glance. Brooke was adamant that although it would be tempting for her and Eric to get back together, she does not intend to do so. Brooke pointed out that Eric loves Stephanie. Brooke encouraged Eric to romance Stephanie back to him.

Bridget was impressed with Dr. McClain's work. He informed her that not only is the job of a doctor stressful, but she will have no life outside of medical school.

At the Insomnia, C.J. prepared a special dinner for Bridget. Darla remarked that she finds Dr. McClain attractive. Bridget helped Dr. McClain out by giving him a ride to the Insomnia. When C.J. observed Bridget and Dr. McClain talking, he assumed that Bridget is attracted to him. C.J. did not tell Bridget about the special dinner he had planned.

Megan encouraged Brooke to stick to her plan of not pursuing Eric. Eric took up Brooke on her suggestion for him to romance Stephanie.

Friday, October 4, 2002

Brooke stops in to check on Eric who called in "sick" for the day, but spent the day hiking in the mountains and antique shopping with Stephanie. After exchanging pleasant banter with Brooke, Stephanie tells them she has to go over to Ridge and Taylor's to pick up the kids. She is babysitting them while the two go out for a special evening. While Stephanie is away, Eric and Brooke chat. Brooke tells Eric she's glad to see him and Stephanie getting along so well. She acknowledges that Stephanie's approval of her has always been important to her, but she really wants to do something to pay her back for supporting her through her difficult times. Brooke tells Eric she's glad Eric and Stephanie are moving closer to one another because Stephanie deserves to have a man like Eric in her life.

Rick brings Little Eric over to visit with Amber and they spend quality time at Ridge and Taylor's reading to the baby. When Little Eric asks to hear the story again, Rick tells Amber they have to be leaving because Ridge made it clear he doesn't want them in his house unsupervised while he and Taylor are out for the evening. Ridge gives Rick advice about Amber. He tells Rick that he doesn't want him to get sucked back into Amber's usual pattern of behavior. He says he's still Rick's brother and cares about what happens to him. Stephanie arrives to pick up the kids and finds an upset Amber. Stephanie says she's sorry to see Amber upset but Amber strikes back by telling her that she's probably glad to see her losing her family. She says she can't believe that Stephanie believes she deserves to be in the position she's in, especially since Amber saved her life once.

Sheila tries to encourage Erica who is getting ready to go to Rick's house to try to seduce him - again. She and Sheila have been monitoring her cycle and determined that Erica is ovulating and it would be the perfect time to get pregnant. Erica is somewhat down about the prospects of this happening. She says Rick hasn't seemed to be interested. Sheila tells her daughter it's only because he's acting out of a sense of loyalty, which is a good thing because if he chased after every pretty girl that came after him, then Erica shouldn't want him. Sheila tells Erica to just hang in there and show Rick that she will be there for him in times of crisis, and the next time a crisis happens, Rick will turn to her. Erica remarks that it's "... too bad a crisis doesn't coincide with her cycle." This gets Sheila thinking. When Erica realizes that her mother was taking her seriously, she tells Sheila not to do anything more to Amber because she's already done enough. Sheila will not listen and tells her daughter to make sure she's around when Rick needs her and everything will happen just the way they planned.

Alone in the house while a rain storm rages outside, Amber hears a knock at the door and rushes to open it thinking it might be Rick coming back with Little Eric. She flings open the door to find Sheila standing there. Backing up in shock, Sheila enters the house and tells Amber that Amber stopped her once before and she's still in the way now by being the one thing standing in the way of her daughter being with the man she loves. At first Amber doesn't know what Sheila is talking about but it quickly dawns on her that Sheila is telling her that Erica is her daughter, and that Sheila has been the one behind everything that has happened to Amber. With a look of hatred in her eyes, Sheila moves slowly toward Amber.

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