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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 7, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, October 7, 2002

Rick was grateful when Erica helped calm down Little Eric. Rick was concerned about the change in Eric's behavior and realized that he was acting out because he missed Amber. Erica held Amber responsible and pointed out that even the most loving mother could be a bad influence on a child. Amber accused Sheila of encouraging Erica to seduce a married man. Amber insisted that Rick and Erica weren't as close as Sheila thought.

Sheila told Amber that she was about to abandon Rick and pulled out a gun. She picked up a bottle of tequila and forced Amber out the door. Sheila explained that it was the night Amber was breaking her court order by leaving the house and disappearing. Amber was horrified when Sheila took her into an alley and pulled out a pair of wire cutters. Amber screamed.

Eric held Hope and admitted to Brooke that he hadn't realized how much he'd missed having a baby at the house. As Eric helped Brooke with Hope, they reminisced about Rick's infancy and childhood.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

While Sheila had a gun pointed at Amber, she tied her up. Sheila then planted drugs and alcohol at the site to make it appear as though Amber had begun using drugs and alcohol again. Sheila forced Amber into Erica's apartment and held her hostage there. Sheila threatened Amber that if the plan to abduct Amber so Erica could have Rick didn't work, she would have to devise a more "permanent solution." Sheila revealed to Amber that Erica was planning to give Rick something that Amber could not. Amber immediately figured out that Erica was planning to become pregnant with Rick's child.

At Rick's, Erica tended to Little Eric. Rick revealed to Erica that he had a gut feeling that Amber was telling the truth about the evening that she had been with Lance. Rick told Erica that he was willing to be patient to wait for the truth about what had really happened.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Police were tracking Amber's movement from Taylor's house with the ankle-tracking device. The police found the tracking device, which Sheila had cut off. They also found the drugs and alcohol that Sheila had planted. The police went to Rick's to inform him that Amber had violated the terms of her home confinement and was on a drinking and drugging binge. Rick told the police that he did not believe that Amber would do such a thing.

At Insomnia, C.J. was very curious about Bridget's mentor, Dr. Maclain. C.J. asked Bridget many questions about Dr. Maclain. C.J. wanted to know if Dr. Maclain was married and if he flirted with Bridget. Bridget realized that C.J. was jealous of Dr. Maclain.

Back at Erica's apartment, Amber tried to make Sheila think that Rick would know where to look for her. Amber attempted to make Sheila worry that the police might find her. While Sheila stood by the window to watch for any police, Amber began to untie her hands with a pair of scissors.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

by Anna

When Lt. Baker arrived to tell Rick about Amber's disappearance, Rick told him he didn't believe Amber would leave Ridge and Taylor's house and go drinking. After Lt. Baker left, Rick wondered aloud if Amber needed more help than he could give her. Erica reminded him of his promise to move on with his life if Amber ever disappointed him again. Erica insisted that he needed to break the cycle of pain and think about himself and his son.

Ridge and Taylor arrived home from their romantic dinner. After they arrived, Lt. Baker appeared at their door, wondering if Amber had left any clues to her whereabouts. Taylor was shocked to find out that Amber was missing and immediately concluded that Amber wouldn't have left voluntarily. Ridge told Lt. Baker that he didn't trust Amber. Then they noticed the spilled tequila on the bar and the missing bottle. Lt. Baker informed them that a bottle of tequila had been found with some pills in an alley where Amber's tracking device had been cut off her leg.

Taylor defended Amber, saying that something was not right. She then called Rick and told him that someone had to be setting Amber up. Rick didn't want to hear Taylor's explanation. He insisted that he just wanted all of it to end. After Rick hung up, Taylor told Ridge that Amber had to have been abducted. Ridge assured Taylor that Amber was a lost cause, and she was wasting her time.

At Erica and Sheila's apartment, Sheila assured Amber that no one would find her. She told Amber that the Forresters had been trying to get rid of Amber for years, and they had welcomed Erica into their lives. Sheila was sure that Rick would give in to Erica, since Amber was out of the picture. While Sheila's back was turned, Amber got loose from her ropes and tried to escape. After a struggle, Sheila pinned Amber and tied her back up, this time covering her mouth with tape. Erica called Sheila, asking about Amber. Sheila told her not to worry about Amber but to focus on getting pregnant and assuming her place in the Forrester family.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

At home, Taylor told Ridge she did not believe that Amber had left their home to go on a drinking binge. When Eric returned the children, they had been afraid of the thunderstorm. Taylor, Ridge, and the children enjoyed pizza together. Ridge and Taylor tried to calm their fears about the thunderstorm.

At Erica's apartment, Sheila continued to hold Amber hostage. Sheila warned Amber that if she ever tried to escape again, she would be dead. Sheila put a silencer on the gun. Sheila taunted Amber about losing Rick to Erica. Sheila began packing clothes and told Amber that she would be leaving.

At home, Rick decided that his marriage to Amber was a lost cause. He told Erica that he had decided to move on without Amber. Rick called Erica a really good person that he could count on. He wished that Amber were like Erica.

Stephanie went to Massimo's to give him a gift. It was a picture drawn by the children of Stephanie, Eric, and the children. Stephanie gave the drawing to Massimo as a thank you for not telling Ridge that he was Ridge's father. Massimo accepted the drawing. Before Stephanie left, the telephone rang. Massimo asked her to put the telephone speaker on. Sheila was calling to tell Massimo that she had decided to take the trip on his yacht with him. Stephanie recognized Sheila's voice.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Massimo and Stephanie argued about the voice of the woman who had been on the phone. Stephanie said she recognized the voice of Sheila Carter. Stephanie continued to question Massimo about Sheila. She asked Massimo if there was anything Sheila had talked about that might give them a clue as to why she was back in L.A. Massimo said the only thing the woman ever talked about was her daughter and the fact that the Forresters had given a party in her honor. Stephanie put two and two together and reached the shocking conclusion that Erica, the nanny, was really Sheila and James's daughter, Mary.

Ridge tried to dissuade Taylor from trying to find out what had happened to Amber. He said he felt sorry for Rick, but his brother's situation with Amber made him more appreciative of what he had with Taylor. They proceeded to make love. Stephanie called Ridge and Taylor and told them that she had just found out that Sheila Carter was in town and had been for months. She told Ridge that she believed Erica was Sheila's daughter.

When Ridge told Taylor what he'd just learned, Taylor said that Amber had been telling the truth and had been set up. Taylor thought Sheila had to have been behind the whole plot. Ridge gave Erica's apartment address to Stephanie, telling her to call the police. He tried to call Rick and got no answer. Telling Taylor he was going over there, he kissed his wife and told her he loved her. Stephanie called the police from Massimo's car as they drove over to Erica's apartment.

Erica was pulling out all the stops. Sitting on Rick's bed in a sexy red nightgown, she told Rick she thought about him all the time and that she'd thought about him a lot. Rick told her she was young and in love for the first time. He told her that if she had sneaked into his room, he would have thrown her out. Erica insisted she was in love for the last time. She said she wanted to give herself to Rick that night.

Rick told Erica it was the wrong night for talking about her proposition. Erica wouldn't give up. She kept giving Rick seductive kisses all over his upper body. Rick's resolve was melting. Rick said he was not prepared to sleep with Erica, but she told him he didn't need to worry about anything because she'd taken care of everything.

Amber, all tied up as Sheila's prisoner, told Sheila that Sheila's plan for Erica and Rick wouldn't work. Amber said Rick would never let himself be trapped into staying with Erica, even if she did get pregnant. Sheila laughed at Amber, saying the plan would work as long as nobody found out about her, which meant she would have to get rid of Amber. Amber had flashbacks of her time in Venice with Rick.

Sheila was all packed and ready to go. She pulled out a bag of pills, telling Amber she would be going on a trip of her own. Sheila pulled a gun and was about to force Amber to take an overdose of pills when there was a knock on the door. Looking through the blinds, Sheila and Stephanie made eye contact. Amber wanted to make some noise to let whoever was on the other side of the door know that she was there. Sheila turned in desperation and pointed the gun at Amber.

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